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Miele T7634 Novotronic

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2 Reviews

Brand: Miele / Capacity: 6 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Load Type: Front Loader / Cycles: 7 Cycles / Cool Down Feature: With Cool Down Feature / Moisture-Sensor: With Moisture-Sensor / Colour: Lotus White

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    2 Reviews
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      12.09.2011 14:03
      Very helpful



      Vented tumble dryer from Miele

      A few months ago I decided to replace my Hotpoint tumble dryer as it was a fairly basic model. I managed to sell the dryer to a friend so had money to put towards a new one. I knew I wanted to buy a Miele as their products are built to last and have numerous drying programmes. The model I opted for was the T 7634, as it has great reviews and is a which best buy. I decided to buy from John Lewis as I think they give excellent customer service and offer free delivery. I paid £549 for my dryer and see that the machine is still on sale at this price.

      What you get for your money.

      I think this is a very stylish tumble dryer and it feels and looks very well made. Before buying it is important to check the dryer will fit in the space you have! The dryer is 85 cm tall, 59.5 cm wide and 63.4 cm deep. It has adjustable feet, ensuring it will remain stable on an uneven floor.

      The drum has a honeycomb type surface that creates a thin layer of water or air which gently cushions clothes as they dry, reducing creasing and protecting them from damage. The dryer can take up to 6 kg of laundry, although it is recommended that you only dry 3 kg for delicate fabrics.

      The dryer has a sensor that estimates the dryer time of each load and displays the time on the LCD display. As the machine dries the time remaining is displayed.

      There is an easy to operate dial for selecting the drying programme. The machine has 4 heat settings and 10 programmes. Programmes include -

      Woollens/handcare-Although this programme doesn't actually dry woollens, it fluffs them up beautifully.

      Cottons- for all cotton fabrics. When you select this programmes you will then be give further options of the drying level you require from extra dry, normal, hand iron or machine iron.

      Smoothing- This is recommended for cotton, linen and mixed fibres. Although clothes are not completely dried, creases are smoothed out. The items should then be hung up to dry completely.

      Hand Iron- This is for mixed loads, shirts and blouses. This is the programme I use the most and it dries perfectly every time.

      Cool air- This is for airing almost dry laundry and does the job of an airing cupboard.

      Warm air- This is for multi layered fabrics such as pillows and jackets. It can also be used to dry swimming trucks and costumes. This programme can also be used to get rid odors from otherwise clean clothing, great when you are about to go out and realise your dress smells a bit stale!

      Denim- Obvious! Dries denim perfectly.

      Delicates- All delicate fabrics. This programme gives you the option to dry to hand iron level.

      Automatic- The machine sensor will select the correct drying time and heat.

      Shirts- Especially for shirts and blouses ensuring minimum creasing. This is similar to the delicates programme to be honest.

      When the drying process has finished a buzzer will sound.

      This model is a vented tumble dryer and is supplies with a venting hose that fits at the rear of the machine. The hose will stretch to about 2 metres. If you need a longer hose it is possible to buy an extension kit directly from Miele for about £50.

      There is a time start delay button allowing you to delay starting the dryer for up to 24 hours.

      The maximum drying time is 120 minutes.

      The machine is easy to load as the door opens to 180 degrees and the drum is slightly backward tilting. The door is solid so you won't be able to watch your items tumbling! However I think this gives the machine a very streamlined look. There is a light inside the drum to help you when loading.

      The dryer has a child safety lock to prevent the door from being opened when the machine is in operation.

      Another useful feature is an indictor light that tells you when the filter needs cleaning. The filter is position on the inside of the door and is quite large. This makes it very easy to clean. I tend to use my vacuum cleaner to remove all fluff. The filter simply slides out and is very easy to remove and replace.

      The tumble comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet that is also available to download. The booklet not only explains all functions but also gives useful information about which programmes are best for different fabrics.

      This model is rated C for energy efficiency.

      It is possible to stack this machine and a kit is available from Miele.

      My opinion.
      I think this a brilliant tumble dryer. It is well made and feels like it has been built to last. It dries clothes perfectly and the sensor ensures it isn't left running for longer than necessary. I find the airing and woollen programmes especially useful.

      I have found that this machine dries clothes with less creasing that any models I have used in the past so cuts down on ironing.

      The machine is really easy to use and is much quieter than my previous model.

      I really can't find fault with this tumble dryer although wish it had a better energy rating! In my opinion it is well worth the hefty outlay!


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        26.06.2008 17:43
        1 Comment



        Great dryer, if you are willing to spend out on a quality appliance

        Great tumble dryer, and looks good with matching washine machine (1714). Has a drying sensor that allows you to choose whether you want your clothing dry, slightly damp, ready to iron, or super dry which is really handy, and can save you energy if you are willing to have stuff dried to ironing standard. Easy to use buttons and electronic display giving the time remaining for drying. Also measures how dry the clothing is, so although it gives you an estimate at the start of drying how long a load will take, if you have put in fewer clothes it recalculates the time remaining during the drying cycle, so that you can see how long to go. Had the appliance 6 months and no problems so far. Filter very easy to clean - just slots in to the front door. Can definitely recommend this dryer - quite expensive to start with, but with the Miele name should last and last.


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      • Product Details

        Environmentally friendly and energy efficient the Miele T7634 Vented Tumble Dryer is a smart and practical appliance that works to keep your clothes looking and feeling fresh / It has received a C rating for its energy efficiency which is beneficial to you when it comes to energy usage and running costs.The T7634 features a 6kg load capacity and is wall vented meaning that the moist air is extracted to the outside through a vent pipe.Features include the Anti Crease option / With this the drum continues to occasionally turn in order to prevent creases from forming / Fuzzy Logic Sensor Drying has been designed to monitor the wash loads dampness and alternates the drying times.On top of all these fantastic features and benefits this Miele appliance comes with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee as standard. / Short name: Miele T7634