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Whirlpool AZB9570

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Brand: Whirlpool

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2014 22:02
      Very helpful



      happy enough

      Although I prefer the fresh smell of my washing being dried outside, the inclement British weather and the pressures of working full time mean that I need a drier in my house. I try and help my daughter out by doing some of her washing and ironing as she has her hands full with the children. I find that by having a drier I can get all the washing clean and ironed in the same day ready for her to pick it up when she collects the children. Once a mother, always a mother!

      I have had a couple of driers before this one, both branded by Whirlpool and both lasted an awful long time. In fact, the last one I had was cast off to my other daughter so it is still going after 20 years! This one was bought a few years ago and hopefully it will last as long as the others.

      ==The cost==

      I paid £250 for the tumble drier which is probably priced averaged for a 7 kg sized machine. I bought it from Comet and I had it delivered for free. They usually charge around £25.00 (they did a few years ago, the price may have gone up) to take your old machine away and install your new one. As my husband could install it and my old machine was being moved to my daughter's house, they said they would transport for free.

      ==The externals and internals==

      The machine may possibly come in other shades now, but when I bought it, it was only available in bright white. The machine is front loading and has a large white plastic circular door that has an easy to open, integrated handle. The handle will open the door to the right when you first set the machine up but if you are short of room, you can take the door off and adjust it to open at the left hand side. It involves moving pins and unscrewing things but if it is necessary then I can imagine it will be worth doing. I rather like the large white door and I think that it blends in nicely with the rest of the machine, it looks subtle and modern. There is a vent at the bottom and at the top there is the control dial and a water container drawer. The freestanding construction allows you to have the drier anywhere in the house, although you should avoid squeezing it in tight spaces and you should not put it in a cupboard or enclosed space. The condenser tumble dryer works by converting steam to water and collects it in a container, with no need for venting.

      I thought that all 7KG driers (especially ones from the same brand) would measure the same dimensions; however I found this one to be a little bit wider than my old machine. The dimensions of the machine are; Height=84.0cm Depth=57cm Width=66cm. The machine is well built and very heavy. It was quite a task manoeuvring it into the spot we wanted it in. It weighs just over 40KG! This is good though as apart from finding it hard to push it around the floor, it means that all vibrations should not send it bouncing round the room. The machine has four adjustable rubber feet to help absorb the impact of movement and stop the machine slipping around. There is also an ability to stack the machine on top of your freestanding washing machine if you are really short of room. I certainly do not think I could reach the drier very well if I did that! Inside the drier there is a 7KG galvanised steel drum. With a 7KG capacity, bedding and linen will easily fit inside.

      ==The set up and maintenance==

      As discussed above, you really need to make sure there is enough ventilation for the machine before you install it. Small indoor located storage rooms, bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms and enclosed areas without ventilation are not suitable locations for installation of the dryer. The dryer can be installed under a worktop but the instruction advise you to install a ventilation grid (minimum 45 cm x 8cm), in the rear part of the worktop to assist in gaining adequate ventilation. Once the machine is in place you can then plug the machine into the mains and turn it on. It really is that simple to install. To use the drier you will need to select the length of drying time and turn it on. There is also availability to select different programmes and I will discuss these shortly.

      In terms of maintenance there is very little to do other than clean the lint filter and empty the water container. These will need doing after every time you use the machine. Every month you will need to clean the heat exchanger. To clean the lint filter, remove the filter from inside the machine. It looks like a wire mesh pad on a plastic frame; all you need to do then is scrape off the lint and then put it back in. The heat exchanger is located in the vent at the bottom of the machine, this clips off and inside you will the heat exchanger that needs pulling out. It is attached by two small locking bars. Once removed, clean the space with a damp cloth and then hold the heat exchanger under a tap to allow the water to run over it and take any dust or lint with it. After this has been done, wipe it down and replace. By doing this regularly you will greatly increase the life expectancy of your machine.


      There are 9 different programmes to choose from. This is not as many as some machines but Whirlpool boast that as the machine uses intelligent technology it will decide how long and how hot the drier needs to be without the need for you to tell it to follow a programme. Sensor drying is a new concept in tumble driers where the appliance automatically senses the moisture level and stops functioning once the required dryness is achieved. This is really helpful as it means you can really set the drier up and forget about it. The main programmes of note are: the airing cycle which allows you to freshen up already dry clothes. There is also a reverse tumble action and an optional final cool cycle and intermittent tumble at the end of the cycle to reduce creasing. This system of preventing the formation of creases continues after the machine has stopped. If clothes are left in the machine in a heap to go cold they will crease and stay like that, by continually turning them over the clothes are forced to keep moving which should keep the fabrics more flexible which hopefully means less creases and ironing. There is also a facility to use a 12 hour delay timer so that the machine can start remotely without you having to turn it on. I find this really useful and get plenty of tumble drying done drying the night. There is also a 'gentle' programme for smaller items of those items that you do not want pulling around. I use this when I only want a couple of items drying.

      ==Thinking green==

      Unfortunately you will hardly ever find a condenser tumble drier that has an A rating for energy efficiency. A condenser machine has to work harder than a vented machine and will always use a higher amount of electricity as the process of converting the steam to water is a big task. The machine has been given a B for energy efficiency. To combat the high priced electricity you could make use of the 12 hour timer and use the cheaper rate of electricity.

      Here are a few tips to make using the machine more energy efficient.
      *Use the maximum spin speed allowed by your washing machine, since draining the water mechanically requires less energy. You will save time and energy when running your drying cycle.
      *Do not over dry the laundry.
      *Clean the lint filter after every drying cycle.
      *Clean the heat exchanger every month.
      *Always select the correct programme/drying time for the load in order to obtain the desired drying results.
      *Select the 'Gentle' option only in case of drying small loads.
      *always dry a full load.


      The machine is fairly quiet when it goes about its business and I do not often hear it if I have it going and I am upstairs. If I compare it to the noise my old machine made, I would say it was relatively silent! I would fully recommend this tumble drier to you and with such a large capacity it is perfect for a large family. It is really robust and it works very hard. I like the way that the drier does not boil my clothes completely leaving them stiff and hard but it keeps them fresh with a very slight amount of moisture. This makes ironing a lot easier too as I do not need to spend ages rubbing the creases out. If you can have a tumble drier that requires venting I would recommend those as on the whole they dry quicker and are much cheaper to run. If you cannot accommodate one of those however then you will be more than happy with the way this Whirlpool machine runs and you will notice a real difference when you take your clothes out of the drier.


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    • Product Details

      The Whirlpool AZB9570 Condenser Tumble Dryer has an extremely impressive 9kg drying capacity / Providing a condenser type drying system, this front-loading dryer can be placed anywhere in a room, without the need for a vent to the outside / Featuring Whirlpool's 6th Sense technology, the AZB9570 Condenser Tumble Dryer treats the most delicate fabrics with the utmost care, while optimising time and energy use, and features include an anti-fluff filter and final cool tumble / Matching washing machines are available and you can stack the Whirlpool AZB9570 Condenser Tumble Dryer to save space / Short name: Whirlpool AZB9570

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