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White Knight CL3 A

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Brand: White Knight / Capacity: 3kg

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2013 15:40
      Very helpful



      A nice looking tumble dryer for kitchens lacking in space

      Having lived without a Tumble Dryer for about ten years, I have been in absolutely no hurry to buy another one.

      (I had my first one for about ten years and it was brilliant, but due to space restrictions I bought a washer/dryer and hated it with a passion - eventually replacing it with just a washing machine and swore at that time that I would not go back to a Tumble Dryer again.

      Circumstances change however, and two years ago we moved house - the house I can only explain to you as being the coldest house in the world! No central heating to help me dry my washing and the wettest summer and winter in living memory - something had to change.

      So, mid February 2013 I gave in and bought a new Tumble Dryer. This wasn't an item I wanted to spend a lot of money on at all, also my kitchen is already fitted with no room for extra appliances, so I had to be very careful about what model I bought - it had to be cheap and it also had to be of a certain size to fit into the cupboard that I had in mind to store it.

      I found the right model in Curry's, it was the White Knight CL3A, nice and cheap too - £109, the size was right for me it is 50cm wide, 47cm deep and 670cm high.

      It is a typical, basic "white good" and is bright white.

      The tumble dryer has two heat settings - I personally have yet to discover why you need two settings, as I do not - but I am happy to stand corrected and be told its uses.

      On the front of the machine, to the left, there is a timer dial, where you can set the machine to dry for up to 140 minutes, the final ten minutes is the cool setting, which helps your clothes to stay as crease free as possible.

      This machine does not have a clockwise and anti-clockwise mode, which more expensive models do - so the clothes can get somewhat tangled up. But to be fair, there is no pretence here, the machine goes one way and that's that.

      Inside the front door of the machine is a fluff filter, which needs to be removed regularly - this filter collects the fluff from the clothes and needs to be taken out and the fluff disposed of regularly, this is exceptionally easy to do, it lifts out and slots back into place,

      The Tumble Dryer needs to have a hosed ventilator attached to the back, this is not supplied with the machine, the hose then needs to be directed to the outside, in my case via a small window, as this is where the warm damp air comes out from - it is important to have a proper vent attached to the machine otherwise there will be a lot of moisture and damp in the air.

      As this is a small tumble dryer, as you would expect the amount of washing that it can dry will be a smaller load, it is classed as a 3kg load dryer. Obviously it is hard to gauge the exact weight of your wash load, but I personally aim to have washing in the drum that does not amount to more than a third of a drum, if not less - maybe a quarter full.

      I am constantly aware of how much electricity the tumble dryer uses - although this is a new model its energy rating is 1.86 kWh per cycle.

      My opinion on the machine? It looks nice, it fits the space I wanted it to go into and it works perfectly - a big plus point is how quiet it is - my older machine was really quite noisy, this one you cannot hear it working unless you are very close to it.

      I have to say that it is too small - Yes, I know that I deliberately chose a small machine, but the drum size seems almost too small to be worthwhile. I put a pair of jeans, a T shirt and a few small bits of underwear in there and even after over an hour the washing only seemed half way dry.

      I have realised that I need to dry a pair of jeans on its own (and how ridiculously expensive that is) and to do that seems over extravagant.

      However, for the precise reason I bought the dryer, it works perfectly! We have a dog and two cats, and they all moult so badly. Two minutes wearing clean clothes and we look like we have been playing with farm animals for a day. So with certain clothes, if I need to hang them around the house to dry - what I tend to do is to put them in the tumbler for about ten minutes - just long enough to let the heat get into the clothes and then when I hang them up to dry I am happy to see that the fluff collector has got rid of the majority of pet hair - and that in itself was worth £109


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      Short name: White Knight CL3 A

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