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Zanussi ZDC46130W

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Brand: Zanussi / Capacity: 5.99 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Stackable: Stackable / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Load Type: Front Loader / Design: Free-standing / Cycles: 5 Cycles / Cool Down Feature: With Cool Down Feature / Moisture-Sensor: With Moisture-Sensor / Overall Depth: 57.99 cm / Overall Height: 84.99 cm / Overall Width: 59.99 cm

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      13.10.2008 21:12
      Very helpful



      A modern day appliance suited for modern day families

      Having a tumble dryer in todays climate might be considered contraversial with all the hype about climate change and the need for everyone to do their bit, but if you live in England and have a large family then it is a must. Although I did have a tumble dryer before I purchased my new Zanussi appliance I did this time spend more time looking into whether my new appliance would be energy efficient and unfortunately it isn't. It is rated C for energy. There are now some B rated appliances on the market but you will of course be paying a higher premium for this.

      So, why did I choose this appliance?

      Zanussi were reccommended to me by my parents, they have had Zanussi appliances for years, washing machine, fridge, and tumble dryer. I had just bought my new Miele washing machine and the purse strings had to be tightened a little for the new dryer and as I had no real idea of what I wanted except that it had to be a condenser dryer I chose to hit the internet for advice and speak to friends and family and see what brands they all had and would reccommend.

      I had a few suggestions but I was swayed by what my parents said, Zanusssi had in their opinion a good after care service, middle of the range appliance prices, a good reputation and appliances that last and rarely go wrong. Zanussi are part of the Electrolux group and their reputation is good and on the whole I have only heard good things about both brand names.

      I wanted to buy a good quality appliance from a company with not only a good reputation for their products but also a good after sales service incase I shoud be one of the unlucky ones and need after sales help. I know that no company has a complete 100% success rate in selling 100% good working products that last forever so I felt I had done all I could by getting advice before hand on prospective companies and appliances.

      I purchased my new dryer from the same company that I purchased my new Miele washing machine from although, I did have to wait some four weeks for the washing machine but the tumble dryer arrived within a few days of placing the order. Two big strapping men brought it down off the lorry and put it on a barrow and placed it into my garage. Great. It was very well packaged and so I signed for the appliance as received and not checked - something very important to do these days and then continued to start removing all the clear shrink wrap which incased the whole appliance. It was stood on a wooden palate with jumbo sized polystyrene blocks covering it's entirity and this was then covered with the shrink wrap. On removal of the shrink wrap and polystyrene I checked the door for dents and all the sides for dents and scratches etc but was pleased to see that there was none. Although my new appliance was to be housed in my garage (which is integral to my utility) you may think I was a little precious about whether it had any minor defects but as I had paid full price and it was brand new I expect it to look just so.

      As I said previously it was to be housed in my garage which incidentally is tiled so the floor surface is completely level for the appliance to stand on. When my husband arrived home he removed the wooden palate base and put the dryer against the wall with a few inches gap to allow for better air flow.

      After doing a full wash load I couldn't wait to use my new dryer, it had all new features in comparison to my old appliance but the accompanying booklet provided with the appliance seemed very informative and helpful, all 24 pages of it.

      The tumble dryer is white and front loading and has a control panel located on the top right hand corner of the appliance with a selector dial and three buttons.

      The selector dial works by turning clockwise to the desired amount of time required for any particular load of washing or by selecting the desired programme. Time wise it starts of by going up in increments of ten minutes and then changes to five minute increments at the fifty five minute mark. This continues up to the hundred minute mark where by it then changes back to the original ten minute increments and continues up to one hundred and fifty minutes. The numbers are all clearly marked a round the dial.

      There are four drying programmes with this condenser tumble dryer. You can opt for one of these programmes if you wish as an alternative to manually selecting the time required on the selector dial. All four pogrammes can be located on the selector dial.

      Extra - This is a programme for cottons up to a maximum of 6 kg
      The manual suggests terry towelling items.

      Cupboard - This is a programme for cottons up to a maximum of 6kg. The manual suggests here for thorough drying of towells and knitted items.

      Extra - This is a programme for synthetics up to a maximum of 3 kg. The manual suggests for fabrics, bedding and table linen.

      Cupboard - This is a programme for synthetics up to a maximum of 3 kg. The manual suggests for thin fabrics, easy care shirts, baby clothes ad lingerie with wires.

      I particularly like the idea of these programmes, the appliance dries the clothes through sensors so it ideally saves you time from continually returning to the appliance to check if the load is dry or indeed needs longer. You can of course over dry clothes by choosing to manually select the time on the dial so the sensor programme way is my prefered option and works extremely well.

      The programmes are finished off by a ten minute cooling cycle, I have to say I find this function particularly useful. If you choose to manually select a time on the selector dial this cooling down function does not apply and you can remove clothes from the dryer that are extremely hot and if there are any items with a zip on them you could receive a mild burn, so be careful.

      You will refer to the booklet initially for assistance on programme selection, but, the booklet contains some extremely helpful drying hints and offers assistance with some clothing labels so you can see if your clothes are able to be tumble dryed. It also offers practical advice on how to work out the weights of your clothes, for ease of programme options. It also offers some more practical advice on clothing never to be tumble dryed such as feather quilts and suggests checking all zips and poppers are fastened before placing in the tumble dryer to avoid scratching your appliance and of course damaging other clothing in the load. These are all very paractical suggestions of course however, if you should never have had a tumble dryer before some of the suggestions will be less obvious and therefore extremely helpful.

      You can find the off position for the appliance located at the 12 o'clock position on the selector dial, to change any programme once selected you will need to turn the appliance off and back on to reset the programme or time selection of your choice.

      There are also two buttons next to the selector dial, these are additional to the programme options. They are delicate and textile. After selecting either a timed option or programme of your choice press the delicate button and a indicator light will come on above the button, this function is for loads up to 3kg. Next to the delicate button is the textile button repeat the above process except for the pressing of textile and you will have a choice of either cotton or synthetics. Again an indicator light will come on once the textile button is pressed.

      Further to the right of these buttons are six other indicator lights with their functions clearly stated on the appliance.

      Empty tank

      Below these six indicator lights is the start/pause button which should be used following selection of a programme or to pause the programme once commenced.

      The condenser itself is a sealed unit which is housed at the bottom of the appliance. To access the condenser you must open the door of the appliance which is a touch opening door, once the door is open you will see below the steel drum is a filter and a grey rectangular button. upon pressing the grey button it will release a small door at the bottom of the appliance which houses the condenser and the water tank. The condenser is used instead of a pipe which means it can be housed anywhere where air can circulate freely and has electricity. The condenser light will come on when it needs rinsing free from fluff. This is a very easy process and can be done outside with your hose pipe. Simply release the condenser from the appliance by turning the two red tabs downwards and then pulling towards you (by use of the handle) and then rinse thoroughly with water. The indicator light for the condenser will come on after eighty cycles.

      There are two filters on this dryer one of which is located on the inside of the door of the appliance and can be removed by simply pulling in an upwards motion and then use your fingers to roll the fluff together in a ball for easy disposal. The other filter is located just below the drum of the dryer and again can be removed by simply pulling accross to the right and lifting away and then again repeating the lint removing process.

      The other main feature of this dryer is the water tank which is located below the condenser unit at the bottom of the appliance. It has a small handle on the underneath of the water tank which you pull to release from the appliance then lift up the cap to empty out all the water collected. You will be suprised initially at just how much water and fluff the dryer collects. It is very important to remember to de-fluff the dryer and empty the water tank after each load of washing.

      The appliance lets you know each cycle is complete by way of a buzzer sounding (it buzzes intermittently for two minutes) which is quite high pitched but allows you to be notified where ever you are in the house. If you are unable to remove the clothes from the appliance at the end of the cycle the appliance will continue for 30 minutes more in an anti-crease phase which helps to stop the clothes become all entangled.

      On the back of the appliance is an air intake grille and it is suggested in the manual to use a hoover to remove any excess fluff. This can be located on the bottom left of the appliance.

      The apppliance also has adjustable feet and it is very important that it is level so as to reduce noise and also help air to flow a round the appliance freely. A stacking kit is available for this appliance to enable you to perhaps place on top of your washing machine if space is of a priority.

      The door on this appliance is hinged on the right side and opens from left to right but it can be reversed however they suggest it is done by a proffessional.


      Depth 58cm

      Height 85cm

      Width 60cm

      This appliance comes in white however they do also sell this model in silver.

      I have now had my appliance for a year and have had no problems what so ever. When I purchased the appliance I did take out the five year cover and so feel reassured should I have any problems I have the peace of mind knowing that I am covered. However it does come with a two year guarantee as standard.

      Price wise I paid £204.94 which included free delivery from Kitchen Science. Incidentally the five year cover cost £79.99

      I have been so far very pleased with my choice, I have found it very easy to work and if in any doubt the manual has it covered. The filters are easy to maintain the only fiddly thing is the condenser to clean out every now and again but once you have done it once the next time is easier. The front of the appliance can be maintained with a wipe over with a cloth and some warm soapy water. The drum capacity on this appliance is 5.99 kg and can fit a single quilt inside (not feather!) I find overall condenser dryers much much easier to use than the piped ones available. I have no hesitation in reccommending this product as a top appliance. My only fault with this dryer is the noise level. But, after having several dryers in the past I would say this one is slightly less noisy than its predessors and if you have a garage, put it in there!


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