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Sony ST-D777ES

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2000 05:47
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      Digital Radio will soon be comman place in homes across the UK. It is predicted that 48% of people will own a digital radio by 2008. So what is digital radio? Until now, all radio programmes have been broadcast in analogue (AM or FM). With analogue, radio waves directly represent the original sound - such as the voice of the presenter - and are subject to interference from atmospheric conditions and electrical equipment. Analogue signals can also be interrupted or distorted by reflections of the signals from hills or large tall buildings. With FM radio broadcasting, a single programme service requires a lot of different frequencies to serve a large area. This means that the radio spectrum is used inefficiently, and that when travelling you frequently have to re-tune your radio to follow the programme that you want to listen to. Digital radio allows for more efficient use of the spectrum giving broadcasters more space for extra services. Digital radio signals are converted into 'binary digits' - the 1's and 0's of the computer world. These are carried by the radio waves in a way that is resistant to interference, so your listening is free of any snap, crackle and pop. With digital radio, the same frequency block of spectrum can be re-used throughout a large service area, using a Single Frequency Network or SFN - with all the transmitters using the same frequency to broadcast the same digital radio signal. This means you don't have to change frequencies as you drive around in order to stay tuned to the service you want. So what are the advantages with Digital Radio? Crystal Clear Sound The sound quality of digital radio is noticeably better: digital radio is to analogue what CD's are to Vinyl. Digital radio doesn't suffer from the annoying effects of interference, caused by adverse atmospheric conditions, multipath, or electrical interference, which can spoil analogue b
      roadcasting. With digital radio you get pure, clear sound - all the time - as long as you can pick up a digital signal. More Services Digital broadcasting uses the airwaves far more efficiently than analogue which means broadcasters can put out a wider range of programmes and new services. On average listeners to digital radio will be able to tune to 16 national and 16 regional and local BBC and commercial services in most areas. This is a doubling of choice. No Interference Digital radio signals are converted into 'binary digits' which can be carried on radio waves in a way which resists interference. So your listening pleasure is uninterrupted. You certainly won't experience interference from electro-magnetic waves and atmospheric conditions as is common with analogue radio. No Need To Retune Until now, when listening to analogue radio in your car, your radio has had to be retuned to follow a signal as you travel around. With digital radio that is a thing of the past. Stations are broadcast on one frequency which you can lock onto at the touch of a button. Extra Information Now you can receive information visually too. New digital radio sets have built-in LCD displays which shows text information to add to your enjoyment of what you are listening to. Eventually you may be able to pick up the half time scores, the name of the band that's playing or details of song title and artist. Some sets have the capability of a scrolling display which can show up to 128 characters. I hope this has given you some understanding of digital radio and i hope it will help you make a more informed decision


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