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Tivoli Audio Henry Kloss Model One

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Tivoli Audio Henry Kloss Model One - Radio tuner - silver, piano black

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2011 17:02
      Very helpful
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      with all the qualities its have, it's not wrong if this radio gets the price is quite expensive,

      Radio it named Model One is designed by Henry Kloss with an interesting view so that suitable to be placed in various corners of the room. in addition to good aesthetics, sound quality problems this radio has an amazing voice and was awarded "Best Buy" in Hi-Fi Awards.
      Model One is mono radio FM / AM but with the application of technology used in mobile phones. it creates a type of radio output Tivoli Audio Model One can catch more than a radio broadcast radio AM / FM usual on the market and minimize interference + improved sound quality.
      Views retro radio with the use of high quality wood coating not only as a sweetener it looks, but also as an acoustic double folding produced.
      The system is user friendly controls make the user very easy, even for people who are not familiar with the technology. by using only three buttons to control, anyone can use this radio in the very first try without encountering obstacles. the size of the tuning dial to find a wave big enough and its setting with 5:1 ratio makes searching the radio waves are very comfortable.
      Model One includes a Headphone Jack, auxiliary input for connection with portable CD Player or other device, and features a record output for recording. AM and FM antennas it provides good reception of radio broadcasts in various conditions, but for special circumstances where the radio signal is very hard to find, this radio provides the F-type connector to plug next section with an external antenna wave seeker.


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    • Product Details

      Where performance and simplicity are paramount but space is sparse, the Model One mono table radio fits the bill. With just three knobs, it is the antithesis of today's ever more complex electronic products. But behind the Model One's simple, innocent appearance, hides a multitude of technology facilitating higher sound reproduction and better reception over anything else near it in size or cost.

      The furniture-grade, handmade wood cabinet is not just for appearance sake, but also doubles as an acoustically inert housing. A heavy-magnet, long-throw 3-inch driver is allied with a multi-stage frequency contouring circuit that adjusts the speaker's output over half-octave increments. The result is musically accurate tonal balance and bass response.

      Instead of a standard, off-the-shelf integrated circuit, the Model One uses a state of the art, discrete-component FM tuner featuring GaAs MES-FET mixers. Originally developed for cellular telephones, the Model One was the first radio to adopt this technology for better FM reception and increased clarity on closely spaced stations.

      Discovering those stations is a joy thanks to the large analog tuning knob. Its geared-down 5: 1 tuning ratio permits easy and accurate tuning. The amber tuning indicator lets you know when you've achieved proper tuning. Built-in AM and FM antennas provide satisfying reception, while a rear 75-ohm jack allows connection of an external FM antenna in difficult reception areas. Also provided is a headphone jack, auxiliary input to connect a portable CD player or other device, and a record output for recording, or to use the Model One as a high-quality outboard tuner.

      The Model One looks right at home whether perched on a kitchen counter, in a dorm room, bedroom, at the office, vacation home, on a workbench, or even in an RV or boat (using the 12V input).