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    1 Review
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      16.11.2001 01:32
      Very helpful



      I became interested in Dj'ing about a year ago but only decided to buy some turntables 5 months ago. I wanted some decent ones, powerful direct drives that would be able to cope with alot of pressure and scratching etc.. I looked around for a long time and finally decided on the Gemini PT-2400's. They are one of only few turntables to contain an L.C.D display that displays pitch change, platter speed and direction. This is useful for dark locations where you can't see the pitch slider markings, you can just look at the illuminated pitch display and see what pitch change you are at. The build quality is of a high standard, although the casing is plastic it seems very strong and holds stability well. It would have been better if the casing was metal but you can't really complain. If the casing had been metal then the turntable would have been very, very heavy. The tone arm is completely metal which isn't the case on cheaper turntables. The tonearm is very strong and stable which is very important to scratching and just basic mixing. The tonearm has full height adjustability and anti-skate settings. Weight settings ca also be changed by adjusting the weight on the end of the tone arm. You can either increase or decrease the weight. The platter is made of metal, with a rubber mat fitted underneath to reduce the loud noise if the platter is accidentally hit hard. The platter is easily removed from the motor if the need be. There are strobe dots on the side of the platter all the way round, so that when the strobe light is shone on the dots when the platter is rotating you can check if it's rotating at the correct speed. If the turntable is spinning at 33/45 or 78 the large dots in the centre should be stationary. This turntable has a pitch increase/decrease of +-10%, which means that you can speed up or slow down the platter by up to 10% of 33/44/78 rpm. This is essential for any DJ and 10%
      is enough for most records to be mixed. Pitch bend buttons are also included that allow you to increase or decrease the pitch only when the button is held down, the pitch then returns to normal when that button is released. There is also a quartz lock button, which when pressed automatically sets the pitch change to 0%. This means that it will return to exactly either 33/44/78 rpm. When the quartz lock button is pressed a green light shows up next to it. The Quartz lock has been scrapped, that means that there isn't a click at zero, when you move the pitch slider, it's a totally smooth action. A dust cover is also included, dust is a DJ's worst nightmare! The strength of the motor is 2.2kg/cm witch is very strong, stronger than Technics!. You also have target light which is used to see the record when you are in a dark location, this is activated by pushing a button, it then pops the light up. With this turntable you get a 3 year warrantee, so they are built to last for at least three years, although they will last longer. There is also a reverse button that allows you play you records in reverse for special effects etc.. This is easily done by pushing a button in the far top left corner, a red light lights up and the turntable operates in exactly the same way but backwards. There are adjustable legs on the bottom of the turntable that allow you to adjust your turntable to the desired height, this is adjusted easily just by twisting the legs. A The start up time on this turntables is very fast, as soon as you push the button they they reach the desired speed. The electronic braking system is very quick, when the push the stop button they stop in less than a second, and when i say stop, the stop completely still. Although one of my turntable doesn't stop completely still, but that doesn't effect performance. Peformance wise this turntable is up with Technics, torque, start/stop/ p
      itch accurancy and reaction times, all meet up with Technics. Overall this Turntable is superb and i would recommend it to anyone. It's just a good as Technics but you save alot of money. If you want a professional turntable but can't afford Technics, then this is the only option.


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