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  • Needle Jumps Possible
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    1 Review
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      12.04.2004 06:24
      Very helpful
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      • "Needle Jumps Possible"

      Everyone wants to be a DJ at some point in their life.... its a true fact. Well nowadays, in the current circumstances and prices of modern technology etc, you can be your very own DJ. Bedroom DJ's is where its all at... Now before you go out and buy all the DJ equipment, you got to ask yourself this: 1) Do i really want to spend money on things like this? 2) Will I be commited to spend more money on this in the future (in vinyls, and needles etc) 3) Whats my aim in all this? - If you answered 1 and 2 with yes, and can answer number 3 - then bedroom DJing is definately the place for you start of at. There are two types of decks, Belt Driven and Direct Drive. Belt driven, funnily enough, are driven by belts, whereas direct drives spin from a direct axis. If you are a beginner DJ, and just want practice at good value, then belt drives are always a plus and a great start. However, if your looking to take the more professional approach and want to go further than bedroom DJing then direct drives are the way forward. Whats the difference I hear you cry? Belt drives are more economic, money wise there are much much cheaper. However, you can get problems such as broken and slipping belts, and needle jumping. Cheapest Numark Belt Drive Pack (Contains the Numark 1610 - model up from the 1600 listed here): http://www.djgear.co.uk/main.php?expand=6&ptype=6&ptid=6&session_id=819395585& load=products/view_prod&id=783&manufac_id=68 Cheapest Numark Direct Drive Pack: http://www.djgear.co.uk/main.php?session_id=819395585&expand=6&ptype=6&ptid=6& load=products/view_prod&id=804&manufac_id=68


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