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Technics SL-1210M5G

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    1 Review
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      27.06.2010 13:26
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      What is it.
      It is a turntable used for playing records on (remember those).It is primarily used in dj set-ups as part of a pair of turntables with a mixer.It is pretty much the best turntable ever made, it even has a place in the national science museum.So what makes it so great , to start off with it is what is called a direct drive turntable,this means that the platter upon which the record sits is drove by a motor,this gives excellent reliability and hold of the track.Basically once you set it to a speed it is going to stay at that speed, this is great for djing as the last thing you want is a shoddy motor deciding to play the record at whatever speed it fancies.
      Okay so yet another turntable in the infamous Technics 12010 series,now what to write.I mean it is simple commonplace for many companies to make a few minor adjustments to a product then re-package it as a new one,so i am guessing we will start with what has changed.

      First off the motor is the same as the mk2 version(which i also reviewed go and check it out).This is by no means a bad thing as the motor within the mk2 was pretty much perfect.The build and layout of the turntable are the same, which is pretty much standard on every turntable.So why shell out the extra money for a pair of these,or was this just a cash in from Panasonic(they own Technics) before they ceased producing turntables for good???

      What has Changed
      First off the paint job is different ohhhh woww i hear you say.But just hole fire as this is the first noticeable change.The mk2 was finished in a high gloss effect.The mk5 is finished in a semi gloss effect,with tiny gold specks mixed in with the paint.In my opinion kind of a pointless thing to do but hey they have to justify that extra money somehow right.Moving on to the pitch control There are now two illuminated sets of numbers showing the pitch balance,and it has two new buttons below the pitch, quartz lock,which will lock the pitch and keep it there no matter what you do to the pitch control slide.The mk2 featured a pitch reset button which was pretty pointless so this is a welcome change on the mk5 version.Moving on to the tone-arm,the base of the tone-arm has an anti skip button ,which is also a big plus as you don't want the needle skidding across the record, not that it did on the mk2s but its nice to have that security.You can now also adjust the brake speed if you simply remove the platter it is labelled underneath,giving you the option as to how quick or slow you wish the turntable to stop.

      Ease of use
      This is quite a hard review to be honest because it is difficult for me not to repeat what i said in the mk2 review.I mean it is pretty much the same as the mk2 except for the minor changes so , it is very easy to use and now you have a that extra pitch control,it makes it easier to have more control over your records.

      So would it be worthwhile shelling out more for a pair of these as opposed to the mk2 version,in short yes.The adjustments although minor definitely make the turntable easier to use and give you a lot more control.The overall feel is the same between the two.Another advantage is that these are new so they will last a long time,some pairs of mk2 can be about 25 years old,so these are definitely easier to get parts and servicing for not that you will need to for a while as they are extremely reliable.

      Im pretty certain that if you purchase a pair of these you wont have any concerns for about 10 years maybe more,just don't spill drink on them because that don't help(speaking from personal experience)

      They are pricey but as ive told my mates it is worth paying the extra money for these, you essentially get what you get with the mk2 version ,just with a few extra tweeks but they are going to be around for a lot longer,if you shop around you can get them for about £500 a turntable,but as Panasonic have ceased making them they are probably going to get more expensive so dont hang around if you are planning to buy a pair.


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