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Avermedia AVerTV Hybrid Express Slim

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2010 20:07
      Very helpful



      Looks good, Looks can be deceiving, Look elsewhere

      At first glance this card looks ideal to put quality digital freeview TV on your laptop. It looks neat and unobtrusive and it certainly is, when it's plugged into your express card slot it sits in flush and you would never know it was there unlike other express card slot TV cards which stick out half an inch or so.

      Lets start with the good - this card will do it's job well, the TV picture is crisp and clear and although Avermedia's bundled media program is competant you are much better off using Windows Media. Scanning channels, recording programmes and switching channels is all done nice and quickly with no channel breakup.

      Drivers needed for initial installation can be a problem however and I have found that my Laptop does not recognise the card even after downloading the latest drivers from Avermedia, however if you are using XP, Vista or Windows 7 the card is automatically recognised as soon as you get the Service Pack 2. Usually the only time I ever need these is after I have had to do a factory restore and my Acer Laptop simply does not like the Avermedia Card until Service Pack 2 goes in and then it is accepted.

      Now the bad, this cards compact size means it will get hot, sometimes extremely hot but according to the enclosed instruction manual this is normal and nothing to worry about.

      And now the very bad - I only bought this card because the silly little pin connector that converts the standard RF antenna on the Avermedia A309 TV card that came built in to my laptop broke after a fortnight.
      To my horror this Avermedia Hybrid Express Slim has an even sillier little pin connector which has a habit of breaking very easily.
      This is why I'm advising to stay well away from this card, if the pin connector built in to the card does not break the 'mini coax' adaper lead that plugs into the pin will, this lead has a standard RF antenna plug at one end and a 'mini coax' plug at the other and when it breaks, (and I do mean when not if it breaks it because sooner or later it will break) you will not be able to get another one no matter where you try.
      This lead that looks about £2 worth cannot be got anywhere, the likes of Maplins will give you blank looks and the 2 companies that actually list it online, (Avermedia themselves are not one of these, they will show you what it looks like but you can't buy it from them) have had it on back order for 2 years now.

      Pricewise these cards vary from £30 to £75 so shop around if you still decide you want one.

      So thats my review, buyer beware. I've bought 3 of these cards now purely for the mini coax lead thinking when they come off back order I will replace them back in te box and sell the card on to get my money back but they never ever come.


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