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Pinnacle Studio Deluxe 8

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2006 14:07
      Very helpful



      A great program for the DIY photographer

      I love just taking pictures and videos and just mucking about with them to see what I can do. I especially like special effects and gimmicky stuff and try to incorporate this into my finished DVD/VCD.

      I've tried various software packages and found most of them to be pretty good for what I want them to do. Sometimes all you want to do of course is just edit parts of the picture/video that you don't particularly like.

      Pinnacle Studio deluxe 8 does far more than I could have imagined and to tell you everything it does would literally takes pages and pages so I'm simply going to summarise the fantastic package.

      You can input to Pinnacle Studio in various methods, that is you can input from a file on your PC, a video on a DVD, or indeed directly from your digital camera.

      Once you have the files input into the program there are hundreds of effects and titles you can add. These are limited only by your imagination and your patience. I say patience because some of the processes involved in creating your masterpiece can take a while for the program to render. Colour changes and titling are a piece of cake but the more complex you make your project the more time it is likely to take for the software to create. This is only a slight disadvantage since the finished quality will surely surprise even the most ambitious amateur photographer.

      Cutting a splicing video is almost as simple a matter of cutting and pasting. Special effects are selected from the easy drop down menu and a small preview screen shows an example of how the particular effect works.

      The whole package is menu driven by simple drop down menus. By simply moving the mouse over the commands you can make your selection, a bit like word but slightly more complex. I have noticed that I have now used the word complex twice now and realised this is not the correct word to use since I may be projecting mixed ideas here. The program is not idiot proud but it is very easy to navigate and use.

      Finished projects can be saved as project files, finished files or burned directly onto your CD/DVD for viewing on your PC/TV or sending to relatives across the globe. Of course you could save as a file and send this file via E-mail.

      I often take a few videos and pictures and spend ages just mucking about to see what can be achieved with the software and I am often very pleasantly surprised at the end result.

      The software is compatible with most versions of windows and is available through stores such as PC world or online software retailers. It is a bit expensive but if you are serious about your photography it could well prove a worthwhile investment. The purchase price is in the region of £79.99 but if you are not prepared to pay that kind of money on my word that it is a great program you can go to Pinnacles Website and download a demo to give you an idea of what it can do.


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