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4 Reviews

BabyTV's programmes are original television programmes that have been specially developed in collaboration with child experts for infants and toddlers.

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    4 Reviews
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      07.05.2010 19:22
      Very helpful



      Great channel for babies, toddlers and parents

      I never had this channel when my son was small but I really wish I did.

      Its full of fun, colourful interesting programmes such as Baby Art and Friends, Popiz Morning and a great selection of bed time programmes.

      This channel would be great for small children/babies, the music is uplifting and im sure the colours etc help with babies development. All the programmes are made by Baby TV with the assistance of child experts.

      My son is now 5 years old, so we rarely watch this channel although I find it good to put on an hour before bed or when he is poorly as its soothing, either that or it bores him to tears, I don't really care, the point is it does the trick lol.

      The programmes are fairly low budget although enjoyable it just goes to show that children prefer simple programmes which are engaging. I think most if the programmes are educational and would think that they are aimed at ages newborn - 3 years.

      Im sure this channel is available for most on Freeview, if you are unable to receive it, it may be worth resetting your box.

      The best thing about this channel is that it is on 24 hours a day, this would have been a life saver for me when my son was small, he slept all day and woke all night lol (as do most), I also like the fact there are no adverts.

      The channel also has their own website at www.babytv.com, where games, activities and programme information can be found.

      You can watch previews of some of the Baby TV programmes on youtube, just search for Baby TV.

      Overall this is a great free channel for babies, toddlers and parents, and for those of us who want to send our children to sleep.


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      18.04.2010 21:30
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Brilliant baby TV channel

      Baby TV is channel number 623 on Sky TV. It is as the name suggests, a TV channel for babies. I have a 5 month old niece and I put this on for her and she was mesmerized by it.

      One of the good things about the channel is that it has no adverts so little ones don't get bored as they have something to watch all the time.

      Some of the programmes shown on it are actually really funny to watch and I really enjoyed watching them, I bet it would be strange to watch while drunk!

      The channel is very colourful, using a vast range of colours and they tend to be very bright. There are also lots of nice sounds going on during the shows. They are quite simple sounds and simple tunes, but this makes them more soothing for babies and can be nice for them to listen to or to use it for them to go to sleep too.

      My niece seems to have the same favourite show as me which is about two kangaroos called Kenny and Goorie. If you don't have Sky TV you can check this out on YouTube.

      Some of the shows can be quite educational, obviously teaching them simple things such as new words and colours and numbers. The channel suggest it is for babies only but it is also for toddlers too.

      I find the music to be very relaxing, I have currently got the channel on now while writing this review and it is making me feel extremely chilled out and peaceful.

      This is by far the best baby channel I have yet come across and would strongly recommend checking it out, even if you just want some peaceful time and don't even have kids, it's worth checking out!

      The channel also runs for 24 hours so if your baby wakes in the middle of the night you can put it on to help soothe them. Some of the later shows are just repeated things though such as calming music playing to raindrops in puddles that change colour for example.

      For the purpose of the comment added that I haven't mentioned what programmes it shows I didn't originally add them because they aren't known programmes and I didn't think people would find it useful to mention them, but I did talk about my favourite one. But for arguements sake it shows some of the following:

      Moon, Dreams, Magic Lantern, Little Ball and Little Chick, Wish upon a Star, Baby Art, Bath Tubbies, Hungry Henry, Cuddlies...The list goes on but I am not sure listing them all would add much benefit. Each programme only lasts a short amount of time as they are designed for babies so hundreds of shows are on each day.


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        21.10.2009 23:08
        Very helpful



        Your babies and children will love this groovy channel!

        My children absolutely love this channels and so do I! I find it a life saver on days when you have so much to do and not enough time as the children need feeding and soothing etc!
        Baby TV is brilliant as it is a mixture of programmes for entertainment and education. Most of the shows are about shapes, colours and animals which include parts in which the child can join in, counting along and singing etc. The channel also caters for other countries as it sometimes uses foreign language and refers to other cultures which is good.
        My children both became interested in the this channel at around 6 months as its very colourful and has lots of songs and rhymes playing throughout the day. I do make sure i don't just plonk them in front of the TV set all day but like i said before it keeps children and babies entertained for an hour or so, so that chores can be completed.
        If you have children, just try this channel out for a couple of days, you wont be disappointed! My Daughter is now 19 months old and her favourite shows include;
        Kenny and Goorie (about a pair of Kangaroos that arrange shapes to make up an object such as a car or boat.)
        The Cuddlies (about 4 friends who play together everyday and overcome problems such as bad weather and cooking problems.)
        Bim and Bam (about 2 creatures who meet new animals daily and explain all about that particular animal, i.e. habitat, eating habits and size and colour of animal).
        I definitely think this channel has taught my children certain words and colours and i would be so lost without it on a rainy day!


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        01.09.2009 11:09
        Very helpful



        A good aid to getting baby back to sleep or give me a little break in the day!

        I seem to be reviewing a lot of things to do with my children at the moment. Maybe one of these days I'll do something adult!

        My youngest has his top teeth coming through and since they started their descent he has been waking up every night around midnight for a cuddle. I'm a zombie at that point, trying my best to keep my eyes open. I decided the other night to try and make life a bit easier and put the tele on for a little bit and see if that would help pacify him. Whenever the baby watches anything other than Peppa Pig its Baby TV so I popped that on in the hope that something would be on. Thankfully the station was still running and had something on that was geared at making babies sleepy. A mix of calming pictures and sounds. It was even memorizing to my other half and I. They run this calming show all night every night. Good to know when the babies wake up and won't go back to sleep.

        First Concepts
        Guessing Games
        Music & Art
        Nature & Animals
        Imagination & Creativity

        Each area has a number of different shows. Most of them are just like any other childrens station show just a bit slower but some are quite trippy. You will randomly come across shows that are a bazaar mix of swirling colours and then the odd animal will go by and it does seem like the animators were on drugs at the time of production! If you need an example try this one: http://www.babytv.com/moon.aspx?cid=16 , it's a bit from the Bedtime show.

        The shows are short so they manage to keep a young chills short attention span and to add to that are completely commercial free! I had wondered why some shows were shown again with in a short period of time but it has to do with learning via repetition and that with every viewing more information is taken in.

        One show is called baby chef and although I do no cooking really with the baby (unless I'm holding him whilst making dinner) he finds it pretty amusing.

        The station itself is broadcast in over 85 different countries in 14 different languages.

        The Baby TV website has a games section which the baby hasn't a clue about. He just sits there hitting the keyboard and dribbling on the mouse. My elder lad has given some of it a go and says it's ok but maybe best for 3 year olds. To be honest I think he secretly had a bit of fun!

        On the net I went via the birthday button and created a little birthday show using a picture of my little man. It was very cute and he clapped at it. Saved it to the computer to show daddy after work.

        Sometimes I find myself at a baby playgroup and I'm the only one who doesn't know all the words to some nursery rhymes! Especially because sometimes American and English rhymes have slightly different wording. Thankfully for confused mummies like me the website has some lyrics written up for us.

        Colouring pages! Yay! http://www.babytv.com/Downloads-Coloring-Images.aspx

        There's another good baby station to give a go and that one is http://www.babyfirsttv.com/uk/index_plst2.htm , this one has colour-coded flowers at the corner of the screen to let parents know what area of learning is happening via that particular show and is also run 24 hours a day.

        Quick run down:
        Thinking Journey
        Numbers parade
        Sensory Wonderland
        Language Playground
        Imagination Lane
        Rainbow Dreams
        Feelings Garden

        © oioiyou 2009


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