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    9 Reviews
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      01.06.2010 22:20
      Very helpful



      8 simple rules about dating my daughter

      8 Simple Rules is currently being shown on Five USA at 7.30 and the only reason I have watched a few episodes is that it is after neighbours and I haven't been bothered to change the channel. I can't say that I would purposely watch this otherwise. Saying that my 8 year old daughter likes it so maybe it's more on her level than mine which speaks volumes about the writing! Maybe the reason for there only being three series.

      So the show was firstly about an overbearing father Paul Hennessy (the late John Ritter) and was originally called 8 Simple rules to date my teenage daughter, a bit of a mouthful I think you'll agree. It is based on a book of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron.

      It follows how he struggles to deal with his wayward elder daughters Bridget and Kerry as his wife Cate (Katey Sagal) has gone back to work as a nurse. They also have a younger son Rory.

      After the death of Ritter they brought in two new characters in the form of Cate's dad Jim (James Garner) and her nephew CJ who live in the basement. Cj did live in his van outside but 'Grandfather' burnt it down.

      So we have the ditzy older daughter Bridget who is the beautiful blonde bimbo who is as thick as they come but loves all the male attention she can get and has a different love interest in nearly every show I see. She runs rings around her parents to get what she wants.

      The middle child is Kerry, the one overlooked as she causes the less hassle, therefore getting less attention. She is very intelligent and witty and at times sarcastic which I love. She can be quite moody (middle child syndrome) but she does look out for her sister.

      Rory is the youngest of the three and is quite immature. He is often seen as stirring it and getting his sisters into trouble. He loves nothing more than seeing them get found out by their dad. He also had this bizarre obsession of wanting a monkey!

      Ritter is brilliant as the dad at his wits end trying to curb his daughter's enthusiasm for boys but to no avail. He is the sort of dad who would not think twice about embarrassing you so much that the boy would not come back. He does try his hardest to be strict with them but as with most dads and husbands us women know how to eventually get what we want. Sagal as his wife is a very good example of this and is realistically the head of the household. He is a very loving father, who we see after his death that his family really did love and respect him but they just didn't show it enough.

      Sagal is also a great choice of casting, she was great in Married with Children. She is the strong one of the family and the ones the children respect more.

      Overall this programme is OK, as I have said, I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it but it is watchable. Since the loss of Ritter though it is definitely not the same. I loved watching him at his wits end trying to control his sexually active teenage daughters. Bringing the two new characters in just didn't seem to make up for it and at times I felt they were pointless actually being there.

      I do like how the sisters argue all the time but when the going gets tough they stick together. The episode where they did a freaky Friday between Bridget and Cate was funny.

      It is an American sitcom after all and they are made to be over the top I suppose and not really my cup of tea.

      I do congratulate them however on their sensitivity of how the writers dealt with Ritter's death when starting series 2. I did enjoy watching how the family dealt with the loss and how deep down they really did love and respect him and miss him deeply.

      It is strange though to watch one episode without him in it and then a week later you watch an older episode and he is back there. I wish they would sort that out!


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      12.11.2009 23:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      8 simple rules is the popular sitcom revolving around a family with three kids. The show's dad (John Ritter) famously died and the brave continual into a fourth season gained critical acclaim.

      The show centres on a family of five: a couple with three children, each with a distinct characteristic. The show focuses on their family life, and a majority also on the school lives of the children.

      Paul (John Ritter)- The father of the household. Strict, sarcastic and funny, he had a major role as the protector of his daughters from boyfriends and so on... He had a unique sense of humour, and usually stirring up awkward situations. Also favourites Rory as he is the boy. He is extremely enjoyable to watch on screen and plays a very typical father everyone can relate to.

      Cate (Katey Segal)- She works as a nurse and as the mother of the family, usually the one to fix the messes of the household. She has some funny moments, but there is potential for more.

      Bridget (Kaley Cuoco)- The blonde and beautiful older sister who gets all the attention, focus and boyfriends. Exaggerated to be "dumb", but she is really quite an intuitive and creative, and fun person. She off sets many of the jokes which are more media referenced and stereotypical, but is great to watch.

      Carey (Amy Davidson)- The Middle Child. She is a funny and interesting person. Although appears to be angry and spiteful, she has deep feelings and is the more academic of the three. She is subtle in the way she is portrayed, but is hilarious when the moment comes. There are times she steals the show.

      Rory (Martin Spanjers)- The "boy". He is cheeky and sly, and makes snide remarks which are funny. He isn't in the spotlight a lot, however this is changed in the third and fourth season, he is given a slightly bigger and more interesting role, as we see more character development from him.

      Since Ritter's death, two new male characters have been introduced:

      CJ (David Spade)- He is the "fun" and rebellious uncle... He does add to the drama, but does not in any replace the character of Paul.

      Tim Egan (James Garner)- The grand dad... he has some funny moments but I find him annoying and a waste of space... :P

      I think the show is extremely enjoyable, as every character is relatable and have their humorous sides. The setting is also relatable and although perhaps slightly typical, it is a platform for elevated humour and subtle references that we can all laugh at.

      I loved watching this show when I was young, and it still appeals to me now. Although the newer episodes without John Ritter are slightly worse than previously, it is a brave effort to continue the show, and there were some good laughs found there still.


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        22.05.2009 11:13
        Very helpful



        a funny show that went downhill

        I used to watch 8 simple rules when it was on ABC and it is now being shown again on Fiver for all those who haven't seen it or those who want to watch it again.
        It was based on a book of the same name but with the full original title of 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter.

        It centres on the Henessey family made up of mom, dad, two daughters and a son, and all the crazy antics the kids get up to and how the parents get involved to help them resolve their issues. In a way, it is typical of every other family or teenage comedy which would make it blend in to the background.

        Sometimes the plots of this show were silly and you could usually predict the outcome of the episode, but for the time they were done they were good and they do generate a few laughs during the show.

        The best thing about this show was the dad played by John Ritter. He was definitely the funniest and i don't think the show would have been that successful if he had not been in it. This was evident after John diedin real life. Instead of ending the show, they wrote his death into the script and carried on for another season. However, i feel that this didn't really work. It wasn't as funny as it once was. New characters were also introduced but none of them could make the show work.

        Overall i thought 8 simple rules was a good funny tv show, but that it is something you would watch once and then that would be enough.


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        21.05.2009 20:57
        Very helpful



        A show that missed the boat

        This show was first broadcast on Abc on Virgin before the channel was cancelled and to be fair i was not overly fussed. Now it airs on Fiver.

        The show follows a familiar American theme that we have all seen before 'The family show' where the kids get into a variety of different situations that the parents have to advise and guide them on. In this series we have a dominant father, a mother, 2 daughters and a son.

        The show doesn't really grip you and when you do laugh its merely a jitter than a full blown laugh, what i think the main problem is that by the time it was broadcast most of us had seen it all before and although arguably it was easy viewing it was nothing new.

        The show took a turn for the worse following the sudden death of John Ritter who played the father and dare i say it the key character in the show, this is when the show should have ended unfortunatley it didn't and the network dragged it on writing his death in to the show in the form of a 'car accident' arguably the story showed respect for the deceased John Ritter and some decent acting from the cast, however the show got worse after this even though they introduced new characters including a grandfather coming to stay and David Spade from Just Shoot Me playing the cousin CJ a hippy with morals, both characters offered a new dimention to the show but the show never really revived itself after Ritters death.

        Overall watch it if nothing else is on otherwise you have seen it before dont worry about it too much.


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        19.04.2008 14:55
        Very helpful



        US comedy series.

        This is an American comedy that I used to watch whenthe cable channel ABC was still on air on the Virgin platform.

        The original title was 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Daughter however the ttle got shortened following the death of John Ritter who played the Dad in the series.

        The family of five was made up of two daughters and a younger son Rory, the actress who played the older very vain blond daughter Bridget is on the comedy show The Big Bang Theory at the moment. The mother was played by Katy Segal who has a ppeared in a lot of US comedies. fter the death of Ritter James Garner was bought in as the Grandad who lives in the families basement and also a waster cousin called CJ played by another frequently seen comedy actor David Spade who is instantly recognisable as the scrawny misfit.

        This was a pretty passable comedy, not great and a little predictable but it did work well most of the time. The three kids all do their fair bit of infighting and following the death of their Dad there were some sad scenes. The show lacks the cutting edge of comedies like Scrubs but it was pretty consistent and had its entertaining moments.


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          06.06.2007 02:17
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A Good show with John Ritter, a better show without him

          8 Simple Rules follows a similar concept to most sitcoms, Overbearing Dad ruling the house with some (partly) rebellious teenagers and a teenager with alack of common sense thrown in aswell.
          This however changed with the passing of John Ritter, who played Paul Hennessy, when this happened the show took a turn for the better, with the introduction of Gradpa Jim Egan (James Garner) and C.J Barnes (David Spade) the show became less repetitive and more enjoyable.

          When the show focused around Paul Hennessy, the same storylines seemes to come up every week with his daughters disobeying him and him figuring it out.
          But When C.J and Gradpa Jim were introduced, more storyline opportunites opened up and the show became easier to watch.
          Some of the Bridgette Moments are classic though as well as some of the C.J moments but other than them personally i think the other characters are a lot weaker.

          John Ritter - Paul Hennessy (2002-2003)
          Katey Sagal - Cate Egan Hennessy
          David Spade - C.J. Barnes
          Martin Spanjers - Rory Joseph Hennessy
          James Garner - Grandpa Jim Egan
          Kaley Cuoco - Bridget Hennessy
          Amy Davidson - Kerry Hennessy

          Originality = 2/10
          Acting = 9/10
          Writing = 8/10
          Video = 9/10
          Audeo = 9/10
          Episode Quality = 7/10
          Comedy = 9/10
          Price: No DVD Release

          Guest Stars:
          First Season:
          Rachel Bilson from the O.C makes a very small and rather unnoticable appearance as gum-chewing girl, Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter makes a two episode appearance as an older boyfriend for bridgette, Jason Priestley plays a rich race car driver who is looking to write an autobiography, which paul wants to write. Cybill Shepherd appears as cate's sister Maggie.

          Second Season:
          Jonathan Taylor Thomas appears as a love interest for Bridgette.

          Third Season:
          Pamela Anderson pops up as Principle Ed Gibbs Girlfriend who tries to seduce C.J. Ed O'Neill also appears as a former flame of cate's. Nicole Richie appears in the final episode as a girl in detention.

          Best Season: Third = the third season was easily the best for me because it had more C.J in it which made it a lot funnier and a lot cleverer.

          Notable Episodes:
          The Sub 3-13 - C.J is Hired as a Substitute teacher.
          Goodbye (1) 2-4 - Paul Hennessy Dies
          Get Real 2-11 - C.J comes to stay
          Cheerleader 1-6 - Bridgette ties out for the cheerleading squad.

          Very Funny, when C.J was introduced i think he added more humoru to the show, because before it was just paul worrying about his daughters. Well performed by all actors involved, and although as i have said i think the show got better after john ritter, he was still the strongest actor by far.

          Negatives: Quite Repetitive and sometimes they use the bridgette is stupid card too much, when they cant think of a better joke, there is also no DVD release yet which is quite dissapointing because it is a good show and easily rewatchable, another down point to the season is that there is only 3 seasons of it, so as soon i really start getting into the programme, you cant watch anymore because it was cancelled.

          Overall its a good show and well worth a watch if you like sitcoms like My Wife and Kids, The Cosby Show etc


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            27.11.2005 11:07




            You can find this show on ABC which on my cable package is channel 161 with NTL.

            One of the annoying things about this channel is that it follows the American habit of starting a show and then immediately cutting to an ad break, the same happens at the end of the show with an ad break nd then a two minute bit of the show in conclusion.

            This is a very typical American sitcom however following teh death of John Ritter who played the Dad the cast changed with the introduction of James Garner as the mothers grand dad.

            The situation is a family with two teenage daughters and originally the Dads struggle to control their dating habits. Following his death which was used in the storyline it is the mother played by Katey Seagal who played Peggy in Married with Children who has the problem of keeping her daughters away from boys.

            The characters are very typical, eldest daughter is cute and a bit of an airhead, middle daughter is intelligent with a social conscience and there is a son who provides a few wisecracks.

            This is predictable safe comedy with the usual gushing conclusions at the end, ideal if you want to switch your brain off but not a patch on other American offerrings like Malcolm in the Middle or Seinfeld.


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              03.10.2005 21:02
              Very helpful



              One of the most hilarious family comedies.

              “8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter” is without doubt my favourite series besides “Friends” – and probably the sole reason for me to keep our Freeview subscription. With all these series out there, most of them very unoriginal, it is very difficult to sort out the good from the bad. This one, however, is certainly a cut above the rest. I have even considered buying a VCR, just to be able to catch every single episode!


              The series is based on the best-selling book “8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter” by W. Bruce Cameron. The series was produced in association with Touchstone Television, Shady Acred Entertainment, Flody Co and the ABC Televison Network. The directors are Gil Junger and James Widdoes. There have been various executive producers over the years, including Tom Shadyac, Flody Suarez. Jamie Widdoes, John Peaslee, Judd Pillot, Michael Bostick and Tracy Gamble.

              So far, three seasons have been produced. The episodes currently shown on ABC are a mix of all three series. You can catch “8 simple rules” by tuning into ABC 1 at 4.45 p.m. on weekdays.

              John Ritter, the star of the series, died in 2003. Yet, the series continues. The death has been integrated into the story line. As I find the episodes prior to his death more entertaining than the later ones, my review is mainly based on Season 1 and Season 2.

              ***The story***

              The series is very much a family comedy that mainly focuses on the relationship between Paul Hennessy and his teenage daughters (Bridget and Kerry), who are always up to some kind of trouble. Paul is not your typical breadwinning father – when his wife Cate decides to return to work as a nurse, it is him who gives up his job as a sports writer and becomes a stay-at-home Dad who writes a column on the side.

              Once he starts spending more time around the children, he quickly realises that teenage girls are a lot more complicated than they were as little girls. Now he has to deal with boy craziness and mood swings. And the boy (Rory) is not always easy to handle, either – he has hormones, too. And a weird obsession with getting a monkey.


              *Paul Hennessy*

              Played by John Ritter, he is just a loveable and caring father. Like any father, he wishes that his girls would have stayed young forever, and he really cannot stand the fact that they have blossomed into two beautiful young ladies that attract a lot of attention from the boys. So he tries to impose strict rules on dating, but like any loving Dad, he is just a tiny bit too trusting at times. Bridget often manages to sneak past him – but not without some tiny consequences. Overall, however, he loves his daughters so much and Cate has so much influence over him, that often his punishment is not as severe as one would expect.

              In trying to be perfect, Paul often gets things embarrassingly wrong. In one cringe-worthy episode, for example, Rory steals a picture from a famous race car driver that Paul is hoping to write a book on. Instead of sending Rory back with the picture, he tries to sneak in to the race car driver’s house and put it back.

              His softness is best evidenced in the ‘puppies’ episode – where he strictly tells Kerry to take a homeless dog to the shelter instead of keeping it. At the end, however, when puppy does not find a home, he gives in and allows Kerry to keep it.

              *Cate Hennessy*

              Played by Katey Seagal, she is essentially a mixture of her two daughters and as such a superb mother. She has Kerry’s intelligence, which allows her to cope with any min-crisis that children and husband may present to her. And she also has a bit of Bridget. As a teenager, she herself was part of the popular crowd – boy crazy and wild. As such, she can often relate to what Bridget is going through and lessen the strictness of the rules Paul has imposed on the dating lives of his daughters.

              She is probably my least favourite character, despite being the best actress in the series. I think my favourite episode is the one where she lands a solo part in a performance of her choir and does not want her family to turn up and see her.

              *Bridget Hennessy*

              Played by Kaley Cuoco, she reminds many viewers of Christina Applegate in “Married with Children”. As a 16-year-old teenager who is skinny, blonde and too sexy for her own good, she is very self-absorbed. The most important things in her life are looks, make-up, fashion – and, of course, boys. Bridget is as fickle as a candle in the wind – every week she is interested in a different boy. And sometimes even more than one.

              One of her most interesting ‘obsession’ is definitely her brief obsession with neighbour Donnie Doyle – a young man in the naval academy who seriously falls in love with her and then hopes that fickle Bridget will be able to maintain a long distance relationship with him. And her brief obsession with her drumming teacher is equally entertaining – a college guy who will make Bridget break all the rules of the house.

              *Kerry Hennessy*

              Played by Amy Davidson, Kerry is my favourite character in this series. She is the middle child – and as such often overlooked between the tantrums of Bridget and the strange obsessions of Rory. She is a very intelligent young woman, but tends to have heavy mood swings at times, mostly caused by the fact that she is simply not being acknowledged enough. Kerry can be very sarcastic at times – which makes her even more loveable. While she is not the traditional blonde beauty, her personality and cute dark red curly locks just make her so much more adorable than her sister Bridget.

              Some of my favourite moments including Kerry are the episode where Bridget wants to make the cheer-leading team, but fails while Kerry, who merely tries out to mock the cheerleaders, is picked for the team. Another cute episode is where Kerry is trying to find homes for animals in a shelter. One episode shows her talented and intelligent side – and how she is so much more than her sister. The other shows how caring and wonderful she really is.

              *Rory Hennessy*

              Played by Martin Spanjers. He is your typical young boy entering puberty. He is in the process of discovering girls – and tends to develop strange obsessions – for instance with monkeys. His role in the series is almost peripheral – but he is good for some laughs.

              One of my favourite episodes with Rory include the one where he is going through the neighbourhood, throwing eggs and toilet paper at people’s houses and cars. The other one I really enjoyed was the one where Bridget has a school assignment with a pre-tend baby in the shape of a flour bag. Let us just say that Rory (along with Kerry) is partly responsible for the flour bag not being in top condition by the time the assignment is done.

              ***Guest appearances***

              The series does not only have star Katey Seagal(“Married with Children”), but also benefits from a series of guest appearances. People who appeared on the show include Pamela Anderson, Ed ONeill (“Married with Children”), Nick Carter (“Backstreet Boys”), Jason Priestley (“Beverly Hills 90210”), John Ratzenverger (“Cheers”) and Tatum O’Neal (John McEnroe’s ex-wife and actress).

              ***My verdict***

              There are many reasons to love this series, but for me, three stand out:

              The first one must be the great interaction of the characters. The relationship between the sisters is so believable. You can see how much they really love each other, yet they argue all the time, pull each other’s hair and pretend they do not like each other. Equally believable is their relationship with brother Rory – he is really more or less invisible to them, unless he gets a little annoying. Paul Hennessy is the typical father – I recognise my own in him. Over-protective, caring – loved and hated by the daughters at the same time. The one character that is a little atypical must be Cate – even though she occasionally comes forward and does these typical mother-daughter things, she is not a stay-at-home mom and more portrays a modern career woman type of mother. Her relationship with Paul comes across as a partnership – but more as a friendship than a husband and wife type of relationship. The only time you feel that they really click is when they try to decide how to deal with the children and balance each other out in the process.

              The second reason must be the comedy value. The script is great, the jokes are funny. I laugh at least 5 times in every episode. And, apart from Cate, they all will make you laugh at some time or the other. Even Bridget, who I mostly find annoying, has her humorous moments. The writing is witty, but not too fast-paced, so it is easy to follow.

              The third reason must be that it is a family series. I think it is for everyone – and I think it may actually help people recognise themselves and understand family members better as a result of it. Sure, it is over-the-top in parts, that is what all comedies are. But at the very bottom, there is a lot of truth to the situations and the characters.

              So what are you waiting for? Tune into ABC 1 and tell me what you think.


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                22.09.2004 00:46
                Very helpful



                Ever since they began advertising “8 Simple Rules…For Dating My Teenage Daughter” I knew I was going to love it. It was a sitcom about a family, and more aimed at teenagers, and since I love everything teenager related, I knew this show was for me. “8 Simple Rules…” is officially one of my favourite programmes; it’s cute, funny and always makes me laugh. I always feel like I relate to the daughters in this programme, with a crazy dad trying to keep them away from boys for as long as possible. Hmmm sounds familiar!

                The show is all about the Hennessy’s. Paul Hennessy is a loving and caring father who has three children, two daughters and a son. Even though he loves his daughters to bits, unfortunately they’re no longer his little girls; they’re turning into hormonal teenage girls! One of the daughters (Bridget) is into boys, shopping, boys, shopping and did I mention boys (sounds about right ;)) whilst the other daughter (Kerry) is more intelligent and rebels against most things airhead related. Every boy who knocks on that door is instantly given the third degree by Paul which is nothing but embarrassing for the girls. Paul’s wife Cate is a nurse and isn’t as strict as he is, so in that sense he’s got no support for being such a hard guy! There is only one person in the family who still speaks Paul’s language and that is his son Rory. The little snitch’s favourite hobby is to get his sisters in to trouble, but the best bit is that he does it so slyly and sarcastically that it’s funny. The title of this op is the title of a book Paul begins to read on parenting in order to discipline his children using reverse psychology, classic.

                PAUL HENNESSY (Played by John Ritter)

                Definitely the funniest element of the show. Paul is constantly chasing after his crazy, slightly dumb blonde daughter Bridget who has boys on her mind, most of the time. He’s a funny character as chasing after his daughter makes him do slightly crazy things. After watching the show it will become apparent that Paul’s character is having a hard time letting his daughters grow up. Even though John Ritter passed away last year, the show is still in production. Paul’s character was killed off and the remaining characters have to deal with his death.

                CATE HENNESSY (Played by Katey Sagal)

                Yes Peggy Bundy plays the mom in this show, however Cate couldn’t be further from Peggy. She’s a caring and fun mom to the girls, not too strict but not too much of a doormat. She’s fairer than anything but Paul usually has something to say when she’s more than lenient on her daughters. I think she’s a cool mom and she’s quite funny too.

                BRIDGET HENNESSY (Played by Kaley Cuoco)

                Bridget is probably my favourite character because she is a typical air headed blonde teenager. She loves everything fashion related and loves to date boys, sometimes just to spite her father. She’s a funny character because the things she says are just hilarious, because most of the time she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.

                KERRY HENNESSY (Played by Amy Davidson)

                Kerry is the rebellious but reliable Hennessy daughter, and that’s what she hates. Because she doesn’t dress like a bimbo (like Bridget, lol) her father will always think of her as the reliable little girl. Kerry also kicks ass, as she isn’t dumb, and sticks up for her beliefs, and she also knows what she’s talking about unlike the other daughter. I also what I love about Kerry is that even though she’s reliable she’s also very unpredictable, if you watch the show you’ll know what I mean.

                RORY HENNESSY (Played by Martin Spanjers)

                Now we come to youngest child and the only son. Rory provides the comic relief. In all honesty he’s not really in the show as much as the daughters but whenever he is, he’s very funny. Usually sarcastically getting the girls in trouble, or just annoying his dad. I think he’s a great character and I personally believe he should be in the show more. He’s just the typical younger brother, but in a funny way. Defintiely one of my favourite characters.

                This show comes on every day and I try to watch it whenever possible. It comes on at 6:30 on the Disney channel but also comes on an hour later on Disney+1 and also again in the evening so there are many different chances to see it if you miss first time around.

                Each episode lasts half and hour and is what you might call a typical family sitcom. I wouldn’t call it anything groundbreaking or original but the array of characters make it interesting to watch. The show is also filmed on a set, therefore you should probably get used to seeing the living room every so often.

                From the title you would probably think each episode is just a crazy father chasing after his boy mad daughter, or him setting down 8 rules for his daughters date, but it’s not like that, you can expect lots of different situations in the show, but the main aspect of the show is of course the daughters growing up, but if you thought that’s all that it was about you’d be wrong. The one thing I love about this show is that it deals with real issues but is funny at the same time, the show might not be that realistic but its entertaining none the less.

                I think one of the most appealing aspects of this show is that there is one character people will relate too. Whether you’re a parent, son, daughter or a date meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. In my opinion this would mostly appeal to the younger audience, but the characters of Paul and Cate would appeal to the older audience also so it could be considered a family show. I guess it appeals to me as I remember doing the crazy things Bridget does, breaking curfew, doing things just to spite your parents, and just generally breaking most of the rules. But the other element is watching the parents doing crazy things, which would be appealing to the older audience, anyone who has kids has been there right?

                Comedy wise I’m not really sure if everyone would find this show funny, mostly I find it funny, and sometimes even hilarious but that’s because it appeals to my kind of sense of humour, sarcastic humour. It’s not stupid humour but most of the comedy did come from John Ritter and I did think he was a funny guy. There is the dumb blonde comedy coming from Kaley Cuoco, the crazy father comedy routine from John Ritter and there’s also comedy coming from Martin Spanjers who just tends to do the annoying little brother routine, but it works well!

                I’m really not sure if “8 Simple Rules…” will be able to be funny as it was, Paul played the biggest part in the show and I really can’t understand how they could possibly continue it without him, even though I love the show to bits, I do think the right thing to do would be to cancel it, and trust me it pains me to say that. For a sitcom the death of the main character just doesn’t fit in, however my cousins in the states have informed me that Cate’s father (Bridget, Kerry and Rory’s grandfather) is actually fitting in quite well. Also David Spade (who I find oddly hilarious) has just signed up, as Cate’s nephew, who tends to give the kids very bad advice, sounds good to me! I do hope the show will continue to be as good as it is, but I won’t be shocked if it’s cancelled any time soon. “8 Simple Rules…” comes on the Disney Channel every day at 6:30pm and is also repeated that same evening at 9pm.


                John Ritter - Paul Hennessy
                Katey Sagal - Cate Hennessy
                Kaley Cuoco - Bridget Hennessy
                Amy Davidson - Kerry Hennessy
                Martin Spanjers - Rory Hennessy
                Billy Aaron Brown - Kyle


                30 min

                (`*•.¸(`*•.¸¸.•*') ¸.•*')®
                (°¸∆.•''(¸.•'''•.¸)`' •.∆¸°)


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                It's a time for healing and learning to deal with life without family patriarch Paul (the late John Ritter), as the Hennessys discover the frailties of life and the strength of the family unit, on 8 Simple Rules. Cate (Katey Sagal) now finds herself in the precarious position of raising three teenagers on her own while holding down a full time job as a hospital nurse near their Detroit-area home. She does, however, get a little relief, thanks to her father, Jim (James Garner), who's been staying at the house since Paul's death. Retired and separated from his wife, Jim mostly spends his days making home improvements to the house — with arguably mixed results — and, in his own inimitable way, gives comfort and guidance to his daughter and grandchildren during their time of need. But the family is thrown for a loop when Cate's wayward nephew, C.J. (David Spade), moves in and finds it hard to resist getting himself into trouble or offering questionable advice to the kids.

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