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Bingo Night Live

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ITV / Game Show

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2008 11:47
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      I had so much fun sat in witha glass of wine and chocolate...a great TV show!

      A year ago I went on holiday to a Caravan Park in Dorset. The holiday was lovely and was a chance for my fiance and I to go away fro9m the stresses and strains of life and to relax for a week. We stayed at Sanford Holiday Park and every night was Bingo Night. I have never personally been into bingo and decided not to join in, after the first game I started to wish I had taken part. Someone had won twice already and people were hopping about all over the place shouting "BINGO". WE bought our cards the next night and sat down with a dabber...it was amazing.

      "Two little ducks...22" "Kellys eye - number 1"...oh look we only need 2 more to go. We are sat on the balcony willing the last two numbers 52 and 86...come on. The jackpot was £91 and we could do with that. 4 numbers later we were almost diving off the balcony claiming our prize. I won another 3 games that week and I am now totally hooked.

      I was sat watching Bingo Night Live one evening and I thought back to the night at Sandford...I really wanted to take part. Unfortunately it was too late for that game and I had to wait until the next night. Bingo Night Live was shown on air Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday but sadly has just been cancelled (Saturday 15th November). I for one really hope they return again soon.

      On the next night I sat watching Bingo Night Live with my computer in front of me. The instructions they gave for signing up were easy to follow. I had soon signed up and was ready to play. With bingo night live you can print a game card with 4 games (green, blue, orange and purple) or can play online and let the virtual dabber dab away for you. I decided to try both, that way if I missed one I could check.

      I was surprised to see that after 4 numbers called 20 people would be waiting on one number which showed how many people were watching/taking part. The next night I urged my partner to sign up and take part and rather sad as we are we sat there with a glass of wine and nibbles playing Bingo Night Live. My partner was reluctant to play at first but after playing the first game he was really into it. We then played it for a further 2 weeks. We had no idea that the show was being cancelled and were quite shocked to hear it on Saturday.

      The presenters were jolly and the TV show was genuine, unlike some of the dodgy shows of the past where ITV Play have been criticised by OFCOM for scamming viewers. The presenters Jayne Sharp, Nichola Dixon' Anthony Crank and Michael Underwood. The presenter responsible for calling the numbers would use a mixture of simple 4...and...6...Forty Six and Legs 11 making the show interesting and appealing to both the advanced and beginner viewers.

      I also liked the fact they linked up to each county/city/area and during Halloween, Bonfire Night etc they would mention key facts such as the largest bonfire is near London and in London we currently have 7,000 players.

      In addition to the bingo games a magic number would be selected each night to win £5 and go into a prize draw to play a game "Minute to Win It" on the Saturday night shows. The shows follow a similar format for prizes being given for one line (usually £100), Two lines (Usually £500) and a Full House (Usually £1000-£1500). In addition to this there is a "Golden Jackpot" prize, starting at £25,000 on launch night and increasing each week which is given to the recipient with a full house in less than 32 numbers called. £60,500 was won on 10th October 2008 and viewers set a World Record for the largest Online Bingo Game.

      The shows did really feel a little good to be true and we didn't win anything although I have heard of people who did win whether it was £5 or £25. The show was great as it was interactive and linked to player back home "We can tell you that Mary in Cardiff is waiting for just 1 number - Mary is waiting for 26"...so not only can you see the numbers being called on screen they can tell who is about to win. It's all very clever. Bingo Night Live was shown live on ITV at around 12:05am or 1:15am. The show is obviously more fun if you play along at home, I cannot really understand someone watching if they do not have a bingo card.

      I really enjoyed watching bingo night live and hope it returns to screens next year for another series.


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