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    1 Review
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      26.02.2013 10:49
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      A strong show but lacks originality and presence

      NBC's new show Deception sees Joanna, a cop, go undercover in her childhood friend's home in order to solve the murder of who killed her best friend. Within the secretive walls of the Bowers' home, Joanna is desperately searching for answers and discovers much more than she had hoped, even rekindling a romance between her and her best friend's brother, Julian, which not only distracts her but at times interferes with her work.

      With any and every one of the family members being possible suspects, how can Joanna get close but not caught? And with numerous deaths occurring related to the events, will Joanna herself be the next one?

      Deception is much like any other cop/undercover drama, but this definitely has more 'drama'. However, lead Joanna, played by Meagan Good is likeable and you are definitely on her side. There is great tension as she risks her safety snooping around and you are on the edge of your seat hoping she isn't seen.

      The show has tension, action, romance, drama and it is all in the mix, offering something for everyone, but the lack of focus into any genre may turn viewers away who are not interested in the drama/romance etc... That said, I personally feel that this works as it isn't all too serious and has some sort of real life relatable side to it, other than feeling detached in many of the other detective shows you get.

      The shortcomings of this show is how they will make it last. They can only drag out this investigation for so long. By the end of the season, if Joanna doesn't find the killer, viewers will surely get bored and not bother to return for the second season.

      The show is best to write a good ending and finish it off with a bang and give viewers the answers they want.

      Meagan Good- Joanna
      Tate Donovan- Edward
      Laz Alonso- Will
      Katherine LaNasa- Sophia
      Wes Brown- Julian
      Ella Rae Peck- Mia
      Victor Garber- Robert

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