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9 Reviews

Emmy Award-winning TV series. Channel: HBO

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    9 Reviews
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      06.06.2013 00:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      All round great show, a must see!

      Entourage is the story of young upcoming movie star Vincent Chase and his four closest friends. The show is loosely based around the career of Mark Wahlberg and his relation with his friends, his brother Donnie Wahlberg and his agent Eric Weinstein. (This is said to be where the name "Eric" came from for Vince's best friend/manager. There is also a reoccurring character named Josh Weinstein who appears as first an understudy and then a rival agent to Vince's agent Ari).

      The series focuses on Vince's efforts to take steps from his humble childhood in Queens, New York to making it big in Hollywood. He is a serial womanizer and has relations with almost every girl he meets, from his (albeit temporary) agent to an actress he once proposed to and got rejected! His film career has many ups and downs, so much so it may leave you assuming he likes to have a successful movie, and then follow it up with a failure!!

      As he attempts to make it big in Hollywood, he is helped along the journey by:

      - his agent Eric Murphy (E) played by Kevin Connolly. E is Vince's best friend from home and progresses over the series to take the position of Vince's manager. E has a love-hate relationship with Vince's agent Ari Gold. They insist on continually insulting each other, but always end up sticking together as friends as well as putting Vince first. The two also provide the infamous "Lets hug it out" moment - my personal favorite moment in the show!

      - his older brother Johnny Chase (Drama) played by Kevin Dillon. Drama was the first Chase to hit Hollywood and starred in a successful TV show Viking Quest. However unlike Vince, he never seems to get another chance to it the big time. He is constantly recognized for his previous role and begins to come frustrated and not being able to get his next big role! He doesn't really appreciate Vince taking his thunder but however much he tries to convince the guys otherwise, he basically sponges of his younger brother. His relationship with Turtle who also sponges of Vince a lot of the time, is typical of two twin brothers battling for the most attention from their mother! It is another of the show that I love - you're probably getting the hint that I love this show!

      - his friend and driver Sal (Turtle) played Jerry Ferrera. Sal begins the show with issues reguarding how is treated. He doesn't really see how he can be useful to Vince's career prospects and regularly falls out with E as he feels he is being unnecessarily bossed about. However, as the series progress, he gains more confidence. He recognizes the potential in unsigned rap artist Saigon, he notices a chance to make a lot of money with Tequila and he also manages to pull an absolute stunner in Jamie-Lynn Singler!

      - his (super) agent Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven. My all time favorite character in any TV show let alone Entourage. Can't seem to get along with anyone. He argues consistently with E and this is one of his best friends! Everyone else sees his full (unjustified and unadulterated) wrath. When something gets in his way, if a wall comes up in front of him, he knocks it down. In terms of Vince's career this is perfect, but for everyone else it means they pretty much all hate Ari. He alienates pretty much every other character, going through assistants almost as quickly as Vince goes through female acquaintances! He fails to notice how good a life he has, his assistant Lloyd is loyal but there becomes a time when even he gives up on Ari. Ari's wife also begins to bear the brunt in the later series for his extremely driven nature.

      There are many reoccurring roles in Entourage. My personal favorites would probably be Lloyd, one of Ari's assistants and Shona, Vince's publicist. Both actors perform perfectly in there roles, particularly when complementing Ari's awfully brash and arrogant character. Sometimes I wish both had bigger parts in the show, and let me put it this way; If there were any characters whose spin-off shows I would watch, it would be these two!

      One of the many reasons Entourage became so popular was it guest celebrity appearances. I mean come on, any show that manages to get a guest appearance from a certain Scarlett Johansson in the first series, you know it is going places! Over all eight series guests include Bono, James Cameron, Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, LeBron James, Tom Brady and many many MANY more.

      I personally sell Entourage to my mates by describing it like the "lads version of Friends" as it follows the lifestyle, good times and the bad times through these guys lives. It is my all time favorite show and it would take a lot to top it! Would recommend it to anyone over the age of 15, although some of the female gender may not enjoy it to the same extent I fear!


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        31.01.2012 23:56
        Very helpful



        Brilliant show personally it is my favorite of all time.

        Entourage is a truly amazing TV Series, it is about a young movie star, his four best mates and his agent and their life in Hollywood! There is 8 series of pure quality, great scenes of comedy and tremendous scenes of drama, the show will bring your emotions into play heavily and make you feel part of the Entourage!
        The main star Vince Chase played by Adrian Grenier, however his four friends and agent become heavily involved and by series 8 there are basically five main characters. There are many guest appearances over the 8 series, from the likes of Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon and Jessica Alba and that is just naming a few!
        The group go on some great adventures together and create some truly funny scenes. There are huge ups and downs for each character throughout the series and your emotions will get heavily involved as you make your way through the 8 series!


        Vince Chase (Vinnie) Adrian Grenier - Vince is the main character, he has taken his 4 best mates to LA to live the life they have always dreamed of, he his a massive ladies man and a huge movie star, but he is not just known for success but also failure! After being the star in "Aquaman" Directed by James Cameron, he then became an Actor/Producer in "Medien" which did not do so well! He goes through huge ups and downs and provides hours of entertainment!

        Eric Murphy (E): Kevin Connolly
        Eric is known to the Entourage as E, he is a fiery character but very loving and caring also! He becomes Vince's manager early on in the Series' and helps him to land many movies. E has a great relationship with Vince's agent Ari, they constantly insult each other yet are still great friends and they are sure to make you laugh!

        Johnny Chase (Drama): Kevin Dylon
        Johnny is known as Drama throughout the show and is Vince's step brother, Drama is older then the others and used to be a reasonably famous TV star mainly known for his show "Viking Quest" he is very humorous and has some of the funniest lines throughout the whole 8 series! His relationship with Turtle is great, the bounce of each other perfectly and are always getting into funny situations!

        Turtle (Sal): Jerry Ferrera
        Turtle's real name is Sal however you don't find that out for a long time, he is always referred to as Turtle. Turtle is Vince's unofficial driver and is a very funny character who constantly manages to embarrass himself while trying to pick up girls! Turtle has 2 strong relationships in the movie both end in a bad way, however he turns out to be a huge success!

        Ari Gold: Jeremy Piven
        Ari is Vince's agent is my favorite character, he is extremely funny and known for his outrageous insults towards E, Drama and his gay assistant Lloyd. Its not all fun from Ari though, late on in the 8 series he goes through some hard times and you see a sad, weaker side to the what seems bullet proof angry man!


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        14.08.2010 15:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Can't wait to see season 6!

        I have recently got into Entourage and just had to write a review to encourage others to do the same!

        The series follows Vincent Chase, a young movie star and his 3 friends as they take on Hollywood and party hard! Mark Walberg produces the show and it is apparently loosely based on his own entourage of childhood friends that followed him around during his early career.

        Vince's "entourage" includes Johnny drama - his less successful actor brother, Eric his best friend and manager and Turtle his friend and driver. However, the stars of the show are undoubtedly Ari Gold, Vince's over zealous agent who is played brilliantly by Jeremy Piven and Ari's long suffering assistant - Lloyd.

        The result is a brilliant cast of interesting and hilarious characters. The storylines are engaging as you follow the ups and downs of Vince's career.

        I am already on series 5 and it keep getting better. So far there have been 6 seasons and hopefully it will continue. There are a number of cameos from big Hollywood stars and directors including Martin Scorsese and James Cameron.

        My only criticism is that the episodes are only 25 minutes long, like a standard sitcom but the storyline is an ongoing drama so I personally wish the episodes were longer.

        This series is perfect for boys and girls - it is one of the few programmes that both my boyfriend and I love equally

        If you like comedy with a dramatic storyline - this is for you!


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          28.07.2009 17:11
          Very helpful



          One of the best shows you will ever see

          This is one cool show and it is very easy to become a big fan of it as my wife and I found out after watching a couple of old episodes a few years ago on Sky. We went on to buy the fist three seasons on DVD and love it. We are currently following the sixth season on ITV2 at 10 o'clock on Thursday evening, and it just gets better.

          Entourage is a drama broadcast on HBO and created by Doug Ellin, that chronicles the rise of Vincent Chase, and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City, as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Hollywood, California the movie business and its many characters.

          The show revolves around Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), a young, up-and-coming actor who eventually becomes an A-list star. His experiences are loosely based on those of Mark Wahlberg, who is executive producer on the show.

          His best friend and manager is Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) or "E", as his friends call him, is based on Wahlberg's friend and executive producer Eric Weinstein. E is the sensible member of the group and often gets ribbed for this and the fact that he gets into serious relationships and prefers to be faithful much to the other guys amusement.

          Vincent's older brother Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon), is a D-list actor who was in the fictional show Viking Quest during his younger days. His role in the new fictional hit show Five Towns has begun to resurrect his fame and career. He basically loves himself and spends vast amounts of time telling anyone who will listen, how great he is at most things especially his way with women, however he often goes on to make a fool of himself.

          Salvatore, who is known as "Turtle" (Jerry Ferrara), is another of Vince's old friends from childhood. Turtle's official role is as Vince's driver and assistant, though his value as such is often brought into question, he is really just a hanger on although Vince knows this he really doesn't mind as it makes him happy to have his friends around him. Apparently this character is based on Mark Whalberg's former "gofer" Donnie Carroll aka "Donkey". Who auditioned for the role, but was turned down.

          Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is Vince's abrasive but lovable agent. Ari is based on Wahlberg's agent in real life. He is a very confident and aggressive business man always on the move who never has time to be pleasant to anyone, apart from his wife and clients such as Vince whose ass he kisses.
          Many of the plot lines involve Vince who is very easy going taking on parts without running it by Ari first or changing his mind on a part thus leaving Ari who has some amazing contacts to sort things out whilst Vince and the boys go off to have some fun.

          Ari has had many assistants down the years some not lasting very long at all as he tends to fire them for the smallest mistakes or because he feels like it, however his latest assistant Lloyd played by (Rex Lee) has managed to hang onto his position where all others have failed, by taking all the abuse Ari throw's at him and it can get very abusive especially when he starts picking on Lloyd with regards his sexuality (he is gay). Lloyd however is very faithful and efficient and deep down Ari has a soft spot for him even if he does not show it very often. There is even talk of Lloyd getting promoted providing he jumps through hoops fro Ari, including making him loose 16 pounds in weight.

          Each episode follows Vince and the boys as they generally party there way through life meeting gorgeous women driving fat cars and basically living the life of movie stars. The characters are easy to like (even Ari and Johnny), and superbly played, also there are some massive stars that appear on the show from Kanye West, Michael Phelps, Martin Scorsese, Snoop Dogg, Scarlett Johansson, Larry David, Jessica Alba, as well as many others, including Jamie-Lynn Sigler from the Sopranos now a regular who has become Turtles unlikely stunning girlfriend.

          This really is an excellent show which has picked up a huge amount of awards and nominations, many going to Jeremy Piven for his brilliant role as Ari Gold.

          One of my all time favourite TV programmes, make sure you try to catch up you will not be disappointed.


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          27.05.2009 23:33
          1 Comment



          If You "Get It", You'll Love It.

          Quite simply, this show is amazing. It focuses on the life and times of a young actor who starts out doing adverts and works (and parties) his way up to the Hollywood A list. Thats just the back story essentially because where the fun is had is with the actor and his loyal group of friends and their various exploits which are both very funny and entertaining. I should also say that the actors agent is one of the best characters ive ever seen.

          I was a very late starter with this show (late last year, but better late then never) and it blew my mind. I was going to wait till the whole show was finished to buy the complete box set instead of the individual seasonal box sets. Then i saw on HMV a box set containing all the current available seasons for £41. I cracked. A few days later, i had the box set delivered and was half way through it a few days after that.


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            27.02.2009 20:19
            Very helpful



            Recommended for anyone to try

            Quite simply this show is brilliant! It takes the viewer on a behind the scenes ride of what its like to be a young superstar actor in Hollywood by following Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his entourage- Big brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), Manager Eric aka E (Kevin Connolly), and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) who smokes a lot!

            The best thing about the programme is that all the characters are likable and Vince especially doesn't get carried away with being one of the top actors in Hollywood. Luckily the programme doesn't suffer from a "look at me" attitude that so many real actors and actresses seem to suffer from.

            Although the show begins when everything is just taking off and going well for Vince and his career further series' show that things aren't always golden as the group go through bad times.

            The main characters are Vince and his 3 friends, but agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and his assistant Lloyd (Rex Lee) provide some of the most memorable moments throughout the show. Their interactions are just hilarious and the programme is worth watching just for them alone.

            Along the way there are some famous faces from the real world who appear including Kanye West, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Phil Mickelson, Martin Scorsese and countless others.

            The whole programme is just fun to watch. Its not often you get to see what it'd be like to be young and famous and since most of us will never experience it, Entourage gives a good insight. Not too many people in the UK seem to know about it even though the 6th series is about to begin in the summer. So not only do you get to experience this great TV programme but you can be the first to introduce to your friends to it giving you immediate bonus points with them!

            I'd definitely suggest this to anyone to try watching. The DVD's aren't too expensive for a whole series of episodes and can be picked up cheaply if you look online.


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            23.10.2008 22:25
            Very helpful




            Me and my fiancé do not actually do that much apart from watch TV. Seriously I think we are obsessed with it! Anyway we have been trying some new shows lately so with Heroes watched and up to date with, we decided to give Entourage a go. We had heard it was hilarious and absolutely crazy so I decided to give it a go. I am so glad we did as now we love it!!!!!

            Entourage is about a movie star called Vince who is very good looking and up and coming in his fame status and he is living the high life. Now as with every good looking young movie star, Vince has his Entourage so you do not get just Vince, you get the package.

            His Entourage is Drama who is his out of work brother who is jealous of his brothers fame, Turtle who is a lady loving guy with a foul mouth. Then there is Eric who is Vince's manager who is perhaps the most serious of the Entourage. Together they more than make the most out of fame. The last person is their long suffering agent Ari who is straight talking and hilarious.

            The stories are all different but each series does follow a certain path and it is usually around which ever movie Vince wants to make or is making. Each character usually has a little story of their own which are great and everything links in to the bigger picture which is the whole series.

            The characters are extremely funny and they are the type of characters that when the show is finished, you immediately want to go back to as they are like friends when you have watched a few episodes. Vince although is the main guy I actually prefer Ari to him as Ari is by far the best character on the show. He is cheeky, beyond rude and utterly mad and I love him.

            The actors in this show are fabulous and Jerry Ferrara and Adrien Grenier who play Vince and Ari are just fabulous. They can all act which of course is great but they get into their roles so well that I don't think I will be able to take any of them serious in any other role now. Seriously they are that good and they really do make the show as addictive as it is.

            Now the actual show does not last long at all each episode is about 22 minutes long so very short indeed and a lot of the time it does seem like it goes by in a flash. It is the most enjoyable 22 minutes you can have on the TV. It is a comedy and is not laugh out loud a minute but you do have so many great moments throughout each episode and I have not in 4 series seen any bad parts of an episode.

            Entourage is not on TV at the moment I do not think but you can buy the 4 series on DVD which if you like a great comedy then I really do recommend you give it a go and buy the first series now.

            In conclusion five stars as it is real, no crazy special effects and it shows you an insight into what I believe I would be like if I was famous and single like these guys. Absolutely funny!!!

            Thanks for reading.



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              29.09.2008 15:30
              Very helpful



              A little gem that seems to have slipped by almost unnoticed in this Country.

              So Saturday night my boyfriend and I decide to have a night in - well I decided to have a night in due to the fact that I was suffering from a party the night before - I had just made him watch Strictly Come Dancing so he decided that whatever we watched next had to be something of his choice. He mentioned that he had Entourage Series 1 &2 in the car, his cousin had given it to him saying that he would love it. I hadn't watched any of them and neither had he but I had heard about it so I was intrigued to watch.

              ~~ Whats it about? ~~

              Vincent Chase has recently rocketed to fame through his new film "Head On". Young, good looking and the latest hot property, Vince moved from Queens to Hollywood bringing his three friends with him. Eric Murphy, his best friend and now manager, his brother Johnny "Drama" Chase and Turtle. The first series shows how Vince and his tag-along friends navigate a new and exciting world of fame and fortune as Vincent becomes more and more hot property on the movie circuit. The first series focuses on Vincent and his friends living in a rented out mansion, living the high life with girls and parties and Vincent, Eric and his agent Ari trying to find the next big movie for Vince to star in.

              ~~ Characters ~~

              Vincent Chase - Vincent is the central character to their change in lives. Brought up in Queens, there is several mentions throughout the series about how poor they were, but how successful he always was with women throughout high school etc due to his pretty boy looks. I find Vincent to be the least likeable character as the series progresses however, not because he is not likeable, but because the other characters are much more enjoyable to watch. Vincent often plays dumb, relies on his friends and his agent a lot in the decision making, has a new girlfriend (if you can call it that!) every week and becomes increasingly picky and demanding throughout the series. However, for the girls (and some boys!) at least he is certainly some lovely eye candy! He is also very loyal and generous to his friends so he is by no means unlikeable in the series.

              Eric Murphy - Vincent's best friend, he becomes Vincents manager as Vince trusts him with everything and is reliable and honest. Eric, we find out soon in the pilot episode, is recently split from his girlfriend Kristen who he is still holding a torch for as it were. It quickly becomes apparent that Eric, or "E" as he is referred to, is the more sturdy of characters, less womanizing and in turn the more central or main character throughout the series. I'd say we mostly see their lives through Eric's eyes, and its mainly Eric that we sympathise with. Eric is a great character, reliable, funny smart and a loyal friend.

              Johnny Drama Chase - Johnny is Vincents older brother, a faded out actor who constantly talks about when he was on "Melrose" and when he was famous. He has also followed his little brother to Hollywood hoping for a second shot at the big time. The first episode shows him trying to cash in on his brothers success without much luck. However, although a bit of an idiot, he is quite loveable and very likeable and I did feel sorry for him! A great member of the cast.

              Turtle - The last of Vincents friends who follow him to Hollywood. Turtle starts out being extremely irritating in my opinion, obsessed by women and money, and exploiting Vincent's fame for all its worth. However, he is another one that grows on you as the series progresses, and is a bit of a loveable rogue!

              Ari Gold - Vincents agent - Womanising (despite being married with kids) money hungry and powerful, the character of Ari is just brilliant. He is sarcastic and very funny and the banter between him and Eric is just excellent.

              ~~ What did I think? ~~

              The pilot episode - in my opinion - was appalling. Hard to follow, the characters were not introduced well at all and it was all a bit messy. Only towards the end of the second episode did you get what was really going on. As with all new Series, it does take a while to get in to the characters and story, but by episode 4 I was hooked! This series is peppered with great one liners that really make you laugh out loud, cameo appearances from other famous celebrities, ( like Jessica Alba) and a great story line.

              The interaction, as I've mentioned before, between Eric and Vincents agent Ari is just brilliant, constantly insulting each other but in a really funny way. Unless of course foul language doesn't really make you laugh - there is a lot of bad language in the series - a lot of the "C" word is used. I'm not a fan of this word, but both my boyfriend and I were so surprised by its use that we laughed out loud in shock several time. Johnny Drama is another hilarious character who says very funny things now and again.

              The story progression is great once it gets going, and my boyfriend and I managed to watch the whole first series by the end of Saturday night, we loved it that much! We have now started Series 2, which is just as good if not better.

              ~~ More Information on the Season 1 DVD: ~~

              Season 1
              1. Pilot
              2. The Review
              3. Talk Show
              4. Date Night
              5. The Script and the Sherpa
              6. Busey and the Beach
              7. The Scene
              8. New York

              - Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase)
              - Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly)
              - Johnny Drama Chase (Kevin Dillon)
              - Turtle (Jerry Ferrara)
              - Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven)

              Main Language: English
              Sub Titles: Dutch, Finnish, Danish, German, Hebrew, Greek, Castilian Spanish, Norwegian, French, Portuguese, English, Swedish, Turkish, Polish
              Dubbed Language(s): French
              Audio commentaries
              Behind The Scenes featurette with cast and crew


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                05.09.2007 18:06
                Very helpful



                Baby i want you to be my Entourage...........

                Well my crazed obsession with entourage started about a week and a half ago when my cousin from America bought his external hard drive over. Packed into the drive, were the first four seasons, with every episode for each season. Now I had heard of the show before, having seen adverts on ITV 2, during advert breaks some months ago, I thought the show looked promising; however I just didn’t have the time to start watching yet another TV. The popularity of the Show in America is huge, airing on HBO; it is an Emmy award winning show, which attracts millions of viewers each week. However, I was sad to learn that it isn’t hugely popular in the UK, largely due to the fact that ITV 2 never seems to advertise it properly, you will catch the odd advert here or there but nothing more. Anyway I obsessively watched all 54 episodes in the space of a week and a half. Now that really does sound crazy, and yes I had nothing better to do, but the reason I was hooked is due to the sheer brilliance of the storylines.

                Brief History:

                Entourage premiered on July 18th 2004, on the successful HBO network, and attracted a large viewing audience. Airing every Sundays at the 10pm slot, Entourage was primarily a one season show, however largely due to its huge popularity, more seasons were scripted by. Quick trivia that not many people no, Mark Wahlberg the famous movie star is actually an Executive Producer of the show, and made a quick 30 second guest appearance on the very first episode. The show is filmed in LA, and this is clearly noticeable in nearly every episode.

                Plot: Well the plot is somewhat self explanatory, entourages are always related to celebrities and this is the main premise of the show. Vince Chase is a hot rising actor in Hollywood, whose career is just at a critical peak. He shares is fantastic and fun thrilled Hollywood lifestyle with his friend (Eric), Drama and Turtle. Not to mention the money grabbing agent who’s always on his tail (Ari Gold). The show gives the viewers a ride into the celebrity world, with parties, women, drugs, sex and rock and roll, however filling it with tons of humour. The show deals with many key issues such as stardom, the pressures of being famous, the perks of being famous and most importantly friendship.

                There are five main actors in the show, all male, whom all bring their eccentric electricity to the show, making it a joy to watch.

                 Vincent Chase: Vincent (Adrian Grenier) is the hot upcoming actor, who is thriving in the movie industry and is just starting to pick his career up. Vince grew up in Queens, New York and had a tough childhood and always dreamed that one day he would have a greater life. Vince’s older brother Johnny Drama Chase is also an actor and thus encourages him to head out to LA, to live with him and pursue a career of his own. Vince’s big film breakthrough comes in the film “Head On” that he co stars with Jessica Alba, who makes a guest appearance on the show. Vince loves to share his stardom with his friends and is a big ladies fan, however as you watch each episode he puts most of his faith in his friend and manager Eric.

                I think Vincent’s character is great, he portrays a young upcoming actor very well however, also has a gentle side towards him. He never forgets were he came from and always looks after his friends. However you will also come to learn that his character is not always a good financial planner and spends his money on cars, parties and flashy cars that he necessarily doesn’t need. This in many aspects reminds me of many teenage Hollywood actors, who with fame clearly don’t know when to stop spending.

                 Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) known as “E” on the show, is Vincent’s best friend, mentor and manager on the show. Vince encouraged E to leave Queens and move to LA with him. Before being Vincent’s manager, E was a successful manager of a restaurant. When Vincent’s career began to take off, E was a critical part in his success as he always helped make decisions for him, helped him read scripts and this later resulted in E becoming his manager. During Season one, E’s character is somewhat downplayed and he doesn’t peak with confidence, however as the show grows so does E’s character and during season 2 this is clearly visible.
                Another great character for the show and perhaps the toughest character to play off. Why well “E” is not only Vincent’s friend, but also his manager and thus has to keep two separate relationships with him. One side can be friendly laid back and enjoyable, however the other side has to be all business ensuring his friend makes all the right decisions and listens to him.
                E’s character also has a hard time with Vincent’s manager Ari, and their love hate relationship is visible throughout.

                 Johnny Drama Chase (Kevin Dillon) plays Vince’s older half brother, who is now a B list actor. Drama hasn’t had the best of luck with his acting career of late. Having started in the television drama “Viking Quest”, his life is overshadowed by his younger half brother that has become a huge hit. Nevertheless, Drama is happy for his brother and enjoys the perks along the way.
                Drama’s character is like the father figure that keeps the group together and looks after them, as you watch each show you see him always making breakfast for the young boys and helping them out. Drama is one of the funniest characters in the group, because he is totally different. He has a dumb side to him, which just makes you want to stand up and laugh at him. Even though his career is not flying he is happy for his brother and is happy to play second fiddle. What’s great about this is Drama (Kevin) uses his real life experiences to act from. For those who don’t know Kevin’s brother just so happens to be Matt Dillon (Jason Bourne, Oceans Trilogy etc).

                 Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), is another friend of the group. And his character in my opinion is the guy that tends to just hang around, in the sense that he’s not an actor, nor a manager, nor a brother, but simply put a friend. However, Vince soon find Turtle a role to fill in the group and so Turtle becomes Vince’s personal driver. His character brings an urban street style flavour to the show and he’s done some stupid things on the show.
                Again this character is very funny to watch, a ladies man and avid smoker cannabis, he brings humour to the show. However, one key attribute to his character has to be his loyalty to Vince and the other and even though he’s only the driver, he is widely respected by all. Another fact, Turtle’s real name has yet to be revealed on the show, and this keeps fans guessing. I’m assuming it has to be so embarrassing and hence why he never speaks of it. And Turtle’s character is also based on a real life character. Mark Wahlberg said in an interview that Turtle is based on his real life assistant.

                 Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is by far the funniest character and no doubt my favourite of the show. Ari plays one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, that’s right he’s an agent, and more importantly he’s Vince’s agent. Ari along with Eric are big influencers in Vince’s life and help him mould his career into a bigger and successful one.
                Ari is a joy to watch in Entourage for many reasons. Firstly his comedic performances are brilliant; he manages to make you laugh no matter what the situation is. He is also a dominant character and looks after Vince on the premise that if Vince is successful Ari will get more money. He’s a shroud business man, and has many enemies, but as again noted he’s just so funny to watch. Ari and Eric have a love hate relationship and at times can rip each others heads off, and during the season 3 finale they have a huge spat which results in someone getting fired.

                My thoughts on Entourage:

                If I could sum up this show in one word it would be “Brilliant”. The characters are really well portrayed and the countless humours incidents they have will always keep you going. The show gives us down to earth people a small glimpse into what a Hollywood life if like, the parties the women, the fame etc. Its also the type of show that you could sit down with you friends and just watch, without anyone saying a word in between. Furthermore, I think young adults can to some extent relate to the characters. Everyone in their group has a popular one, I smart one, I goofy one, I fatherly figure and so forth.
                It’s a shame that ITV haven’t done more to increase the growing popularity of this show, one criticism of ITV is that they never seem to air the episodes one after the other, and I have on some occasions noticed that they miss one episode and move onto the next. But, if you want to watch something that is slightly more appealing than Eastenders etc give this ago. Its usually on at 10pm on ITV2, but its well worth staying awake as episodes are only half an hour long.

                Additional Information

                - Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase)
                - Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly)
                - Johnny Drama Chase (Kevin Dillon)
                - Turtle (Jerry Ferrara)
                - Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven)

                Celebrity Appearances include:
                - Jessica Alba
                - Hugh Hefner
                - Scarlette Johansson
                - Bono
                - James Woods
                - Luke Wilson
                Season 1 Episode’s:
                1) Entourage(Pilot)
                2) The Review
                3) Talk Show
                4) Date Night
                5) The Script and the Sherpa
                6) Busey and the Beach
                7) The Scene
                8) New York

                Season 2 Episode’s:
                9) The Boys are Back in Town
                10) My Maserati Does 185
                11) Aquamansion
                12) An Offer Refused
                13) Neighbours
                14) Chinatown
                15) The Sundance Kids
                16) Oh Mandy
                17) I love You Too
                18) The Bat Mitzvah
                19) Blue Balls Lagoon
                20) Good Morning Saigon
                21) Exodus
                22) The abyss

                Season 3 Episode’s:
                23) AquaMom
                24) A Day in the Valley
                25) Dominated
                26) Guy’s and Doll
                27) Crash and Burn
                28) Threes company
                29) Strange days
                30) The release
                31) Vegas Baby, Vegas
                32) I wanna be sedated
                33) What about bob
                34) Sorry Ari

                Season 4 Episodes:
                35) Less than 30
                36) Dog day afternoon
                37) Manic Monday
                38) Gotcha
                39) The Return of The King
                40) The Resurrection
                41) The Prince’s Bride
                42) Adios Amigos
                43) Welcome to the Jungle
                44) The first cut is the deepest
                45) Malibooty
                46) Sorry, Harvey
                47) The Dream Team
                48) The Weho ho
                49) The Day Fuckers
                50) Gary’s Desk
                51) The Young and the Stoned
                52) Snow Job
                53) No Cannes Do

                Run Time – Between 22 and 28 minutes
                Channel – HBO and ITV 2 in England

                Awards: 2007 Emmy’s including (outstanding comedy and outstanding casting for a comedy series)
                - 2007 Golden Globes

                Go to http://www.hbo.com/entourage/ , for more info on the show, cast, characters and so forth.


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