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    75 Reviews
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      25.05.2010 22:33
      Very helpful



      You need this boxset in your life

      Father Ted is my favourite comedy of all time. It is as funny the 1st time as it is the 100th time. Father Ted, Dougal, Jack and Mrs Doyle are comedy character gold - not to mention the supporting cast such as Ted's rival Father Dick Byrne, John and Mary and the infamous milkman.
      If you're a box set fiend like me, this is the creme de la creme. I just watched an episode today actually, where they give up their vices for lent. Father Ted fags, Father Jack drink and Father Dougal rollerblading. I was in stitches even though I have seen it a million times.
      Ted: You need to give up drink father, as a gesture to our lord.
      Father Jack(probably with a waxy build up in his ears): Arnold? Whose Arnold!? Hahaha fantastic.
      It was a shame that Ted died in real life, as I think there could have been a few more series' of this. In my eyes, it is the best comedy of the past 20 years and I have never found anyone who doesn't like it.


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        05.02.2010 17:23
        Very helpful



        a strong episode to match any xmas special out there

        ** this is a review of the Father Ted Christmas special. please read my other Father Ted reviews for a more overall account of the show**

        Father Ted created by Graham Lineham (Black Books and the IT Crowd) and Arthur Matthews (sorry Arthur for previous reviews!), ran for 3 series from 1995 to 1998.

        A Christmassy Ted (a Christmas special) was produced just after the 2nd series and before the 3rd and was broadcast on Christmas Eve in 1996 on channel 4 (the show is now repeated quite often on More 4, on around 11 pm.) This episode is 55 minutes long compared to the usual length of around 22 minutes an episode.

        The episodes opens with a funny dream where Ted is in Ballykissangel, featuring the stars of that show. Once that is over the plot of the episode quickly takes prominence; and is as follows;

        Ted is unhappy that he doesn't get enough recognition for his work in the priest hood and has no excitement in his life in general. Ted and Dougal are then shopping in a huge department store and get lost in the underwear department (near the bras) and meet up with other priests who have also been 'lost' in the section, fearing the scandal in the papers if they were all to be found Ted takes control and successfully leads all the priests out (think of a Vietnam type movie scene). Ted learns he will receive a Golden Cleric award as recognition for his heroic actions. It is the arrival of an unexpected guest which changes the story from here on, the priest claims to be un old friend of Teds, but who is he and what does he really want?

        The episode even feature stand up comedian Ed Byrne (very briefly) looking very young; he is one of the lads who interrupt Ted's phone call to the priest hotline.

        It's a great stand alone episode but I do feel it could have been cut down a bit with its running time; maybe 44 minutes would have been more appropriate. Yet it doesn't out stay its welcome at all. With some great scenes (the department store. The part where Mrs Doyle thinks Ted is only the second best priest) it's a very strong episode.

        As all DVDs of Father Ted I recommend go buying it right now (the box set is astonishingly cheap at the moment (wish I had got it myself instead of the individual DVDS!)

        If you have any other questions feel free to message me


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          23.12.2009 10:27
          Very helpful



          Great Irish Comedy

          I really got into Father Ted about ten years back now and have watched most of the episodes they made and it was such a shame when Dermot Morgan who played Father Ted died so young. My wife, who comes from Ireland got me into the series and I've never looked back.

          Father Ted used to be shown on Channel 4 all the time which is where I watched the majority of the shows. The series is set on Craggy Island, a small remote Island off the coast of Ireland and concentrates mainly on the daily lives of three of it's inhabitants. There are three priests who live in a large house with their maid, Mrs. Doyle. These three are Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire and Father Jack Hackett.

          Father Ted Crilly is played by the late Dermot Morgan who tragically died in real life at the age of 50. He is the main character in the TV programme. He is fantastic in this role and extremely funny. His character feels responsible for his housemates and other inhabitants on the Island but gets himself into ridiculous situations and awkward moments through his actions. He himself is prone to being led astray and is involved in scams. He was originally sent to the Island because of financial problems and discrepancies. Out of the three priests he tries to be the sensible one.

          Father Dougal McGuire is the character with the least intelligence and Ardal O'Hanlon plays him brilliantly and probably rose to fame through this show. He is constantly making stupid comments and not thinking about his answers before giving them. He relies on Ted and looks up to him. He really doesn't realise that most of the stuff he says is stupid which adds to the humour.

          Father Jack Hackett is an old drunk who lusts after women and constantly swears. In the whole series he is rarely sober and the rest of the time he comes across as aggressive and sits around drinking. The others have to try and avoid him as best then can and leave him be.

          Mrs Doyle is brilliant and the maid to the three priests in the house. She basically just dusts and cleans and makes cups of tea the whole series. She is a religious woman who is passionate about it.

          There are various other priests who appear in the show from time to time including Graham Norton and all the characters complement each other really well with Father Ted the sensible one, but prone to courruption, Dougal who will do anything Ted does and is led astray and Jack who just sits around in a corner swearing and drinking. The whole Island and scenery where the show is set adds to the show.

          It is a fantastic and funny TV Programme that is highly recommended


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            09.10.2009 15:55
            Very helpful



            Brilliant comedy

            "Father Ted" was a comedy set on the fictitious "Craggy Island" which was meant to be off the west of Ireland. It follows the three parish priests on the island who live in the pariochial house together:

            "Ted" is the main character and the viewer is often remindeed of why he was sent to Craggy Island, for taking money out of a charity account. One of his catchphrases is "The money was just resting in my account". He is motivated by money and this is where the comedy comes in, Ted often trys to bet against his rival priest Dick Byrne, nearly always losing in hilarious circumstances. He is brilliantly acted by the late Dermot Morgan.

            Father Dougal Maguire is Ted's slow sidekick who nearly always finds a way to ruin Ted's plans and ridicule him. He is the funniest chracter in the show. The other priest who lives with them is the alcholic Father Jack, who only thinks abput "Women and Drink".

            They are joined by a fantastic array of different zany characters, (most of them priests) and each show is different, but follows the same formula long enough for you to get attached to the characters. The rating of the whole series is 15, but I don't think that is warranted (unless maybe you are a nun) as there is only the odd bit of language and adult material now and again.


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              04.10.2009 17:50
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A programme that everyone will love, with lots of charm and a huge heart

              I know I will probably be hated for saying this, but I'd say that Father Ted is the greatest ever British sitcom (I know it is Irish, but Channel 4 ran it).

              The show is about three useless priests who are seconded to a parish on Craggy Island in Ireland, because they can't be trusted in any other parish.

              The first is Father Ted Crilly (Dermott Morgan) - probably the most priest like, but with a penchant for gambling and fame, who never has anything go right for him, usually due to his own doing. He usually finds himself having to get himself out of a hole that he has dug, through being greedy or telling lies.

              Then there is Father Dougal McGuire (Ardal O'Hanlon), the stupidest priest in the world, and maybe the stupidest person in the world too. He has, however, got a heart of gold, and a childlike innocence, probably due to the fact that he has the mental age of a child.

              Lastly, there is Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly), the grumpy, alchoholic (putting it mildly) priest, who likes nothing more that to get paraletic, swear, and lust after girls. He will drink battery acid if he can't get his hands on alchohol.

              They are joined in the house by Mrs Doyle (Paulinne McLynn), an old school Irish house maid, who's sole purpose in life seems to be to make sandwiches and tea, and clean up after the priests. She also seems to suffer from OCD!

              There are many other characters rounding out the cast, from the Dancing Priest, to the married couple who run the local shop, who are always trying to kill each other, but look like a devoted couple when ever anyone is around.

              There is Tom, the local idiot/psychopath, Bishop Brennan, who can't stand Ted, and comes off as more the Devil than a priest, and Graham Norton, who plays the role of the most annoying priest in the world.

              The show only ran for three seasons, before the untimely death of Dermott Morgan - I'm sure had such a tradgedy not happened, that Father Ted could have run for years, and been even more funny.

              Each episode generally revolves around Ted's wacky schemes, and the trouble they find themselves in as a result, such as having to hide a plague of rabbits in the house, when Bishop Brennan, who is terrified of rabbits, comes to stay.

              Or, when Ted loses a bet, and has to get a photo of himself kicking Bishop Brennan 'up the 4r$e'!!

              The humour is incredibly funny and intelligent, and delivered with comic genius by every member of the cast.

              It is a shame that there weren't more episodes, but I guess you can have too much of a good thing. Every episode gets better and better with repeated viewing, and there won't be an episode you won't like!


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                10.08.2009 01:41
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Watch it!!

                Father Ted is mental. This is one of those rare comedy programmes that stands out from the usual 'safe' dross that is mass produced by myopic television executives with no sense of adventure or imagination, and no cojones to do anything a little bit different. Well, this is; different - and done with style and panache in a fabulously manic Irish style.

                Father Ted owes a great deal to the inspired writing of Matthews and Linehan, who created a set of marvellously madcap characters principally in the shape of fathers Ted (the late, great Dermot Morgan) Crilly, Jack and Dougal, and the inimitable Mrs Doyle, with a few very strange walk ons for good measure. The actors who bring the characters to life are perfect for the roles, providing a wealth of off the wall comic experience and truly bizarre comedic instincts to some truly surreal situations on the isolated wastes of their home, Craggy Island, land of nutcases and Twilight Zone episodes. Check out the one where Father Jack goes in to a home for retired old priests, and replaced by mad father Fintan Stack who has to be seen to be believed.

                In fact, they're all uproariously mad; the programme is about pure escapist laughter, about irreverently mocking the church, and Irish Catholic guilt and superstition. (Or, lack of it.) Great fun!


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                  21.07.2009 01:56
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  ' VERY SURREAL'!........... Said the potato

                  When I first saw Father Ted, I thought this is nothing like I've ever seen before... I've laughed so hard at every episode since, and it still has me on the floor rolling over in tears!
                  The premise is, three irish catholic priests' and their housekeeper living in the community parochial house on Craggy Island.
                  Father Ted Crilly in theory is head of the household. Ted has had a shady past and there are references throughout that he's had his hands on some of the church funds!
                  Father Dougal Maguire isn't the sharpest pencil in the box! Not even if he was in the bluntess box of pencils in the universe! He does wear lovely tank tops though.
                  Father Jack Hackett has retired from active service in the church and now spends pretty much all of his time in a drunken stupor whilst insulting anyone who comes in the way of his favourite tipple! If he can't get hold of any whiskey, he has been known to drink a couple of bottles of toilet duck! He's a tortured soul and it's definitely got something to do with nuns, as he has a severe phobia
                  of anyone dressed in a habit....... ie a nun or someone going to a fancy dress party as a nun.
                  Mrs Doyle is the housekeeper who has an unhealthy obsession of serving people a cup of tea. If you turn down her offer, you'll be on her hit list!

                  Writers' Arthur Matthews and Graham Linehan have written ' comedy Gold' in this sitcom. They've created characters' who have ' a very casual relationship with reality' and who do not recognise the boundaries of life.
                  To be fair there are only two sets of people they can't get on with - themselves and..........the rest of the world!

                  I myself am half Irish and also a catholic, so as usual, with it being bedtime I shall now go off and punish myself.... Er.. probably just stab myself in the leg with a pencil tonight. I've been neglecting my daily punishments lately as this website has distracted me. That in itself is worth a heavy beating!

                  Just after the third series of Father Ted finished, Dermot Morgan who played Ted, passed away. He had a sudden heart attack. He was only 45.


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                    20.07.2009 23:40



                    A well written and acted series

                    This TV series is about 3 priests and their housekeeper. Based on Craggy island, each show follows the misadventures of these poor b$stards!

                    The show has spawned several catchphrases, "ahhh, go on, go on, go on, go on", "drink, feck, arse, girls" and "will you have a cup of tea now".

                    You don't have to be an expert on catholosism to enjoy this show. It's a simple, well written comedy show that will have you laughing throughout.

                    Starring Dermot Morgan, Graham Norton & Ardal O'Hanlan, the acting is really good, with some classic moments of TV, the writing is second to none.

                    The scripting can be a bit close to the bone at times, but I wouldn't say that this was enough to put anyone off. Definately not one for children, mainly due to Father Jack's constant cursing and drinking, but other than that, I think everyone would enjoy this show.

                    You can get all 3 seasons in a box set for a good price, which is definately worth picking up if you come across it.


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                    20.07.2009 16:52
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Worth another look.

                    Father Ted

                    The Series is about 3 priests and their housekeeper. They all live in a decrepit house on Craggy Island. Each episode involves crazy, hilarious and out right barmy situations that happen to them and also that they initiate and end up being caught up in the middle of an insanity tornado.

                    Father Ted has been banned to this out of the way parochial house because of his shady past. Which involved some missing money.
                    Father Dougal McGuire is the innocent and thick as 2 short planks trainee priest.
                    Father Jack Hackett is a heavy drinker and womaniser, much like a normal priest then?
                    Mrs Doyle is their tea obsessed house keeper who also has a fetish for making millions of sandwiches.

                    The Program lasted for three series


                    Seeing and hearing three priest act and swear this way was just hilarious. The writing was superb and the one liners and completely barmy plots that rolled out each week will last the test of time.
                    Even the visiting priests who came to stay on craggy island or the priests the Ted and Dougal came across where completely off their heads. Some drunk on power and some just drunk.
                    Then there was the inhabitants of the island from the sandwich obsessed house keeper to the serial killer, with 'I shot J'R on his t shirt.

                    The occasional celeb dropping in also added to the mayhem and general hilarity.
                    By the third and final series pretty much all avenues had been explored and the premature death of Dermot John Morgan Alias Father Ted Crilly ended the run whilst the show was on a high.

                    Now Feck Off.


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                      16.06.2009 11:31
                      Very helpful



                      Great comedy that will be loved for years to come

                      Father Ted is a comedy television program that was first shown in 1995 on channel 4. It ran for 3 series and 25 episodes in total and was an incredibly popular show.
                      It is set on the fictional Craggy Island which is supposed to be somewhere off the west coast of Ireland and tells the story of 3 Catholic Priests who live in the parochial house there with their housekeeper Mrs Doyle. Craggy Island itself is lifeless, bleak and completely empty of any exciting events. The priests, Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire and Father Jack Hackett were all sent there by Bishop Brennan after showing incompetence at their other parishes. The series follows the men on their daily parish life as they encounter problems with other islanders and visiting priests.

                      Father Ted Crilly
                      The main character was played by stand-up comedian Dermot Morgan, who sadly died the day after filming the final episode aged just 45. Father Ted is the priest who does his best to keep everything going despite all the problems thrown at him. He desperately wants to leave Craggy Island and comes up with several ideas to do so all of which unfortunately fail. He is, if you like, almost the leader of the three priests.
                      Dermot Morgan has fantastic comedic timing and manages to make the priest seem like an average person. He doesn't have a holier than thou
                      attitude and this makes him likeable. Morgan gives a very funny performance but without going over the top or seeking out laughs.

                      Father Dougal Mcguire
                      Often just called Dougal and played by Ardal O'Hanlon he is essentially a simpleton (no offence meant.) He often appears quite childlike and has no perception of the real world. Ted tends to protect Dougal and shelters him from reality a little. Strangely Dougal doesn't really seem to believe in God and often laughs at the Catholic church.
                      Ardal O'Hanlon has created a very lovable character in Dougal and though his simple nature can be annoying at times he is always hilarious. His facial impressions imparticular are genius and never fail to leave me in stitches.

                      Father Jack Hackett
                      Father Jack is an old alcoholic priest who becomes violent when separated from his beloved drink. Played by Frank Kelly he rarely speaks and when he does so it is only to shout "Drink!", "F**k!", "A*se!"or "Girls!."
                      Father Jack is my favourite character especially in his moments of sobriety when he realises, much to his disgust, that he is still a priest. He is just pure comedy and can't fail to make you laugh.

                      Mrs Doyle
                      She is the housekeeper who is obsessed with being a good hostess and particularly with serving tea. If her offer of a cuppa is declined she says her catchphrase "Ah go on! go on go on go on."
                      Pauline McLynn's manic portrayal of the housekeeper is usually very funny but can sometimes wear a little thin. Her voice can begin to annoy me and her laugh is just dreadful.

                      Many famous irish comedians have also had small or recurring parts in Father Ted including Graham Norton, Jason Byrne, Tommy Tiernan and Ed Byrne.

                      ~My Opinion~
                      I first saw Father Ted aged 4 (when it first came out) as my nanan, though a very lovely woman, was never too great at realising what television programs were and were not suitable for children. Obviously I didn't understand it the first time round(though that didn't stop me and my cousins copying Father Jack at every opportunity) but after watching it again when I was a little older it became one of my favourite comedies. Even though it is 14 years old it is as funny as any of the comedy shows around today.
                      One of the great things about this comedy is that it is never uncomfortable to watch and their is nothing too crude in it. I suspect the reason for the 15 rating is mostly due to strong language but I think it is suitable for anyone from their early teens upwards. It's very rare to find a program that appeals to a 75 year old man and an 18 year old girl but Father Ted does just that.
                      Father Ted is a show for anyone who likes to laugh regardless of age. An inspired piece of comedy that I only wish could have run for longer!


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                        21.05.2009 09:45



                        A recent comedy classic which appeals to all areas of society and is truly a classic of our times

                        Father Ted is one of those comedies that became an instant classic which ran for 3 series. The show is based on the priest Father Jack (a drunk who spends most of his time sleeping or shouting Girls, Feck or Drink), Father Maguire (the simple young priest who doesn't believe in organised religion and comes out with some of the funniest lines and moments in the show) and Father Crilly (the leader of the household and the man who actually wants to be a priest and tries hard to keep all running as smoothly as possible when all around is chaos). The priests live on Craggy Island (which is an island with nothing to do and is seen as a punishment for those priests who the church want to be rid of and forget about) with their house keeper Mrs Doyle (a woman who loves to make tea and sandwiches and does every imaginable thing for the running of the house including the fixing of the roof).
                        This show is a hilarious and inoffensive show which pokes fun at organised religion as well as the Irish whilst not doing it in a nasty or aggressive way and is one of the few comedy shows that I can see over and over and still find as funny as ever.


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                          13.04.2009 00:32
                          Very helpful



                          Irish Comedy Gold

                          This is one of my all time favourites - Father Ted. It's an Irish sitcom from the 1990's based around 3 priests who live together in the fictional setting of Craggy Island. The 3 priests are:
                          Father Ted Crilley (Dermot Morgan) - the main character of the show and the most normal of the 3 priests.
                          Father Dougal McGuire (Ardal O'Hanlon) - possibly the thickest priest on the planet.
                          Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly) - a swearing, alcoholic, violent pervert of a priest.

                          Sublime writing is the key to any great comedy series if you ask me, and this fits very nicely into that category. The storylines in every episode vary from 5-a-side football playing priests to a lovely girls competition.

                          The main characters are taken to absolute extremes and that's what adds to the humour. Father Dougal is impossibly stupid, and Father Jack is impossibly disgusting, two things that priests really shouldn't be. Father Ted is relatively nornal, however even he smokes, enjoys a bet, and finds himself in all sorts of trouble.

                          My favourite episode, along with a lot of other people, is 'Song For Europe'. This is when Ted and Dougal are entered as the entry for Ireland in Eurosong 96 (like Eurovision) with their song 'My Lovely Horse'. The video for the song is pure genius and it's worth buying the Father Ted dvd set for it alone!

                          Dermot Morgan tragically died of a heart attack shortly after the completion of the third series of Father Ted at the all too young age of 45.

                          Re-runs of all 3 of the series can be seen fairly regularly on More4.


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                            18.03.2009 17:18
                            Very helpful
                            1 Comment



                            just a great sitcom

                            Father Ted was a channel four sitcom that aired between 1995 and 1998. It focuses on three priests who live on Craggy Island. It ran for a total of 25 episodes however ended when father Ted, (Dermot Morgan) died unexpectedly and filming could no longer go on, which is very sad.

                            The three main priests are Ted- He is the most normal of the three priests, however is always at the heart of bad situations. He never seems happy living on Craggy island and his goal in life is to escape from it and move to a better parish.

                            Dougal- Dougal is an almost child like priest, which is where most of the comedy comes from. He is very simple minded, and this is usually to the annoyance of father Ted.

                            Jack- How he ever managed to be a priest in the first place Im unsure. Hes an alcoholic and a foul mouthed old priest who has a bit of a temper about him as well. He spends most of the episodes sleeping but is always there in the background and is most famous for his saying "feck". That's when he wakes up occasionally of course.

                            Father Ted was a very funny sitcom, and who would have thought a sitcom about three priests would be so funny. There have been some really memorable episodes however each and every one was so well written and this will be a sitcom that will be remembered for a long time to come.
                            If you like father Ted or havnt seen it before and want to check it out, the DVD's are available, however you can also watch each episode for free on 4od.


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                              06.12.2008 18:49
                              Very helpful



                              VERY FUNNY, NOT VERY PC

                              FATHER TED.

                              INTRODUCTION TO LOCATION:
                              Craggy Island is located off the west coast of Ireland and is the most barren, desolated spit of land in the middle of nowhere.
                              On Craggy island there are 3 priests.

                              They are there for 3 reasons,
                              One had some church funds "resting" in his account, resting there for a very long time!

                              One is thick as feck and caused a ruckus with some nuns. Discreetly know as' The Blackrock Incident'.
                              And the last one for his drinking and womanising!
                              Together with their housekeeper they form the most barmy and insane household in Ireland if not the world.

                              INTRODUCTION TO CAST:

                              Father Ted Crilly - Dermot John Morgan
                              (Born 3 March 1952 - 28 February 1998)
                              Ted is a devious schemer and a fantastic liar but is always being dropped in it by Dougal.
                              ## Sadly, Dermot had a heart attack and died just 3 days before his 46th Birthday, it was also just 24 hours after recording the last episode of Father Ted ##

                              Father Dougal McGuire - Ardal O'Hanlon
                              (Born 8 October 1965)
                              Father Dougal is the innocent fool of the group with the mental age of a radish. In his world the sky is always blue and the clouds are made of cotton candy. A bit like his brains.
                              His only other big hit was 'My Hero', where he played George Sunday a dopey Super hero.

                              Father Jack Hackett - Frank Kelly
                              (Born 28 December 1938)
                              Father Jack is a foul mouthed drunkard who takes every opportunity to drink anything that is wet, oh except water to which he is allergic,....HE CLAIMS!
                              Frank has not really starred in much else of note.
                              Catchphrases include:
                              "Drink", "Feck", "Arse" and "Girls".

                              Mrs Doyle - Pauline McLynn (Mrs Doyles first name, though never mentioned, was actually JOAN)
                              (Born 11 July 1962)
                              Mrs Doyle is their slightly psychotic housekeeper with obsessions about making sandwiches and tea.
                              She also starred in Bremner, Bird and Fortune.
                              Catchphrases include: "Ahh, go on" and "Tea father?"

                              We follow the exploits of the 3 priests as they live their barmy, insane and extremely funny lives on the desolate Island. Everything the try, everything the do is doomed to either failure, embarrassment or destruction. Usually all three.
                              Their parochial house is ruled over and kept running by the equally insane Mrs Doyle who has had, possibly in the words of the song, her "19th nervous breakdown".

                              But the thing they fear the most is a visit by Bishop Len Brennan who is solely responsible for placing them on the Island in the first place. He hates them with a passion that is only matched by how passionately they fear him.

                              The Program lasted for three series.

                              It was surely the introduction of the word "FECK" that made all the difference to the series. To hear a priest saying 'Feck off' is firstly startling and then hilarious.

                              The characters where all well thought through, even the visiting guests and visiting priests where all well written and even had their own funny lines and odd peculiarities superbly written.
                              The casting was also a contributing factor to the shows success, again not just the main characters but the odd bod and extras where well thought through.

                              The show, I believe, had run its course by the end of the third series and really could not have gone much further or gotten much funnier.

                              All in all a great show that will last the test of time.



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                                15.07.2008 22:37
                                Very helpful



                                What possible trouble could three priest get into....????

                                Creators: Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews
                                Stars: Dermot Morgan, Ardal O'Hanlon, Frank Kelly and Pauline McLynn.

                                This fantastic sitcom was released in 1995 and ran for 3 series until 1998, giving out 25 episodes.

                                It was centred around the lives of three quite useless Irish catholic priests who were sent to live on the remote Craggy Island off the west coast of Ireland.

                                **MAIN CHARACTORS.....

                                *Father Ted Crilly, (played by the brilliant and well missed Dermot Morgan, who sadly died of a heart attack the day after finishing the third series)

                                Ted plays the leader of the trio, but has a tendency to panic under the slightest pressure.
                                He was sent to Craggy Island when some funds intended for a poor boys education made its way into his personal bank account, (referred to as the Lourdes thing), Ted constantly explains that the money was just resting in his account...
                                Regarding his life as a priest as second rate he is always coming up with some crack pot scams to either escape the Island or to make some money for himself.

                                *Father Dougal McGuire,(played by Ardel O'Hanlon).

                                He is the not so bright member of the trio with his ability to ignore any situation around him, be it dangerous or not.
                                He is on the Island because of an incident involving a group of nuns and a ferry???? (referred to as the Blackrock incident) but the full story is never revealed.
                                Dougal doesn't really believe he is a priest and is always opening his mouth before putting his brain into gear, creating many hilarious scenarios as he plods through life on the island, living in his own fantasy world in his head.

                                *Father Jack Hackett, (played by Frank Kelly)

                                He is the oldest member of the group, being an alcoholic with foul mouth and a dirty mind, He is on Craggy Island because of his alcoholism and his lascivious ways towards women.
                                He is almost always sat in a grubby looking chair in the corner of the front room, unconscious due to being drunk. (he does sober up in a couple of episodes but not for long). His drinking problem is so bad that when he runs out of alcohol he will satisfy his desire with other liquid refreshment such as cleaning solutions brake fluids, medicines, anything that will blow his mind.
                                He has a strange fear of nuns and often runs away from them screaming "nuns" as he often jumps through windows.
                                He doesn't say much, apart from "feck", "girls" and his favourite "drink"

                                *Mrs Doyle, (played by Pauline McLynn)
                                She is the housemaid to the three priest and is constantly offering cups of tea and sandwiches, if you refuse her offer she can become quite persistent.
                                She does everything around the house, from cooking and cleaning to retiling the roof, but she does have a habit of falling off things...
                                On one occasion it is believed that she stays awake during the night in case one of the priest wakes up and wants a cup of tea.
                                In one scene you realise just how dedicated she is to the three priest as you see her acting more like a mother to Dougal..???
                                She also has a terrible hatred of the opposite sex (and the actual sex 'thing' itself) unless they are in the priesthood.

                                **OTHER CHARACTORS....

                                *Bishop Len Brennan, (played by Jim Norton)

                                The Bishop is Ted's superior and doesn't hide the fact that he hates visiting Craggy Island and the trio of washed up priest. The Bishop terrifies Ted but has no affect on Dougal whatsoever, much to Lens annoyance.
                                He most hates it when Dougal simply calls him 'Len' instead of Bishop Brennan.
                                Although he constantly chastises Ted the Bishop is not so squeaky clean, with his secrets being revealed in some episodes.

                                *The priest from Rugged Island...

                                *Father Dick Byrne, (played by Maurice O'Donoghue)

                                Dick is Teds arch rival in the priesthood and is constantly in competition with him, from giving things up for Lent to football competitions. He is the head of the household on his own little island, living with two other priest.
                                Ted thinks "as priests go...Dick is really a bad priest...

                                *Father Jim Johnson, (played by Chris Curran) and Father Cyril MacDuff are the other residents of Rugged Islands parochial house, they happen to be of similar character to Father Jack and Father Dougal so the household are not so different at all.

                                *Other Priests......

                                *Father Noel Furlong, (played by Graham Norton)
                                Father Noel is a rather over active person who is constantly dancing and singing, much to the annoyance of others around him, especially Ted.
                                He runs a youth group who members secretly detest the irritating priest and want to escape from his annoying habits.

                                *Father Larry Duff, (played by Tony Guilfoyle)

                                Father Duff is rarely seen in the episodes but he is the priest whom Ted is constantly phoning for advice, unfortunately Ted always phones at the most inappropriate times causing Larry some terrible misfortunes, from car crashes to skiing accidents.

                                **The other Residents of Craggy Island.....

                                *John and Mary O'Leary, (played by Patrick Drury and Rynagh O'Grady)

                                This not so happy couple run the Islands only shop. When alone they are always bickering and harming each other but when they are in company they are seen as the happiest couple in the world.

                                *Tom, (played by Pat Shortt)

                                He is the Islands strange character with a friendly personality. He comes across as a bit slow minded with a bit of a horrid past.
                                But as Tom is not adverse to a little slapstick violence he tends to create some rather funny situation, including a post office withdrawal with a shotgun...? Although he is well known on the Island.

                                **THE SHOW**

                                Series 1 (1995)


                                1...Good Luck, Father Ted...(April 1995)
                                When Father Ted is asked for an interview for a television program he offers to do it at Craggy Islands annual funfair, only for a mix up with by the film crew to create chaos on the island.

                                2...Entertaining Father Stone...(April 1995)
                                When Father Stone, a rather boring Welsh man, visits Craggy Island Father Ted feels obliged to house the priest, only to regret it when he asks God for some salvation from the tedium.

                                3...The Passions of St Tibulus...(May 1995)
                                Bishop Leonard Brennan come to stay at the house with orders for the priests to protest against a Blasphemous film which is being shown at the local cinema.
                                Sadly, things don't go quite to plan for Ted and Dougal as they seem to creating the opposite affect, thus upsetting the rather angry Bishop Brennan.

                                4...Competition Time...(May 1995)
                                The annual 'All Stars in their eyes lookalike competition' is happening on the Island and Father Ted is hoping to beet his arched rival, Father Dick Byrne from Rugged Island. But things go wrong when a lack of communication between Ted, Jack and Dougal brings mayhem in the parochial household.

                                5... And God create Woman...(May 1995)
                                With Novelist Polly Clarke staying on the Island preparing for a book signing for her latest novel, it is not long before Father Ted is falling in love with her. His plans to 'seduce' the young lady are interrupted much to Teds utter dismay.

                                6...Grant unto him Eternal Rest...(May 1995)
                                When Father Jack is found unconscious the other priest thinks he is simply drunk again, it soon transpires that he may be more ill than everyone first thought

                                Series 2


                                1...Hell...(March 1996)
                                Ted and Dougal are in their annual holidays when they bump into Father Noel Furlong (played by Graham Norton), the most annoying, hyperactive priest to ever spend a night in a caravan with, and a night in a caravan is what Ted and Dougal have to abide.

                                2...Think Fast, Father Ted...(March 1996)
                                The prize for the Island raffle is being looked after by Father Ted, unfortunately, Ted accidentally damages it ever so slightly.

                                3...Tentacles of Doom...(March 1996)
                                When three Bishops arrive on the Island to bless a stone Ted panics and tries to get Father |Jack to say more than he can handle. Things go from bad to worse when Dougal starts chatting to one of the priest, creating doubts in his mind.

                                4...The old grey whistle test...(March 1996)
                                With Dougal becoming friendly with a rather wild priest, Father Damo Lennon, it soon turns to trouble as someone steels a rather special whistle.

                                5...Song for Europe...(April 1996)
                                With Ted and Father Byrne still competing against each other at every turn it is comical affair as the Eurosong is being held on Craggy Island. The hosts have ulterior motives regarding the contest and chose a rather peculiar winner.

                                6..The Plague...(April 1996)
                                Bishop Brennan visits at just the same time as the house becomes infested by rabbits, unfortunately for Ted, the Bishop has a growing fear of rabbits after an incident years before.

                                7...Rock-a-Hula Ted...(April 1996)
                                Ted is asked to judge the annual 'Lovely girls' contest but things become difficult when the house is taken over by a visiting feminist singer who is already unhappy about the treatment she first got from Dougal and a comment about a bra.

                                8...Cigarettes and Alcohol and rollarblading...(April 1996)
                                With Easter just around the corner it is time for the priest to give something up for lent, it is soon turned into a competition when Dick Bryne taunts the men from Craggy Island. Sadly, Ted, Jack and Dougal soon fail in their quest and call on outside help in the shape of a rather sadistic Nun.

                                9...New Jack City...(May 1996)
                                With Jack turning hairy he is sent to a hone for hairy priest and is replaced in the house by a rather mean and angry priest, Father Fintan Stack (Brendan Grace) and his love of Jungle Music played very loud. It is not long before Ted and Dougal realise how much they miss Father Jack.

                                10...Flight into Terror...(May 1996)
                                When a plane full of priest runs out of fuel in mid flight it seems unlikely that they will survive. With only two parachutes on board the priest decide to have a vote on who should use them. Jack soon finds a bag full of booze and decides the passengers fate from their.

                                1996 Christmas special...
                                When a group of priest become lost in Irelands biggest lingerie department it is up to Ted to get them out before a scandal rockets through the priesthood. Meanwhile Mrs Doyle is busy putting up the Christmas decorations in the house and is none too happy about her Christmas present.

                                Series 3


                                1...Are you Right there Ted?...(March 1998)
                                When a series of misunderstandings sees Ted being accused of being a racist he does his best to convince the new Chinese community that he is not. Unfortunately, a gift from an old friend hampers his efforts.

                                2...Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep...(March 1998)
                                With the annual 'King of Sheep' competition is being held on the Island Ted happy to bet on the favourite sheep called Chris. Unfortunately, Chris is nervous after hearing rumours about a beast who devours sheep and it is effecting his abilities to win. Ted steps in to help, more to save his bet than to help the sheep.

                                3...Speed 3...(March 1998)
                                When Pat Mustard, (played by Pat Laffan), a womanising milkman, loses his job because of his philandering Dougal steps in to help deliver the milk. The trouble starts when Pat takes revenge and plants a bomb on the milk float which will explode when the milk float goes below 4 mph. Ted steps in to help rescue the terrified Dougal from the float with some crazy ideas, including watching a video and saying Mass???

                                4...The Mainland...(April 1998)
                                A visit to the mainland turns to chaos as Mrs Doyle gets herself into trouble with the law, Jack accidentally joins alcoholics anonymous and Ted gets himself lost in some caves whilst trying to avoid the very angry Richard Wilson, who Ted did anger. Whilst in the caves Ted and Dougal bump into the annoying Father Noel Furlong again and are forced to endure his irritating manner.

                                5... Escape to Victory...(April 1998)
                                It's the annual 'All-Priests over 75s Five-a-side football championship' nears, Ted is again in competition with Dick Byrne. But Teds star player, Jack, is unconscious after drinking some sleeping medicine, and Ted is forced to use inappropriate and unusual methods.

                                6...Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse...(April 1998)
                                With Ted losing the bet with Dick Bryne he is forced to do the ultimate forfeit...hence the title.... With Dougal taking a photograph as proof. As Ted is terrified of the Bishop he has to pluck up the courage to fulfil the quest, almost crying to the point of hysteria as he plans it.

                                7...Night of the nearly dead... (April 1998)
                                When Eoin McLove, (played by Patrick McDonnell), a baby faced star, visit's the Island his appearance causes chaos amongst the old folk as they become like Zombies to try and mother the star.

                                8...Going to America...(May 1998)
                                When Father Buzz Cagey,(played by Jeff Harding) offers Ted the chance of a new life in America he jumps at it, unfortunately Jack and Dougal are not invited, leaving Ted with a difficult decision to make.

                                **IN CONCLUSION**

                                What a fantastic comedy and such a simple format, with the show based on a fictional remote Island, (and Craggy Island is as remote as you can get with its rocky landscaping and it's very few habitants), you would not think so many laughs would come out of it...but how wrong you would be....?

                                Dermot Morgan plays the part of the rather stressed out, and sometimes crafty, priest to perfection, being able to create such a character takes great acting and this man is (or sadly was) a fantastic actor with many talents, his grey hair and various facial expressions giving him a gift from the gods to make people laugh.

                                Together with Ardel O'Hanlon, as the rather stupid Father Dougal, and Frank Kelly, who plays the constantly drunken Father Jack, and the ever so faithful Pauline McLyn as housekeeper Mrs Doyle, the show was always destined to be a great hit with the audience.

                                Every episode is as good as the previous, they are all side splittingly funny due to the complete incompetence of the three men and the antics that they seem to have to deal with.
                                Through the entire 25 episodes there is not one episode that will not make even the hardest of people laugh out load.
                                The idea of combining these actors was pure genius, (or pure luck) and was bound to create a lot of hilarious scenes, let alone 3 series worth....

                                There are one or two incidents with-in the series which some people may find offensive, or even blasphemous, but the comedy which screams from the screens certainly makes the offended feel better.

                                The show could, and should have carried on with the hilarity and the stupidity of the priesthood on the Island, but sadly Dermot Morgan passed away, apparently the day after finishing the final series.

                                Would I recommend this....?
                                Yes, defiantly. This is something that all avid DVD enthusiast should have in their comedy collection at home...
                                It'll cheer you up on them sad, rainy days.


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