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Flavour of Love

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Flavor Flav is back as an eligible bachelor where women will try to win his heart in the new series called Flavor of Love. He is the Public Enemy hype-man who made sporting big clock necklaces famous.

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2008 22:44
      Very helpful



      Freak show, Dating show

      The Flavor of Love is probably the most horrific, car crash of all reality TV dating shows to ever grace our telly boxes. The show follows a similar format to other reality TV dating shows (such as The Bachelor), whereby a group of girls (the trashier the better) compete for the love and attention of Flavor Flav, in the hopes that they'll go out, get engaged, married and have babies...and mass paparazzi attention, no doubt.

      Incase you didn't know (and consider yourself lucky if you didn't) Flavor Flav is from the rap group 'Public Enemy'. He's a strange little man, he'll be 50 next year, but he acts and dresses like a rap star in his 20's...apart from the addition of a random clock that he wears round his neck...still learning to tell the time perhaps?

      As with all 'good' reality TV shows, the girls all live in the same house, and they generally hate each other. With a combined IQ of about minus20, the fights they have are inevitable and frequent, as they don't have the articulate skill to discuss their problems from the ghet-to*. We hear hear lots of 'Ooh no she ddd-ent' (translates: 'oh no she didn't' or 'Oh my goodness, I can't believe she just said that to me'), or 'dang b*tch yo' gon' wish yo' ne'er bin bown' (translates: 'You are going to wish you had never been born' or 'I hate you').

      Upon entering the house, Flavor Flav gives all the 'ladies' a nickname, like a cute little tag, instead of calling them by their real names. Contestants have been known as 'Hoopz' (season 1 winner), 'Deelishis' (she won season 2) and 'Thing2' (season 3 winner)...yes was happy with that name, to make matters worse, she even had a twin in the house who was called Thing1 - apparently they were happy with these "flattering" names!

      Once they've gone through the grueling task of spending more than 5 minutes with the very strange and very small Flavor Flav, they have a ceremony to get rid of a contestant. Flavor Flav just picks who he doesn't fancy, or who has the smaller breasts, generally. The girls never get through on their merit, that would be a waste of time here, and why should they? The girls who go through to the next round get presented with a golden clock with a picture of their face inside (classy), then the losing girl reveals her real name (gasp).

      The show has had 3 seasons so far, and it has been announced that there will be no more (thank god). Needless to say none of the winners have gone on to date the Flavmeister, nor have the got married...Damn, I really thought this was a show looking for true love!

      If you want to watch it, you can sometimes catch it on VH1, but I wouldn't recommend it. However, one does feel a sense of pride when watching, as you can thank god you are nothing like these vile people. If you want to have a laugh at the ridiculousness of it, then check it out - but go with caution - it's crap!

      Thanks for reading :)

      © MarcoG 2008

      *I just reread my review and wanted to point out that I'm not class-ist. Just wanted to clarify what types of people were in the house, to get a better picture. There's nothing wrong (much) with the ghetto. I am not a snob, thanks :)


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