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Only Fools and Horses

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124 Reviews
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    124 Reviews
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      29.05.2010 17:12
      Very helpful



      Our No1 Favourite Sitcom.

      Our British sitcoms are often thought of by the Yanks as short running and of poor quality, although this is coming from the country who thinks Seinfeld is funny and have invented the drive through hamburger.

      Okay when it comes to sitcoms ours do tend to be shorter than the fare of our obese cousins over the pond, but Only Fools And Horses blows any American sitcom out of the water, with all American sitcoms adhering to a strict formula and consequently turning out as identical clones of eachother, OFAH is a rough and ready account of a hodge podge family living in Peckham.

      Del Boy (Played brilliantly by David Jason), his brother Rodney or Rodders (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Grandad (played by Lennard Pearce) and when Grandad died a new character Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield) are the main cast although other characters include Trigger, Denzel and the highly irritating Boycie (I used to have a mate who reminds me so much of Boyce).

      OFAH was not only hysterically funny but at times was really poignant and even emotional, storylines were always interesting and often revolved around one of Del Boys dodgy schemes.

      The brothers Rodders and Del boy are as different as chalk and cheese, both physically and personality wise, but when it comes down to it they always look out for eachother and despite fighting like cat and dog nearly constantly, the love is most definately there.

      What makes OFAH so special in my eyes is the superb acting contributed by the whole cast notably David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst. In fact Lyndhurst suffers to this day with struggling to get parts in things for the simple fact that he just is Rodney.

      OFAH contains so many memorable moment s as well, who can forget Del and Rodders running through the mean streets of Peckham dressed as Batman and Robin or Del falling through the open bar or when the brothers are fitting that priceless chandelier....SMASH!!!

      In a nutshell, I get really tired of the amount of criticism our sitcoms get especially by the Yanks, the fact is, our sitcoms are more subtle, more unique and do not have to follow a generic blueprint. What you end up getting is the likes of Only Fools And Horses, a beautifully made sitcom which not only makes us laugh but makes us cry and has even managed to become a British institution.

      If you haven't seen Only Fools And Horses you are either an American or don't have eyeballs, go and buy the complete box set today, and find out why Only Fools And Horses has been voted several times as Britains favourite Sitcom.


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      25.05.2010 23:08
      Very helpful




      Only Fools and Horses is probably the best British sitcom that has ever been made.

      Starting off back in the 80's the comedy about to brothers from Peckham in London has continued through the past 20 years to pull in huge TV audiences and keep its viewers laughing from start to finish.

      It is based on the Trotters, Derwick and Rodney Trotter who are both brothers of which Derwick is the older.
      They live in a flat in a tower block on a council estate called Nelson Mandela House with their grandad in the earlier episodes and then Uncle Albert in the later ones.
      The program shows how the Trotter brothers have become accustomed to life fending for themselves after there mother had died some years earlier and their father had walked out on them.
      Derwick who is known as Del Boy spent most of his youth days bringing Rodney up.
      Del Boy has his own business called Trotters independent traders which consists of himself, Rodney and a suitcase full of hooky gear.
      They pay no income tax and no vat and will sell the goods down the market hoping to avoid any police eyes.
      They drive about in a very bright yellow 3 wheel Reliant Robin van which amazes all as to how it starts due to its poor condition.
      Life is tough though and they live by the dream of one day becoming millionaires which does eventually happen in the later years.

      Del Boy is a confidant full fronted type of person. He likes to try and talk French to impress and always tries to look the business but often going a little bit too far.
      On the other hand Rodney is a little dopier although has a bit more when it comes to knowledge of life.
      Later in the years Rodney and Del find love with Cassandra marrying Rodney and Del meeting Raquel.
      Up until then most of the time they both spend a lot of time on the pull.

      Throughout the episodes there several other characters who appear frequently, most notably Dels friends such as Trigger, Boycie and Denzil.
      Boycie is a rich selfish business man with a stuck up attitude and trigger is a very slow character they doesn't say much but when he does it will always make you laugh.
      Mickey Pearce is one of Rodney's friends that appears a lot and he is annoying character at the best of times.
      Mike the pub landlord, Sid the café owner and Marlene boycies wife have appeared down the years on numerous occasions too.
      Throughout the only fools and horses episodes several more characters appear on occasions all in line with the overall long running story.

      Only Fools and Horses is written and created by John Sullivan and over 60 episodes were done overall with 7 series' consisting of a total of 48 episodes from 1981-1991.
      After that longer specials have been made normally every Christmas time.

      Only Fools has won numerous awards including 3 BAFTAS and David Jason who plays Del Boy has also won several awards including BAFTAS.

      You can watch Only Fools and Horses on Gold most days of the week. The channel might as well rename itself Only Fools and Horses as its repeating the episodes all year round.
      You can also purchase every single episode on DVD and box sets.

      One thing guaranteed though is that you will never get bored of watching only fools and horses over and over again and you will always cry with laugher.


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      14.05.2010 19:52
      Very helpful



      I would give it 10 stars if I could

      Only fools and horses is a sit com set in grand old Peckham, London. The show stars David Jason as Dereck trotter aka Del boy and Nicholas Lindhurst as Rodney his younger brother.

      Del and Rodney used to live with their mother, their father had left them years ago. When their mother died Del was a young man and Rodney still a child. Del becomes head of the family and brings Rodney up. This is there background and we are very quickly brought up to speed in the first episode.

      Del is a loveable rouge who is always wheeling and dealing to make ends meet. He has a dream that he will one day become rich and is often heard to be saying his catchphrase "this time next year we'll be millionaire's". This always seems unlikely as Del's main income is from selling tat in pubs and down the market. However in one of the later episodes, the two discover a watch that is worth millionaires and for a brief period before losing all their money, do in fact become millionaire's.

      Rodney is always in Del's shadow. He makes a lot of noise about wanting to branch out on his own and make his own way in life, but always returns to the safety net of his bigger brother.
      For a short time Rodney was at College but was expelled. Del is always raving and boosting on about how intelligent his brother is with his GCE's, when it turns out that Rodney has poor grades in just maths and art. This limits Rodney's choices somewhat in life, which is why he is Del's assistant on a meagre wage, but this doesn't stop Rodney wanting more and trying to constantly better himself in life. Trouble is Del wants Rodney to succeed, but doesn't want to lose him, so he tends to hold Rodney back somewhat.

      Only fools and horse give us in insight into the lives of Del and Rodney. There's also their Grandad who lives with them. He's a pensioner and the agreement is that he will do the cooking in return for living in the flat, the only problem is he cooking leaves a lot to be desired.

      There are of course many other characters. There's Mike the barman who falls for Del's sale jargon and always seems to have something that's gone wrong. There's Trigger the market sweeper who's dim but loyal and never gets the joke.

      Other characters include Rodney's untrustworthy friend Mickey Pierce, Del's friend Denzil and second hand car salesman Boyce and his wife Marleen.

      Later in the series we meet Rodney's wife Cassandra and Del's significant other Rachelle. We also sadly see Grandad pass away, but soon replaced with Uncle Albert and his war stories.

      The programmes went on for years and followed the lives of Del and Rodney through marriages, break ups, deaths, children, success and failure. We see characters come and go but what I like is that as well as a very funny comedy, we also see the softer, vulnerable side to Del and Rodney, which sometimes make it feel like a drama as well.

      Only fools and horses is the best comedy series ever made. I have never meet a person that didn't like it. It is one of the longest running sitcoms in Britain and remains popular even years after it has stopped being aired on terrestrial television.


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      14.05.2010 17:48
      Very helpful



      Great humour for all the family!!

      Where on earth do I start writing a review on arguably the best ever comedy series of all time? You will see by my 'avatar' that I am a major fan of these guys and have been since it first came out in 1981.

      The sitcom itself was written and created by John Sullivan. John was born back in 1946, and has created other programmes such as Citizen Smith, Dear John, Roger Roger and also a spin off programme called The Green Green Grass. The latter follows Aubrey Boyce (Boycey) and Marlene (characters in OFAH) after they have left Peckham, and try and live a peaceful life in rural Shropshire.

      Many of his story lines come from real life experiences. I'm sure we've all had our experiences and funny moments in life, that we too would have love to put to paper, and create a TV series from. The difference with John, is that he actually did it, whilst others were just thinking it. Some of his story lines over the years have had myself in tears of laughter - and I mean tears. The man is a pure genius.

      His series centers on a family called the Trotters, who live in a high rise flat in Nelson Mandela House, in Peckham, South London. The family consist of Big Bruv 'Delboy', full name Derek Trotter and his younger brother 'Rodney', full name 'Rodney Trotter'. Derek is played by the wonderful David Jason and Rodney by Nicholas Lyndhurst. The series started off originally with Del looking after his younger brother. Their Mum Joan had died and their rough house father had absconded leaving the two to fend for themselves. Del, as the considerably older brother, took it upon himself to bring up Rodney, and tried to do his best for him. Del was a bit of a likeable rogue himself (probably got a few of the traits of his Dad) and would sell 'dodgy' gear at the market stalls.

      He was forever getting into trouble with the police, but it was only small time criminal activity, and he would do all he could to get money to bring up his brother. His business was called 'Trotters Independent Traders' but he never kept any kind of accounts, and the tax man didn't know he existed.

      Also in the story in the early days was Grandad. He lived with the brothers and was a bit of a dosey fellow really. He would always stick up for Rodney, if he felt Del was giving him a hard time. One thing the two brothers and Grandad had going for each other was a bond of love and respect, and you can see this in nearly all of the episodes. Even though they did argue half the time, this always shone through.

      The local pub was the Nags Head and Del would always go down their if he wanted to do some business, or get his head around some problems. It was down the Nags Head that he met his mates, Boycey, Trigger ,Denzil and Mike. Rodney would also meet up with his pal Mickey Pierce. The story centered around these guys, and they would find themselves in all kind of problems.Usually running from the law in one way or another, but always comical, and the story line would have you in stitches.

      Sadly the actor who played Grandad died, but the show didn't. It went from strength to strength, with his brother 'Uncle Albert' arriving on the scene. Uncle Albert was famous for going on continually about his war days. He used to be in the Navy and he had seen things that made your 'teeth itch'. He was played by an actor called Buster Merryfield who sadly died back in 1999. But the guy was a brilliant.

      During the later series Del got married and so did Rodney. Del married Rachael (a stripper) and Rodney married Cassandra. One of the funniest episodes was when Rodney first met Cassandra and was too ashamed to show her where he lived. He received a lift from her in her car, and told her that he lived in some upmarket mansion. She obliged in dropping him off (against his wishes) and he had to walk up the drive to the house pretending it was his. The embarrassment was made even worse when the real owners came to the window, and he had to do a runner.

      Cassandra lost Rodney's baby late in the series, and this showed the sad part of the show. But it also made the show believable, and that we are all vulnerable, and have our sad and happy times. Once against Big Bruv was there for Rodney. Eventually Cassandra did have a baby. Del also became a Dad to what Rodney thought was the 'devil child' and he was actually called Damon. This kept the story going.

      A theme to the story was that Del wanted to be a millionaire, and he would always say 'this time next year bruv, we'll be millionaires. Later on this actually came true when he found an expensive old watch in his lock up. This was sold for millions at auction, and the guys went off into the sunset celebrating. Sadly, as was always the case for Del and Rodney, their luck changed. They lost it all. They had to sell their expensive cars and once again rely on their Robin Reliant van.

      For those who have been living in outer space for the last 30 years, I highly recommend getting these DVD's. I have had many occasions in the past when I've felt fed up/sad, and then I've put an OFAH DVD on, and laughed and laughed. Give it ago. I promise you, it won't let you down. Lovely Jubbly!!


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        07.05.2010 18:09
        Very helpful



        Overall, they have maintained a high standard of comedy for many years

        For me, anything that David Jason has done since has paled into insignificance when you think of him in probably his most famous role ever as Del Boy Trotter in this classic and hilarious comedy series. This particular character really shot him to fame and got him where he is today but I still can't watch him in anything else without remembering him fondly from those days.

        Only Fools and Horses was and still remains one of my favourite British comedies of all time and I remember watching it years ago and still watch the repeats not on UK Gold on TV. In my opinion, it was better in the early years and tailed off a bit in the last few but it did consistently make me laugh all the time.

        The comedy revolves around David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst who play Derek and Rodney Trotter who are brothers who are quite poor and trying to make ends meet and live in a council flat on an estate in Peckham. Their parents are both long gone and in the early years they lived with Grandad. Sadly, he did in real life and was replaced by their Uncle Albert for the remainder of the series.

        Derek is the older brother and is always trying to do what's right by Rodney, but normally fails with spectacular and hilarious results. He runs his own dodgy business called Trotters Independent Traders and is essentially an illegal market trader to make ends meet. He is always dreaming of being a millionaire and buys and sells some very dodgy stock normally off the back of a lorry!

        What makes this comedy so brilliant though is the characters and they are all fantastic. Obviously you have the main characters who are the trotters and then you have their friends like Boyce and Trigger , who has to be my favourite character. He was never in the show as much as he perhaps should have been but was so funny in every scene he appears in. Plus, despite knowing Rodney for years persists in calling him 'Dave'!

        But David Jason as Del Boy definately steals the show for me and makes things tick as everything in every episode revolves centrally around him and his family and his desires to one day make it big. Every time he feels like he is getting somewhere in life something happens to set him back.

        One of my favourite episodes from the early years has to be when they are cleaning a chandelier in a posh house and as they loosen the screws they realise to their horror that they are under the wrong one with their blanket and watch as the other one down the hall crashes to the floor. Absoutely priceless viewing..

        This is a wonderful comedy packed full of colourful characters and if you've never seen it then you should have a look as you have been missing out. For a show to stay as funny and entertaining as this has for so many years is quite a feat but they did manage to do it and although sad I think when it ended it had run it's course after numerous episodes and christmas specials. Plus, if you watch it from the beginning it tells a story as their lives are told and it's not just single episodes that have no bearing on the next. This gives it alot of meaning and more depth than some...


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        04.03.2010 14:26
        Very helpful



        A Classic British Comedy. A Great Programme & As Entertaining Today As It Ever Was

        Only Fools & Horses is a long running & well loved British Sit-Com from the writer John Sullivan. There were seven series produced & broadcast between 1981 & 1991 by the BBC. There have also been numerous Christmas specials, the last of which being in 2003.

        The show follows two main characters. Derek "Del-Boy" Trotter (David Jason) & Rodney Trotter (Nicholas Lyndhurst). They are two brothers (Del being the older) living in a flat in Peckham, London. The two brothers run their own small market based business called Trotter's Independant Traders & support themselves, their Grandfather (who dies & is replaced by Uncle Albert) & eventually their own wifes and children. The comedy follows them in their efforts to become rich & wealthy with a catchphrase from Del Boy being "this time next year, we'll be millionaires".

        I find the show very entertaining. Highly amusing & also genuinly moving in places. When you spend 7 series with characters it's hard not to grow attached to them. The show can appear very formulaic in it's plot lines (something which can be said about many 80's programmes). The average show with have Del-Boy coming up with some hairbrained scheme to make money. The show will follow Del's & Rodney's attempts to get the plan to come off, which in 99% of the cases doesn't resulting in high comedy & on a lot of occasions loosing more money than they actually made in the first place.

        The show is well written. The acting is very good. Neither completely over the top nor too understated with great comedic timing & class & dignity when required.

        I find it hard not to recommend the programme. It has many merits, few faults & is a snapshot in time (albeit slightly cartoonish) of the 1980's London. Very Good.


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        17.02.2010 21:26
        Very helpful



        "This time next year, we'll be millionaires"

        wow where do I start.
        how do you explain one of the greatest sitcoms and do it justice.
        This is by far the best British sitcom ever to have been created, this is true British humour at it's best.
        There is nothing out there today that even comes close to how funny and clever this sitcom was and it's a shame that there is nothing that even compares to the old time cult classic that is a big hit with everyone I know.
        There is definatly a gap to be filled ever since Only Fools And Horses came off the air.

        The Programme was created and written back in the 80's by John Sullivan who wrote 7 seasons starting 1981.
        Based in Peckham in south London, 2 brothers Derek ( Del Boy) Trotter a fast-talking, archetypal, looking for the next big deal to make him and his family rich, and Rodney Trotter together work on the market stall as market traders, even though there's a significant age difference the brothers share a close bond the entire series. "This time next year, we'll be millionaires" is Del Boy's Favourite phrase, through buying and selling low quality merchandise on his market stall which you can guess never goes quite to plan and gives you a load of laughs.


        David Jason as Derek (Del Boy) Trotter
        A stereotypical market trader and a sort of petty criminal, Del Boy would sell absolutely anything to anyone to make some money by selling goods that are "off the back of a lorry", and was the driving force in all the schemes to make money.

        Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney Trotter
        Naive and much younger than his self confident cocky older brother, easily influenced and more academically gifted out of the two, but lacking in common sense.

        Lennard Pearce as Grandad
        Del and Rodney's elderly granddad was added to the cast to balance the three different generations
        Lennard Pearce unfortunately died of a major heart attack in 1984 and shortly after that Uncle Albert is introduced in to the sitcom

        Buster Merryfield as Uncle Albert
        Shortly after the death of Lennard Pearce it was decided that a new older family member should be brought in, which eventually led to "Uncle Albert", Grandad's long-lost brother.

        Roger Lloyd Pack as Trigger
        Is a small time thief and supplier for Del Boy and comes across as the village idiot. for Rumour has it that he got the name trigger because of his resemblance to a horse, and for some idiotic reason he seems to think that Rodney's real name is Dave........Don't ask me to explain, I have no idea

        John Challis as Boycie
        A Dodgy used car salesman and a Stuck up Snob with a "machine gun laugh" who thinks anyone with a pound less than him is a peasant.

        Tessa Peake-Jones as Raquel
        Ex Stripper who meets Del Boy and they get together and fall in love very quickly with wedding bells and a kid and everything and she is referred to by Del Boy as "my significant other".

        Gwyneth Strong as Cassandra
        Who has wealthy parents hand has had a wealthy upbringing and chooses Rodney as her boyfriend which is ironic because Cassandra doesn't really think about money and that's all Rodney does think of.

        Paul Barber as Denzil
        easy-going Liverpudlian Denzil was often on the receiving end of Del's scams. His inability to say no to Del's business deals frequently led to conflict with his domineering wife

        The whole series for me is brilliant but there are some classic ones like when Trig And Del Boy are in the bar looking to score some "Birds"

        Del Boy leaning on the Bar door

        Del Boy " We're on to a winner here Trig
        Play it nice and cool son nice and cool ya know what I mean"

        The bar door gets opened and Del Boy goes to lean back on the bar door and its open and he
        falls flat on his back and quickly gets up and tries to compose his posture

        Del Boy " Drink up Trig drink up we're leaving"

        Trigger "Ain't you gonna try for them birds"

        Del Boy "Na na your cramping my style mate your cramping my style"

        That is my favourite episode and has to be my number 1 episode of all time.
        But My other clasics are:

        A Touch Of Glass: With the chandelier cleaning (funny)
        The Jolly Boys outing : The coach blowing up, Rodney getting arrested (hilarious)
        Christmas Special: Batman Scene (if you haven't seen it, watch it)

        They still play it on Gold which shows you how great it still is.

        Also found on Ciao under the same name


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          17.02.2010 13:24
          Very helpful




          Without a shadow of a doubt I feel I can safely say that Only fools and horses is the best sitcom of all time. Its comedy genius writing and its fantastic acting by cast members made the show the phenomenon it is today. I have yet to meet anyone who has a bad word to say about this show.

          Only fools and horses follows the lives of the Trotter brothers. Derick (delboy) trotter and Rodney Trotter. This show has been running since the 80s and so we have seen the development of these characters. Through relationships and hardships. But what ever is going on around the Trotters you are guaranteed one thing. A damn good laugh!!

          Del is very protective over his brother Rodders. He feels like a father figure to him as both their parents are dead. Del is always trying to make money with dodgy dealings and flogging knocked off goods on his market stall. Del looks on to Rodney as his apprentice. However Rodney is much more of a sensible character than Del and has the ability to do better for himself. The only trouble being that Del needs Rodders for emotional support. So Rodney stays tied to Del out of love and brotherly bond.

          At the beginning of the long running series Del and Rodney lived together in a high rise flat in Peckham. They also had their grandfather living with them. This character was an absolute essential ingredient to the show. He was a total comedy great. With his deadpan facial expressions and his behaviour full of cheek and mischief.

          Through out this long running series we have had the pleasure of watching the main characters develop. Relationship wise neither were very sucessful. However romance blossomed for both Del and Rodney and both ended up married with children.

          There is always a drama in the Trotter household. Some hairbrain scheme or another has turned sour. Del is such a loveable character that you can not help being drawn into his persona. His cheeky geezer attitude has got him into some serious scrapes, but he always comes out fighting.

          The situations these two have found themselves in are just comedy gold. For instance once Del decided they were going to start a new business cleaning chandeleirs. Thet get a job cleaning in a huge manor house and Del climbs the ladder with a blanket ready to catch the chanderlier when dopey Rodney loosens the wrong one and it falls to the floor shattering into millions of pieces.

          When grandad died they introduced loveable Uncle Albert. He is a great character who loves the boys very much. He is an ex navy seaman. He bores everyone rigid with his never ending tales of the war.

          Not only are the main characters fantastic, there is also a remarkable group of actors who make up the rest of the cast. These include Trigger the totally dull roadsweeper. Boycee who is a snob and one of Dels rivals. He loves to see Del fall flat on his face and takes great pleasure in rubbing Dels nose into the fact that he has a great deal of wealth. Marleen who is Boycees wife.

          Two wonderful characters who help to make the show such a success are Del and Rodneys long suffering wives. Racquel and Cassandra. These two women are such great comedy characters and compliment Del and Rodney to a tee.

          It is so hard to put into such few words how wonderful this show is. It is such comedy genius. However the star of the show for me is David Jason who plays Del Boy. I am sure if another actor had been cast in this role the show would not have been so successful. David Jason took this character and totally made it his own. From the bravado walk and the use of french in all the wrong context to his suave and sophisticated appearance only to get into a yellow reliant robbin.

          Del is one of the best comedy characters to grace British television. The way in which he was able to make the audience scream with laughter one minute and then howl with emotion the next was just incredible.
          There was something about Del that made you love him. He was a cheeky wise boy, but he had a heart of gold and his family were always so important to him.

          If you have never seen only fools and horses I cannot recommend this show strongly enough. Treat yourself to a box set and sit and watch the whole lot. I can guarantee you will be laughing like a drain.

          Christmas in my house did not revolve around the queens speech. It revolved around the only fools and horses Christmas special. Oh it brings back such truly magical memories. My mam and dad would be crying laughing at the latest high jinx of the family trotter. These Christmas specials were like hour and a half movies. My all time favourite was when Del and Rodney got involved with the mafia.

          Only fools and horses is not just a tv comedy show. It holds dear memories for me of years gone by. I relate this show to my childhood and early teens. It was something that the whole family could watch and enjoy together.

          A couple of years back Del and Rodney found an old watch in the garage and it was valued at multimillions of pounds. This was so fantastic to see the brothers come into fortune. The life that Del had always dreamed of was finally to come true.

          Since then there have been one or two specials. But I have to say that I think the show has lost some of its comedy magic. It is still funny but the stories are not as believable as they once were.

          Only fools and Horses is without a doubt my favourite tv programme of all times. I am glad I grew up in an age when this show was aired. I am glad I was able to enjoy the christmas specials with my family.

          This show is often showed on uk gold. My nine year old daughter loves it and thinks it is hysterical. And event though I have seen many of the episodes time and time again I just cannot help but laugh out loud and the wonderful quips and gags.


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            04.01.2010 17:10
            Very helpful



            The best comedy show ever!

            This is my favourite comedy show of all time and never fails to make me laugh however many times I watch it. Even when I know exactly what Del and Rodney are going to do or say it still has me rolling up in hysterics.

            ~~~ Background ~~~

            The programme was written in the 80's by the superb John Sullivan and stars two brothers Del-boy (Derek) and Rodney Trotter played by David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

            Del and Rodney live in Peckham, South London in a high-rise tower block called Nelson Mandela house. Both are unemployed for most of the series and make their living selling dodgy goods in the market out of a suitcase.
            Del calls the business "Trotters Independant Traders". (T.I.T.) They aspire to be millionaires and Del often says "This time next year Rodders, we'll be millionaires". Much of the language is cockney Rhyming slang and Dels own French lingo which is hilarous eg: "Pot Pourri!" used to mean "I don't believe it!"

            ~~~ Relationships ~~~

            The relationship between the two brothers is both robust and at times very touching. Like most brothers they argue and fight but it is very clear that the bond between the two is a very strong one. It is obvious that Del is proud and protective of Rodney who is twelve years younger than him. Del had to raise him after the death of their mother when Rodney was very young. Del's girlfriends didn't want Rodnet around and it becomes apparent that Del had made considerable sacrifices to care for young Rodney.

            A particularly touching scene was when Rodney got married and the final scene showed Del alone after the reception holding the bridegroom figure from the cake and looking wistful whilst Simply Red's "Holding Back the Years" played.

            The close bond between both brothers and Grandad, and later Uncle Albert is also a strong one. The scene after Grandads funeral is probably the most moving in the history of the show.

            ~~~ Supporting cast ~~~

            The other characters in the show are also very strong. To start with Del and Rodney live with their Grandad and later their Uncle Albert. Both are crafty and a bit devious. Other characters include Trigg, a roadsweeper, who insists on always calling Rodney, Dave. Trigg is a little slow on the uptake and often misses the point.
            Boycie is the stuck-up, arrogant second hand car dealer. He has a laugh like a machine-gun that always makes me laugh. His flirtatious wife Marlene earned herself the nickname of the "Peckham bicycle".

            Eventually Rodney marries Cassandra (Gwyneth Strong) and Del meets Raquel (Tessa Peake-Jones) and they have a child Damien together.
            I think it is unusual to have such an excellent supporting cast as they are all excellent and the characters are totally believable adding to the plot and the gags.

            ~~~ Golden Moments~~~

            There are so many memorable, golden moments it is hard to pick out just a few but here are three that are particularly funny.

            (1) My favourite is the episode 'A Touch of Glass' when Del, Rodney and Grandad pretend to be chandelier cleaning experts with disasterous and hilarious consequences.
            (2) The Jolly Boys outing to Margate. I used to go there as a child and can remember many of the places featured. Rodney getting arrested and the coach blowing up are just two incidents from that episode.
            (3) The batman scene from the 1996 Christmas special when Del and Rodney appear out of the mist in full batman costume startling some muggers. This still makes me cry with laughter.

            ~~~ The Ending ~~~

            Eventually in 1996 in the episode, "Time on our Hands", Del and Rodney do indeed become millionaires when Raquel's father, who is an antiques expert, recognises a rare pocket watch in Del and Rodney's garage
            Later Del and Rodney lose their fortunes and I have to say that I believe the series should have ended in 1996 as the later episodes are weak in comparison to the earlier ones.

            ~~~ My opinion ~~~

            I recently watched the first episode in the series again, and was struck by how the actors had developed their characters and introduced their own little idiosyncrasies such as Del's swaggering walk to make them real.
            I have never seen any other show that can make me laugh and cry in the same episode. John Sullivan is truly a creative genius to be able to write like this. The actors are also oustanding.

            I have heard that they are making a prequel but in my opinion this can never recreate the magic of the original series.

            Update March 2010. There has indeed ben a prequel called 'Rock and Chips'. It was set in the 1960's when Del was a teenager. It was actually quite good but for me was not able to recreate the magic of Only Fools and Horses.

            ~~~ Where to see it ~~~

            Only Fools and Horses is on G.O.L.D show episodes quite frequently.
            You can also buy the series on DVD.


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              26.11.2009 20:00
              Very helpful



              Only Fools and Horses.

              Only Fools And Horses is my all time favorite show and has been for many many years.
              When it first started I was a little bit too young to watch it all but I remember watching some of the episodes cuddled up with my mum on the sofa.

              =====The Show====

              The show was created and written by John Sullivan and was first shown in the early 80s.
              It is centred around the main characters of Derek and Rodney Trotter( David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst ) who are brothers living in the London borough of Peckham and live in a council flat in a tower block called Nelson Mandela House.
              As the are often affectionately known Del boy and Rodders were born 12 years apart and Rodney was only 4 when their mother died and Del Boy along with Grandad brought him up as their Dad was never really about although he did pop up in one episode.

              The common thread the runs through the whole series is that Del always believed that his fortune is around the corner even though he does not really have a proper job and most of his incomes comes from selling knock offs on a market stall and doing deals with his friends in the local pub. still he believes that he was meant for better things and this coined the famous phrase "this time next year we'll be millionaires".

              Most of the episodes are based around some deal that Del has done and the comedy that ensues and poor old Grandad and Rodney and latter on Uncle Albert all get drawn in whether they like it are not!.

              Del is very proud of Rodney and wants him to have a better life than him and
              always refers to the fact that Rodney has a GCE in maths and thinks that he should be good at everything because of that even when they accidentally gave Boycie and Marlene's dog a sleeping tablet Del thinks Rodney should know what to do as he has GCE!.

              Although Del and Rodney are the main characters there is a fantastic supporting cast who provide many of the laughs on the show and stayed with the show throughout which gave it its realism.

              As it ran for quite some time Del and Rodney had to grow up and develop as adults and this brought in a new dimension to the show when Rodney met and married Cassandra and Del boy met "His significant other!" Raquel.

              While we travelled with the Totters and hoped that one day they would get their wish and become millionaires nobody really believed that it would happen and in what was to be one of the last ever episodes Del boy and Rodney did become millionaire through finding a pocket watch that they had had in the garage for years and turned out be to worth millions!.
              Many people believe that the show should have ended there but a few more specials were made after that and although I loved the extra shows there was a part of me that was disappointed when they lost their fortune again!.

              =====Supporting characters======

              The main supporting characters in the show were Boycie a dodgy second hand car dealer made good and he loves the fine things in life and is Dell's best friend. Boycie is in a lot of the episodes along with his wife the larger than life Marlene and the running gag is that Del and Marlene always have a snog when a peck on the cheek is required.

              Trigger is one of my favorite characters and is part of the gang of Dels friends that all went to school together.
              Trigger is a road sweeper and to put it politely he takes quite a while to catch up with everyone else and will laugh at a joke a good minute or two after everyone else and that's if he gets it at all.
              The running gag with Trigger is that it he thinks that Rodney is called Dave and due to the fantastic acting of Roger LLoyd Pack this always gets a laugh even though its been used many times.

              The other great characters include Rodneys friends Mickey and and Mike the barman and denzel Dels friend.

              ===== Only Fools Classic Moments =====

              There are too many to pick but here is a few of my personal favorites and I have not put them in order as that is the same as asking me to pick my favorite child!

              I have to mention Trigger first, In the episode where Rodney and Cassandra are getting married everyone is toasting them and while everyone says "Cassandra and Rodney" Trigger follows a few seconds behind and says "Cassandra and Dave".
              In another episode Mike at the Nags head is running a book on the name of Del and Raquel soon to be born child and Mike gives Trigger the inside information that the baby while be called Sigourney after the actress if its a girl and Rodney after Rodney if its a boy. Trigger then goes over to Denzel and informs him that if its a boy they are calling him Rodney after Dave!.

              I am sure near to the top on most peoples list is the chandelier scene were Del and Rodney are preparing to take down the chandelier and clean it and Grandad is in the rafters unscrewing it and you see the Trotters on two ladders with a sheet preparing to catch it and then the chandelier in front falls to the ground and crashes.

              Another classic is when Del and Trigger are in a yuppie wine bar and Del tells Trigger to play it cool and he goes to lean on the bar just after the barman has opened the hatch and he falls right through it.

              Another favorite of mine is when Del thinks that he has bought a lorry load of child's dolls only to realise that they are inflatable dolls and they are faulty and inflate and can not be deflated so Del and Rodney smuggle them out dressed in their late mothers clothes.

              I also love the one where Del has entered Rodney painting in a competition but forget to tell him that while it has won its in the under 15 years group and as the prize is a holiday in Spain he only tells him when they arrive and Rodney spends the holiday as apart of the groovy gang with all the other kids.

              ===== Trotter Trivia =====

              The first series was not a great success and BBC did come very close to axing it and in today's world I think that they probably would have as things are not given to the chance to develop today and need to make an instant impact.

              Sir David Jason was not the first choice to play Del boy. John Sullivan originally wanted Jim Broadbent for the role but he was committed else where so Sullivan decided to take a chance on him and can you ever imagine anyone else playing Del!.

              Sullivan did get Jim Broadbent on the show as the recurring character of Slater the Policeman who knew Del and the others from school and was always trying to catch them out.

              It also holds the record for the biggest audience figures for a British sitcom for the episode "Time On Our Hands" When the Trotter become millionaires.

              ===== Where Can I see It =====

              It is always on GOLD on sky and is available on DVD in series and also just the specials.
              Asda currently have the whole set for just £57.99 and its on top of my christmas list.

              ===== In Conclusion =====

              I think that this is the best sitcom ever and due to politically correctness I don't think that it would even be made today.
              John Sullivan wrote the series so well and I think that most of its magic is that he was able to combine some sad and depressing moments with humour and lightness. The episode that covers Grandads funeral is a case in point, it was a sad episode as Grandad in real life had passed away so it was even more emotive for that reason and the episode was written to show the sadness and then at the graveside Del and Rodney stood together and Rodney threw Grandads hat in only for it to be reveled as the vicars!.

              Still the best!


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                08.10.2009 12:14
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                great sitcom

                Only Fools and horses is a classic British Sitcom, based around two brothers and their old uncle. The first few series included Granddad, actor Lennard Pearce, but was replace by Buster Merryfield around series four. Followers of the sitcom will remember the wheeling's and dealings of dodgy market trader Del boy, with sidekick and dopey brother Rodney, who gets roped into Del boys hair brained schemes and more often than not pays the price. Del boy's long term goal is to be that elusive millionaire, selling back of the lorry goods to the unsuspecting. Within all of the series' you see the characters lives develop, after a string of failed relationships Rodney settles down with posh bird 'Cassandra' and Del with 'long term significant other 'Raquel' and their son Damien. It shares their highs and lows, and sees Del actually achieving his all time dream of becoming that millionaire. The irony being that although enjoying the glamour and glitz, of the lifestyle for which he was always striving, he realizes in the end that what actually made him tick, was all of the wheeling's and dealings, and ducking and diving that he did throughout the years of chasing that dream. A further episode "If only they could see us now" sees them loose the fortune and ending up back in that old tower black flat on the Nelson Mandela estate.


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                  07.08.2009 13:39
                  Very helpful




                  This is one of those programme that you cannot fail to enjoy. Anyone who says they don't like it or don't get it is probably lying or a right old bore with no taste!

                  What is it about?

                  The show focuses on the mishaps of two brothers, Del Boy and Rodney Trotter, who are always struggling for money and trying to make a fast buck. Del usually ropes Rodney into his schemes and they end up with egg on their faces. Along the way, the duo will involve their girlfriends, Cassandra and Raquel and sometimes the hapless bunch of loser types who they mingle with down at the pub.


                  David Jason plays Del to a tee, he comes across as a loveable rogue. The sort of man you would want as an uncle. He always has crazy ideas, but his heart is in the right place. Jason has the knack of impeccable comic timing which makes him such a joy to watch. Nicholas Lyndhurst plays Rodney, slightly goofy, yet adorable, as he blunders his way along with that hangdog expression.

                  The brothers have an Uncle Albert, who is played with understated charm by the late Buster Merryfield. He is a bumbling fool and plays his role with sincerity and professionalism.

                  One of my favourite characters is Trigger, who is as thick as you like. well meaning, but so very dense. Roger Lloyd Pack does a sterling job of making him so slow and useless!


                  Usually revolve around money or lack of it. Somehow, the stories never get boring though, as their antics are offset with the development of their relationships with the girlfriends, which can often be touching and sometimes bring a tear to the eye.


                  Based mainly in Peckham, in their flat. The stories have ventured abroad for feature length episodes, including various 'holiday' episodes.

                  Still Going?

                  The show has been wrapped up now, though it wouldn't surprise me if they ever came back and made another Christmas special. It is particularly good to watch at that time of year. The show might have dated a little, but it is heartwarming and always very funny.


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                    01.08.2009 15:49
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                    The greatest British sitcome of all time.

                    Only Fools is my all time favourite sitcom...and it deserves to be.

                    This show is very much lightening in a bottle. Its success is very much down to the combination of great acting and wonderful scripts. Quite simply without the key ingredients the show would not work.

                    As I am sure everyone knows already, Only Fools and Horses follows the exploits of the Trotter brothers, Derek "Del-Boy" (Sir David Jason) & younger brother Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst). Del is desperate to be rich and successful yet has to be content with wheeling and dealing is the glamourous world of market trading. Over 20 years the show ran and we watched the characters grow and experience life, from single men to married with children. Along for the ride was usually either their grandfather (Leonard Pearce) of their Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield). Add to that a terrific supporting cast & characters, such as Trigger (Roger Lloyd Pack), Boycie (John Challis) and Denzel (Paul Barber), and you have the recipe for a wonderful show.

                    The whole cast delivered wonderful performances with excellent comedy timing, helped greatly by the sharp and witty scripts from show creator John Sullivan.

                    For those of us from a working class background there was great familiarity in Only Fools. When the show started television was largely targetted at the middle and upper classes, with occasional exceptions such as Steptoe & Son (very much an early verison of this show) and In Sickness and In Health. But Only Fools had something those earlier shows and the middle class ones didn't. It had a heart. You truly wanted Del-Boy and Rodney to succeed and John Sullivan's excellent scripts did not just make you cry, they made you feel happy and sad and could make you shed a tear. The talents of Sullivan, Jason and Lyndhurst enabled the show to inject humour in sad situations, and vice versa, without it ever feeling crass or inappropriate.

                    The only dissapointing part of the show came with the final three specials, set after the Trotters had become millionaires. Many say they show wasn't the same after the Trotters tried to deal with bankrupcty, but I feel the actual reason the show did not work properly is that the brothers never have the senior Trotter, Grandad or Albert, to play off. I thing it is often seriously overlooked how much Pearce, and particularly Merryfield, brought to the show. It's a bit like the Star Trek dynamic of Kirk, Spock & McCoy, Whilst Kirk & Spock can survive by themselves, their stories where they play off of Dr. McCoy were always that much richer and I feel the final three Only Fools very much missed the elder Trotter character.

                    Still the last three episodes are vastly above most of the sitcoms on TV today and the show as a whole is quite simply leagues above anything else, as continued re-runs and record breaking initial transmission figures proved.

                    If you are British this show should be in your DVD collection in it's entirety. If you are not, but you live in the UK, it is the perfect introduction to the grass roots working class Englishman.


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                      20.07.2009 11:16
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                      Only Fools and Horses is a legendary programme, it doesn't matter how many times I've seen the episodes (and there's not an episode that has passed me by) they still tickle me and there are some parts that I just forget how good they are.

                      Admittedly, I think that the older episodes are better, the first 3 or 4 series are truly hillarious and I prefer Grandad to his borther Uncle Albert.

                      Whilst Albert is a likeable chap, his "during the war" gets a bit boring after a while and is no competition for Grandad's sly behavior where he often pretends to be a sweet old thing but is actually as crooked as they come. Another reason that I prefer the older episodes is that the onscreen relationship between the brothers is as hillarious and stronger than in later episodes where women become involved on a permanent basis (Raquelle isn't too bad but Cassandra is really irritating)

                      The thing that makes this programme so funny, is it's strong line-up of supporting characters, whether it's on the market, in the pub or at auction - chancers like Mickey Pearce and Boycey, dodgy landlord Mike, thick as a plank Trigger and the loud Marlene provide plenty of funny material.

                      On top of this there are a lot of characters who come in for an episode based around the storyline and do a cracking job from Indian con man Vimmal Malik, angry husband Tommy MacKay and numerous other angry people who are on the end of Del's dodgy business dealings.

                      Combining slapstick, sharp wit, banter, ducking and diving - this is a fantastic comedy that has become a true classic. Overall, I did prefer the Ray Butt/Martin Shardlow/Susan Belbin and Mandie Fletcher directed episodes to those of Tony Dow.


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                      08.07.2009 00:24
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                      They just arent this good anymore...

                      Now they just dont make comedies like this anymore. There was a time when Britain had great comedies, however now there is slapstick rubbish on and the best example of this is the green green grass which amusingly enough is written by the same guy that writes this genious show.

                      Also Sullivan is currently creating a new show which will be based on the Only Fools and Horses characters when they are teenagers, and if it is anything like the slapstick shows then it really will be a tragedy instead of a tribute.

                      So this show is about a wheelerdealer called Delboy, played excellently by David Jason and his dopey brother Rodney, played by Nicholes Lyndhurst. We follow their life living in Peckham and see how they make ends meat from selling dodgy goods and just the general mischief they get up to.

                      The supporting cast is all excellent and each character has their own traits right through from the main characters to Denzel the Lorry Driver or Boycie with his infectious laugh. This show has everything and is not just comedy. It does put a funny spin on everything but tackles many serious issues, which is what comedies these days are lacking. The acting is excellent but it is the main guys that carry the show. As proved with the spin off on Boycie's character, you just cant run a show on a side character unless their is a lot of meaning and great writing which was not apparant in this spinoff.

                      The show ran for many many years, and after the show was completed, there were three one off christmas specials shown for three years running. These were OK but did ruin the great happy ending that the shows finale included, and were a bit pointless. Overall this is a top comedy that probably wont be matched, but will never be forgotten.


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