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Peter Andre - The Next Chapter

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4 Reviews

Genre: Documentary / Broadcaster: ITV2 / Peter Andre's first solo documentary since splitting up with Katie Price.

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    4 Reviews
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      05.06.2010 09:55
      Very helpful



      Good for Peter fans to catch up with what he is doing in life.

      This fly on the wall series is about Peter Andre and his children, Junior and Princess and Harvey, although Harvey is Peter's step son, he is not usually allowed to be shown on the show as Katie will not agree for him to be on camera and the programme is about a camera crew following Peter around 24/7 as part of a reality show and it was aired on ITV2 and shows how his life has been since he divorced and broke away from his ex wife, as they are no longer together as they divorced last year and Katie has remarried and both her and Peter do their own fly on the wall programmes at the moment and take it in turns to be aired also on ITV2.

      I like Peter much more than Katie and although I used to say I would not watch this programme, when it comes on the television my wife always starts to switch over channels to see what is doing etc lol, and she loves watching it each week to see how he is doing.

      Peter is a singer and Katie is a model and author and they both met on another reality show called I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, which was based in Australia and they hit it off almost immediately and dated when they came out of the show and then finally married and had 2 children together and then Peter became Katie's son Harvey's step father and they then divorced in 2009, they both went on to do their own series and this one is Peter's series and his next chapter in life after Katie and him going it alone.

      Each episode is an hour long and is aired usually at 9pm on ITV2 on Thursdays when his series begins for around 6 weeks or so and it is then repeated usually the following Tuesday at 8pm on the same channel.

      The show features other family members sometimes and is usually Peter's brother Michael and occasionally his mum and dad but not often as they live in Australia.

      It shows the emotions and joys of Peter's everyday life, and it is supposed to be about his usual way of living and happenings but I just think that sometimes it can be a little staged for the cameras but that is just my own personal opinion.

      A new series begins on the 10th of June at 9pm and although I say I may not watch it, I usually do for some reason lol.

      I do like Peter and he is quite popular and my wife absolutley adores him and loves to watch this programme and who am I to stop her lol and the series will probably be aired for some more series to come.

      I give it 4 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        25.03.2010 12:36
        Very helpful



        good for keeping up with what peter is doing in life

        I do not really like these kind of reality programmes but I find myself not being able to tune in when they actually are on television after they are advertised.

        Peter Andre was married to Katie Price or otherwise known as Jordan, this fly on the wall kind of documentary follows the life of Peter after he split with Katie and it is the next chapter in his life and how his life behind closed doors was for him at the time.

        He is now divorced from Katie since last September time.

        They both met while appearing on another show, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, this show was for celebrity contestants to go into the jungle for about 3 weeks and survive in there and to do bush tucker trial to earn food and eat. Peter and Katie fell in love in this jungle and married a few year later and had 2 children and Peter looked after her other child and raised him up as his own.

        This show follows Peter around everywhere he goes and tells his story and reactions from the life experiences he is going through at the time and so the cameras go with him when he is a recording studio, to taking the children out for the day, almost everywhere he goes, the camera is supposed to go with them but Peter and when he was with his wife, they tend to call the shots sometimes and say when they do not want a camera to follow them.

        Peter is an English born singer who was raised in Australia by his parents. His birth name is Peter James Andrea but he changed the surname to Andre. He was born 27 February 1973.

        When he split with Katie I chose to go onto team Peter as I liked him far better than Katie. I would not say she is nasty in every way but she does tend to do herself no favours at times in my opinion, when they parted people were taking sides of which celebrity they liked the most and called themselves teams and so I preferred Peter and so went onto side team Peter, ridiculous really but there you go that is celebrity life for you and public opinions and I went with the flow.

        This show is on ITV2 and it usually has around 6 episodes, each 1 hour and they are usually aired on Thursday evenings at 9pm but they have repeat shows usually the following Tuesday so if you miss it you can catch up.

        If you are a Peter fan it is worth watching this show as it shows his emotions and joys and the first series was a sad one in many ways but the second one should be a lot more happier for him, as the last one we saw him crying after the split with his wife as it was only a couple of months after they parted.

        Worth a watch if you like Peter as I do.

        I give it a 5 star.


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          17.02.2010 13:41
          Very helpful



          When will it end?

          I am a Peter Andre fan, so when he launched his new TV reality show - 'Peter Andre: The Next Chapter' - I made sure that I tuned in.

          Peter Andre and Katie Price were a celebrity couple that met while filming the reality show - 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here.' When they came out of the jungle their relationship flourished, Katie signed up to Peter's management company, and the pair started filming a series of reality shows.

          The original reality shows documented Katie and Peter's wedding and the birth of their two children - Junior and Princess. However when their relationship fell apart in May 2009, the pair signed up to record separate ITV2 reality shows.

          'Peter Andre: The Next Chapter' shows Peter dealing with his divorce from Katie and dodging intrusive questions that interviewers put to him. Throughout the first series of his reality show he comes across as a very emotional man and a good father; he also seems truly shocked at the support he is receiving from strangers and the amount of fans that were queuing in music stores to buy his new album.

          Throughout the series his manager Claire also features - it's obvious that she doesn't think a lot of Katie and that there's animosity between the pair. She also indicated that Katie used to cut Peter off and stop him from talking when they were filming earlier reality shows.

          Throughout 'Peter Andre: The Next Chapter' we saw Peter learning to live with seeing his kids on a part-time basis, fielding questions about his ex and enjoying his flourishing career. To be fair he also avoided slagging his wife off, but scenes where they are arguing over the telephone were quite difficult to watch.

          You can watch the first series of 'Peter Andre: The Next Chapter' on ITV Player and I'm sure it won't be long until a new series airs on ITV2.

          Although this is easy watching and an extension of Peter and Katie's tabloid-led life, when you watch this show you can't help but feel sorry for the kids - this is a real marriage break down after all and they are the ones that will suffer.


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            20.12.2009 22:44
            Very helpful



            Time out please!

            Following on from the sheer human tragedy of witnessing the final throws of the Jade Goody story being played out in the full glare of the cameras, you would hope that somehow the TV executives would finally start to call time on the access all areas trivialisation of real life, on the flimsy justification of some kind of celebrity status.

            The mercilessly over-publicised breakup of Peter Andre and Katie Price (aka Jordan), would in any remaining kind of rational universe, surely have given rise to them taking time out to put their differences to one side and for the sake of their children , staying out of the limelight for at least a period of reflection.

            Sadly, yet again, it seems that warts and all "reality TV" remains hell bent on diving head first over the cliff edge of reason.

            ~~~~Two for the "Price" of one~~~

            The truth is that considering that pretty much ever since their "fairytale romance" on ITV's hit jungle celebrity career survival circus freakshow "I'm a celebrity get me out of here", the pair have been plastered all over ITV2,the TV cameras were never going to stop rolling for something as 'trivial' as full scale marriage break down.

            He was a washed up pop-star, she the glamour girl turned promotional machine. In so many ways it was a match made in publicity heaven. In three series, they ruthlessly milked every second of the spotlight, like some kind of low budget supermarket own brand version of Posh and Becks.

            So once again the producers at ITV2 must have been rubbing their hands with glee when both of them decided to sign up to two programs, in a tit-for-tat extravaganza of sorts.

            Predictably, first to the documentary punch was Katie with "What Katy did next?" squarely aimed at getting her side of the last few months out there first.

            Parading her new kickboxing man Alex Reed, making light of his filmmaking indiscretions and penchant for ladies clothes, it was the full-scale Jordan express. Book signings, paparazzi baiting, behind the scenes pleadings about why am I being portrayed as the bad girl, there was very little time left for her to fit in those minor little details you know like her kids and their wellbeing.

            ~~~~Peter without the Pan~~~~

            In contrast, it's certainly a lot easier to watch the 6 one hour episode adventures of Peter Andre, filmed from July this year, which aired on ITV2 at 9pm every Thursday for a few weeks after the "Price is wrong".

            Put simply, things just don't seem quite as orchestrated for the cameras, he really comes across as a good dad who naturally goofs around with the kids.

            The series kicks off with him at least on a professional level in positive mood, getting a new record contract, and publicising his album Revelation.

            As you would expect the show does give him the chance to clear up some of the rumours surrounding the break-up. Contrary to the speculation, there's no mystery girlfriend, no plans in progress to write a full scale, no holds barred tell-all autobiography in time for the Christmas sales rush.

            When he's interviewed by the times newspaper he insists on talking about his new single not the split.

            During one of the later shows, we see an interview with Jonathan Ross where Pete flatly refuses to rake up any more dirt in front of the cameras. He simply explains that he will always love her as the mother of his children, and will never hate her.

            His PA / manager back stage explained how good it was to see Pete having the interview chair to himself, after being totally upstaged in all the previous joint appearances. She comments tellingly - "That's not being disrespectful to Jordan but she did take over any conversation."

            At another promotional press conference, he does concede that he is now ready for a new partner. In stark contrast to Katie's in-your-face antics with Alex, makes it clear that when eventually a new partner comes on to the scene she will be introduced gradually as one of his friends to the kids. Once again, to his credit, he categorically refuses to comment on Katie's situation.

            ~~~The final chapter?~~~

            This series is rounded off with Peter actually finding a great deal of satisfaction with his achievements on a professional level , with his comeback album achieving wide spread recognition and his album achieving Gold status and even heading towards platinum. On top of that he has sold out a 36 -date tour, and landed a regular job working as a showbiz reporter on This Morning.

            It also sees him in reflective mood as he meets a little girl critically ill in hospital who is a huge fan of him. The meeting really seems to put his well documented difficulties into focus. Talking to the little girl, knowing that she looks up to him, asking her to smile, because "you know what" the more you smile the more mummy and daddy smile. It's not about the albums the signings, making a kids wish come true really puts it into perspective. (Personally I wish he'd stop saying "you know what" at every opportunity but that's probably being a bit harsh in the circumstances.)

            He is very clear that his priority is to spend precious time with the kids.

            Meanwhile "Jord of the Jungle" seems hell bent on trying to shock us into paying her the attention she feels she deserves, going back to the Celebrity set to apparently find closure, in the company of a few more blood sucking leeches and the like.

            For me that's essentially the equivalent of going on Jeremy Kyle to resolve the major issues in your life. Alas therein lies the tale. Wherever there is a willing audience, and willing participants there is always a market. The money making treadmill is in full operation and woe betide anyone who halts its progress.

            ~~~Final Thoughts~~~

            One thing that is clear is that everyone has choices about how they conduct themselves in the public eye. Where young children are involved, sadly they have no such choice. There must remain some boundaries which should never be crossed.

            Whatever their differences, Katie and Peter must both accept that their fundamental responsibility is to their children.

            However many chapters they write and perform, all that really matters is their kids' future- end of story.


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