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Remington Steele

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2001 17:09
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      Pierce Brosnan What did James Bond, Pierce Brosnan do before he became the number one action icon in the world - he played James Bond type characters! Remington Steele's basic story line is summed up during the opening credits sequence - Laura Holt is a criminologist who decides to open up her own detective agency, but business is bad as noone trusts a lady detective to do the job of Philip Marlowe or Jim Rockford. So she invents a supersleuth called Remington Steele. A man with a highly top secret backround which links him to the FBI - but of course he doesn't exist. With the name Remington Steele on the door, everyone comes flocking in to hire the great detective and Laura posing as his assistant does all of the legwork for him. This works great for Laura for a while, until she bumps into a mysterious British con artist/cat burgler who accidently assumes the role of Remington Steele to escape the clutches of some men that hes conned. He convinces Laura that he would play a great Remington Steele the series plays from there. The fun thing about the series is that Brosnan's character acts so Bond like, but really he hasn't a clue and just like the old cartoon series, Hong Kong Phooey, its his assistant, Laura, who figures it all out in the end! The majority of this series consisted of them working on cases for clients involving action, comedy and lots of friction between the main characters. The closest show that I recall from the same time was Moonlighting, which unfortunately wavered from the detective show plot after a while. Remington Steele had the advantage in my opinion, that they were able to keep a standard 'Rockford Files' style detective show plot and follow the ongoing relationship between each character. As the series went on, the story would thow a few interesting clues to the mysterious past of Pierce Brosnan's character and because it was a mystery -
      it causes Laura to investigate it more. It had its own share of guest stars in it too - Tom Baker (Dr Who), Sharon Stone, Gina Davis just to name a few. I found it thoroughly entertaining to watch and I recommend it to anyone who likes Pierce Brosnan's version of Bond because you will find a lot of the early makings of it in this show.


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