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    365 Reviews
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      05.02.2012 16:17



      Great Programme

      Whether or not the Simpsons are for you they have to be one of longest running animated scripted shows going. Through generations and generations of children thousands have come to love The Simpsons. With Homer Simpsons (Husband, Father & Duff drinker), Marge Simpsons (Wife, Mother & Blue Hair), Bart Simpson (Eldest Child, Son & Hell Raiser), Lisa Simpson (Middle Child, Daughter & Brainiac), Margaret (Maggie) Simpson (Youngest Child, Daughter & non-talker). Over the years all have had their adventures from Maggie shooting Mr Burns to Homer running a nuclear power plant in India. These well loved characters have been shown on T.V. for years most often in the evening for all (not just children) to enjoy. Along with the main family it has brought about many more famous names to animation including... Moe Szyslak the bar tender of Moe's, Barney Gumble the town drunk or now ex-town drunk (depending which series you are watching), Comic Book Guy, Chief Wiggum, Ralph Wiggum, Principal Skinner, his mother and of course Superintendent Chalmers. Not only are the Simpsons a well loved T.V. programme but recently they have had their own movie staring the infamous spider pig, and several games have been released based around the different adventures and characters of The Simpsons.


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      12.01.2012 13:18



      A series we all hope won't end just yet

      Regardless of whether you claim to enjoy or hate the Simpsons, there is no doubt it is show that has impacted animation worldwide and is instantly recognisable simply by that melodic 'Siiiimpsons' line from the show's intro. With countless parodies, a variety of famous guest stars all eager to cement their names in association with a part of history and a joke after joke format that is both original and ridiculous at times the Simpsons is truly unique. The Simpsons has something we can all relate to, whether its dysfunctional family that founds the basis of the show, the characters themselves and their quirky individuality, or even just the smugness you feel when as you grow up, you see the excessive amount of puns and innuendo's the writers managed to slip in all throughout your childhood. The Simpsons is the world's longest running animation series and a show that never fails to exude originality. Its a wonder they still manage to pump out one great episode after another, and I hope they continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


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      11.05.2010 15:21
      Very helpful



      Good show but I wouldnt go out of my way to watch it

      The simpsons is the most popular cartoon sitcom in the world and was made in America by Matt Groening.
      The show is about a family of five people Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie simpson living in Springfield. This cartoon is made the represent in a comedic way, the average life and life style of a working class American family.
      It has been a while since i watched a simsons episode as the older i got, the more and more predictable the jokes and humour became, however it is still a great show to watch to cheer you up.

      The different characters come with very differenty characteristics. first there is Homer. The unreliable, lazy, fat almost useless man that manages to get almost everything wrong.

      Then there is Marge. The selfsufficient, hard working stay at home mum that tries her hardest top keep the family running in a decent manner.

      The third is Lisa. The educational wiz, teachers pet girl that has high hopes of achieveing great things in her future.

      The forth is Bart. He can be most compared to homer. He trundles along constantly trying to cause mischief and playing practical jokes.

      The fifth is Maggie. The baby pretty much does nothing other than fall over, never seems to grow older (like the rest of the characters) and occassionally shoots rich old people in cars.

      The simpsons is on every weekday which kind of makes it boring now (for me anyway) as i seem to have seen all of the episodes atleast four or five times now.

      Other than that I would say if you've already watched all of the episodes, you should move on to programmes like Family Guy which is extremely funny.


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      09.05.2010 21:53
      Very helpful



      Fantstic popular cartoon

      Sometimes it's hard to imagine that The Simpsons cartoon series burst on to our screens over twenty years ago and who would have believed the success and stir it would cause. Since it's early days it's gone from strength to strength and I have to confess I don't watch it as much as I used to but still love it to be honest with you. It's got to be one of the most popular cartoons of all time and well known too.

      The cartoon focuses on the life of the Simpson's family that comprise of Homer who is head of the family, his wife Marge with the distinctive blue hair, and their children Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie who has never talked throughout the entire running of this series. Add to that their neighbour Flanders who is very religious and their friends in the town of Springfield and you have all the ingredients for success.

      Each episode is about half hour long and normally air on Sky One but you can also watch them on Channel 4 as well. They have also made a feature length movie of this famous family and of course all the merchandising over the years. Many famous voices have appeared in the cartoon over the years as it seems celebrities clamour to be on the show.

      The thing I've always loved about the Simpson's is that it's a cartoon for all ages and is not just for kids, in fact far from it. It's quite intelligent and adults will enjoy it just as much. Bart was the main character at the start but for me Homer has always been my favourite as he's so funny and just does some ridiculously stupid things on a daily basis without fail.

      I for one hope this show continues for many years to come as they still seem to come up with new ideas after all this time and it doesn't get boring for me anyway.


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      05.04.2010 20:52
      1 Comment



      This is a fantastic program to watch.

      Hello! This is my first time on Dooyoo and so I hope it is ok!

      My first review is on the TV programme the Simpsons, I think that everyone has heard of the Simpsons as people have grown up with it on their TV screens.

      The simpsons is about a family which are based in Springfield, to be honest I dont know where it is in America and it consists of the family Homer who is the Dad and he is very stupid, he works in a nuclear plant and doesn't do anything right his jokes are very funny to watch. His wife is Marge Simpson who is a house wife and very careful about who she sees and what she does.

      The family have three kids Bart who is a bit of a rebel he is friends with Milhouse and through all of the episodes they get up to some mischief! The middle sibling is Lisa who is the smartest one in the family who always gets top marks in school. Finally there is little Maggie who is a baby and doesnt talk much.

      This family along with the others in Springfield have different adventures and it is really funny to watch I reccomend it to anyone!


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        30.03.2010 20:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Watch it!

        I am sure everyone must have heard of the classic animated TV show the Simpsons. If not you need to come out from under that rock you're hiding in! The Simpsons seems to have been on forever and show started in 1989. It has come a long way since then and has been running for 21 seasons and has just had over 450 episodes now. The show has received numerous awards and has broken many records for the longest show in America. The show is so popular and well known that one of Homer`s catchphrases "D`oh" has been added to the dictionary.

        The show focuses on the Simpson family. They are what you would think of as a typical American family!

        The main characters are probably Homer and Bart. Homer is your typical guy who works in the nuclear power plant, who is very lazy, not that clever and likes donuts and alcohol a lot. Bart is the young boy who is always causing mischief and is an underachiever. Lisa is the clever one who is very responsible and sensible and is also the one who worries about the environment. Marge is Homer`s wife and tries to run the family. Then we have Maggie the last child who cannot speak yet and Santa`s Little Helper who is adopted by the Simpsons in one of the first episodes. Adding to this family are many other characters, all unique and interesting that have their own personalities and this is what for me makes the Simpsons so great.

        The fantastic thing about the show is that there are jokes for everyone so everyone can enjoy it whether quite a young child or an adult. Most episodes are based on something quite famous and there are many references at famous people or things. There are even lots of special guests and many are very famous including Tony Hawk, Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell. You can also relate to the show and there are many things that you can relate to in real life.

        The show has got a little bit worse in my opinion recently as I imagine they are running out of ideas and things to copy but it is still worth watching. The humour is based on a mix of things including spoofs, wiity lines and probably mostly stereotypical views whether a fat German kid, Homer`s laziness or when they have an English person they are really posh or the foreign corner shop owner Apu!

        Overall this is a classic TV show that is part of modern day life and well worth watching!

        This review might also appear on other websites under the names ns1209 and mariofan123.


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          25.01.2010 23:08



          Homer rules television!

          Being 25, I am only slightly older than the Simpsons, so I've had them on my tv for my entire life. So, first point, The Simpsons is good for people of all ages, from kids to grandparents. The kids may not always get the satirical or ironic jokes, but there is plenty of slapstick to keep them entertained.
          On first appearance, the Simpson family may seem dysfunctional with the way Homer fights with Bart and occasionaly strangles him, Lisa's yearn to move on to more intelligent, more cultural surroundings, the way Homer spends a lot of his time at a bar and generally drunk all the time, and how Marge seems to be in a state of ignorance of it all, trying to keep the family together with her mothering. However, once you watch as many episodes as I do, you'll see that this family genuinely love each other and are more functional than dysfunctional.
          I like the political satire the writers bring in every now and again, and the fact the show is so famous it can wrangle in the most famous of guest voices, from Tony Blair to Paul McCartney, speaks volumes.
          All in all, there's a reason The Simpsons have been on the air for 20 years, its broad appeal across the globe is testamount to its quality.


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          15.01.2010 19:55
          Very helpful



          Best Cartoon Ever

          As a viewer of the cartoon since the start, the Simpsons is simply excellent and will continue to excel in the future. This is shown by the number of celebrities that have been and wanted to be a part of the Simpsons, from Simon Cowell to Tony Hawks.

          I would assume that you have heard of the Simpsons, but if not it can be summarised in the below paragraph:
          Family that consists of three children, Homer is the husband and sometimes intelligent father who is big boned, Marge is the blue haired beauty that is a loving housewife and consistent nagger, Bart the oldest is the only boy in the family, who is cheeky, naughty but also fun, Lisa is the middle child, who is the brightest and has the potential to go to Harvard University and finally Maggie, who is the baby and youngest, but is still able to get up to antics. To summarise a normal family and this is the beauty of the Simpsons

          No matter, who you are, you are able to relate to the Simpsons and unfortunately in my case, a Bart that will become a Homer, in the future, Doh!!! To be a fan of something, you have to either have an interest in it or be able to relate in it and the Simpsons has both.

          The stories are never predictable, especially in the later series and the range and variety of characters will keep you entertained all day long.
          The only problem with the Simpsons is like any other good program, how can it continue to be so good?? Others like Friends, end on a high but the Simpsons will never end unless there's a worldwide ban on it and this is also the best thing about the Simpsons as there will probably be 100 seasons, so our kids, kids will be able to watch it.

          Finally to anyone who maybe worried about anything offense in the cartoon, the Simpsons maintains a dignity and integrity that will not offend and therefore allow you to enjoy it to its fullest.

          Thank you for reading my review and I hope that if you decide to watch the Simpsons for the first time after reading my review to enjoy it, but do remember to go to work the next day and sleep as its really that good


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          05.01.2010 18:16
          Very helpful



          A magnified portrait of real life

          The Simpsons is a classic show which has been running for many years, and may well have been one of the first to make such a sucessful 'adult' cartoon. That is, it is a cartoon watched and loved by children for its humour, but appreciated by adults on a different level. There are so many sly comments on modern, especially American, society and the programme often pokes fun at itself, cartoons in general, and its US network Fox. The Far East Asia sweatshop of people colouring in the cartoon pictures springs to mind... Also the line 'lets never mention this again' at the end of an episode about Skinner's past in recognition of the fact that it, and many other shows, have various strange events happinging each time and by the next episode everything is mysteriously back to normal.

          For those who don't want to play at spotting the subtle references you can enjoy the programme purely as a hilarious show about a madcap family who get on each others nerves, but are nevertheless very tightknit and always come through for each other in the end. I forget which American president illadvisedly said that US families shoulds be a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons. The Simpsons are not a perfect family but they are a realistic (if OTT) loving nuclear family.

          Of course there are many other characters, both those in most episodes and those who appear once in a while and each adds their own charm to the show. Most of these characters are one dimentional- this isn't meant as a criticism, they provide extra laughs but the show always has been and always will be primarily about the Simpsons.


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            23.12.2009 21:47



            A classic of TV

            The Simpsons is arguably one of the biggest worldwide cultural milestones that the TV medium has ever seen; it is a classy, funny, often edgy show that has certainly dwindled in quality in recent years (except for the exceptional film), but remains one of the most beloved cartoons AND general TV shows, ringing true in all languages.

            The show revolves around The Simpsons, a seemingly normal family living in Springfield, U.S.A., that represent many facets of the every American. Homer is a middle-aged bumbling oaf, who works at a nuclear power plant but is a lazy employee who enjoys goofying off and drinking beer with his friends at Moe's tavern. His wife, Marge, is a doting housewife who frequently gets frustrated with Homer's idiocy, while being dedicated nevertheless.

            They have three children, the eldest of who is Lisa, a smart, thoughtful, socially conscious young girl who excels at school but is frustrated by the more simple attitudes of her family. She plays the saxaphone, also, and is a sensitive, gentle soul. The next child is Bart, a troublesome brat, who is nevertheless hilarious and truly his father's son; his most memorable exploit is probably kick-starting a diplomatic disaster with Australia after asking which way their toilets flushed. The youngest child is Maggie, still a toddler, who perenially has a dummy in her mouth, but occasionally shows some insight, and famously shot the town's big-wig Mr. Burns.

            The show is great not only because of the strong main characters, but also the impressive supporting cast, which has probably the most memorable bit-players of any animated production, including alcoholic Barney Gumble, Reverand Lovejoy, and of course, Homer's religiously devout neighbour Ned Flanders. Also it has a very clever comic tone that lampoons pop culture as well as many aspects of the American cultural consciousness. It is a massive achievement that the show is so clever while also being so accessible, even if it has resorted to more "gimmicky" episodes in recent years, and at 20+ seasons, has gone on far too long.


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              09.12.2009 17:00
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A brilliant cartoon for adults and children

              The Simpsons is a cartoon animation which first aired in 1989 and has grown ever since. It currently hits our screens every night at 6pm on channel 4.

              It is set in a fictional town of 'Springfield' and each half hour episode is individual, based on the 'Simpson' family. That is the great thing about Simpson's, you only need to watch one episode at a time to understand what is going on. The Simpson family consists of:

              Homer, the beer loving, donut loving Dad of the family is my favourite character, he is a slob and spends his time drinking beer in 'Moes' or working at the Springfield powerplant. He is by far my favourite character!

              Marge, is the mum of the Simpson family. I always feel a little sorry for her, she has a lot to cope with in life with a lazy husband like Homer and her bad lad son Bart who I will move on to next...

              Bart is probably the most famous son in America. He is a naughty kid at school, always playing jokes and winding up his sister Lisa...

              Lisa is Barts younger sister and is the one that doesn't 'fit in' with the rest of the family. She plays the saxophone and is a 'swat' at school. The exact opposite to Bart.

              The youngest member of the Simpson family is Maggie, she is a baby and therefore does not speak, just sucks her dummy at the right time!

              I think Simpsons has been so popular over the years due to the fantastic writers of the show, it is full of comedy and sometimes even a little political and rude comments designed to go over children's heads but appeals to an adults sense of humour.


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                03.12.2009 13:51
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A classic series not for the serious natured

                The biggest problem that this program has is its own success. That its so creative and challenging causes a problem for all those who watch it. It can be very addictive and the level of humour within is afforded by the fact that its an animation and the limits to the stoyline are endless.

                The excitment that was felt within tv review columns at its arrival to terrestial tv was indicative of its success. Like a caviar or an antidiote to the Soap Operas on tv it functioned in its own genre.

                Its not a soap opera, yet often shares the same time slot and sometimes has a similar level of comedy. Its not strictly a program for adults or chidren because of the variety of content. It manages to amuse every episode with a new situation but the status quo is always maintained.

                The characters all have a deeply developed sense of self. Whlist maintained in a family unit Homer could be said to be both a victim and beneficiary of circumstances. Working his 9-5 job whilst being seemingly idyllic, is simultaneously mundane. He would have like to be a rock star or hippy but instead has a loving family. In his highs and lows this is what he eventually realises throughout his adventures.

                Bart is a rebel child with a sense of comedy, at heart he is good by nature and his life one could imagine could turn out a variety of ways. Stardom or street corner. Marge is a wilted rose, seen by many as a trampled on flower but paradoxically this is the stregnth of her character. The fact that she holds the family together is what make her a special individual. Lisa personifies ambition and intellect and her dry wit often is a sign that she aspires to be an adult as aoon as possible for the sake of responsibility and not the fun stuff. Maggie I won't mention much about apart from the fact that she rounds the family off nicely.

                Episode after episode its possible to watch this show with a continual sense of wonder.


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                  27.11.2009 20:57
                  Very helpful



                  the best animated program

                  The Simpson's is one of the longest running animation series and is everyone's favourite animation program as well, I think this is a great program because its not only for kids but adults as well and it's a really great family program that everyone can watch, have a laugh at and just enjoy.

                  The program is an animation which has really come along in recent years, you can see how improved the quality is when you look at some episodes from just a few years ago to how good quality they are now.

                  Each episode is half an hour long with breaks and consists of different stories based around the 5 Simpson's characters and then the usual cast of other members who are usually in the episode as well.
                  There is the two parents Marge and Homer, most of the comedy in the Simpson's does come from Homer and I think the must be most peoples favourite character as well as mine.
                  Then there's the little angel of the family Lisa, and then the little devil Bart, and of course the one who doesn't speak Maggie.

                  The Simpson's is just a great program, each episode has a fantastic storyline and there's usually loads of laughs in each one, I have no idea how they keep coming up with them all but I sure how they continue doing it into the future.


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                  13.11.2009 18:38
                  Very helpful



                  The worlds favourite family.

                  The Simpsons started its life as a short piece of incredibly shoddy animation on the Tracy Ullman Show. Despite its crudely animated characters it was well received and on the 17th December 1989 it graduated to a fully fledged 30 minute prime time piece. Over the years the Animation has improved dramatically and the voice acting has become entirely more accomplished.

                  To date there have been some 450 episodes and the show is now in its 21st season. The show is set in Springfield USA and there is a running joke that the exact location of the town is nearly revealed only to be cut short and remain a mystery, apparently if you look out for the clues the answer is there.

                  So lets take the first bus over the only bridge into Springfield and meet some of the cast....


                  Everyone loves old Homer, he drinks, he swears and sometimes even throttles Poor Bart but his heart is undeniably in the right place. Devoted Husband to Marge. He loves his family to death even 'dear rat boy'.

                  Occupation: Safety Inspector, Springfield Power Plant, Sector Sieben Gruber (i mean 7G).

                  Hobbies: Lying on the couch, Watching TV, Bowling, Drinking (Mmmm duff), Strangling the boy, Eating far too much.

                  Catchphrases: D'oh, Why You Little, Mmmmmmmm.

                  Best Quotes

                  'Marge I'm goin to Moes, send the kids to the neighbours I'm comin' back loaded'

                  'Stealing?! How could you, haven't you learned anything from that guy who gives the sermons in church...you know...Captain whats-his-name'

                  'Mmmmm, free goo'


                  The bedrock of the Simpson family. Adores her four children (Maggie, Lisa, Bart and of course her significantly older and fatter child, Homer). She works hard but is not afraid to let her 4 foot blue hair down once in a while. Just watch the enjoyment she gets from cutting celery, wow what a wild child!!!

                  Occupation: Home maker

                  Hobbies: Being a fantastic mother and wife, Gambling.

                  Catchphrases: 'Hmmmmm'

                  Best Quotes

                  'Strange, regular ham just doesn't thrill me anymore...I'm crossing over to deviled ham!'

                  'Homer...you're pouring hot butter over my le-eg'

                  'No No No, when I took your fathers name I took everything that came with it including DNA'


                  The modern day Dennis the Menace, causes mischief wherever he goes with his slingshot and skateboard. Like his father, deep down he does have a conscience (its just buried a little deeper than Homers...thats all!)

                  Occupation: 4th grade at springfield elementary (well he is only 10).

                  Hobbies: Firing his sling shot, Skateboarding, Dominating his meek pal Milhouse and generally causing merry hell.

                  Catchphrases: Eat my shorts, Don't have a cow man.

                  Best Quotes

                  'Dear God, we paid for all this stuff ourselves so thanks for nothing'

                  'Doctors say my butt bones stronger than ever'

                  'All I know is my testicles wont fit in my underwear anymore'


                  The moral fiber that holds the Simpson family together, academic, studious and a keen saxophonist.Little Lisa is going places in life, and if the mystic Indian who read her future is to be believed shes goin all the way to the whitehouse.

                  Occupation: Attends Springfield elementary a grade below her brother, where she continues to delight her teacher Ms Hoover.

                  Hobbies: Saxophone, studying.

                  Catchphrases: I'll be in my room (not a catchphrase at all but one episode sees the whole cast reel off their catchphrases while Lisa doesn't have one). She blithely states 'I'll be in my room'.

                  Best Quotes

                  'You sir are a Baboon...Baboon Baboob, Ba-Boon'!!!

                  'I'm impressed you were able to write so legibly on your own butt'

                  'He's not like anyone I've ever met, he's like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest' (refering to Nelson Muntz)


                  The youngest Simpson, none of the characters ever age but this is especially apparent in young Maggie who is perpetually one years old. She apparently 'Doesn't get on with the other babies' and has a personal vendetta against monobrow baby.

                  Occupation: Full time carpet tickler

                  Hobbies: Sucking her dummy

                  Catchphrases: Suck Suck Suck

                  Best Quotes


                  'Suck Suck'



                  Old man Simpson, a wrinkly version of his son. Abe is lecherous, embittered and absolutely loveable.

                  Occupation: Retired (Only reference to past jobs is a security guard at a cranberry silo)

                  Hobbies: Complaining

                  Catchphrases: None

                  Best Quotes

                  'Aaaaah!!! Deeeeath' (pointing at a lamp)

                  'Ithought I'd never hear the scream of pain or see the look of terror in a young mans eye...thank heavens for children'

                  'My legs hurt'

                  --Santa's Little Helper--

                  The beloved family pooch, he's not the sharpest puppy in the pound but he's barts best friend and an unmistakeable member of the family.

                  Thats the Simpsons, The 2.4 family of Evergreen Terrace, they may not be perfect but they're a happy bunch. Now we take a stroll through Springfield to visit a few of the closest friends of the family, starting with.....

                  --Ned Flanders--

                  Next door neighbour-diddly-rino's of the Simpsons. Just your everyday well meaning christian, married to Maude with two boys Rod & Tod.

                  Interesting Facts: Neddy has had a mental breakdown and was a disobedient child. The son of two beatnicks who refused to discipline him. He was sent to a psychiatrist as a lad and underwent a year long spanking which appeared to have cured his boardiness.

                  --Barney Gumbal--

                  The town drunk, and Homer's best friend. Practically lives in Moe's bar. Beneath his drunken exterior lies the soul of a poet, as we can see from his arthouse film 'Pukahontas' premiered at the Springfield film festival.

                  Interesting Facts: Barney is a fantastic artist, he tries to pay for a beer with a drawing on a napkin which turns out to be breathtaking. Barney's mother lives in Norway (he tells Homer she's flying in the week after the superbowl in the episode Lisa The Greek).

                  --Lenny & Carl--

                  The inseperable pair, work with Homer at the plant and drink with Barney at Moes.

                  Interesting Facts: Whilst not stictly a fact, it is heavily insinuated that Lenny & Carl are a little closer than just good buddies.


                  The submissive blue haired bespectacled geeky friend of Bart. The only child of Kirk and luanne Van Houten.

                  Interesting Facts: Milhouse is a bed wetter and has a huge crush on Lisa.


                  Moe Syszlak, pours beer down the throats of Springfields inhabitants. A friend to anyone with enough money to buy a beer. An altogether joyless fellow whos bar is far from a raving success (excluding the episode flaming moes).

                  Interesting Facts: Moe is not a native to America (mamma mia!). His real name is momar. He harbours a secret desire to usurp Homers position as Marges husband.

                  Its only a short stroll to Springfield Elementary from here, lets take a look at where the Simpson kids spend the happiest hours of their lives (yeah right)...

                  --Super Nintendo uuuh Intendant Chalmers--

                  Frequently visits Springfield Elementary for offstead inspections, and frequently yells at Prinicipal Skinner for getting it wrong.

                  Interesting Facts: He occasionally dates Skinners mother. His most uttered word???


                  --Principal Seymour Skinner--

                  The clean cut head of the school, lives with his overbearing mother agnes and has a somewhat sheltered life. A Vietnam Vet who suffers from time to time with comically tragic flash backs.

                  Interesting Facts: His real name is Armin, Armin Tamsarian. He has a shady past as a no good street punk.

                  --Ms Hoover--

                  Likes a drink when she is marking and dosen't seem to relish her role as third grade teacher.

                  Interesting facts: She teaches Lisa. She is a hypochondriac (or she is at least when she thinks she's got lime disease).

                  --Edna Krabbapel--

                  The fourth grade teacher, enjoys a stable relationship with Skinner.

                  Interesting Facts: She teaches Bart. She's a bit of a man eater (we see her dating sideshow Bob, the chef of a sushi restaurant and she even propositions Bart in an episode showing his future).

                  --Groundskeeper Willie--

                  The red haired fiery scotsman keeps the school puke free and maintains an award winning playing field. He lives in a tiny shack on school premises.

                  Interesting Facts: He is originally from Glasgow.


                  The perpetual teenager, Otto drives the school bus. He is a maniacal driver and has totalled the school bus on a handful of occasions.

                  Interesting Facts: Bart usually greets him as 'Otto, Man', we glimpse his drivers license in one episode and under Name it reads 'Otto Mann'. Otto's father is an admiral. He loves 80's hair metal. He is occasionaly seen at AA meetings.

                  --Nelson Jimbo & Kerny--

                  The trio of bullies who prey on the weak and geeky of the school yard, they make numerous childs lives hell including Bart and Lisa's.

                  Interesting Facts: Nelson has dated Lisa, his mum works at hooters. He has a secret passion for Andy Williams. Jimbo, real name James, loves watching soap operas with his mother, buys his hat at the wooly bully. Kerny has been held back so many times that he has a young son who sleeps in a drawer. He has to shave.

                  --Ralph Wiggum--

                  Ralph is chromosonally challenged, he's not the brightest of children but I reckon has to be one of my favourite characters (I can do pretty fair impressions of him if i do say so myself). He is the son of Chief Constable Clancy Wiggum.

                  Interesting Facts: He has an imaginary puppy called wigglepup who flies using his tail. He has also dated Lisa (that Lisa sure does get around). He likes bushes without prickles.

                  --Martin Prince--

                  The Boffin of the school, the main target for Nelsons bullying. Loves sucking upto teacher.

                  Interesting Facts: Speaks Latin. His father works in the stock exchange.

                  Where to now? Why don't we go see whats happening down the old nuclear reactor and see if we can get into old man Burns' office.....

                  --Monty Burns--

                  The tyranical owner of the plant, a powerful figure within Springfield. He's no spring chicken however (he's one of the few characters who seems to have been given more than one age, his true age remains a mystery).

                  Interesting Facts: He is Springfields oldest man (after the Mansion family episode anyway).

                  --Waylan Smithers--

                  The loyal servant of Mr Burns, he is the old mans PA. He idolises his boss and values his job tremendously.

                  Interesting Facts: His other jobs have included piano mover and racetrack announcer. He has very 'special' feelings towards Monty, how can i say this...he likes musicals. He is the largest collector of Malibu Stacy dolls in Springfield.

                  *Theres a plaque on the wall here commemorating the life and death of an employee, oh yeah ,

                  i remember him wasn't he....*

                  --Frank Grimes--

                  Lived and died through the duration of a single episode, worked hard for everything he got in life (which turned out not to be very much). He is incredibly jealous of Homer and meets his end by electrocution, after he freaks out and starts impersonating his adversary.

                  Interesting Facts: Grimey's son tries to kill Homer in a later episode.

                  Burns' stuffy old office has got me down, I fancy a change of scenery, lets high tail it down to Springfield Studios and go hunting for autographs.

                  Theres a TV in the waiting room, we can watch Itchy & Scratchy while we wait for the backstage tour to begin.....

                  --Itchy & Scratchy--

                  This cat & mouse duo put Tom & Jerry to shame, possibly the most violent animals on telly. However unlike Tom & Jerry, these guys can talk.

                  Interesting Facts: Their debut was a rather tame outing called 'Steamboat willy'. They have starred in their own Movie.


                  The cigarette smoking, horse betting clown much beloved by the children of springfield.

                  Interesting Facts: He has a pacemaker. He is Jewish.

                  --Sideshow Bob--

                  Bob has in the past worked as Krusty's sidekick but since going to prison for attempting to murder Bart Simpson the roll has been filled by one Sideshow Mel.

                  Interesting Facts: Bob is voiced by the brilliant Kelsey Grammar (of Frasier). Bob Speaks fluent French. He is a conniseur of wine. His arch nemesis is the humble rake.

                  --Sideshow Mel--

                  The current target of Krusty's unremitting abuse. He has a very grandiose way of speaking and is constantly being put down by Krusty.

                  Interesting Facts: Mel is lactose intolerant. He has worked in a fast food place, when he briefly left the entertainment bussiness.

                  --Kent Brockman--

                  The trusted Springfield news caster. Brings the News to the people.

                  Interesting Facts: He is incredibly rich after winning the state lottery (in episode 'Dog Of Death'). He has a sister. He never does the news without first having a Danish pastry.

                  --Bumblebee Man--

                  A mexican man in a giant bee suit. Stars in his own show where he can be seen being pelted by oranges or smooched by amorous donkeys.

                  Interesting Facts: The first Channel he ever worked for was called 'Channel Ocho'. He has a little pet Chihuaua.

                  --Troy Mclure--

                  The serious acting talent of springfield, you may recognise him from such films as 'Christmas Ape' and 'Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp'.

                  Interesting Facts: He has dated Marges sister Selma. He has a romantic abnormality which ensures he wont be welcome at Sea World (he eeer, 'sleeps', with the fishes).

                  --Rainier Wolfcastle--

                  Star of the renowned McBain movies, he is Springfields answer to Arnie, a muscle clad action hero.

                  Interesting Facts: He is from Bavaria. He has a young Daughter.

                  Well there you have it!!! A brief tour of the vibrant town of Springfield, I hope you enjoyed reading it. I've always loved the Simpsons and It was my initial intention to try and get through all the characters of Springfield -i bet your glad i didnt : ) - But I decided to only do these select few as it would have taken far too long to read otherwise. Anyway, thanks for reading : )

                  Voices By....

                  Nancy Cartwright
                  Bart Simpson
                  Nelson Muntz
                  Todd Flanders
                  Ralph Wiggum

                  Hank Azaria
                  Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
                  Moe Szyslak
                  Chief Clancy Wiggum
                  Comic Book Guy
                  Dr. Nick Riviera
                  Kirk Van Houten
                  Captain McCallister
                  Bumblebee Man
                  Superintendent Chalmers
                  Professor Frink
                  Dredrick Tatum
                  Pyro (a.k.a. Chase)

                  Harry Shearer
                  C. Montgomery Burns
                  Waylon Smithers
                  Ned Flanders
                  Principal Skinner
                  Reverend Lovejoy
                  Dr. Julius Hibbert
                  Kent Brockman
                  Rainier Wolfcastle/McBain
                  George Bush
                  Judge Snyder

                  Marcia Wallace
                  Edna Krabappel

                  Pamela Hayden
                  Milhouse Van Houten
                  Rod Flanders
                  Janey Powell
                  Jimbo Jones
                  Malibu Stacy
                  Sarah Wiggum

                  Tress MacNeille
                  Sunday School Teacher
                  Agnes Skinner

                  Maggie Roswell
                  Maude Flanders
                  Helen Lovejoy
                  Miss Hoover
                  Luann Van Houten
                  Princess Kashmir

                  Doris Grau
                  Lunchlady Doris

                  Marci Mitzman Gaven
                  Maude Flanders


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                    An all time classic that can be enjoyed by everyone

                    Perhaps the most recognisable family in the world you would have to go along way to find someone who has not heard of The Simpsons. For over 20 years they have been gracing our TV screens. The show is now in its 21st season with over 440 episodes made to date as well as a feature length film.

                    The Simpsons follows the lives of a family of five from the fictional town of Springfield. Many of the shows episodes centre around the father of the family Homer, then there is his wife marge and their three children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. There is also a whole army of side characters with to many to name but all of them are instantly recognisable to fans of the show.

                    The show has also had many guest apperances and it seems almost like a celebrity rite of passage to appear in the Simpsons.

                    The show can be seen weekdays on channel 4 at 6pm and occassionally in the mornings at the weekend. Sky1 show mulitple episodes of the show each day and despite its age it still draws large audiences.

                    Although to many the shows recent episodes have lost a lot of the humour and appeal of the earlier seasons it still draws a large audience and will continue to entertain generations of children and adults alike.

                    The Simpsons is a show that many people grew up with and everyone can relate to each of the characters in their own way.


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