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Sirens (TV Show)

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TV Channel: Channel 4 / Type: Comedy Drama

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2011 20:09
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      Brilliant late night show and laughs!

      This show recently appeared on channel 4 at around 9 at night and has instantly become a hit! It is based on the book 'Blood, sweat and tea' by Tom Reynolds also so known as Brian Kellett.

      The show is based around 3 ambulance drivers, Stu, Ashley and Rachid, from the Leeds borough of West Riding and also a friend of theirs police Sergeant Maxine.
      It does contains a lot of swearing and distressing scenes but I couldn't help but love it the program was so original and funny! I found the characters so real and believable and felt they also enjoyed the roles. I highly recommend you sit down and laugh till your head falls off!!!


      Stuart Bayldon or 'Stu' is played by Rhys Thomas (Bellamy's people) and is an emotional cripple!!! His work is his life. As an EMT, Stuart wants to help people but is fed up with people out on the streets of Leeds, getting drunk and having accidents routinely. Stuart is best friends with Maxine who he confides in a lot throughout the series. He is the lead member of the ambulance that he rides with Ashley and new boy Rachid. He's a bit of a know it all and takes lots of chances. I do love this character as even though he's tough on the outside there is a lot more do him and his past. Plus he seems to be so funny in a sarcastic way.

      Ashley Greenwick is played by Richard Madden (Game of thrones) and has to be my favourite, I wanted to take him home and cuddle him!!! Ashley has been working with Stuart as an EMT Paramedic for just over a year. He's an independent and private character, but enjoys the company of the other two - though he pretends he doesn't, it seems as though Stu is like his best mate and they spend a lot of time together. Ashley is gay, but has no hang-ups about his sexuality; we are introduced to that aspect in the 1st episode!!

      Rachid is played by Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker) is the new boy - he's only just started training as an EMT Paramedic (and still thinks it's a game), and Stuart and Ashley are showing him the ropes in a strange way. Rachid is funny, cocky and slightly arrogant and seems to be trying to knock Stu off the top spot. He wears his heart on his sleeve and always says exactly what he is thinking; sometimes that's not a good thing!

      In total there were 6 episodes in the 1st season
      EP1- Up horny down
      EP2- Two man race
      Ep3- I.C.E
      EP4- King of the Jungle
      EP5- Stress
      EP6- Cry

      I don't really want to say what happens as I would hate it!!! There are a lot of themes explored through the series Death, Suicide, and alcohol abuse (and also the hate you have for your boss) each conveyed in a funny yet informative way.
      To me this series not only being funny showed me how hard the ambulance crews work and what they have to put up with!! I wanted to be a paramedic since I was young and even more now! This is a fab program and gets maximum stars from me it will enlighten you into the world of EMT's in a great yet serious way!


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