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Skins is a British teen drama from Company Pictures which premiered on E4 on 25 January 2007. Actors: Mike Bailey, Joseph Dempsie, Mitch Hewer, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Murray, Dev Patel, April Pearson, Larissa Wilson. Skins is one of the first programmes at the forefront of the network Channel 4's aim to start showing more British content on its channels. The complete first series will be available on DVD from 24 September 2007.

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    36 Reviews
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      27.02.2014 20:47
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      Deep down in the skins...

      Skins is a British drama (broadcast on E4) set on the lives of a group of college students who attend Roundview College, based in Bristol, South West England studying for their A-Levels. The storylines are all based around problems and issues such as drink, drugs, sex, mental illness, depression, unwanted pregnancy, fraud, death, bullying, sexuality, abuse, eating disorder and bipolar disorder. Issues that a lot of teens can relate to.

      Season 1/2

      Tony Stomen - Nicholas Hoult - is an attractive, popular, intelligent lad who dates Michelle who lacks in college work and confidence

      Sid Jenkins - Mike Bailey - Tony's best friend who has the same qualities as Tony.

      Michelle Richardson - April Pearson - Tony's girlfriend whom he cheats on. She is very vain, up herself and cannot control her angry once you burn her flame

      Cassie Answorth - Hannah Murray - A pretty girl who suffers from an eating disorder and struggles with mental health problems. She is popular with Sid, whom he fancies.

      Chris Miles - Joe Dempsie - The party animal of the group.

      Maxxie Oliver - Mitch Hewer - a gay inspiring dancer who is best mates with Anwar

      Anwar Kharral - Dev Patel - comes from a strict Muslim family and will not follow his religion, like any other strict muslim but would rather party, drink, do drugs and have sex.

      Cameo apperances from : Harry Enfield, Shane Ritchie, Bill Bailey, Neil Morrisey and Danny Dyer.

      Season 3/4

      Effy Stomen - Kaya ScolderioTony Stomen (from series 1 and 2) little sister. Who is attractive, popular with the lads, has relationships with Freddie and his best mate, Cook.

      James Cook - Jack O'Connell The ladies man who has a big influence in a life of drink, drugs and sex. He is quite replusive to the group. Best mates with Freddie and JJ. Has dated Effy.

      JJ Jones - Ollier Barberi A geeky intelligent boy, can perform magic tricks, who is best mates with Freddie and Cook.

      Emily Fitch - Kathyrn Prescott Twin sister to Katie Fitch. She is a lesbian and begins a relationship with Naomi.

      Katie Fitch - Megan Prescott Twin sister to Emily Fitch. She is popular, pretty, bitchy and stuck-up Queen Bee. Dates popular footballer, Danny, who plays for Bristol United and Freddie.

      Freddie McClair - Luke Pasqualino - Popular troublemaker, who likes to skateboard and smoke weed. Best mates with Cook and JJ. Dates Katie and Effy.

      Naomi Campbell - Lily Loveless - a feminist, quirky, girl with strong political opinions who develops feeling for Emily, but her twin sister, Katie hates this.

      Pandora Moon - Lisa Backwell - a unusal, fun-filling girl, who is best friends with Effy. Dates Thomas.

      Thomas Tomone - Merville Lukeba - a heart warming boy who is from the Cango. He dates Pandora.

      Cameo apperances : Mckenzie Crook, Harry Enfield, Will Young and Maureen Lipman.

      Season 5/6

      Franky Fliztgerald - Dakota Blue Richards - an outsider who has had a last minute transfer from Oxford, intelligent, creative and strange.

      Alo Creevy - Will Merrick - a farm boy, who is desperate to get sex and use drugs, he loves his dog and tractors. Best friends with Rick

      Rich Harbeck - Alex Arnold - a heavy metal boy, from a middle class who uses metal music to hide from the outside world. He dates Grace.

      Grace Violet - Jessica Sula - a pretty, cute, creative girl who is daughter to Mr Blood, Violet is used as her identity. She is best friends with Mini and Liv. She dates Rich.

      Mini McGuiness - Freya Mavor - The Scottish Queen Bee at Roundview college, who is obbessed about her image, suffers from an eating disorder and dates Nick. She is best friends with Liv and Grace. She is mean to Franky but develops into friendship.

      Liv Malone- Laya Lewis - A party girl who is an alcoholic and loves to take drugs and have sex. She has a unique quirky fashion sense and is best friends with Mini and Liv.

      Nick Levan - Sean Teale - Mini's Boyfriend. He is an arrogant, cocky, attractive boy who plays for the college rugby team. He has a troubled relationship with his brother Matty.

      Matty Levan - Sebastian de Souza - has strained relationships with his family due to his past especially his brother Nick. He develops feelings for Liv, but dates Franky.

      Alex Henley - Joins in season 6. He is a gay person who is a career for his nan and casually likes to have sex. He befriends Liv.

      cameo appernaces from Gordon Kennedy and Alistair McGowan.

      Series 7

      Return of particular characters. Effy, Cassie and Cook. Effy and Cassie live in London. Cook lives in Manchester.
      Also appearances from Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch.

      Cameo apperances from : Kayvan Novak and Ashley Horne.

      All series are good, because it is something that all teenagers can relate to, but it is more for an adult audience rather than a teenager's audience. Rated 18 (all series) It is based on the popular TV show 'Shameless' but with teenage actors. My favorite series has to be one and two because it is all exciting and new whereas the other two I like, but it is more a copy of the first two seasons.


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      08.03.2013 18:35
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      I actually watched the very first episode of Skins by accident while I was flicking through channel's and I have to admit, I was instantly glued to the series from episode one.

      About Skins
      Skins is a British drama which follows a group of teenagers who live in Bristol. You get to watch the highs and lows of their lives and learn a bit about each character as the series develops.
      The series works with each episode following one character, for example, week one was Tony, week two would be someone else and so on.
      Obviously I don't want to give too much about the storylines away so for the purpose of this review, I will just give you a brief outline of each of the characters.

      Tony (played by Nicholas Hoult)
      The very first episode of Skins introduces us to Tony. Tony is the 'jack the lad' of the series, the boy that every girl fancies and the boy that everyone wants as their friend. Tony is very intelligent and is always looking at ways of trying to make a little bit of extra money but needless to say, most of his schemes go wrong.
      Tony is going out with Michelle (the pretty girl at college) and to be honest, he treats her like dirt but she puts up with it because she loves him.
      Tony's best mate is Sid who could probably be described as a geek and you often wonder why Tony and Sid are friends as they have nothing in common and Tony is always putting Sid down.
      Tony is forever covering up for his 14 year old sister who is forever sneaking out to parties at night time. Tony sister Effy seems to be the only person that Tony genuinely cares about.
      Cassie (played by Hannah Murray)
      The second episode of Skins follows Cassie, the scatty anorexic who is good friends with Michelle. Everyone knows that she is anorexic but she still wont admit to it or talk about it. Cassie is very odd to say the least, she often goes off into a world of her own and can often say things that don't make any sense. Throughout the series, you will notice that Cassie has a big soft spot for Sid but Sid is totally oblivious to this to begin with.

      Jal (played by Larissa Wilson)
      The third episode follows Jal. Jal is actually a very talented musician but her problem is that her family, especially her Dad, don't even notice her talent, he is too busy trying to bed people half his age. Jal is also best friends with Michelle and often plays gooseberry whenever she meets up with Michelle because she brings Tony along. Jal seems to be the problem solver, if any of the other characters have a problem, they go to Jal but you are left wondering who Jal has to talk to about her own problems.
      Chris (played by Joe Dempsie)
      Chris is the major druggie of the group. He is quite often under the influence of something and his dress sense is crazy, often wearing clothes that totally clash. In my opinion, Chris is the funniest character, purely because he is normally so off his face he doesn't really follow what is happening at all and comes out with some great one liners. Throughout the series, you learn that Chris comes from a broken home and his Mum is regularly leaving him alone while she swans off with a new man she has met. During series one, you see Chris start an affair with his tutor at college.

      Sid (played by Mike Bailey)
      Sid is Tony's sidekick, he absolutely worships him, even though Tony is usually quite rude to Sid and always putting him down. Sid is a virgin which is a major issue for him and Tony is always trying to set him up with someone to help him loose his virginity. The other problem, is that Sid is totally in love with Michelle who is Tony's girlfriend, but sadly, Michelle is so blown away by Tony that she doesn't notice Sid as anything other then a friend. Tony knows that Sid fancies Michelle and often winds him up about it.
      Throughout the series, you get to see that Sid isn't doing very well at college and you see that he doesn't get on very well with his Dad who is always having a go at him about one thing or another.

      Michelle (played by April Pearson)
      Michelle is Tony's long suffering girlfriend. Tony really does treat her badly, cheating on her and criticising her body but she always seems to go back for more. Michelle knows that Sid fancies her but it doesn't really bother her. Throughout the series, you see Michelle get fed up with the way Tony treats her and she eventually finishes things and meets someone new - which doesn't make Tony very happy.
      You also learn that Michelle's home life is far from perfect, with a Mother who has been married several times and is forever moving a new man into the family home, often uprooting Michelle in the process to move to a new more expensive house.

      Maxxie and Anwar (played by Mitch Hewer and Den Patel)
      This episode follows Maxxie and Anwar who are best friends. Maxxie is openly gay and enjoys drama and dancing at college. Anwar is a Muslim and has problems trying to remain faithful to his religion with all the pretty girls around him. Maxxie and Anwar have a few issues because Anwar refused to tell his family (who are strictly Muslim) that Maxxie is gay but Maxxie keep pushing him to say something - how will Anwar's family take the news?
      Anwar is quite childish and is literally obsessed with women's breasts!

      The last episode in the series follows Tony's little sister Effy although to be honest, the episode is more about the other characters looking for Effy when she goes missing. This episode is one of the most thrilling with lots of action going on at the same time. This episode features all of the characters and includes arguments, making up and Tony realising that maybe being horrible to everyone isn't doing him any favours. This episode builds the atmosphere for the traumatic ending of Series One.

      I would highly recommend this DVD. Skins is meant to be a realistic series which follows the teenage lifestyle and I have to admit that its pretty close to the mark of what my life was like when I was studying at college.
      All the characters are loveable in their own way and even though every episode focuses on one character, all the other characters are also featured so you are continuously learning about each character.
      Series one of Skins also includes all the bonus material I mentioned above which if you are a fan like me, makes very interesting viewing.


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        10.02.2011 18:23
        Very helpful
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        There have been four full series to date, the fifth is currently airing on Thursdays, E4 at 10pm, as previous series did (apart from series two which aired on Mondays). The US version of Skins started airing on MTV this year, but has received significantly bad reviews, due to the lack of the "Skins-esque" drugs and sex. Anyway the originals are always better! The cast are replaced every two series, this has recieved surprisingly good reactions from fans. Skins follows the lives of a group of sixth formers in Bristol, aged 16 - 18, the characters leave sixth form after two years of studying A-Levels, therefore cast need to be changed in order for the story to be realistic. Skins had won a BAFTA, which shows it's popularity and success. Plots cover issues such as sexual orientation, drug abuse, mental illness and disorders, relationships, pregnancy, bullying and death (amongst others). The co-producers of Skins are Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, there are also young writers who are recruited to write for Skins too.

        Previous and current cast members include Nicholas Hoult (About A Boy) and Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass) as main characters. The three generations of characters are:

        Generation 1
        Tony, Sid, Michelle, Cassie, Chris, Jal, Anwar, Sketch

        Generation 2
        Freddie, JJ, Cook, Effy, Pandora, Thomas, Katie, Emily, Naomi

        Generation 3
        Franky, Alo, Rich, Mini, Grace, Liv, Nick, Matty

        Each episode is centred around one (or two in one case) of the character's lives, with the final episode focusing on the whole group. The episodes are named after whoever it focuses on. They are as follows:

        Series 1 Episode Order
        Tony, Cassie, Jal, Chris, Sid, Maxxie and Anwar, Michelle, Effy, Group episode
        You may wonder why episode 8 is named Effy. Effy is Tony's sister, they're really close. Josh Stock (Michelle's ex) kidnaps Effy in order to lure Tony in (as it was Tony's fault that Michelle ended it with Josh). The episode follows Tony as he tried he find Effy.

        Series 2 Episode Order
        Maxxie and Tony, Sketch, Sid, Michelle, Chris, Tony, Effy, Jal, Cassie, Finale

        Series 3 Episode Order
        Everyone, Cook, Thomas, Pandora, Freddie, Naomi, JJ, Effy, Katie and Emily, Group episode

        Series 4 Episode Order
        Thomas, Emily, Cook, Katie, Freddie, JJ, Effy, Finale

        Series 5 Episode Order
        Franky, Rich, Mini, Liv, Nick, Alo, Grace, Everyone

        The Skins film is set to air this summer, featuring all three generations, however the most recent generation are said to only be in one scene. It's apparently about the second generation, so hopefully we'll be finding out what happened to Freddie (for definite) and whether Cook kick the f**k out of the could-be murderer of Freddie, John Foster. Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult and Kaya Scodelario are confirmed cast for the film.

        Series 1 to 4 are all available on DVD. The term "Skins parties" derives from the show, it's the name of a party full of drugs, sex and heavy drinking, similar to the parties seen on Skins.

        The representation of teens in Skins is a controversial one. Many teens might not be okay being represented as drug users, alcohol abusers and sex seeking, however some other teens may actually want to be like the characters in Skins. This raises issues such as whether Skins influences teens to act in ways like the characters of Skins are seen to do.

        I'm a teenager myself, and I'm perfectly happy to be represented in this way by Skins' characters. There are some things such as the extreme drug abuse which I'd rather not be represented by, but the amazing parties are something I'd like to be a part of.

        Skins is my favourite program, and this may be the case throughout my whole life. I think it's amazing, I can relate to a lot of the characters and I love to see them develop and to find out more about them as the series progresses. I have favourites in each generation: Tony, Freddie and Franky.

        The issues covered in Skins are very serious and heavy, and there are some scenes of death, sex and drug abuse.

        In conclusion I have to say I cannot get enough of Skins. I watch all of the previews for each episode before it airs and I'm always left wanting to know more, there are always questions left unanswered with Skins, which makes you beg for the week to pass until you can sit and watch the next episode. What's almost a form of torture is the ending of series 4, and now that I know there's a movie coming out this year, I actually can't wait to find out what happened after the final episode. It's going to be good to see all the generations together too, as there are references to other generations in each series, for example Sid's locker and it's contents was used by Cook in series 3, so it will be great for them to finally meet. The average length of Skins episode is 46 minutes (roughly) and it's just not enough for me, I want to be able to watch their sixth-form lives to develop whenever I want!


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          02.03.2010 17:12



          The messed up lives of a group of teenagers

          Skins is about a group of teenagers at college and their lives and each week's episode centres around a different character and whats going on in their life.

          The characters include: Effy and Freddie, who are a couple, Cook, Jay-Jay, Katie, her identical twin Emily and her lover Naomi, Thomas who has moved to Britain from Africa and Pandora.

          I really enjoy watching it because it deals with lots of issues which are relevant to teenagers including sex, drugs and homosexuality. Mostly, it is really down to earth and shows things as they actually are in real life.

          However, at the moment, in this episode, it does seem that they are putting in too many dramatic events just to make it more dramatic. I though this was particularly the case with the episode about Naomi's stalker.

          On the whole, though, I would recommend this show to any young person who wants to watch a show which deals with the issues that are actually a part of the modern teenagers life.


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          01.03.2010 20:05
          Very helpful



          Overall, I would strongly reccomend!

          Skins is a TV series aimed at young adults. It follows the lives of 9 main characters - Effy, Pandora, Freddy, Cook, JJ, Katie, Emily, Naomi and Thomas. During the course of the program, you will follow the lives of these 9 characters, each having their own episode. Problems included are relationships, drug use and other issues commonly associated with the designated age of viewers. Personally, I think skins is a very original program which many modern day youths can relate to. However, in many episodes I do think that activities such as smoking, drinking and drug abuse are glamorised, which I do not personally feel is the right message to be giving out to young people. As a young person myself, I think that skins is a very popular program because of its extreme story lines, which hold back no details! Overall, It is a very enjoyable program to watch, and would strongly recommend it.


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          28.02.2010 16:55



          Good programme for teenagers

          Skins on channel E4 is a programme mainly consisting of teenage actors/actress'. The viewing is inapropriate for young children, however being a teenager i really enjoy the programme. The series is set in bristol and follows the stories of several teenagers. There have already been 4 series and normally the cast changes eg, from series 1 to series 2. Each week the storyline revolves around one character. The main issues in skins are drugs, sex and homeosexuality. Each epsiode is very original and there are no other programmes like it. However, sometimes the storylines are far fetched and you would find it hard to believe that it happens in real life. Although if you watch the programme with an open mind you find that it is really funny in parts. I suggest watching the rest of the series and then you can make your mind up for yourself. thanks :)!


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          28.02.2010 11:42
          Very helpful



          A great show, just make sure no little kids can watch it!

          Skins follows the lives of 10 teens living in Bristol and their drug taking, alcohol drinking, sex having ways. Although it sounds innapropriate and for children under a certain age it most certainly is, if you watch it with an open mind it is enjoyable and very well acted. So far there have been 4 seasons with 2 different sets of casts. Both were very well done but very different. This show is very popular amongst teens, and airing thursday nights at 10pm ensures that people unsuitable to see its adult content are able to watch it. I myself very much enjoy skins and would recommend it to anyone interested in teen drama and a bit more mature content than most T.V shows. Skins is very British and therefore is very different from most American T.V shows. One main difference is that it uses actual teenagers and thus the 2 sets of cast, kepping it fresh and exciting for everyone watching. Overall a very enjoyable show.


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            15.02.2010 17:20
            Very helpful



            Very interesting and great viewing not to be missed!

            What an insight into what teenagers get up to. This normally is not my cup of tea but after everyone talking about this series I gave in and checked it out and just like everyone else I loved it!

            Skins is set in modern times and shows in a bit of a dramatised way what some teenagers are like these days! It has a lot of drug and sex use in this show so has to be shown after the 9pm watershed so it is shown at 10pm it is not advised to be shown to young children as the nudity and context can be seen as unsuitable.

            There are 9 main characters and they all have a story to tell, ranging from drug use, to eating disorders and deadly secrets. As you go through each episode you soon realise that each show is dedicated to a member of the teen gang and shows you their life and thoughts and their background. The show is set in a sixth from, in Bristol so it is all real! It is a real good series and one which is easy to follow and not too long either!

            It is really great viewing and really good escapism from every day life!


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            21.11.2009 17:22
            Very helpful



            Highly recommended

            Skins is a teenage drama/comedy series, which was first shown on 25th January 2007, on E4. The series, from the same people that made Shameless (another channel 4 production), focuses on a group of adolescent teens in Bristol, and follows their adventures, trials and tribulations growing up in a modern Britain.

            Each episode is focussed around one of the individual characters specifically, and provides an insight of how they behave and how they see the world.

            I have only recently started watching the show (and I have been doing so on Channel 4 On Demand), and I have been really impressed so far. The series blows away the stereotypical belief of a soft and cuddly Britain, and insinuates a raw and unorthadox world, from a viewpoint of one of the teenage characters.

            I wouldn't recommend the series to anyone under 16 as there are regular sexual scenes and several references to drug use throughout, but for sixth formers and university students I think this is a great series, that is easy to relate to.


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            08.11.2009 15:07
            Very helpful



            Definatly one to watch

            Skins is the Channel four T.V series that is set in Bristol and lets us watch a group of sixth form students as thay go through their Alevel years.
            The series began in January 2007 and was the work of father and son team Brian Elsley and Jamie Brittain.

            The first two series starred a range of great actors such as Nicolas Hoult (About a boy) and Dev patel (Slumdog millionaire)as well as Harry Enfield as Tony and Effys dad among others.
            The acting in this series was brilliant and there were some great story lines including Gay issues, eating disorders and also one of the characters is suffering from a life threatening illness.

            In the third series we met a whole new cast of sixth formers and at first I was a bit dissapointed but once we got to know the characters it was actualy just as good.
            Effy played by Kaya Scodalario is included in the new series and has a greater part to play.
            There are a host of great new actors in this series but the one who shines through for me has to be Cookie played by Jack O Connell (Eden Lake).
            With some great plots this is a great show.

            The next series will be aired in January 2010 and will consist of 8 episodes.
            There is also the possibility of a movie and also a book which will be about the characters lives between series 3 and 4 and will also be released in January 2010.
            I love this programme and cannot wait for the next series it always makes me glad I am no longer a teenager, lets face it it takes a lot to do that.
            If you missed the first three series and want to get into it in time you can catch up with the dvd's that have been released.


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            13.08.2009 22:58



            This is a good prgramme which everyone shoudl watch.

            Skins is a late-night drama shown on E4 and channel 4 on a weekday. With a teenage cast, it's target audience are older teenagers and young adults.

            The first two series follows a group of Sixth Formers from Bristol, and what their partying antics entail and cause. The cast are all sixth form age, so there are no late twenties pretending to be teens again! The main cast is reasonably balanced, with 3 girls and 5 boys. And the programme seems to cover every problem a person could have, whether it be a drug problem, a sex problem, a parent problem... the list is endless! The first series ends with a dramatic cliffhanger! A road accident involving one of the main characters. And the second series involves a death!

            The plotlines can be a tad excessive, but they are dramatic and catching. You won't get bored and it never ceases to amaze! It is comical, beautiful and harrowing, in the right moments.

            The next series is based around one of the previous main character's little sister, Effy. This time the cast has more girls (5) than boys (4). This doesn't change it much, it's just centred around different things. Here, there is a major love triangle, running away, sexuality issues, even more problems than the first two series!

            This series is trendy and offbeat, yet sometimes a bit unrealistic. I think this helps distance ourselves from the programme, and we know it's made up! I really like this programme and I would recommend it to anyone who likes watching modern quirky programmes.


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            15.07.2009 11:00
            Very helpful



            A must watch show

            I love to see a great teen show which really causes so much controversy, in my eyes it means it's well worth watching. And this series truly is well worth watching!

            It follows a group of teenagers in Bristol through their two year life at Sixth form and everything else which happens to them besides. These include your typical dramas like love, love lost, parental problems, betrayal, sex, prtying and drugs. But all in a format which I don't think we've really seen before (in my limited lifetime anyway).

            For me the concept and the way this show tackles everything the characters go through is really it main plus and what sets it apart from so many other teen shows. That's what makes this show great for the market it's trying to reach, instead of just being watched like other shows by those under 13.

            One of my favourite aspects of this show which is a main reason I think it's so successful and appealing is that it doesn't just try to follow one or a couple of main characters, or randomly do it too generally and just follow the whole group. This show dedicates episodes to individual characters, allowing for a great in depth look into certain characters, their lives and a real look at individual problems which really just effect that individual. Using this technique you get a great look into each character and they're all developed to the same great extent which makes each of them really important.

            Oh, and this show hasn't tirelessly tried to hold onto its characters, it's actually moved on to a new generation, and I have a lot of respect for a show which is daring enough to do that and is still successful. Showing that the concept of the show really has some staying quality.

            Call it realistic, far fetched, whatever you want, but it can definitely be labelled as watchable and great TV.


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            09.07.2009 17:53



            all round good show and worth watching

            skins is a teenage programme. it is based around a group of kids who get in all sorts of trouble throught out there six form. each episode is based around one character and there thoughts. it shows you there home life, there prepective on others and life.
            skins has had 3 series. series one and two were a great success and left the audience in tears. series 3 however had completely different characters who were starting the same school and this series showed there life.
            in series 3 there are some scenes and places you recognise from series one and two for example a characters locker had his belongings in it, someone was living in the same student house asa character in the previous series. this made in more realistic.
            skins is a very funny show. it is currently replaying series 3 on e4 but season 4 is due to start next year.


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            08.06.2009 17:34
            Very helpful



            Pass me the skins...this show has stressed me out

            After seeing that this show had got a 5 star rating I had to review it to try and bring that down, because this show is AWFUL.

            I must admit however, that i was drawn into watching it, and really wanted to love this program. The advert for it was amazing, the great scene of that crazy party where everyone was on drugs, having sex and having a great time. I thought the show looked great and crazy. It was described as being a realistic portrayal of modern teenage life, and being a teenager, and having "lived a bit" i thought this program would suit me BIG TIME YEAH MATE?!

            But what i actually watched was absolute trash. The acting was rubbish, even the famous actors that were in it, who i knew could act, we rubbish in it. The fact that the main guy in it was meant to be incredibly attractive is beyond me, since he was incredibly ugly!

            The show was ridiculously hyped up to be amazing, I watched the entire series in hope of the party that was advertised to actually happen, but it didnt. The drug taking in the show was ridiculous and not realistic at all. And I have never met any teenagers that were quite as sexual provacative as the ones in the show.

            If this is how modern adults view modern teenagers then im embarassed to be one. In my experience it seems like the only teenagers who like it are the ones who wish they could live like that, and are the opposite to the characters in the series!

            Sorry if i seem arrogant, haha!


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            17.04.2009 09:54
            Very helpful



            Teens in Bristol- Drugs, Drink and Casual Sex

            ~ Grab Life by the Balls ~ SKINS SEASON 3

            ~ What Is Skins? ~

            Skins is an E4 comedy teen programme which has been aired on Thursday nights at 10pm in the past two months. The series is focused around a drug fuelled, party animal group of a few friends living in Bristol. The gang are at Sixth Form College and love their party's. It shows the experiences that teenagers today have to go through while growing up and how the group come together. The series now in its third series and is a Bafta winning drama. The series follows Effy who is the main character Tony's (from season 1 and 2) little sister. She shares his qualities and becomes leader of the new generation of skin teenagers.

            ~ INFO ~

            Created by- Jamie Brittain and Bryan Elsley
            No of Series- 3
            No of Episodes- 24
            Running time Episodes- 47 Mins
            Production Company- Company Pictures

            ~ The Current Gang ~

            Effy- Being Tony's sister Effy is automatically the Queen Bee, in the last two seasons we have seen Effy appear in several episodes with her brother Tony but now the series is all about her and her friends. Effy is completely independent and doesn't let anyone mess her around. She has issues dealing with her mum and dad splitting up and now refuses Freddie's appeal for her as her direct words are- 'Ill break your heart' so keeps her unstable fling with Cookie. Even though she is one party animal we see she has a softer side and can tell she has true feelings for Freddie but doesn't want to hurt him.

            Pandora- Pandora is a funny one really. She doesn't seem the sort to be included in the group as she is pretty different to the rest. She is always excitable and has a very strict mum who has banned her from boyfriends.
            She has a close bond with Effy has she is her only true friend and she has a brilliant fashion style with everything she wears being bright colours. Pandora after meeting Thomas is instantly attracted to him and is happier than ever.

            Freddie- My favourite character mainly because he's hot . He lives with his dad and sister who wants to be a famous singer. His mum died a few years ago and you can tell he misses her a lot. Freddie is quieter than the others, he mainly likes to observe and take everything in. He loves skating and mainly does this in the park to get some time on his own. Freddie also is totally in love with Effy and finds it hard to difficult that she cannot show her true feelings for him. Freddie and Cook are always clashing. Cook tends to be too much at times and he rubs it in that Effy will always be with him.

            Cook- Cook is the ultimate rude boy; he's a party animal, loves his football and loves the girls. He has a typical Bristol accent which I love about him and he is the main joker of the group. Cook has been having his way with Effy for a while but seems to want to shag everyone who has a heartbeat and a pair of breasts. He gets into trouble a lot of the time and I don't think he really has true friends rather than JJ who just seems to follow him and does as he is told.
            Cook has a buzzing life, drugs, sex and fights he's always got them all and he is the most popular guy in sixth form.

            JJ- I don't really know what to think about JJ. He is a quiet guy really but seems to follow Cook around where ever he goes. He has been friends with Freddie since they were kids but doesn't seem to hang about with him anymore due to Cook's behaviour and influence. He seems to be in his own little world really and doesn't really seem interested in the girls or causing trouble.

            Naomi- I really like Naomi's character. She is pretty old fashioned and wants to make a difference in the world. She is very intelligent and hates fake people. Naomi has a difficult time at home as her mum lets anybody stay and she has no space for herself. She also has trouble with her sexuality and discovers it might not be what she expected.

            The series also has a special guest star of Harry Enfield starring as Effy's dad.

            ~ Series 3 Episode Guide ~

            1- Everyone

            The first episode of the season kicks off with how and why the gang are pushed together. I really liked this episode it showed all the characters coming together in interesting ways. It was well filmed, exciting and was brilliant that the series was focused on Effy as before she was just Tony's little sister. It flicks around the group and lets you know more about them and what they think. 10/10

            2- Cook

            The second episode focuses around character Cook who has his 17th birthday approaching. We get to find out about his past and home life and that he is a complete mental case. He gets into trouble with the local gang but doesn't seem to care. This episode was good to see about what sort of person Cook is.
            There are many different locations which kept it interesting and loved the sound track. 8/10

            3- Thomas

            I really liked this episode. Thomas is a new bee to the town and finds an instant connection with Pandora. He has a hard life in Congo and has come to the UK to find stability and money. The episode reflects on some good issues including immigration, virginity and confusion amongst the teens. The episode included some really good shots of the town and a brilliant underground club scene with plenty of action. 8/10

            4- Pandora- This episode I thought was abit dull but I made some connections with Pandora. The episode mainly just includes the girls as Pandora needs a girl night to cheer her up. It doesn't really include a lot of locations and it didn't include a lot of action compared to the rest of them. The issues were good though and I felt it touched upon them in the right way. 7/10

            5- Freddie- This is my favourite episode of the series. We don't really know much about Freddie so it was good to find out more about his family and childhood. There are also the stunning scenes where he admits his feelings to Effy. I loved the way this scene was set out and filmed. The episode made good connections to teens dealing with a loss of a parent with I think was nice to see. 9/10

            6- Naomi- This episode had a lot of action involved. Mainly based at the college the group have to vote for a new student leader. It was brilliant to watch and had a great sound track. It touched upon the subject of lesbians which I thought was different. It was good to see that Naomi is an independent girl and I like that she doesn't take any crap from anyone. The episode also had some beautiful scenes of a park and lake which looked striking. 7/10

            7 - JJ
            This episode is all about JJ and it was great to get to know more about him as he is abit of a quiet character that is always in the background. There is a lot that goes on in this episode and I really enjoyed it. Its was just as addictive as the rest and there are some great themes included such as mental disabilities, drugs and relationships. 8/10

            8- Effy- The gang take a trip to the woods and Effy is at her lowest yet. She is angry, upset and is starting to realise what she wants. This was one of the best episodes yet. It has so much going on and there are a few twists that I didn't see coming at all. It was good to see a different location and all of the characters together. A shocking event at the end may ruin the future for one member. 10/10

            9- Katie and Emily - we find out more about the twins and their relationship. The episode is abit slow and not a lot really happens, which is annoying after the dramatic events of the last one. 6/10

            10- Finale - I didn't think this was the best episode but it was really good.
            There is plenty that goes on with each character and again we are located away from the normal settings. It was nice to see a different side to Cook and we finally get to see who Effy chooses. A brilliant end to the season. 10/10

            ~ OPINIONS ~

            When I first saw the trailer for season three of Skins it did look quite intriguing. I had watched most of the episodes of season 1 and 2 but didn't really religiously follow it unlike now where I have watched every episode of season three. This series seemed livelier and had a brilliant trailer to attract new fans. It was bright, colourful and had loud pumping music. The first episode I was not disappointed with my expectations of the new season. It had everything the others did and more and I think it is the best so far.
            Even though Skins can seem abit far fetched I think that it is the extreme of what some teens can go through. My teens were nothing like theirs but it shows how it could be and what dangers teenagers are felt under pressured about. Its entertaining has great comedy and deals with many important issues. The series is an 18 as it includes explicit sex and a lot of drugs but I think many younger teens watch it. The group are supposed to be 16 so it properly appeals to teens of that age, in all the wrong ways of course! What I did like about Skins is that all the characters actually look the age they are suppose to be. In a lot of dramas there are always actors that are obviously a lot older than they are playing and it really spoils it. This makes Skins more believable.

            Location and Filming

            The filming is brilliantly done. It includes some great establishing shots of Bristol and has a good variation of close up and body shots. One of the reasons the series attracted me was because it was set and filmed in Bristol which is ten minutes from where I live. It was good to see the different sets and places I have been to and love the bristolian accents by some of the characters. There are some fascinating scenes from Bristol both derogatory and beautiful. Most of the filming was done at John Cabot Academy and of the college green. Many of the locations such as the cafés and shops are actual real places which are centred in the town.

            All about the Skins

            The show is very addictive and I looked forward to the new episode each week.
            Even though it had high expectations from the success of the firs two seasons I think they have proven them selves and made it even more exciting. Each episode has a brilliant development on the focused character and you find yourself so involved you are disappointed when it finishes and have to wait a whole week for the next one. The characters are likable and you get to feel involved in their lives.


            The season three DVD is to be released in April and I've already pre ordered it! Order it now from play.com for only £16.99 with an RRP price of £24.99. You can also get the DVD box sets of the first two seasons for £15. Information is on the Play website.
            Certificate- 18
            Region- Region 2 DVD

            ~ Recommend ~

            If you love the first two you will defiantly not be disappointed with this series. Anyone who loves some drama and excitement will love this series. It is, fun, sexy and very addictive. This season is the best so far and delivers everything a teen comedy needs. I can't wait to own it DVD as then you don't have to sit through the annoying adverts.

            ~ Extras ~

            * The series has won the Best Drama award in 2008 and also for Best Production Design.
            * Skins have an estimate of 1.5 million viewers.
            * Season four is being filmed this summer.

            Website- www.e4.com/skins

            * Thanks for reading, Blackmagicstar4 * April 09. Published on Ciao and Dooyoo *


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