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    203 Reviews
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      08.10.2015 20:01
      Very helpful



      More Singers and less Judges

      I have followed the X Factor for years now and on reflection I feel it was not time well spent. Why? Quite simply, the time-wasting and padding-out with crowd scenes and nauseating ego-shots of the judges. If it entirely comprised of auditions then I would rate it highly, as for me that is the exciting draw card, not seeing umpteen shots of Cowell getting in and out of his stretch limo.
      Having said that, I do still follow the X Factor, but not live! Determined not to waste any more of my precious life on waffle than is necessary, I record the hour-long show now, and fast forward through the overly-long arrival of the judges, every bit of preening by judges in between auditions, and longer-than necessary introductions to the singers – and guess what – it takes me 15-20 minutes. Take note advertisers who spend millions advertising during this show: it doesn’t get seen by me, and many others I’m sure.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love the essential premise of the rags-to-riches competition and delight in being able to witness the life-changing moment when a new star is born. I especially love the unintentional comic turns, those who parade their dogged delusions for all to see and are hilarious to watch. However, seeing those who are talented, but not talented enough against the competition, are perhaps the most painful to see, especially those who see their last chance of reaching stardom fade away.
      Personally, I love the recent additions to the judges, Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora. They seem a friendly, down-to-earth bunch with genuine interest in the hopefuls they are judging. Their aim is not to overshadow those in front of them. Even Simon Cowel seems to have softened a lot recently: could it be the birth of his son that has brought this on?


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      22.05.2013 17:14
      Very helpful



      It has been around for 9 years now and has given lots of people a chance for fame!

      So this is just my opinion on The X Factor its coming to its 10 year milestone this year! But does that mean it's going to get any better? The X Factor has in all fairness had some fantastic contestants throughout the years but it's the same every year, way to serious, never that light hearted and plenty of sob stories. Simon Cowell will do anything in his power to boost viewers and his popularity more than anything.

      The aim of the show as most people to know is to find a star as Louis Walsh would say 'With the whole package' The star who is lucky enough to win the contest at the end receives their own single and a recording contract. Whether there route to fame and stardom takes lift of is a completely different story now.

      The Original Judging Panel started off with Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne. It was a weird panel for sure. Simon would take charge of the panel and Sharon would cause havoc with the Judges and some of the acts. Louis Walsh would use his repetitive lines constantly like 'You just haven't got the X Factor' or 'You're the whole package' or 'You're a star'. The 3 Judges stuck together as a trio for 4 series, nothing about The X Factor changed, the set up of the show would be the same each year, the judges wouldn be the same, the sob stories were all still there and they had to perform in a room with a load of camera crew and the 3 judges, it was this moment that would be make or break for the contestants and my god didn't they act like it was the be all and end all of their lives.

      In series 4 The X Factor had a bit of a revamp to pull in more viewers with an extra judge, and who could it be? Kylie Minogue? No Danni Minogue was introduced to the Panel, Kylie's younger sister that had once tried out a career in the music industry. This brought a bit more action to the panel and the viewers enjoyed it more because there happened to be a few more bickering arguements between the judges than usual.

      Winners of Series 1-4

      Series 1 2004- Steve Brookstein, this year none of the singers were overally talented. They could all sing but none of them really had anything special about them. If you were to ask members of the public now to list all the finalists from this series I expect only 1 or 2 maybe listed with ease. It also shows that this year was one of the worst years for ratings with only a miniscule 7.4 Million viewers. The most dismall series of them all but people had some hope so tuned in to watch the others.

      Series 2 2005- Shayne Ward, definitely more well known then Steve who won the first series of the X Factor. Shayne Ward, an attractive guy with a really catchy single 'That's my goal'. The ratings vamped up a gear in 2005 with over 8.6 million viewers roughly every weekend. The best thing about this series was that the 2 final contestants were so close in votes no one knew which way it was going to swing. This had a lot of controversy around the subject though as people started to think it was a fix. No one is really that remembered from this series which is a shame but it didn't help the show get off to a great start.
      Series 3 2006- Leona Lewis was a phenomenon, typical nervous and withdrawn lady, she has the looks but everyone hoped as she walked into the audition room and greeted the judges she would have a good voice. She started to sing and blew everyone away I can remember her first performance to this day. An incredible singer who went on to win the show and break America after as well as the UK, Although The show did lose a fair few viewers throughout this year and dropped from 8.6 million in 2005 down to 8.2 million. Leona won the show against Ray Quinn with 60% of the final vote. Leona's first really successful single was 'Bleeding Love' which reached number 1 in over 30 countries. The X Factor had reached a real high after this series as such a modest and skilful contestant won the show. Leona in my opinion is by far one of the most unexpected and raw talents the UK have seen in years.

      Series 4 2007- Leon Jackson winner of The X Factor, As there was so much expectation from the show before and after having such an incredible and deserving winner, Viewers once again started to chat more and more about the show. It's one of them programmes if you love it or hate it you still end up watching some of it no matter what you think of it. The final was between Leon and Rhydian the vote came close again and Leon won with 55% of the vote. Kate Thornton was also replaced this year as a presenter by Dermot O'Leary who brought in a lot of female viewers. Brian Friedman also replaced Louis Walsh the dismall judge for the Audition period of the show, but wasn't comfortable doing this and was soon replaced again by Walsh as Brian took his comfortable position make as choreographer. Dannii Minogue was the new judge of the series and went on to win it! I think Leon was the worst winner to come out of The X Factor to date he had no charisma and unfortunately his career just didn't lift off after at all.

      Series 5 2008- Sharon had finally had enough of The X Factor for now and chose to take a step back, or did she just get fired? Who are we to know. Cheryl Cole the nations sweetheart had been brought in to take over her role, the panel now consisting of 4 Judges 2 new and 2 old, it gave The X Factor a fresh look and feeling. Alexandra Burke who was in Cheryl's category won The X Factor this year and wasn't it nice to see a new mentor win again proving they can bring something new to the panel. 'Hallelujah' Alexandra's single had become the fastest selling single of all time. Alexandra was up against some tough competition this year with contestants such as Boy and JLS and Diana Vickers who today are still doing well in the music industry. Alex won with over 58% of the vote this year! But for once a group had finally made it into the Final for the first time. JLS have now gone public with their aim to split at the end of this year after a long time together in the Industry thriving so well. The average amount of viewers that watched this series had beat an X Factor record of over 10 million. In my opinion I think it was because of the fantastic contestants and the 2 new judges Cheryl and Dannii, people thought they were rivals and every week the papers would rate there choice of fashion.

      Series 6 2009- Joe Mcelderry went on to win this series of The X Factor with his mentor Cheryl Cole. This was the first time in The X Factor history that a mentor had one 2 years in a row. Joe Mcelderry did his final duet with George Michael and went on to win the show with a whopping 61%. Funny girl Stacey who acts like a bimbo surprised viewers with her enchanting voice and Olly Murs with his quirky singing and dancing, both of these acts have gone on to do well today. Olly has had a sold out tour and is now the Presenter of The Xtra Factor and Stacey presents Love Machine and also appeared on I'm A Celebrity and went on to win it! The amount of viewers for this series had also bumped up to a massive 13 million that year. Joe in my opinion has faded in the music Industry and would be pefect for theatre productions but not for selling number one singles and albums in the charts. This was also a great year as the audition format had changed from being in a room just with the Judges and the crew to a massive arena full of audience members as well.

      Series 7 2010- Matt Cardle one this series by miles looking at the statistics he won every show every week on votes, except the first week. He was a painter and decorater and surprised the viewers with his soft and mellow voice. He had Dannii as a mentor and went on to win the show with 45% of the vote against Rebecca Ferguson. Although after the show finished Matt's single peaked at number 2 on the charts. The biggest surprise from this series was watching the Boy Band One Direction who had been put together by the judges almost appear from nowhere and shoot to fame. The Boys also managed to break America. They have sold over 14 million singles and 8 million albums. Their newest single that was for Comic Relief reached number one in 63 countries. Out of all of the series this was the best year for rating with just over 14 million. One Direction in my opinion should have won this year but it makes you think if they did win would they be where they are today.

      Series 8 2011- Little Mix won! This is the year that Cheryl and Dannii both left The X Factor and I think Simon paid for this mistake big time! The views dropped this series to 12 million. New Judges Gary Barlow and Tulisa were recruited and Simon also left the show which meant the only regular left was Walsh. Groups had been doomed bad luck in The X Factor and no one would have ever guessed one could go on and win it. But Little Mix a group formed by Judges proved everyone wrong and did exactly that with Tulisa as the mentor. Kelly Rowland also another new judge to the show most well known for her debut with Destiny Child's. This year I personally feel there wasn't a lot of competition they contestants where nothing really special except from Little Mix who had a nice aura about them. They went on to win with 48% of the vote against Marcus Collins. Marcus Collins has recently been performing in Hairspray the tour and I think this is what he is most suited to do with his spectacular dancing and theatrical voice, if it's possible to be too nice to win a show I think this could also be a reason.

      Season 9 2012-James Arthur the winner. The show was on its 9th year and it really needed something doing to it, it was getting boring and people were getting tired of it. James why shy in his first audition but his voice is incredible he performed Tulisa's song 'Young' acapella version which blew the audience and Judges away including Tulisa (She was probably more worried it was better than her version!) Kelly Rowland had also left her judging duties behind her to focus on her career in The UK she was replaced by Nicole Sherzinger former Pussy Cat Doll. Nicole brought some light to the show and the rivalry between her and Gary had started against Tulisa and Louis (Yes Louis still a Judge, god knows why!). The weirdest thing about this series is looking at the stats Chris Maloney the wild card contestant who had a life line from viewers had won the votes every show up until week 7. James had pinched the votes from week 8 all the way up to the final and won with over 53% of the vote, In my opinion he was a deserving winner, I am no way into sob stories but you could tell this meant the world to him and that it was his dream like many others but it wasn't just about winning to him. I just hope he can carry on impressing in the music industry, if he can release anymore songs like 'Impossible' he should be on to a real winner! The ratings for this series had a massive drop from the last series also to 9 million.

      The X Factor has been on for 9 years now, it almost feels like routine to wait around for it to appear on a Saturday night. I know most people's favourite part about it is the auditions as there is a little humour when you see acts that sound tone deaf come onto stage thinking they can sing, or just seeing someone come on stage and trying to predict if they will be good or bad or just incredible. The performances that throw you back in your seat and back your mouth drop open are the most exciting ones and for sure there have been a few contestants throughout the years that have made us do that. But have the right winners one every year? In my opinion and it is only my opinion I'd say most years yes the obvious choice has won but it's nice to see an Underdog win or someone that has dreamt about this every day! I do also have my own suspitions that some of the voting may have been fixed but there is no way to even show if this is true or not. Either way the winners have won now whether they win for the right reason or not they have got a career but if it works is a different story. Like JLS have proved it doesn't matter if you win or just take part put the hard work in and you will find a way through the industry!

      Little Mix are one of my favourite acts from The X Factor they got put together and worked through there differeneces, 4 girls with different personalities. They impressed the public and in all fairness had a good mentor to sale them through that series but they ignored the press and horrible comments and look where it has got them. They all have 4 wonderful boyfriends and fantastic careers as a women I respect them. There have been some amazing acts I cannot deny that, In fact I don't think anyone can but whether they succeed or not after the Talent show is a different story.

      It's coming into the 10th year of the series this year and it has been confirmed Sharon is back, I know it need some sort of revamp but will bringing back old mentors give it a fresh vibe I really am not sure. I do personally think Louis Walsh will have done his course after this year's series and I think he should step down and let someone fresh and talented take his seat. The only Judge's I'd love to see back are Simon because it's his show and he is entertaining to listen to and Cheryl Cole, she clearly knows how to work with young singers as she has done Pop Stars the Rivals before this. Put this naughty duo back together with 2 new judges would be the perfect combination.

      At the end of the day this is just my opinion, People won't always agree with me, I do love tv and I do watch The X Factor every year just to see whats going on and to see some real talented people get involved and make a career for themselves. After all if I could sing I would go on a show like this as it gives you so many opportunities. It's entertaining but it does have a very serious mood once it passes the auditions. If The X Factor could just ease off a little and put a bit of humour into it and fun people would be more inclined to watch it!


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      23.04.2013 17:04
      Very helpful
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      It isn't too bad a show if this is your type of thing

      I have a couple of vague memories from the very first X-Factor. It has been ten years now and, previously to X-Factor, other 'talent' shows had come and gone. Some acts have become famous from them, most didn't or dwindled after a short time. X-Factor seemed doomed to do the same thing and in a way it did.
      It was the same concept, same kind of layout and same style of judge. A winner was announced and he faded from the limelight before the next season had even started. But the show itself prevailed.

      And now here with nationwide auditions taking place for series 10 and the show has evolved into, well, a more evolved version of itself.
      But has the show kept to what it has meant to do in creating a star out fo the winner or is it something completely different nowadays. You could probably count winners who are still going strong on one hand but are there more acts who used and played the show, didn't win but become more famous just for being on it? Who is the real 'winner'?
      Firstly, the owners of the show, like Simon Cowell, are the big winners. The get money thrown at them from advertising, they make money from the sale of songs through Itunes and CD sales etc.
      Secondly, the judges. The judges get paid an extortionate amount to sit there, make comments and give a yes or no and then do a bit of mentoring every now and again. If they lose it doesn't matetr as much, they still get paid.
      Thirdly, the winner. Are they really a winner? Nowadays more effort is put into keeping them famous and keeping sales up but if the public decide they don't like them anymore than that is it, end of act.
      Fourthly, other contestants. Other people taking part still get more time and effort put into them than before. They use the show as a way to get publicity before releasing their own material or becoming a TV star. I mean, look at Rylan. He was hated by everyone but is constantly on TV already. He may be novelty and he may disappear after a while but he will have already made a heap of money that should keep him comfortable for the rest of his life.

      But what do we still like most about the show? A year or two ago the veiwings slipped during the semi-finals and final. Is that because we like the auditions better? Do we prefer the rubbish, the deluded and the downright crazy ones? Or do we switch off if our favourite is voted out? I have done it myself when the only one I liked went after a few shows, most of the others I couldn't stand and was bored with seeing the same acts doing the same songs year after year.
      So what will make you tune in this year? Have you given up yet or do you still hope that one person will step on the stage, say "hi, my name is..." and shine like Leona Lewis or entertain like Olly Murs.

      X-Factor is what it is, the judges are witty and cruel, the acts range from the tone deaf to the marvelous and powerful and the show will midly entertain on a Saturday night infront of the TV. You either love, like to moan about it but still watch or you hate it and will switch off.


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        05.11.2012 16:15
        Very helpful



        Turning off!

        I have been less interested in this series of X Factor as it goes along as there seems to be a misinterpretation of the point of the show. This is mainly notable in the judges approach to it.

        It seems that the only judge who is judging based on the SINGING talent is Gary Barlow. He made a very true remark on last nights show when he said as long as rylan stays in good singers will go out.

        So, how does someone like rylan who does not sing well right form the beginning become so popular. His act is not even good. He finally demonstrates an element of singing talent last night, too little too late if you ask me.

        How is it that they go on about it being about singing but when it comes down to it it is lost amongst the need to have someone who is the joke of the show.

        It seems to me that the problem with this years show is not the acts who are performing but the judges who are paid to judge a singing competition failing to do so. They all say someone is a good singer, has the best voices in the competition but when it comes to the crunch they make the public decide. Cowardice of the highest order! They should have some courage, I would have more respect for them if they said what they thought rather than what they think we want to happen. Maybe if they take it to deadlock they should lose wages! not once has someone gone out on a judges decision this year!

        Maybe they should put the sing off to an audience vote then at least it would be reflected by the atmosphere in the studio. There were distinctive boos last night and how a performer like Kye can go out when he is clearly head an shoulders above Rylan in talent I will never know.

        I don't;t blame Lucy Spraggan for pulling out, I have more respect for her being the person she is than being moulded into something she is not.

        Anyway, Judges, grow a pair and say what you really think. It is a singing show after all.

        Next year they could call it "the x factor, don't worry if you can;t sing, if you have entertainment value we will love you even if you are tone deaf!


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          24.05.2012 01:52
          Very helpful



          One of the top reality shows that we all love to watch / hate ... but still talk about it either way

          This show has been running for years now and is basically a talent contest for members of the joe public to audition for a singing contest. As with other telent competitions, you have to audtion in front of a live audience (which can be cruel at times) and not only the audience, but more importantly your singing in front of 4 judges also. These judges vary over the years from Simon Cowell, Danni Minouge, Sharon Osbourne, Gary Barlow, Tulisa but most importantly the one still standing judge throughout all the years is Louis Walsh.

          Once the judges have decided whether they are through or not, they then have another audtion which is just infront of the fellow contestants, usually it involes singing from a choice of pre-selected songs, and even being put into groups also. From this point then if they make it through here then there through to the judges houses. This is were the catagories are divided and given a mentor (which is also a judge from the previous rounds) Groups, Over 30's, girls & boys; once at the judges houses they get training and guidance from them and a final song to be sang in front of their judge (and a fellow collegue within the industry they trust), if they make it through this final chapter then their through to the live shows.

          In the live shows they sing a song each week, to which there is a public vote off and finally the winner, gets a winning single that will hopefully achieve the christmas No1 in the charts. The benefit to being on the show is it gives you coverage and exsposure; you also benefit from a free holiday if you make it to the judges houeses, and if luckily enough to get through to the final, you get a lovely makeover also.

          The TV Show normally gets massive coverage, and you find most people are normally watching this on Saturday nights. It's light hearted tv that you know it's best to watch as it's what most people will be talking about. The show airs late on in the year, therfore timing it just right so the winner is announced christmas week in time for the exclusive christmas no 1


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          02.12.2011 21:14
          Very helpful



          "You Are The Music While The Music Lasts"

          ** Do programmes such as the X Factor have a positive or negative impact on the music industry? **

          Music is my passion. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. I consider myself an X Factor fan and have watched every series almost religiously. Why? Because I find watching people entertaining. The same as I find it amusing watching people on the tube, or sitting on a bench and watching the world go past. I like a lot of the X Factor contestants but my music collection ranges from Grime to Folk music so I am far from biased.

          ** How The X Factor Works **

          X Factor is controlled and staged by people concerned about making money. They audition people, keeping the somewhat more interesting contestants involved to entertain us. Most of it is created like a puppet show. Yes, entertainment is key, but for the show to make the real mega money, the winner has to actually have some real talent in order to sing, perform and fit into the real music world that is governed by the public.
          From the start, The X Factor has been bombarded with criticism. Yes, as a programme it is getting a bit boring and repetitive. It is and always has been orchestrated and full of disproportionate commercialism. But that is the programme itself. If you decide to watch it, that is your choice. However, the artists still remain pretty impressive.

          ** Not All Handed On A Plate **

          I agree that not all of the X Factor is positive, for example, the winner was once guaranteed a Christmas number 1. This did see the demise of the normal excitement of the Christmas slot. But times have changed and the power of people was very present in 2009 when a Facebook campaign helped swipe the top spot from X Factor.

          It is also important to point out the 'prize' for the winner has now changed. It was automatically a £1million record deal, now it is a prize of £150.000 and the artist will be invested in up to a value of £1million for the first single. In other words, they will pay for the video, the marketing and advertising. But what happens after that is dependent on the public's reaction. They need to build a fan base big enough to keep them in the industry.

          Obviously, no amount of money can guarantee that the artist will become the next Beyoncé or Take That, so there really are no promises. If the public genuinely doesn't take to them and buy their records they will disappear as if they were never there.

          ** Music Has Changed **

          It is also worth adding that the music charts have changed a lot over recent years. Not just down to reality shows, but new technology and amount of music that is now accessible. You don't need to sell as many records to get into the charts. There are new artists popping in and out all of the time. Everyone from manufactured bands to organic solo artists, there are no specific ingredients to be successful.

          If we look in the top 10 singles sold this week, there is a wide mix of musical genres and backgrounds of success. When X Factor 'losers' JLS are number 2 and Cher Lloyd is at number 6 it shows that there is an audience for them. We also have Ed Shereen in the top 10, who has to be one of the greatest contemporary musicians who organically grew into a success. People have embraced their music regardless of where they have originated from.

          ** My Positive Opinion **

          Overall, I think The X Factor has a positive effect on the music world. It allows people to aspire to something and allows normal people who have to work every day to survive, the opportunity to get into the music industry, beyond their local pubs and clubs.

          Generally, good musicians will shine through eventually. X Factor speeds up the process for some and gives others the ability to show people that they can sing. Some make it and some don't. So the show is a bit like marmite, you love it or hate it. But you can't deny that the impact has to be more on the positive side.
          People who say that the X Factor only provides us with pathetic, talentless karaoke singers are not taking into account what some of the participants have achieved. Leona Lewis has sold over 10 million albums worldwide and has had a number 1 in over 32 countries. Alexandra Burke has had 2 Brit nominations and sold over a million copies of her first single. Let's not forget The X Factor was born from another singing talent show 'Pop Idol' which is where Will Young originated from and who is now a well credited pop artist. Not to mention the 'losers' or runners up. G4 have had three platinum selling albums, Olly Murs with his double platinum album and JLS winning over 14 music awards since their time on the show.... I could go on! Not all rubbish then?

          Its overall influence is a positive one, it allows there to be a range of music given to the public. We are not forced to buy or listen to the artists it is all a choice. We have been provided with some amazing singers and songs which we would never have heard otherwise. Leona Lewis, with her amazing voice, would never have been heard while she was a shy, insecure receptionist.

          So what is wrong with opening up the doors for the public to see these people's talents? Now the promise of lifelong success has been taken away this series, those who are truly destined for the music scene and have what it takes will rise and shine.


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            19.11.2011 13:49
            Very helpful



            There is good stuff, but the bad stuff slams on it.

            In the 1990's, you could practically get away with anything and still come across as a marketable music act that could sell millions. Spice Girls for example, well past their peak but still one of the biggest selling girl bands in the world. Their music was silly and the image was over the top. They got movies, video games and everything. Cannibal Corpse also did well. Their music was also silly and the image was over the top, but their music actually got banned in several countries including Germany. At least Cannibal Corpse got featured in one of the Ace Ventura movies.

            People are reading this saying I can't compare a death metal band to a pop girl group because they're so different. So what does me comparing Cannibal Corpse to the Spice Girls have to do with the X Factor? I was just pointing out the weirdness of the 90's and how it influenced several music executives use the dreams of aspiring musicians to make a huge cash cow.

            Not many advertisements for musicians came on the television that much, so at the time it was an interesting concept. Popstars was a start, although that didn't give off any offspring that could last despite the hype. Eventually Pop Idol was born in 2001 which was influenced by Popstars, but they left any remaining contestants in the live shows to have their fate decided by voting members of the public. The fans felt they could create their own pop-star. Head judge Simon Cowell became a mascot for his "I'm not being rude, but you suck," attitude.

            Pop Idol only lasted two seasons, but the concept lived on creating many spin-offs like the X Factor. Which opened the doors to anybody removing the no contestant older than mid-twenties can apply rule.

            These sort of shows do show some good. Some of the performances are absolutely hilarious like the chicken factory dude that performed Barbie Girl and a bunch of other auditions that I can't remember, so I have to look on either youtube or wikipedia to remember them.

            In the show's peak, the show was addictive, compulsive and made people bang their head against the screen. People who loved it where forced to watch it religiously and the people who disliked it had to either be forced to watch it or hide watching Strictly Come Dancing. X Factor became something that everyone in the UK was expected to watch as if it was compulsory.

            The show's format is "debut" auditions in front of the judges (despite already auditioning before hand by other people who decide which people would be entertaining or not on television) -> Boot Camp -> Judge's houses -> Live shows -> Final -> Random post X Factor stunts.

            X Factor tries to cause as much controversy, fuss and hype as possible. Put as soon as X Factor is all over, the hype shatters into a million pieces and comes back around the end of the summer. Now in it's Eighth season, it seems to be long past it's peak. People are starting to see the true corniness of the show now being aware of many other talent shows with the same concept such. All of them where a new tool for the pop factory so any member of the public who think they can be musicians can go through lots of auditions and boot camps. If they're lucky, they may meet the live stages and maybe get a nice record contract.

            X Factor encourages people to buy music which is good considering how there's so much concern about internet privacy. They often hope that the X Factor Winner gets a Christmas Number 1 in the charts. Unfortunately, I don't think it's enough to give a solid positive impact. I think it leaves a negative impact on the music industry because it leaves stale influences onto future generations of music to come. It's had many hyped up artists, but only a teaspoon percent of those hyped artists like JLS, Leona Lewis, Wand Erection and Alexandra Burke actually progressed into credible artists.

            In case you're wondering how much is teaspoon percent... it's under 5 percent and it shrinks within every year because the shows get stale and no one cares about the sob stories anymore.

            There are some X Factor contestants that I've actually liked. I think my favourites were Rhydian Roberts and Diana Vickers because they where so weird and entertaining they came across as unique because there's lots of contestants on the show that steal other acclaimed artist's mojo and claim it as their own. I actually did buy Rowetta's album and a couple of songs from Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis as well.

            Winning the show also doesn't necessarily mean that you'll automatically win strings of number one singles, albums and world tours. Most people know it doesn't work like that, but a lot of aspiring singers believe that just winning this show will give them instant success through default. They're dreaming of all the glory being on stage and all the luxuries they can be exposed to; red carpets, autobiographies, playboy girls, respect and all the free booze in the world.

            It's very common for a contestant of the show to be a one hit wonder. Take Steve Brookstein for example, he won the first series of X Factor. Had a number one hit, an album just a couple of months later and then dropped into obscurity. He claims to earn more money now with pub performances than to what he did with Syco.

            These talent show contestants release some rubbish. Because they did all these glamerous kareoke sessions, there's this mind-frame that original songs is too risky so they think they'll be safe with an album of covers. Like that dick-head who thought it was an excellent idea to put a Jonas Brothers cover in the same album as a John Lennon cover.

            So the X Factor has made positive influence... in Simon Cowell's purse. He looks pregnant with the amount of money he has in his purse. It good for the television industry but it strikes such a negative impact on the music industry. Cher Llyod was heavily influenced by Cheryl Cole, and now she's considered an inspiration to young girls. This is quite worrying to be honest, because their music is lacking in solid emotion, substance and talent dare I say.

            The contestants shouldn't need to worry if they get dropped. Some of them go into Broadway or theatres. Joining exotic metal/rock bands isn't a bad idea idea, just like Ailyn from the first Spanish series of X Factor did. She's the first female vocalist of Sirenia who actually stayed on to do another album, and she is still in Sirenia.

            I think these sort of shows give an inaccurate perception of what working in a music industry is like and more recently we're beginning to see the cracks and how it's not all as glamorous as they make it out to be. As we all know even the judges let some horrific acts through. I think they know exactly what they're doing; they got their cash goggles on and once all the glitz and glamour is gone they realize they where blinded by the cash goggles.

            In my opinion I think these sort of talent shows are killing pop music. The enthusiasm of modern pop music is lacking compared to previous decades where the commercial markets where more open-minded. I think these sort of shows eventually made people lose hope in the music industry, despite bringing out some talented acts, those dreadful acts are the ones that stand out the most. I think commercial music has gradually become a lot more close minded, which is a shame. It's becoming a lot more predictable and if it's too predictable, it gets bland and boring.

            But there are some good things to this as well. It makes people want to discover music from different countries, learn different music cultures, explore different genres. So based on reading my review, you can tell that I'm not a big fan of the X Factor. I have watched previous seasons, but I don't really remember a lot about them. I tend to only watch the bad auditions because I find them funny and I enjoy Simon Cowell's blunt honesty.

            I've heard some of the most recent X Factor performances when I walked into the living room, had to walk back out again. I think X Factor has to rest in peace. A lot of the greatest and my favourite musicians had humble beginnings. There's nothing humble about X Factor. As I've mentioned many times in this review, X Factor is a negative influence on the music industry and it's showing signs of killing pop music to many generations to come.


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              13.11.2011 09:56
              Very helpful



              2011 show has been ruined by the judging panel

              Xfactor 2011

              Everyone knows or at least most know of the Xfactor. But very quickly for those who don't. Xfactor is talent contest for wannabe singers. The show is an elimination process. After auditions 12 acts are divided into 4 categories groups, boys, girls and the overs. Each group is mentored by 1 of the 4 judges. Every week each act performs and is then the public vote to keep there favourite act in the contest, 1 act leaves every week.

              Now 2011 the shows 8th successive year running is well underway. This time with a new judging panel consisting of Tulisa (Ndubz) Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) Gary Barlow (Take That) and Louis Walsh (Music promote from Ireland) Louis is the only remaining judge from the original panel. But I personally feel this will be his last year.

              In my view this show should be about one thing and one thing only; the talent and watching the acts develop each week.

              Unfortunately the 2011 show has completely forgotten this! What is in the papers everyday the antic of the judges and the off screen behaviour of the acts. Nothing about the on stage performance.

              We have seen groups split up an reformed, we have seen a group member drop out and replaced by someone already voted off by the public. Sorry but I think this is wrong!!! The next thing you know we will have an act chosen on appearance to mime alongside an act with a fantastic voice.

              Frankie left of screen, which really I can't blame the lad or the show producers it really was not going well for either parties. However I not being a Take That fan but still I feel that Gary Barlow has been treated unfairly. He is the only judge not to have lost a single act to the public vote yet he has lost an act.

              Kelly Rowland lost Sophie to the public vote and has gained another act, what a joke!! No disrespect to Amelia Lilly... What a sensational rendition of the show must go on. You must put this into perspective the girl is only 17 and that was incredible.

              The worse part of all this was Kelly Rowlands behaviour towards Garry once Amelia was voted back in. Garry had the rite to be a little cocky and smug having 3 acts Kelly did not and I felt it was an unprofessional kick in the nuts to Garry.

              The show has provided some shockers with the departure of Johnny ahead of Kitty Brucknell. Seriously what is that all about? Credit were credit is due Kitty can sing but realistically you need to have the likeability factor which she does not and Johnny did. Johnny has a fantastic unique voice and is a wonderful character.

              But the issue I have with this year's Xfactor is the judges!! If I wanted to watch a soap I would watch Corrie... The only way to explain it is petty arguments only seen in a school playground. These are adults yet none can handle critism and take it ridiculously personal. I mean really Kelly flew to America than could not fly back because of a sore throat? I will let you all judge that one!!

              Louis Walsh... were do you start with Louis? I really believe a lot of what he does is put on for camera. There is no way anyone could be so dam idiotic. Louis launched a vicious attack on Frankie after a bad performance. This is the man who brought the world Jedward, Wagner and attempted to bring us Goldie!!!!!. He has no rite to turn around and tell anyone they can not sing.

              Kelly Rowland, I really don't want to stero type but I don't know how else to explain it. I can not stand all those American isms she uses, completely ridiculous and not necessary. I know she is passionate and credit to her but please stop with those stupid sayings!!

              This is only my opinion on this years show. It has a huge fan base which evidences that people enjoy. But the fact that Strictly Come Dancing beat the show on viewers this year for the first time in 4 years really shows how the show is going down in credibility.

              I am sure a lot of people won't agree with my thoughts but like I say this is my perspective.

              The Xfactor ITV 1 Saturday and Sunday nights.


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                01.02.2011 15:39
                Very helpful



                Horrible, aggressive, multi-directional intrusion into our collective memory

                Morphing into life from numerous early 2000s TV talent shows such as Pop Idol and Popstars, the X Factor first aired in 2004 and has dominated TV ratings in Britain ever since. Whilst talent shows are nothing new, with the like of 'Opportunity Knocks' and the often terrifying 'New Faces' being popular in the 1970s and 80s, the X Factor takes the exploitative nature of the talent contest to new depths of tastelessness.

                The format of the show is fairly straightforward. Self-appointed arbiter of good taste Simon Cowell produces the show, and acts as one of the mainstays in a panel of judges comprising of so-called music experts, most recently including Lousi Walsh, Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/delete as appropriate. Members of the public audition to progress through the various stages, with their hopes of becoming a pop star and gaining a recording contract hinging on the approval of the judges, and, ultimately, the votes of the watching public. You will most likely have seen the show; this review is intended to be a bit more of a review of its impact as a cultural phenomenon.

                Given that it has run consecutively for six years, it is still quite astounding that every year the show rears its glitzy head, swarms of people meet the roving X Factor entourage as they bustle into their city to vet the latest crop of wannabe pop-stars. Have none of these people seen the show before? Have they not noticed how gruelling and unpleasant even the initial stages of the show seem? An irrepressibly cheery Dermot O'Leary meets contestantls with either genuine encouragement, or thinly veiled, deadpan sarcasm as the hopeful and the hopeless alike degrade themselves in front of the judges.

                What isn't revealed in these opening shots of queues of thousands is the separate screening process. This filters out the truly awful, deluded types who will quite unwittingly fling themselves into Youtube notoriety, having been falsely encouraged at numerous stages, only later to be told by Simon Cowell that, despite his 'not wishing to sound rude', that they're the worst singer this side of Mrs Miller and should consider being muted by a vet for the sake of the neighbours. This is the first shot of cynicism that we see, and it is a staple of every series of the show. It's hard to know where the fault lies; is it with Cowell's duplicity in luring them to national humiliation? Or the tone-deaf friends and families who have encouraged such dire singers to audition in the first place? Or is it with the contestants, who have just not bothered investing in singing tuition (which is often derided as 'cheating' by the gutter press) and recording equipment to see just how off-key they really are? Whatever the cause, it's the 21st century equivalent of parading the village idiot for us all to exercise our lust for schadenfreude.

                So far, so grotesque. Yet whilst the DVD player and freeview are the TV viewer's saviour from all this during the first month or so of broadcast, the X Factor really gets into its stride when the latest crop of moribund karaoke singers has been chosen for the elimination rounds. Over the years, the X Factor has enjoyed a reign over popular culture and media that is part organic, and part manufactured. The media storm that surrounded Cher Lloyd, Wagner and all the rest in the last installment was so intense that it couldn't have been quelled even if the Royal Family had come out as cross-dressing Stalinists, joined a UFO cult and revoked the US Declaration of Independence. It's all rather transparent, with the quite clearly scripted feuds and gossip that surrounds the show being generated from within. If the show ever goes bump, Cowell could no doubt land himself a job as the next Alistair Campbell.

                This is why the X Factor is so bloody awful - it gets everywhere. Like some unstoppable, man-made media fungus it oozes into every corner of everyday life. Switch on the news, and there's some coverage of a spat between Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. The BBC website covers it. Pick up a can of pop and there will be some competition to win tickets to the live recording of the show. And I really wouldn't recommend looking at about 80% of printed media in a newsagent. In my current city of Liverpool, posters splattered every other shop window urging me to 'Vote Rebecca', and even demented zealots of her cause barked the same order through a megaphone on the street corner the night before the finals. The argument of 'if you don't like it, don't watch it' doesn't really hold much water when you're bombarded from every angle with X Factor trivia and merchandise.

                Personal trauma aside, this show is inexorable. The musical output of this show is forgettable and mediocre. The frenzy surrounding the launch of the latest starlet is quite disproportionate to the musical quality produced. Of course, the music world 'proper' is no stranger to hype and overrated artists (as subjective as that is), but these singers are essentially karaoke singers at heart, capable of neither invention nor improvisation. Would any fan of the show and its singers really have their adrenalin levels sent into stratospheric overload if they heard Leon Jackson at their local pub 12 months before his victory? I doubt it. And on the other hand, it's equally doubtful that someone as quirky and creative as, say , Kraftwerk would make it through the preliminary stages of this show. And whilst Leona Lewis may have perfect pitch and a phenomenal range, there are myriad session singers who are her equal in this way.

                So then, does the X Factor find musicians who have this elusive 'X Factor'? No, almost certainly not. This is not a programme about musical talent, but media hype, cruel spectacle and, ultimately, fame. Like that other shameful TV product of the decade, Big Brother, this is a vapid celebration of the celebrity status that can be achieved by appearing on the X Factor, not a celebration of music. It seems that the recording contract offered to the winner is an afterthought. Heat magazine interviews and the talk-show sofa beckon, rather than the chance to cut original, provocative albums. As such, it's quite a useful sociological tool which will most likely be used as an example of just how cretinous a large chunk of our 21st century culture is.

                The X Factor has been adopted in over 30 countries, and shows no sign of slowing down. It is of interest only as a measure of societal values and cultural direction, rather than any stimulation to those with an interest in music as a form of expression or creativity. Hopefully it will die off soon, as the silent majority voiced their views by sending 'Killing in the Name' to number one in 2009, but I think it will be here to violate our televisions and airwaves and towns for a fair few years yet. But at least now January is a month to look forward to, as it brings with it a welcome silence from X Factor mania...

                P.S. Our TV stations are beaming this show into space. I really hope the aliens aren't tuned in to see this vacuous spectacle, or they might just give the go-ahead for that hyperspace bypass.


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                  14.11.2010 22:43
                  Very helpful




                  As this is a dooyoo lounge discussion review, I shan't be commenting on the show itself, the format or any of that. You can check some stunning reviews already. Instead, I'll be commenting on this recent X Factor Scandal involving Wagner, Cher and Katie Waissel.

                  So Katie Waissel has been saved for a third time in a row on this year's X Factor; the show is this year's biggest joke. Firstly, how Wagner and Cher Lloyd are still in the competition is beyond me. My friends describe the former as the John Sergeant of Strictly, whilst the second is like Cheryl Cole in Captain America. With a quarter of the acts left being complete jokes, and "potential winner" Aiden recently ousted, what is still making this show so popular?

                  The quick answer is just that. The success of a show such as this relies heavily on the viewers, and given their votes are extremely important, the producers would do anything they could to keep the ratings up and the phones ringing, which is potentially both the problem and solution to this year's X Factor.

                  The tremendous publicity surrounding Cher Lloyd, Wagner and now Katie Waissel is what keeps this show going, and no doubt the producers want to keep it that way. So what do they do? They keep these acts in for as long as possible, as we've evidently seen tonight.

                  Of course, eliminating Aiden Grimshaw over Katie Waissel will stir outrage in the public, which will continue to drive people to watch the show, and hence more ratings, more voting (as people are desperate to save their favourite acts) and more money for ITV. It's very clever really... and it really is a win win situation, except for the contestants. I mean, we get good entertainment, ITV makes money and the judges make money, but the acts who beleived they could win are thrown about like pawns in a game of chess. Who cares about their feelings or their dreams?

                  The only contestants left in the show who really could win are Matt Cardle, Rebecca and potentially One Direction. Everyone apart from those three, plus the publicity gainers Katie, Cher and Wagner are collateral damage. If Katie ends up in the bottom two with Paige or Mary, Katie will no doubt be saved. The problem only arises if Katie, Wagner or Cher end up in the bottom with each other.

                  I don't believe the winner is fixed in the sense they are driving Katie to win, but they are definitely using her to generate more publicity, like this blog post right here. The more people talking about her or the show, the more likely people are going to tune in... however, they will undoubtably oust her when they truly have to obtain the respectable winner so as not to tarnish the show's reputation.

                  NOTE: As much as I "like" Katie (she's from Pinner, where I live), she doesn't deserve to stay if Aiden has to go.

                  UPDATE: The show is really only an "entertaining" reality show; If you want to be a popstar, you have a bigger chance striking a record deal by performing on Youtube.

                  UPDATE 2: In response to some of the comments, I do agree that Katie doesn't have the worse voice (I prefer her over Wagner and Cher) but when she is in the bottom two against someone obviously better than her, she still gets saved, which makes it extremely frustrating.


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                    07.10.2010 03:38
                    Very helpful



                    Some talentless other pretty awesome!

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ 7th October 2010 ~~~~~~~~~~

                    So it's on our screens again and I must say I am quite shocked at Cheryls choice in contestants!

                    The basis of this show, for those who don't know, is for Simon Cowell to earn loads of money and get even better known that what he already is. Nah, it's to find the person with the X Factor and hopefully get the Number 1 slot in the Christmas music charts.

                    The show goes through various stages in the search and people from all over the country turn up and give a performance. Some of these people must be tone deaf as they certainly can not sing! In fact I have heard better sounding squealing cats than some of these!

                    The show has 4 usual panelists ~

                    Simon Cowell
                    Louis Walsh
                    Cheryl Cole
                    Danni Minogue

                    Simon Cowell, Music producer, high trouser wearing, sharp tongued, quick witted, he is best known on the show for his high critisim of contestants. He certainly isn't shy about giving his opinion.

                    Louis Walsh, Music manager, takes on the underdog (think Jedward), he is the manager of Westlife and although he isn't as harsh in his critism as Simon he still makes his opinion heard.

                    Cheryl Cole, found fame through a talent show herself - Popstars the rivals, she has experience in this area and has had the overall winner for the last few years running. She speaks from the heart and although doesn't show much cristism she still isn't shy about saying NO!

                    Dannii Minogue, sister of Kylie. She has missed this years auditions due to her maternity leave (congratulations) but is back to mentor her group. She gives honest views but has made a few bad song choices in the past for her contestants.

                    So, this year the auditions have been and gone, and we have been greeted with numerous stand in judges due to Dannii's absence and then Cheryls when she had Malaria. The guest judges certainly added a bit more to the show and made it more fun to watch, my particular favourite was Katy Perry, altogether the guest judges were ~

                    Gerri Halliwell of Spice Girl fame
                    Natalie Imbruglia of Neighbours fame
                    Katy Perry of 'I kissed a girl and I liked it' fame
                    Pixie Lott of 'all the boys & the girls, they got it going on' fame
                    Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls fame

                    After the applications and auditions procedure came Boot camp.
                    This is where the 211 acts were taken down to 108.

                    The boys had to perform ~ Man in the Mirror
                    The girls had to perform ~ If I were a boy
                    Over 25's ~ Pokerface
                    Groups ~ Nothing's gonna stop us now

                    We also saw the Over 25's changed to Over 28's.

                    We also learned that Simon has the Groups, Louis the Over's, Dannii the Boy's and Cheryl the Girls.

                    The contestants had to be whittled down again and after hearing them sing one last time in their respective places of either Australia, Spain, Ireland and Berkshire the eliminated 20 acts are the following ~

                    Boys: Karl Brown, Marlon McKenzie, Tom Richards, Paije Richardson, and John Wilding

                    Girls: Keri Arrindell, Annastasia Baker, Trecy Cohen, Gamu Nhengu, Raquel Thomas

                    Over-28s: Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, Stephen Hunter, Justin Vanderhyde, Yuli Minguel, and Elesha Moses

                    Groups: Diva Fever, Husstle, Princes and Rogues, The Reason, and Twem

                    The finalists are ~

                    Boys (Minogue)~ Matt Cardle, Nicolò Festa, Aiden Grimshaw

                    Girls (Cole)~ Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel

                    Over-28s (Walsh)~ John Adeleye, Mary Byrne, Storm Lee

                    Groups (Cowell)~ Belle Amie, F.Y.D., One Direction

                    These will all be performing for the final winning place in the live finals shown on ITV 1 on the weekends.

                    I was so surprised at the acts Cheryl has chosen to put though. I thought that Katie and Cher both messed up, really quite badly and as much as I think Cher has a certain swagger about her and I really like her, I don't think she truly deserved her place. I understand that she had tonsilitus but had Simon had been mentoring the Girls I feel Cher would never have got through. I really hope she performs well as I do like her. Katie on the other hand was pretty average and did nothing to improve her voice, when she couldn't handle it, she cried! Gamu was truely excellent, I loved her from her first audition and thought she was worthy for the place. I also really liked another one, who had got to this stage before, she had a brilliant powerful voice and she could have done so well.

                    This is going to be a review I update weekly as I feel that is what is needed, please check back and give your opinions (if you watch it, never mind if you have better things to do lol!!)

                    Great weekend watching material!


                    Before I update for this week I thought I would look at past shows and see what has happened to the previous winners and where they are now ~

                    Steve Brookstein won the first X Factor, his first single reached No.1 but he failed to produce a second and was subsequently dropped by Sony BMG after just one year.

                    Shayne Ward was the shows second winner, That's My Goal was a Christmas No. 1 and held the position for 4 weeks. His second single reached No. 2 and his third reached No. 14 in the UK charts.
                    His album simply named Shayne Ward went platinum after selling 520,000 copies in the UK and 200,000 worldwide.

                    Leona Jackson was the third winner, she was always going to do well, A Moment like this broke records when it was downloaded 50,000 times within 30 minutes of it's release. She became an international star after signing a £5million contract with American J Records. She has already won several awards.

                    Leon Jackson was the forth person to win. His first single reached No.1 and his second No. 3. He was also dropped by Sony BMG.

                    Alexandra Burke was the fifth winner and she deserved it, she broke Leona's record when her first single Halleujah sold 105,000 copies in it's first day. She has gone on to release singles and albums. The latest single being Start without you.

                    Joe Mcelderry was last years winner and I don't know much about him to be honest. His first single reached No.1 and he has been nominated for 2 awards.

                    The seventh winner of the show ~~~~~~~

                    TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!

                    Saturday 9th October ~ First Live Show!

                    So, there's a twist in the wild card choices tonight, the judges have been given the opertunity to chose a wild card choice each. I think the main reason for this, is that Simon was unhappy with the choices made by all judges.
                    Simon chose Diva Fever.
                    Dannii brought back Paije Richardson.
                    Louis chose Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho.
                    Cheryl has chosen

                    FYD opened the show tonight with Billionaire. They gave a good fun performance although I do feel there is room for improvement.
                    They received critism and praise from the judges and as he always does with his singers, Simon stuck up for them.

                    Matt Cardle was second to perform, with When Love Take's Over. He gave an outstanding performance. I feel he could be the winner!!
                    I think he has a fantastic voice and it's so nice to see him performing on stage. I think he has an R.E.M. sound about him.
                    He received praise from the judges although Simon did say he want's him to believe in himself more.

                    John Adeleye was next with One Sweet Day. He has a great voice although I don't think the song did him justice. He did however give it everything he has. He received praise from the judges for his voice but Simon rightly argued the choice of song. Louis however defended his decission and felt it was right. I agree with Simon.

                    Rebecca Fergerson was the forth the perform with Teardrop. She looked and sounded fabulous, she has a brilliant powerful voice. She was praised by all four judges.

                    Fifth to perform was Storm Lee. He sang We Built This City on Rock & Roll.
                    he came out on a raised platform with some weird eye make-up on. He also had to fall backwards from the platform into the arms of the dancers. The song suited his voice and he performed it well. He received critism for his performance but was also told by Dannii that he performed it well. Louis stuck up for him. The judges thought he sang well but the performance was over the top.

                    Next up to sing was Belle Amie with Airplanes, I like how Simon gets to pick the newest song released!!
                    I don't think the song really suited the girls, they also had an odd look, like they had just been thrown together there and then.
                    The judges disagreed with my opinion! Did I hear them correctly, Yeah OK they can sing without a doubt, but this song didn't show that!

                    Cher Lloyd was the next to perform, I had been anticipating this as I was so hoping for her to redeem herself........ And she did!
                    She strutted onto stage with her usual swagger and proved she can sing aswell as rap.
                    Praise was received by all.

                    Simon's wild card choice was next ~
                    Diva Fever were brought back, it was a very camp performance, where they changed into lycra short behind a makeshift screen. They would make great karaoke singers! It seemed like only one half of the duo was actually singing.
                    The judges loved them for the fun factor.

                    Dannii's wild card was next ~
                    Paije Richardson. He just has the most incredible voice, why he wasn't put through in the first place I'll never understand. He didn't have any nor did he need any backing dancers as he is incredible enough to perform alone. He deserves his place. A very soulful singer.
                    Praised by all judges.

                    Katie Waissel was next, she looked awful and gave an average performance. I think she has an ok/average voice but she did give it her all, it wasn't the best performance of the night for me. She was praised for her originality and the judges sis like her.

                    Next to sing was Mary Byrne, this week she has been suffering from laryngitis. This didn't stop the powerfulness of her amazing voice. She performed brilliantly and looked great. She sang A Man's World. My partner has liked her to a female Tom Jones!!
                    She was overcome with emotion from the crowds cheers. Everyone seemed to love her.
                    The judges praised her with Dannii saying it was the strongest vocal performance of the show.

                    Nicolo was next with Just Dance. Not the best of performances, I don't really think he deserves his place there, there were better singers than him. The need for all the backing dancers was greatly needed, thye helped take some attention away from him.
                    Mixed reaction from the judges.

                    One direction were next with Viva La Vida. Sounded great together, it has worked in their favour being created into this boy band by Simon Cowell, they looked great, sounded great and worked well together. They simply mesh well.
                    They were praised highly by the judges.

                    Louis Wild card came next ~
                    Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho. I think he is there for the entertainment value. Yes he is able to sing-songs he knows, not too good with those he doesn't. He did however play the bongos!! The judges felt the same by the sounds of things!!
                    Simon called the performance BONKERS!!!

                    Aiden Grimshaw was next, he gave a strange performance yet he has a great voice. When he first came on I thought he was in a straight jacket!! Brilliant voice, great choice of song.
                    Received praise from all judges.

                    Cheryls wild card choice was next ~
                    Treyc Cohen. I think Cheryl chose well here, she has a brilliant voice, very strong, very emotional. She looked and sounded great and deserved her place in the live finals. She was given praise by all. With Simon saying it was the best performance of the night!


                    Ok I have been lacking in this so now I will do a quick update, I only caught a little of last nights show (30th October) so will have to add more to this later on. I did see Cher's performance and I think she was amazing, really haunting and a perfect Halloween song choice, she really proved she can sing and she was great.

                    So far we have seen the departure of FYD, Nicolo, Diva Fever, Storm Lee and John Adeleye.
                    I was quite sorry to see John and Storm leave as I felt they had more to give, I don't think Louis Walsh helped John in anyway what so ever. His song choice was so completely wrong and unfortunatly this has led to him being voted off.

                    The show is progressing nicely and Cheryl's performance on the show last week was also great....
                    Michael Buble was better, but I am biased as I think there is no better than him lol!!

                    That's me done for now, but I will be back soon with more!!


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                      16.07.2010 09:23
                      Very helpful



                      The kind of thing you watch when nothing else is on, and feel slightly dirty after doing so.

                      If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to work for it. Everybody knows that. It's a cold fact of reality.
                      Unfortunately, it's a cold of fact of reality that the X Factor has never come to terms with, treating the music industry like some kind of automated fame dispenser, for people willing to sacrifice their dignity in exchange for temporary recognition.
                      Personally, I have no problem with people debasing themselves in the name of showbiz. After all, it's their choice. What I have a problem with is people debasing themselves in the name of showbiz, without actually knowing it.
                      The X Factor is like pub karaoke. A nationwide version of pub karaoke, overseen by a collection of grinning goons that know as much about talent as a starfish knows about quantum physics. A medieval stock, designed for people who actually care about music, and think they can sing it, whilst everyone else sniggers at them when they break down thanks to Cowell's tactless brand of scum-splattered smuggery.
                      It's essentially a dream furnace. And I, having enormous respect for people with dreams, think it's horrible.

                      Now usually I'd write my review as one long paragraph of verbose bile, but in this case I'm going to make an exception. The X Factor irritates me so much I've decided to cover it in three different sections, underlying the main villains in this gauche money-grabbing farce.

                      1) The judges.

                      I wonder, what does it require to be an X Factor judge? Do they actually hold interviews for them, or do they just trawl the lowest depths of the industry and take what bobs up? In case of Cowell and Walsh, that has to be the case.
                      They infuriate me, like no living organism has infuriated me before, although for entirely separate reasons. I dislike Cowell because of his self-assured attitude towards, well, everything. Compounded by the fact that he himself doesn't have any talent, just bullies it. Walsh is very much the same, but worse, simply because anyone who was responsible for creating Westlife and Boyzone has no right to be that smug. It's the musical equivalent of building the 'Little Boy' atomic bomb.
                      Then there's Danii Minogue. Or is it Daniiiiiiiii? I have no idea. Whilst she's nowhere near as detestable as cantankerous Cowell and his giggling sidekick, she's just as annoying, which is quite a feat for someone with a macromolecular personality. True, she's not a bully. Just predictable. Whether it be reacting with surprise when someone opens their mouth and, low and behold, sound comes out, or bursting into tears for no justifiable reason. Ugh.
                      In fact, the only judge I actually like is Sharon Osbourne. Unlike the others she actually treats the X Factor as what it's supposed to be: a launching platform for aspiring singers, rather than a televised whipping festival. Besides, anybody who can manage Ozzy, professionally and personally, deserves at least some respect.

                      2) The sob stories

                      Why is it that talent and tragedy seem to go hand in hand? 'This is Bloggs McBloggs, fighting for a record deal. But that's not all. Until recently, he was fighting against CANCER!'
                      Now I'm not insulting the contestants. Life, as we know, is full of heartbreak, and my sympathy goes out to all unfortunate enough to face it. But what the hell has that got to do with a singing contest?
                      It's not like you go down to your local talent show, and the announcer says 'this is David, and today he'll be singing Radio Gaga. By the way, his grandmother's dead.'
                      It's human interest again. Raising its tactless head in an already tactless show.
                      Is it not enough for them to just sing, without some nosy researcher spreading their personal life all over ITV? Apparently not.
                      Of course, it's interesting to note that only the good ones get sob stories. The atrociously bad ones just get laughed at, kicked in the arse, and metaphorically tarred and feathered. Maybe brow beating a bereaved contestant is a step too far, although I struggle to believe it. After all, this is X Factor. There's no such thing as a step for far. Just a series of running leaps into tasteless infinity.

                      3) The pointlessness of it all.

                      So you've won X Factor. Well done. Glitter, strobe lights and nauseating montages all round. Now get going on that single, and prepare for the glorious life that lies before you. Yeah, right.
                      Let's be honest, how many of the winners are still in the public eye? A couple?
                      It's like they go through this soul-lacerating ritual for the privilege of releasing just one song, before the public utterly forgets about them, as if their personality has a best before date.
                      Is it possible that they were another hapless pawn in the chess game of media consumerism? Use once, then dispose?
                      Of course they were.
                      Funnily enough its always the losers, not the winners, who seem to survive, which I find cruelly poetic.
                      Take Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent. She came second and is making millions, whereas Diversity is now resigned to switching on lights and flogging T-mobile.
                      Do I understand it? Not at all. Maybe that's how showbiz works, at least in this rather ungainly format.
                      The losers win and the winners lose. How zen.


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                        08.06.2010 21:04



                        A great programme for the whole family but seems to have gone downhill recently.

                        I've been watching X Factor for a number of years now and always seem to find it interesting and enjoyable to watch. I think some of the contestants are really good and others, well, are not so good!

                        The audition stages are the best but I think since they have been doing it on stage, it doesn't quite have the same effect of it being an audition, it looks too staged for me.
                        I think the judges are amazing, especially Simon as he is so honest and that is what life needs, a good honest person!
                        All my friends watch X factor and it is really addictive to watch as we all know we want to be on stage in front of millions of people! Recently though, I think it has gone down hill as it gets a bit too repetitive at times and it gets too obvious who the winner is during the end of the show, which is a shame.


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                          03.06.2010 19:20
                          Very helpful



                          Why aren't people fed up with this yet?

                          If you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years you may be unfamiliar with the 'cultural phenomenon' known as The X Factor. The premise is that Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and an assortment of other judges scour the UK for the next big star. Essentially it is a glorified talent show where contestants perform songs in various styles and each week one performer is voted off the show by the public. The show holds open auditions and much of the 'entertainment' of the early shows is in watching the deluded and talentless contestants disgrace themselves.

                          If you have been hiding under a rock and have somehow managed to escape this media beheamouth, please do me a favour and take me with you!
                          When will people tyre of this inane drivel? It's just lazy, lazy television isn't it? Lets not kid ourselves that anyone who wins the X Factor is actually going to forge a decent career in the music industry (or in any way deserves to). They are pretty much guaranteed 1 number 1 single and that's it, as soon as they are off the TV every body forgets about them. And why is it always the same drippy, soppy, generic type of person that wins these shows? Will Young, Gareth Gates, David Sneddon, are these really the best musicians in the country? (I know David Sneddon was on Fame Accademy but it's all the same thing really).

                          This show is not about seeking out and supporting new talent. It is about filling Simon Cowells wallet with an endless stream of cool, crisp bank notes. How much money are they raking in from this? It costs £1 every time you vote and they don't even guarantee to count your vote if your stupid enough to call after the cut off time (oh, they'll still charge you though!).

                          In my opinion this is without doubt THE worst thing to appear on British TV in the last 10 years. I really can't understand its popularity. As if we needed more vapid, generic and forgettable pop stars churned out by the barrowful. I wouldn't mind but these type of shows seem to be everywhere, clogging up the air waves with this mindless drivel. Enough is enough, surely! It feels like this show is never off air. I absolutely hate and abominate it! If I could give it 0 out of 5 I would, but I will have to make do with a very generous 1 out of 5!


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                            01.06.2010 13:36



                            Good family fun

                            The X Factor is similar to Britains got Talent and for 2009 even changed the audtions process to the same as Britains got Talent , by putting the auditioneers in front of t live audience, this program however is only interested in singing talent. They have 4 judges for this show normally Louis Walsh , Cheryl Cole , Danni Minogue and Simon Cowell. After the audtion process the lucky few have to go to boot camp and do it all over gain , at the end of this process each of the judges get a category to mentor , Groups , 16 -25 , Girls and boys. They then get to go the judges houses for some further autions where they pick their favourites for the live shows, some of them i must admit do surprise me as to why they are even on this show in the first place, but i suppose these judges no what they are looking for and it has produced a fair amount of talent such Leona Lewis who is a big hit on this side of the pond and in the US, and not to mention the lovely JLS who are a very talented young boyband. Alexandra Burke as also become some what of a superstar doing duets with the likes of flo rida. Whilst they are making money out of the show they will continue to create the show, after all Simon Cowell and single handedly but ITV's bank balance in the black, and they would pay to keep him.


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