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Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

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40 Reviews
  • Not a good example of what the BBC are capable of- only for specific age group also
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    40 Reviews
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      03.12.2010 12:16
      1 Comment



      Satirical light adult entertainment

      A story revolving around a group of early 20 somethings, based in the town of Runcorn in Northern England,

      the show was written by susan nixon, and was broadcast on the bbc and then released to dvd 8 series have been produced so far with musical specials and a horror spoof special,

      there were 8 series in total with a comic relief special and a final 2 part aftermath series.

      the main characters were

      Gary "Gaz" Wilkinson (Played by Will Mellor)
      Janet Keogh (Played by Sheridan Smith)
      Donna Wilkinson (Played By Natalie Casey)
      Louise Brooks (Played by Kathryn Drysdale)
      Jonny Keogh (Played by Ralf Little series 1-6)
      Flo Henshaw (Played by Beverley Callard series 1-3)
      "Munch" Wilkinson (Played by Lee Oakes series 3-5, 7)
      Tim Claypole (Played by Luke Gell series 7)
      Wesley Presley (Played by Thomas Nelstrop seires 8)
      there are a few other regular extra's such as arthur and the bar maid in the earlier series of the show

      The show starts with janet and johny as a couple and focuses on there story as a couple up untill when jonny dies after being eating by a shark in the start of series 7, he doesn't make an apperance in the epsiode but the focus is around his death. the final episodes are related to gaz donna and janets triangular relation ship and gaz must decide which one to be with.

      there are to pubs in the show which are a main focal point of the show the archer hotel (the boys pub)and the mayhew ( the girls pub)

      the show is avery slapstick humour based and is very funny light entertainment


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        03.10.2010 20:08
        Very helpful



        I think this is one of those where you either love it or hate it

        Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps follows the lives of 5 twenty-something year olds.

        The five main characters in the show are:

        Johnny - a loveable fool who is a little stupid and struggles to grasp the conecpt of most things. He has a strange obsession with biscuits and refuses to look work.

        Janet - Johnny's one true love. She works at the local bakery and spends most of her time slaving after Johnny. She is fun and very beautiful.

        Donna - Janet's best friend. She has a very foul mouth but is determined to make something of her life.

        Gaz - Donna's boyfriend. Your typical man, obsessed with sex. He is a mechanic and spends most of his spare time in the pub.

        Louise - Definately the most annoying character! It seems as though none of the other actually like her and she just tags along. She is obsessed with money and materialistic things.

        Throughout the series we see the characters relationships with each other, and with others, become stronger and break down. We follow them through marriage and affairs; Love and hate; Break ups and makes ups. Even pregnancy and death!!
        You definately fall in love with the characters and have the ones that you love and hate. If you follow it properly, after 2 series you will empathise with the characters and feel that you know them. After this, you will start to laugh, and even cry, with them!

        Although I am a huge fan of Two Pints, I can see how some can struggle to understand the programme. A lot of it is very far fetched and the idiocy of the characters can push someone to the limit. I think this is definately one you will either love or hate!

        I followed the show for 7 series, I think there are now 8 or 9 series, and fell in love! However, I have heard the that final series was very different to the others and a lot of people were very disappointed.


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          24.12.2009 14:25
          Very helpful
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          Inconsistently funny show

          Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is a show that I have very mixed feelings about. It is often quite funny, but it's also very inconsistent with its comic style and tone, and has by now been dragged out to interminable length, with a ninth season being promised next year. I hope I'm not alone in being a bit tired with the show now, if only because the writing has become stagnant and the situations have become increasingly more absurd in recent seasons, with odd characters deaths and a frankly down-right strange live episode.

          The show deals with the lives of five twenty-somethings, debating their live in the scope of love, sex, relationships, and the contentedness of their working lives. Here are the characters:

          Jonny Keogh - the protagonist for the most part, and a bumbling baffoon of a man who is something of a layabout, but he is devoted to his wife Janet. He was famously shot by a policeman who believed he had a concealed weapon when it was, in fact, a Crunchie bar. However, he was strangely killed off a few seasons ago when a shark ate him...

          Janet Keogh - Jonny's rather gorgeous wife, she is a bit air-headed but loves Jonny, and at one point even has a baby with him. She is quite a girly girl but she is fairly charming, but falls to pieces when Jonny dies and oddly ends up trying to get with Gaz...

          Gaz - a mechanic and typical blokey-bloke, he likes sex, curry, and beer like so many men, and is in an on-off relationship with Donna. He has had some famous outings, such as becoming "Fat Gaz" and then masturbating himself back to health.

          Donna - the most straight-laced girl who knows what she wants, and has no shame about it. She has a very promiscuous mother who can be said to have inspired her own tawdriness, but she is good at heart and loves Gaz.

          Louise - the oddball character of the show who has an insanely annoying high-pitched voice and acts like a child for the most part. She is generally the worst-written and least popular character, I imagine.

          The show is often quite funny, but it also suffers from an inconsistent laugh ratio, and often is virtually laughless despite its attempts. Also, it has well and truly been dragged through the mud in recent years with its increasingly absurd storylines.


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            31.10.2009 15:33
            Very helpful



            Not for everyone, but worth a watch as it makes me chuckle sometimes :o)

            This is one of those like it or hate it programs I think, and I'd say I like it. I don't love it, but at the same time, I'll gladly put this on and have a giggle.

            Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps is a British sitcom from the BBC which was first aired back in 2001. It's not exactly a 'proud to be British' film, well, perhaps it is for some, but it's quite stereotypical and easy to relate to for most.

            The program is based in Runcorn, Cheshire, and focuses on the lives of 5 20-30yr olds. These key characters are:

            Will Mellow - Gaz Wilkinson
            Sheridan Smith - Janet
            Natalie Casey - Donna Wilkinson
            Kathryn Drysdale - Louise Brooke
            Ralf Little - Johnny Keogh

            Unfortunately, Ralf left after series 6 following quite a bizarre exit! So there's now 4 main characters, who we see in their everyday lives as they socialise, down many drinks in the local pub and encounter life's ups and downs.

            This is a comedy program, but it's humour that may not necessarily appeal to all. There's a lot of sillyness and rudeness, with sexual references and quips. It may be slightly tacky and less-intelligent humour than other shows on the box, but it makes for easy viewing. It's light-hearted and requires little brain power to watch it, which is quite a big appeal when you want nothing more than to watch some mindless tv and relax.

            There are also more serious storylines that often reflect issues most of us will face at some point, such as relationship troubles and babies. With heartbreak and death dotted between the jokes, there's enough seriousness to provide the show with some balance. It also means we see different sides to the characters, and are consequently able to identify with them and warm to them.

            I think most people would probably say this isn't a high quality program, which I guess I would agree with. However, I think this is the point. It's supposed to be ordinary, and this is the effect that appeals to its viewers.

            It must be doing something right at it's still running in 2009 with two special episodes, and there's been rumour that a 9th series will follow in 2010. I'm not sure how true that is, but I wouldn't mind checking out a new series. As time has gone on, I think some of the appeal of the show may have been lost on me, but I've been able to warm to the characters enough for them to still make me smile when watching the program.

            This is shown on BBC channels, so there are often repeats if you have sky/freeview, and I think it should also be available on Iplayer. For hardcore fans out there, DVDs are also available to buy.

            Whilst this may not be something I would want to collect on DVD, it's an easy-going program with warm characters and a comical edge that makes me chuckle.


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              25.10.2009 08:24
              Very helpful
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              Watch it, you know you want to!

              Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps started in February 2001, It is shown on BBC3 and is also available on DVD. So far there have been 8 series of this fantastic comedy.

              The main characters are Gaz Wilkinson (Will Mellor) a sex mad stud, Johnny Keogh (Ralk Little) a biscuit loving bum, Louise (Katherine Drysdale) squeaky posh girl, Janet (Sheridan Smith) a ladette who drinks and smokes to much and Donna (Natalie Casey) another ladette that secretly wants better for herself. They are a group of 20 something friends living in runcorn whos lives aren't really going anywhere (except to the Archer pub and back!).

              Throughout the series as well as the main characters there have also been other unforgetable characters that have made an appearance like Flo (Donnas mothers) - A middle age sex mad women that likes the look of her daughters man. Munch (Gaz'z half brother) - Dim-witted idiot, Kelly - female munch,

              Although now being at the 8th series the comedy is not as good as the earlier series I have personally still had laugh out loud moments every episode. The programme has lost some of its spark now Johnny has gone and Gaz's toing and froing from Donna and Janet is a little heart wrenching for a comedy but the actors still do a good job. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks sex is funny and has a slightly crude sense of humour as it is very rude in places.

              As long as you think sexual inuendos are funny you will probably enoy this because it has so many of them, Throughout the series we see Janet and Johnny together, Gaz and Donna together, Janet and Gaz end up together and have a baby called Corinthian, Donna moves away and Louise is the annoying "friend" (if you can call her that) that is there throughout who now also has a baby named Louise Louise (yep, I did mean to write that twice). Donna comes back, Johnny dies and even with all the tragedy it is hilarious.

              The actors do a great job portraying these people and it is different to any other show like this because people can connect to it more, they sit around and talk about sex, they pick there toenails, they drink and smoke too much but these characters just take it to more of an extreme.

              The DVD's are great because they contain musical specials and songs which are really funny and loads of outtakes and I think that seeing the outtakes and the actors in real life making mistakes and messing about in some ways makes there characters more believeable and gives them more of a connection to them in real life and shows that the actors and characters really do share certain characteristics.

              I think Susan Nickson has done a great job carrying this through 8 whole series, for a UK comedy this is an impressive run but do I think they should carry on making more? I dont know, it would be a shame to ruin such a great programme by flogging it for as long as possible just for the sake of it.


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                25.07.2009 00:07
                Very helpful
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                Genius laugh out loud comedy, i highly recommend

                Two Pints of Lager and a Packet Of Crisps is a comedy TV programme that is usually broadcast on BBC 3 in hours after 9:00pm. It is set in Runcorn and the show follows the lives of 5 young members of our society Janet, Louise, Donna, Gaz, Johnny (in series 1-6) and they are all different in their own unique ways. There are also many other characters featured in the programme across the current 8 series of the show and they are featured below.

                Janet - Played by Sheridan Smith, A very comical blonde character who is girlfriend to Johnny (excluding about 5 episodes in series 3 and 4). She used to work in a bakery before she became pregnant and gives birth to what turns out to be Gaz's baby in series 5. She then goes on to work as an Elf maker in series 6, a community support officer in series 8 and an assistant market stool holder also in series 8. In series 7 after the tragic death of her husband Johnny she begins to fall in love with Gaz who eventually leaves Donna at the end of series 7 to be with her. They then split up at the end of series 8 when Gaz had to decide between Donna and Janet and he chose Donna (which was actually the result of a viewers poll)

                Donna- Played by Natalie Casey, A much more strict and serious character compared to Janet who always seems to have her life based around her work and education. She starts out single but within a few episodes of series 1 she starts to date Gaz. Their relationship is also "on and off" like Janet and Johnny's but they both come together in the end at the end of series 8. Donna starts Two Pints as your ordinary young woman who smokes, works in a bucket factory and has a boyfriend. But after she meets David in series 3 and comes to know him in series 4, she begins to want more to her life and she decides to go to university and further her education and better herself. During this time, her boyfriend Gaz sleeps with Janet and Donna and Gaz temporarily split up. At the start of series 5 Donna's mum Flo dies after being hit by a truck. At the start of series 6 she loses her bucket factory job after taking out a van and crashing it into some parked cars. After this she is constantly trying to get a job in the local pub, the archer, she is eventually successful and this is where she works until the end of series 7 when she gets a job offer from London. She decides to go and her and Gaz split up and Janet begins to date him properly. She then returns from London with her new boyfriend Wesley Presley at the start of series 8 and then her and Gaz are reunited at the end of series 8.

                Louise - Played by Kathryn Drysdale, Lousie is a very funny and squeaky character who in her time in Two Pints has her fair share of boyfriends and jobs. The show starts with her as a university student who has her first job in the first episode as a barmaid, but this is short lived and she quits in the same episode. Louise is known as the "gooseberry" to the group in between her many boyfriends. In the third episode of the 1st series she believes a man has fallen for her, who turns out to be gay. In the fifth episode she is kissed by Johnny who is immediately put off by her taste of "lard". At the start of the 2nd series Louise has her first proper boyfriend called James who has been chosen by Louise dues to his poshness. This relationship does not last long and she dumps him days later. At the end of series 2 and at the start of series 3 she has her next boyfriend called Andy, but this too doesn't last very long because he walks out on her without paying for an £150 3 course meal which Louise ends up paying and adding to her £8,000 debt. In the third series she has her third boyfriend David. This relationship lasts a little longer going from series 3 episode 2 to, series 3 episode 10. During this relationship, Louise's immatureness and childlike behavior is fully exposed and there relationship finally comes to an end due to a matter of a green plant. At this point Louise is still studying for her Sociology degree. During series 4 Louise finishes her degree and gets to work straight away, firstly working in the same bakery as Janet as manager and she later fires Janet due to her being power-mad. In the meantime she walks in on Gaz and Janet having just finished sex but she keeps quiet about it . . . for now. Her next job in this series is working at the head of national statistics. Here she changes Johnny's record turning him into a master criminal and this leads to Johnny being shot through the knee. Louise is then convicted in series 5 but let off with just community service. During this series she struggles to get a job and gets her 4th boyfriend called Mickey who is a stylist to the cast of Hollyoaks. This relationship lasts about 2 episodes and comes to an abrupt end due to her squeakiness. In series 6 she believes she has become and alcoholic after 2 glasses of wine and she joins alcoholics anonymous. At the end of the series she becomes a prostitute for an episode. In series 7 she trys to get a job in the archer but is unsuccessful and her craziness continues.

                Gaz- Played by Will Mellor, Gaz is quite a thick character who loves his magazines and his women. He works as a mechanic during all the series and is boyfriend to Donna (most of the time). Gaz starts Two Pints as single but he quickly finds himself dating Donna. Also in this series Gaz gets pushed into a canal by Donna after he makes personal suggestions to her. In series 2 Donna finally moves in with Gaz and then they temporarily split up towards the end of the series after Gaz makes a huge list of demands on her. But they soon sort out their differences. In series 3 Gaz and Donna lose a lot of sleep due to some inconsiderate neighbors and they continue to sort out their differences. In series 4 Gaz sleeps with Janet as a result of neglect by Donna who is too self centered on her college course. Gaz and Donna later go on and split up in series 5 because of this but they soon get back together later in the same series. They then decide to move house and they look like they will achieve this until they both decide they can't move to their new sheep invested home. In series 6 Gaz's main aim is to have a child, but seeming as Donna does not want one, Gaz pursues Corinthian, Janet's and Gaz's son. He is unsuccessful and so he looks to a dog to cure his loneliness. This too is unsuccessful as he kills the dog who he calls Colin within minutes of having him. In series 7 Gaz loses his best mate Johnny and as a result of this, him and Janet get closer and closer and at the end of the series they become a couple. And then at the end of series 8, Gaz and Donna become a couple once again.

                Johnny- Played by Ralf Little, Johnny is the only member of the original cast to not survive all current 8 series. He starts the show as boyfriend to Janet and finishes it as husband to Janet. In series 1 Johnny has to overcome his Louise obsession and come to terms with Janet's fake pregnancy. In series 2 Johnny wins £1000 on a scratch card and much to Janet's disgust, he spends it on Bungle and a bouncy castle. He and Janet nearly split up at the end of series 2 due to a matter of unfaithfulness by Janet but they quickly resolve their differences. In series 3 Johnny gets his first job in a DIY store but leaves in the same episode after smacking a woman and being under the order to have sex with his boss. Janet dumps Johnny at the end of the series but they come together again at the end of the fourth series. Also at the end of the 4th series, Johnny gets shot by police through the knee thanks to Louise. In series 5, Johnny finds out that Janet is pregnant and he gets his first car. He then gets tied to a lamp post on his stag night and marries Janet the following day. He then nearly breaks up with Janet as she gives birth after he finds out the baby is most likely not his, but he decides to stay. Johnny later goes on to die at the start of series 7 after being eaten by a shark.

                David- Features in series 3 and the start of series 4 as boyfriend of Louise and he helps Donna get into Uni.

                Flo- Donna's mum features in the first 3 series and we are told of her death at the start of series 5. She is a very comical and flirtatious character.

                Andy- First screened in series 2, starts of being known as Janet's ex, he later goes on to date Louise before leaving early in series 3.

                Kate- Boyfriend to Johnny in series 4 before Janet and Johnny begin dating again.

                Kelly- A very funny barmaid first screened in series 4, dates Munch during series 5

                Munch- A very on-off character first screened in series 3. He disappears in series 5 before coming back in series 7 as a monk!

                Janet's Dad Pete- Only in a few episodes, but still a very funny character none the less.

                Two Pints has released 8 series to date with the thought of a 9th in the midst:

                Series 1: 6 episodes:
                Series 2: 6 episodes
                Series 3: 10 episodes
                Series 4: 8 episodes (1 musical special)
                Series 5: 14 episodes
                Series 6: 10 episodes
                Series 7: 8 episodes
                Series 8: 8 episodes

                Most episodes are written superbly by Susan Nickson and directed Nick Wood

                Two Pints is the most hilarious, laugh out loud comedies i have ever encountered and i strongly recommend it to everybody (above the age of 15 obviously)


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                  11.06.2009 19:42



                  An Average programme made worse

                  Whatever happened to this show? It used to be comedy genius in my opinion and was always a watch before sleep. I agree it was never laugh out loud funny but Johney and Gaz played the perfect slob like and sex obsessed males. Whereas Janet, Louise and Donna played their characters well. Yes, the characters and script was poor, but it definately had plenty of humour.
                  Nowadays the programme lakcs any kind of humour, it is all childish comedy with no real story line. The Live show and audience decisions are all publicity stunts to try and get people to watch it. Well done Ralf Little for getting out of this train wreck before it came to the worst. This programme has gpne downhill on so many levels, either cancel it BBC, or get new writers in. Luckily it is still better than "Coming of Age", but the gap is getting shorter. I'm sorry but Two Pints you are losing your loyal audience, including me.


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                    26.02.2009 00:53
                    Very helpful



                    View the early stuff, skip the newer stuff.

                    Whatever happened to the 2 Pints of old?

                    Back in the day, Series 1 to about 5, the program was epic... unmissable... comedy genius. But, then when it came to advancing on them, it started to get bad... Then REALLY bad.

                    Series 6 would be Ralf Littles last (for now) with 2 Pints, and the program never really recovered from the massive blow delt by Littles departure.

                    Back in the first series, the characters are noticably younger, and the production is obviously low budget, but the effort was there. You can see the work the writers put in, and as the people working there wanted to stay on the air, the effort shone through.

                    Roll on the second series, and its better. The budget is improved, the content remains the same, but it has a new feel... Its still swearing left, right and center, and its all about the 20-somethings, sex, booze and a few other stereotypes that go in with it. Babies are born, affairs are had, and weddings take place... and all is hunky-dory as series 5 draws to a close.

                    What happens after that is unexplicable. The writer, Susan Nixon, doesnt seem to be putting half of the effort she previously had. Susan had other shows being written at the same time, like Grown-Ups for example, which could excuse her from being slightly pre-occupied. Sadly, the effort had deminished as series 7 came around, and relied soly on the swearing and sultry actions of the characters (Janet, in particular, was often put into positons which required her act a lot 'sexier.')

                    It was a very cheap attempt to slide through series 7, and many fans thought the same. It was seen as alienating the show, actors and fans alike.

                    Amazingly, Series 8 was confirmed in Mid 2008! Many didnt think this would happen, but this will certainly be the last if the form of the last series continues.

                    Pre-Series 6, I would recommend to any fans of potty-mouth and blue-humor, which puts it in the categories of BBC comedies such as Red Dwarf and Bottom. 8/10!

                    Post-Series 6, I would advise people to stay away. It relies SOLEY on potty-mouth and blue-humor, whereas previous series didnt rely on it, but incorperated it. 3/10.


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                      17.12.2008 13:58
                      1 Comment



                      great BBC comedy

                      I was completely hooked on this BBC3 show. The story lines are great, the actors are brilliant and the scripts are very, very funny. Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps is set in Runcorn, UK. It focuses around the lives of these characters:

                      Johnny- The layabout husband of Janet. Incredibly funny, sits in the pub with Gaz and talks about the usual-sex, beer, women. He was killed off in the last series though. Played by Ralf Little.

                      Janet- The long suffering wife of Johnny. Usually found gossiping, drinking and smoking with Donna and Louise. Or, in recent series, looking after her son, Corinthian. Played by Sheridan Smith.

                      Gaz- Boyfriend of Donna. A mechanic obsessed with sex. Played by Will Mellor.

                      Donna- Career obsessed girlfriend of Gaz and best friend of Janet. Played by Natalie Casey.

                      Louise- The screechy, annoying one that everybody loves to hate. Played by Kathryn Drysdale.

                      Another brilliant, classic comedy from the BBC!


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                        22.11.2008 20:46



                        Great comedy about a group of middle aged

                        This BBC three show filmed in Runcorn is a great comedy.

                        It's about 5 main middle aged people and what they get up to.

                        One of the main places is the Archer pub, which you can actually go to in Runcorn, but it's not called the Archer. In there everyone gets up to a lot, it's a drinking places for the lads and at times work for hte girls and a meeting place.

                        Janet and Johnny are together and end up with a baby, who is actually Gaz's

                        Gaz and Donna are together, but Donna doesn't want kids, whilst Gaz does.

                        Louise is single and very chirpy with a very annoying voice, at times get some weired boy friends and isn't really normal.

                        Jonny and Gaz are friends and spend some great times in the pub and discuss everything male, the sort of things men don't normally say out loud.

                        Donna and Janet are friends, most of the time and discuss their partners.

                        I think all of these make a great show and a great comedy, I love it all.


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                          15.10.2008 17:02
                          Very helpful



                          Funny, Easy Evening Telly.

                          Some nights you just don't want to do anything. There are dishes in the sink, you haven't ironed your shirt for that special thing tomorrow and you should probably have a shave at some point this week, but you can't be bothered. When that happens to me, I usually slump in front of BBC3 for a few hours until I feel like crawling back under my rock (or rather going to bed). More often than not this involves my watching at least two episodes of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, sometimes more if they're having a marathon session.

                          What I like most about this show is that you can just watch it. You don't have to get involved, or think too much, or even make any real effort to pay attention, it makes the same amount of sense whether you start watching it from the beginning or pick it up half way through. The characters can be a bit crude sometimes but that's the simplistic toilet humour that this show runs on so I can forgive it for that.

                          I especially like Janet in this because she reminds me so much of a son's girlfriend (who thankfully is no longer girlfriend!). You wouldn't want her as a daughter-in-law but she is hilarious and such a pretty actress too.

                          The show itself has actually finished now as the last series saw the departure of Ralf Little who played Johnny Keogh (one of the main characters, Janet's husband). But it runs right through the series on BBC3 most of the time and is also available to buy on DVD if you haven't seen it yet but would like to. This is great lazy entertainment to me. The gags are simple and to the point and the plot isn't anything taxing or hard to get into. At the same time, I rarely get bored watching this because it's just so easy to like and get on with.


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                            14.10.2008 12:47
                            Very helpful



                            fantastic show!

                            2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps:
                            im a huge fan! ive watched the show from the beginning and never missed an episode. i loved it so much i bought the box set!

                            whats its about................
                            id say its the uk's version of friends but much ruder and funnier. its set in runcorn in the north west (where i am from) about 5 friends jonny (ralf little), gaz (will mellor), janet (sheridan smith), louise (kathryn drysdale) and donna (natalie cassidy). the story begins when friends donna, janet and louise go out clubbing and meet jonny and gaz, jonny and janet get together and later on donna and gaz do also.

                            Up to now there have been 7 series.

                            my favourite episode is 'when janet killed jonny' in series 6 set in the archer pub. its alot different from the usual 2 pints episodes, theres alot if blood and gore in this 1 but absolutly hilarious.

                            you can normally catch episodes on bbc3 late at night. im hoping they make another series. bring on series 8!


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                              25.09.2008 23:12
                              Very helpful



                              a funny show

                              As with all the bbc comedies this is great, they realy have a talent for producing funny light hearted story lines, there are 7 series of two pints of larger in total and every episode is brimming with comedy, even more serious matters that they touch upon have a funny twist to them.

                              It is set in runcorm north england in a quiet town and based around the pub, a house and a flat, the cast are all friends who have terrible things happen to them and very trying times, there is janet who is married to johnny but has a one night stand with his best mate gaz who also goes out with janets best friend donna, aswell as the funny goings on with these two couples we have louise who is a tad irritating but also adds greatly to the humour of the show,

                              This is a great comedy which I recomend you watch from the start to know what is going on in the story lines otherwise it wont seem as funny but is a show you can watch time again without ever boring of the humour.


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                                24.09.2008 23:23
                                Very helpful



                                Mary Whitehouse will be turning in her grave...!!!

                                Writer: Susan Nickson
                                Producer: Stephen McCrum
                                Theme tune by Christian Henson
                                Stars: Sheridam Smith, Ralf Little, Will Melloer, Natalie Casey and Kathryn Drysdale...

                                I began to watch this show when I was laid up in hospital for a couple of weeks a few years ago.
                                You know the score, lay in a bed on a ward late at night with all the main lights out, trying to get some sleep with all that noise happening around you... no chance of any sleep at all... so I'd slap on the headphones and flick through the channels on the bedside digital television which hung from the wall above my bed... coming across a small marathon of this on one of the BBC channels, the only thing to watch apart from something about Stalin on UKTV History... I chose to watch Two pints as I had previously seen clips of the show, already liking the funny Ralf Little and Sheridan Smith from watching them in the Royle Family...
                                I have to admit.. as I lay there in bed, watching this show... I was in fear of my sides splitting from laughing so much as the none stop banter blasted though the headphones into my tired brain...constantly trying to stop giggling out loud whilst wiping the tears away from my eyes...
                                I was in agony before I started watching the program, it was even worse after it had finished... but I didn't care...
                                I swear I could hear people tutting from the other end of the ward as I lay there crying with laughter and pain... even the nurses were giving me funny looks...

                                * Anyway... on with the review...

                                The show, based in Runcorn, Cheshire in England, began as a comedy but soon became more serious as the series went on, although still retaining its very dry sense of humour...
                                Its 63 episodes, split into 7 series and one special began in 2001 and was first seen on the BBC channel

                                ** MAIN CHARACTORS **

                                * Jonny, (played by Ralf Little) is your typical young man who only wants an easy life, he likes daytime television and has a weird craving for cat food and Jamie dodgers... he comes across as a little feminine much to the amusement of the others...

                                * Janet,( played by Sheridan Smith) is Jonny's girlfriend and is always trying to be a little house-proud, only not so successful.. She does her best to be faithful to Jonny but again... not so successful, getting pregnant by another man doesn't help, especially considering who the other man is... she soon has doubt over her love for Jonny?

                                * Gary, or 'Gaz' ( played by Will Mellor) works as a mechanic and is the typical mans man... all brawn and sexist comments... he is very proud of his vast collection of 'top shelf' magazines and dirty videos, which annoys Donna slightly... his ideal night out is a few beers with the lads whilst watching a stripper...

                                * Donna, (played by Natalie Casey) is Gary's long suffering girlfriend, who does feel second best to his dirty magazines and nights out with his best mate Jonny...she comes across as the type to have had many sexual relationship with many different men but her sporadic vicious temper make her a very scary lady indeed.

                                * Louise, (played by Kathryn Drysdale) is seen as the dopey member of the friendship group. She comes across as a spoilt, selfish woman with a very squeaky irritating voice and a really boring personality.
                                She struggles to get a steady boyfriend because of her insensitive nature, belittling every one she meets... it is a wonder that the others tolerate her...

                                ** Other characters **

                                * Munch, (played by Lee Oakes) is Gaz's long lost half brother (or something like that) who just appears one day, he is very slow when it comes to common sense and finds it difficult to relate to people, especially women who he simply insults...
                                He does develop a bit of a thing for Donna after he catches her in a very sexy situation..

                                Flo, (played by Beverley Callard) is Donna's mother who has had a very colourful life, including posing for certain magazines for men... she comes across as a bit of a nymphomaniac and likes her drink.., she also has a thing for Gaz and feels no shame in letting him know...

                                * Kelly (played by Hayley Bishop) is the barmaid in the local pub who has a very high sex drive leading to her wanting to sleep with anything with a pulse, including the older regulars in the pub... she has no problems with trying her luck with both Jonny and Gaz, even if they are with their girlfriends...

                                There are a few other characters who pop in and out some episodes...

                                * The show itself...

                                It started as a comical look following the lives of a group of twenty something people living in Runcorn, Cheshire, mainly being filmed in a either a house, a flat or a pub called the Archer, although it does tend to flash around Runcorn fro short periods.

                                Jonny and Janet share a house, both being as house-proud as each other. There love of silly things and terrible conversations the only thing that keeps them together...
                                Gaz lives alone in a flat with Donna coming to visit very often, in Gaz's eyes it is for 'a good seeing to'... every time Gaz visits Donna at her house her mother makes a very clumsy pass at him... much to the horror of poor Gaz..
                                With the sometimes annoying presence of there friend Louis, who tends to say the most inappropriate things at the wrong time, putting her mouth in gear before her brain... irritating everyone in her sight..

                                It is a dry witted and sometimes quite rude sit-com, (although there is no real swearing apart from one word which I think is said in every episode...?).
                                The banter amongst the small group is mainly hilarious, (although it does have its stupid moments which are not funny for all... more sick than anything...)
                                The sexism coming from Gaz is more comical than insulting, as he clearly is a cave man sort who believes all women should fall at his feet and beg him for mercy... I mean it's hard to tell which is bigger... his arrogance or his ego..?
                                There are many brilliant one liners thrown around with in the group, the sarcasm and insults giving the show some splendid humour.

                                Un fortunately, as the show progressed and the member of the group begin to age and settle down, the show seems to take on a more topical and serious role, becoming less comical as it went... although it still does have that great entertainment value.

                                But for the best of the hilarity I do recommend the earlier series as the show seemed to have a no holes barred motto... which seemed to diminish slightly, I suppose as the nannies stepped in to tone down the show...

                                In all, a great comical entertaining show, especially the earlier ones, giving the viewer many laughs throughout...

                                There is a strong possibility that this is not to every ones taste as it can be a little smutty, but if you've never seen it and you don't mind a bit of friendly sexual banter then give it a go...

                                You can get a copy of the first six series from www.amazon.co.uk for less than £34.00

                                ** CAUTION **

                                Boring bit so that's why I put it at the end.., you don't have to read it if you don't wish to.

                                * Lists of episodes

                                Series 1... (2001)

                                1... Fags, shags and kebabs
                                2... Spunk
                                3... Bone with the wind
                                4... Angry Wangry
                                5... Lard
                                6... Ugly Babies

                                Series 2 (2002)

                                1... On the Blob
                                2... Bungle
                                3... Dirty Girl
                                4... Vomit
                                5... Crusty
                                6... Mo Mo and Pigsy

                                Series 3... (2003)

                                1... Munch
                                2... Fish
                                3... Kangeroo
                                4... Beastiality
                                5... Hospikal
                                6... Dresses, dresses, dresses
                                7... Fockin' Mokky Bokka
                                8... Dump
                                9... Schluballybub

                                Special Musical episode... When Janet met Jonny

                                Series 4... (2004)

                                1... Corinthian Dies
                                2... Piggy goes Oink
                                3... My delicious guava
                                4... Cuggles
                                5... Purgatory
                                6... Mate date
                                7... Homeless and Horny
                                8... Filthy Brunching

                                Series 5... (2005)

                                1... Dead
                                2... Nobbly Bobbly
                                3... Shrink
                                4... Ecuador
                                5... Potato people
                                6... Antlers
                                7... Crab
                                8... Fat
                                9... Stot or Pork
                                10.. Who's the daddy?
                                11.. Bababababa
                                12.. God
                                13.. Love her
                                14.. Near, far

                                Series 6 (2006)

                                1... Speedycruise
                                2... Goblins
                                3... Mummy Cupboard
                                4... Cauliflower
                                5... Drunk
                                6... Croppity Crops
                                7... Finger sniffing
                                8... War, Hurrgh
                                9... Closing time
                                10.. When janet Killed Jonny


                                Series 7 (2008) is not on the box set but can be bought separately from www.amazon.co.uk for £12.98...??

                                1... When Jonny met sharky
                                2... Dabdaa
                                3... Homophobia is Gay
                                4... Dead Jonny Walking
                                5... Here Bums the bride
                                6... Six months later
                                7... African death face
                                8... Borry


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                                  28.08.2008 11:59
                                  Very helpful



                                  Great comedy, I would love to live with the characters.

                                  This show has a hilarious story line. There are 4 main characters: Janet, a good looking wife who likes to have fun; Johnny, married to Janet and seam quite a dull person but it very funny and make the show great; Gaz, he thinks he's the stud also addicted to porn and is married to Donna, Gaz is really the punch of every line.

                                  There is also another character who adds to most story lines, Louise, who is a single young woman, who acts like a 12 year old, and screams at everything, she really makes it funny and a great show to watch.

                                  At one point Gaz has sex with Janet, who turns out pregnant, but all of the others think that its Johnny's who fathers it when him and Gaz are not at the local pub, where Kelly works, who has a mental age of a sick teenager.

                                  This show is not recommended to people who do not like sex references, or swearing.


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