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Web Therapy (TV Show)

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Manufacturer: Showtime / Genre: Comedy

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 13:59
      Very helpful




      Web Therapy is the brainchild of Lisa Kudrow and after some short internet clips, it was edited and developed into a full 30 minute show, with added and extended footage. The first season contains ten episodes.

      I heard about this show and thought it was interesting so I gave it a go, knowing how Lisa Kudrow's character from Friends gives her a really hilarious persona. In Web Therapy, Lisa Kudrow is Fiona Wallace, a web therapist who has a history in finance, her character being exactly like Phoebe Buffay, except far more grown up.

      There are so many hidden facets about her character that make her so fascinating, such as her failed marriage with her husband (how she wears the trousers and is demanding), her lusting after an ex-coworker (slipping him obvious hints but blaming him for his advances) and her flawed relationship with her mother...

      Each half hour episode features the web dialogues Fiona has with her clients, family and friends, and how she tries to promote and further this new 'modality'. The outrageousness of the situations, the dialogue, the people she meets on webcam and her hidden agenda, manipulation and meaningless chat makes this show outstanding and hilarious.

      For example, she takes advantage of a guy who thinks his fiancée might be his sister as his dad is a sperm donor and she is raised by two lesbians (as her sponsors believe the only two things on the web that sell are sex and genealogy) and when Jane Lynch guest stars (ep 4) and she starts throwing licquorice at the camera, and Fiona goes "I hope you're not throwing licquorice at me" in a disgusted way.

      I did not ever think that watching two people chat on a computer screen would be so enjoyable. 'Web Therapy' is definitely a show that is taking momentum with guest appearances from Selma Blair, Friends co-star Courtney Cox, Meryl Streep , Alan Cummings and Jane Lynch.

      The show airs every Tuesday in the US and I am excited to see where this show could go; I can't wait to finish season 1, hoping there will be more with a second season! After Phoebe Buffay, Fiona Wallace could be Lisa Kudrow's next best character!

      Favourite Eps:
      -Psychic Analysis (guest starring Courtney Cox)


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