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Are You Being Served? - The Complete Series One to Five (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Are You Being Served? / Parental Guidance / Actors: John Inman, Frank Thornton, Wendy Richard, Nicholas Smith, Trevor Bannister ... / DVD released 2006-07-17 at Cinema Club / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2009 16:37
      Very helpful



      Will raise a smile


      Written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft

      Grace Brothers Store - Men and Womens Department. A fictional London based store and ran by the original dirty old man, Mr Grace played by Harold Bennett. He was perpetually surrounded by buxom, mini skirted, air headed women who constantly threatened to give him a heart attack. Usually by bending over and showing a little too much leg or flashing their ample bosoms, poor old chap.

      The cast:
      John Inman as Mr Humphries
      The campest gay man in the history of TV. He would use every situation to slip in, oops, a sexual innuendo or three. Lived at home with his mother and was of indiscernible age. Took every opportunity to dress up in womens clothes and mince about, Hilarious.
      When ever asked are you free? He would answer with his catch phrase "I'm Free"

      Mollie Sugden as Mrs Slocombe
      Again of unknown age but roughly 65, she became famous or should that be infamous for constantly referring to her "Pussy".
      Her pussy of course being her cat 'Tiddles' however when she came out with one liners such as
      'My pussy got soaking wet and I had to dry it out in front of the fire'.
      'The central heating broke down and I had to light the oven and hold my pussy in front of it'

      Frank Thornton As Captain Peacock
      He was the authoritarian floorwalker who mistakenly fancied himself something of a ladies man, despite being married and despite coming across as another dirty old man when chasing Miss Brahms.

      Wendy Richards as Miss Brahms.
      Shirley was a rough talking cockney girl who more oft than not showed a little too much leg or bosom. Usually to the distaste of Mrs Slocombe but to the liking of Captain Peacock and junior assistant Mr Lucas.

      Trevor Bannister as Mr Lucas
      Constantly jibing Mrs Slocombe and leering at Miss Brahms, he was a sexist pig who was quite happy working with the gay Mr Humphries because he could chase all the girls he wanted. The irony being the girls all preferred Mr Humphries!

      Nicholas Smith as Mr Rumbold
      The manager of the floor and always the butt of any bald jokes. But he always had the last word being the boss.

      Arthur Brough as Mr Ernest Grainger
      The senior menswear salesman but always being found fast asleep somewhere.

      The program ran from 1972 right through to 1985 ! With and amazing 10 series and even a film.

      Are You Being Served?
      This was basically the coming together of the mens and ladies department on the same floor.

      1. Dear Sexy Knickers...
      Due to a misunderstanding Mrs Slocombe thinks that she has an admirer from the mens dept.

      2. Our Figures are Slipping
      The staff stay behind to learn how to smile more.

      3. Camping In
      The staff are forced to stay in the store overnight due to transport strikes.

      4. His and Hers
      Joanna Lumley stars as a new perfume saleswoman but the staff get together to sabotage her and get her removed from the floor.

      5. Diamonds are a Man's best friend
      The staff turn the floor upside down looking for a customers lost diamond and claim the £100 reward money.

      Series 2
      1: The Clock.
      The team rally around to try and make Mr. Grainger appear younger so that he doesn't get retired off.

      2: Cold Comfort.
      Set during the strike era and in the dept store there is a shortage of heating fuel si that the staff find barmy ways of keeping warm.

      3: The Think Tank.
      The team come up with a fashion show to raise sales and of course Mr Humpries is the star.

      4: Big Brother.
      When surveillance cameras are put on the shop floor the team set out to sabotage them and stop Rumbold from spying on them.

      5: Hoorah For The Holidays.
      The team are offered a free holiday but as always with some strings attached.

      Series 3
      1: The Hand Of Fate
      Mr. Humphries reads Capt Peacocks palm and gives him some good news.

      2: Coffee Morning
      The staff go on a go slow but end up doing more work.

      3: Up Captain Peacock
      Capt Peacock gets special treatment and is loathed for it.

      4: Cold Store
      To save money the heating is turned off causing an uproar from the staff.

      5: Wedding Bells
      Mrs Slocombe thinks that young Mr Grace is about to propose to her..

      6: German Week
      The staff dress up as germans but it all goes badly wrong.

      7: Shoulder To Shoulder
      The men and ladies must share the floor for a while which ends in disaster.

      8: New Look
      The staff must dress as if it's the Roaring thirties again, barmy.

      Christmas Special:
      Christmas Crackers
      Young Mr Grace pretends to be father Christmas.

      Series 4
      1: No Sale
      Rather than come in early the staff sabotage the sales figures.

      2: Top Hat and Tails
      The staff hold a ballroom competition and Mr Humphries steals the show.

      3: Forward Mr. Grainger
      Mr Grainger is temporarly premoted and the power goes to his head.

      4: Fire Practice
      The staff are taken through a fire safety course with surprising results.

      5: Fifty Years On
      A surprise birthday for Mrs Slocombe goes awry whent hey realise they don'y know her first name!

      6: Oh What a Tangled Web
      Is Capt Peacock having an affair or is there something more innocent going on..

      7: The Father Christmas Affair
      A £50 bonus for a lucky staff member sets the gang all against each other.

      Series 5
      1: Mrs. Slocombe Expects
      Is Mrs Slocombe pregnant or have the staff got their wires crossewd?.

      2: A Change Is As Good As A Rest
      The staff change jobs and work in the toy dept with the usual camp humour.

      3: Founder's Day
      Mr. Grace is 80 so the staff do a bit of sucking up.

      4: The Old Order Changes
      Mr Humphries gets to dress up and mince around the store.

      5: Take-over
      The older members of staff fear for their jobs as a take over of the store pends so they begin sabotaging the deal.

      6: Goodbye Mr. Grainger
      Mr. Grainger resigns when he thinks that he has won the pool.

      7: It Pays To Advertise
      Mr Humphries directs a commercial advertising the store.

      At its height 'Are you being Served' made household names of many of its cast and even though the program was incredibly sexist, homophobic and full to the gunnels of double entendres, it never the less was a gigantic success.

      Each week would involve a barmy plot which was either the cast dressing up in ridiculous costumes or some new display gimmick would arrive onto the floor or perhaps the cast would be chatting each other up, whatever the ploy it was still very funny.

      It stuck religiously to tried and tested methods, each week Mrs Slocombe would make some dubious remark about her 'Pussy', Mr Lucas would make disparaging remarks about Mrs Slocombes age, weight or looks and he would constantly be chasing Miss Brahms.
      Miss Brahms would be showing off parts of her body and Captain Peacock would be chasing anything with a heart beat.

      Even old Mr Grace got in on the act with various semi naked nubiles that would serve his every whim ending with his catch phrase, 'You've all done very well'.

      To last 10 series is some accomplishment and even though it had gone past its sell by date one thing cannot be denied it will always be remembered and repeated which in its self is its own testament.

      Hope you enjoyed,


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