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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Season 1-7 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: Joss Whedon / Actors: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsters ... / DVD released 2011-10-03 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      25.02.2013 10:59



      Absolutely brilliant, still will be popular for years to come.

      How many apocalypses have we lived through now since the nineties? About 8 is it? I don't know, i lose track of these things, but it's the same story with Buffy and co- saving the world from one apocalypse to the next (we're lucky we have the Doctor to save us continuously from our impending doom.)

      I started watching Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1998 on a Thursday evening on BBC 2 at 7pm. It used to be the absolute highlight of my week, since then i have watched all the seasons 10 times over (having realised i came into the show half way through season 2 i had to get them all after that) and still thoroughly enjoy each and every episode along with constantly finding new things with every veiwing.

      The overall gist of the series is that "in each and every generation there is born a slayer. She alone must fight the vampires, demons etc etc" in each series characters are introduced and killed off, new big bads cause havoc and are in turn thwarted, and there is a lot of emphasis on how Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) (the main protagonist) breaks the rules of being a Slayer, for example she has friends, namely Willow Rosenburg (Allison Hannigan) and Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendan) goes shopping and goes to school, and even tries out for the cheer-leading squad, much to the annoyance of her Watcher Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head.) Buffy often openly defies authority figures, her own primal powers, and even her own mother. That's the general gist of it anyway. Here's the bit more in depth version- if you don't like spoilers i'd suggest skipping through the 'summary of series' parts.

      Season 1:
      Main Characters: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter) and Angel (David Boreanaz) and Buffy's mum Joyce, (Kristine Sutherland)
      Big Bad: The Master
      Summary of series: Buffy first moves to Sunnydale from LA after getting kicked out of her previous school for burning down the gym. Buffy hopes to have escaped her slaying days but gets roped into it upon meeting Giles, her new Watcher, nearly staking the class bitch Cordelia, putting her new friend Willow in danger by telling her to 'seize the moment' then finding out Sunnydale is in fact sat flat bang on top of a Hellmouth. The Master is an Old One (an original vampire) but is trapped between the Hellmouth and the world above. So he and his little band of followers will stop at nothing to set him free.
      My favourite episodes: Witch, The Pack, Angel, The Puppet Show, Out of Mind, Out of Sight, Prophecy Girl.

      Season 2:
      Main Characters: Buffy, Angel, Willow, Xander, Giles, Cordelia, Joyce
      Big Bads: Spike (James Martsers) Drusilla (Juliet Landau) and Angelus (Boreanaz)
      Summary of Series: Buffy comes back after a summer in LA and overcomes her issues. After which she and Angel develop their relationship, along with romance in the air for Giles in the form of Jenny Calendar, the new IT teacher. Along with this there is Spike and Drusilla, old friends of Angel's who come to town for a bit of action. Through all these old friends we find out more about Angel and his alter ego Angelus, who becomes the new big bad in Buffy's life. Angelus, with the help of Drusilla and Spike, will stop at nothing to try and rid Sunnydale of it's living population. Willow too has her own little dramas, where she develops feelings for the werewolf Oz (Seth Green). Xander too has his own conflicts with romance. Along with this an interesting point is raised that due to certain events last year, there are two slayers now. This series is all about weird, broken romances and heartache.
      My favourite episodes: When she was Bad, School Hard, Halloween, The Dark Age, What's my line, Surprise, Innocence, Phases, Passion, I Only have Eyes for You, Becoming.

      Season 3:
      Main Characters: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Oz, Giles, Angel, Faith (Eliza Dushku) and Joyce
      Big Bad: The Mayor
      Summary of season: Buffy has a lot of trouble coming to grips with what happened before Summer, and so runs away to a derelict town where she changes her name and gets a job as a disgruntled waitress. But she realises she can't escape her destiny even when she desperately wants to as she ends up travelling to a hell dimension to save to younger folk of her derelict hideaway. After which she realises she needs to return to Sunnydale, upon return she has to deal with her mother, Giles and even Willow throwing their hurt at her for running away. After all that's sorted Buffy is reluctantly let back into school and goes back to her old routine. But there's evil a-brewing in those with power, The Mayor of Sunnydale isn't all that he seems to be. But more on that later. Due to certain events in the previous series, another Slayer is born in the form of Faith, the rough-around-the-edges party girl who ends up being a bit of a bad influence on Buffy. Faith has a bit of a mental breakdown and ends up turning to the Mayor for help, finding the father in him that she never had. She helps him in his rather questionable mission. Mean while an impossible thing happens which Buffy keeps secret from her friends. Xander and Willow and Giles all have their own secret that cause a lot of hurt and/or embarrassment. A season full of lies, betrayal and a giant snake. My all-time favourite season of Buffy.
      My Favourite Episodes: Anne, Dead Man's Party, Faith, Hope and Trick, Band Candy, Lover's Walk, The Wish, Amends, Gingerbread, Bad Girls, Dopplegangland, Enemies, Graduation Day.

      Season 4:
      Main Characters: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Anya (Emma Caulfield,) Oz, Giles, Riley Finn (Mark Blucas) Spike and Tara (Amber Benson) and Joyce
      Big Bad: Adam
      Summary of Series: Buffy, Oz and Willow get ready for college, while Giles and Xander are unemployed. While adjusting to college life Buffy and Willow both encounter nightmare roommates and successfully overcome the welcoming demons. New love, new betrayal and general oddities make up this series. Willow gets in touch with her magic side, and in turn opens up more sides to her self than she knew about. Xander falls in love with yet another demon. Buffy falls for hunky teaching assistant, Riley Finn. Of course trust issues between Riley and Buffy are tested throughout this season, particularly when it comes to Spike and the fact that Buffy decides to help Spike after finding out he can no longer hunt due to the mysterious Initiative kitting him out with a new and shiny chip that zaps him whenever he fells like hurting a living thing. The separation of the Scoobies this year turns out to be their greatest weakness- something the seemingly indestructible Adam plays on throughout the series. we also suddenly get introduced to a strange girl that ends this series in a cliffhanger.
      My favourite episodes: The Freshman, Fear Itself, Beer Bad, Wild at Heart, Pangs, Something Blue, Hush, Doomed, A New Man, Goodbye Iowa, This Year's Girl, Who are You, Superstar, New Moon Rising, The Yoko Factor, Primeval, Restless

      Series 5:
      Main Characters: Buffy, Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya, Giles, Riley, Spike, Joyce and Dawn (Michelle Tratchenburg)
      Big Bad: Glory
      Summary of Season: This is the most emotional season to date. Many say that Whedon should have ended Buffy with this season, but Fox, being the grand mind-messers, decided Whedon should write two more seasons before ending it, and you can tell by the writing of the next two series Whedon was, shall we say, a little rushed. This season however is an example of some of Whedon's best writing. We see Buffy mature greatly as her mother becomes ill and out of the blue Buffy gains a sister in the form of Dawn, 15 years old and an absolute pain in the neck, but Buffy loves her really. In this season you get to see how much family means to Buffy, along with her friends. As well as this we also get to see how much Buffy's mum, or Joyce means to every body in the series Glory is a funny big bad, for she is completely insane, eats brains and is an absolute bitch. Willow, having gone through a lot of growing up and learning about herself of her own in the previous season, starts becoming the magic mama that we all know and love her for. Proving to be Buffy's rock in not only dealing with her sister, dealing with her mother and generally slapping sense into everyone, when needed of course, Willow is actually portrayed as the strongest one of the bunch. Xander grows up quite a bit in this series, after a little realisation he can be successful if he wants to be. Giles realises how much Buffy depends on him for support and realises that he and Buffy have a much stronger relationship than he could have ever imagined, which causes conflict for him. Absolutely beautifully written series.
      My Favourite Episodes: Buffy vs Dracula, Real Me, The Replacement, No Place like Home, Family, Fool for Love, Shadow, Listening to Fear, Triangle, Checkpoint, Crush, The Body, Tough Love,
      Spiral, The Weight of the World, The Gift.

      Season 6:
      Main Characters: Buffy, Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya, Dawn, Giles, Spike.
      Big Bad: There isn't really one in this series, unless you count Warren, and Evil Willow.
      Summary of Season: Willow is Miss Strength again in this series, but realises she can't really handle it in this series. Willow gets a taste of magic she never quite imagined, and become addicted to it. Buffy really struggles to get back into reality, and the Trio (consisting of the three geeks, Andrew, Johnathon and Warren) really don't help the situation by harrassing her magically, mentally and with demons. Xander now owns his own building company, and plans for his and Anya's wedding go underway. Dawn has to save her sister on more than one occasion during this series but Buffy still is over-protective of her. Giles pops in and out of this series. Mostly a series about internal struggles.
      My Favourite episodes: Bargaining, Afterlife, Life Serial, All the Way, Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Smashed, Wrecked, Gone, Older and Far away, Hell's Bells, Normal Again, Seeing Red, Two to Go, Villains, Grave.

      Season Seven:
      Main Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Xander, Anya, Spike, Giles.
      Big Bad: The First
      Season Summary: Buffy and the gang deal with the fact that Sunnydale High has finally been rebuilt as Dawn enrols there, so Buffy gets a job as a counsellor there. Willow has been shipped off to England by Giles for a bit of rehabilitation, but has to cut her recovery short when she finds out she is needed back in Sunnydale. Spike, gets driven mad by the First and goes on random killing sprees, thus ending up held captive in Buffy's basement until they figure out what's wrong with him. Meanwhile the First plays tricks on all the Scoobies, pretending to be loved ones now dead. While all this is happening, Giles appears with three random girls who are actually Potential Slayers. . Buffy opens her home to all these girls, not realising how chaotic it would be, and begins training them. Xander struggles with all the female hormones wandering around. Having been nearly been killed herself in prison, Faith ends up joining the Scoobies for good and helps Buffy train the Potentials. This series had potential at the beginning but ended with a rather Deus ex Machina feel to it.
      My Favorite Episodes: Lessons, Same Time Same Place, Help, Selfless, Conversations with Dead People, Bring on the Night, Showtime, The Killer in Me, First Date, Story Teller, Lies my Parents told Me, Dirty Girls, Empty Places, Chosen.

      These particular episodes stand out to me for a variety of reasons, they're examples of character building, they're well written, they evoke emotion, they put an interesting spin on characters, or they are just plain awesome. The Buffy Saga continues in comic book form and is currently up to Season 9.

      You'll never be bored with this series, it's one all the family can watch as long as you're not opposed to a lot of violence and sarcastic comments, and it's something you will want to watch over and over again.


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        08.07.2012 03:38
        Very helpful



        A great collection of a great series at a great price..You cant go wrong!

        I grew up watching this show, and even now nearly 10 years after it all ended, It still remains one of the best television shows ever made in my opinion. I'd never heard of a vampire or anything remotely supernatural before and this show opened up a whole new exciting world to me.

        "Into every generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a chosen one. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers"

        I can still remember now the excitement I got at waiting for the new episodes to come on! I'd never felt that way about any television show, and still haven't since. For birthdays I would ask for the Buffy half season video's each at £30! My mum must of spent close to £400 buying the entire series and it seems mad that you can get it on DVD now for this price! The experience watching this show gave me however was priceless.

        The writing and the characters in this show are just spectacular. I've never been so attached to a group of fictional people in my life, but even now they still live on in my great love for this show. You become so attached to them because of the amazing writing. Even the baddies in the series' seem to exude a certain loveable charm that makes you miss them after they've been...ahem...slain.

        I think the main reason you get so attached is because you get to see Buffy and the "scoobies" deal with real life problems as well as supernatural ones, they become not only characters but your friends.

        Whether your buying this as a fond trip through a Sunnydale graveyard or your a Buffy newbie waiting to start your journey I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with this box-set.
        Forget about Twilight and fall in love with vampires, slayers, witches and werewolves the right way with Buffy!

        Buffy and the gang will always remain as a fond memory to me and still holds the title of best television show I have ever seen!

        Stand out episode for me include:
        Season 1 - Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Witch, Angel and Prophecy Girl
        Season 2 - School Hard, Halloween, Surprise & Innocence, Becoming parts 1 & 2
        Season 3 - Anne, Revelations, The Wish, Doppelgangland, Graduation Day
        Season 4 - The Freshman, Living Conditions, The Harsh Light Of Day, Fear Itself, Hush, This Years Girl, Primeval.
        Season 5 - Buffy vs Dracula, Fool for Love, Crush, The Body, The Gift
        Season 6 - Bargaining, Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Hells Bells, Normal Again, Two to Go
        Season 7 - Help, Selfless, Conversations with Dead People, Showtime, Storyteller, Dirty Girls, Chosen


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