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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 1 (DVD)

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    38 Reviews
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      21.07.2013 23:02
      Very helpful
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      Back to where Buffy began!

      I've never understood how so many Buffy fans consider this the shows 'weak point' or 'the worst season'. Seriously?! Season 1 was to me, my personal favourite.

      OK, my only real dislike was the fact it only had 12 episodes, opposed to season 2-7 having 22 per season. But for me, not one episode on this list failed to deliver. Episode's are listed below.

      1 - Welcome to the Hellmouth (Part 1) - Hooked me, amazing pilot. Already felt like I knew the characters, acting was superb, brilliant ending.

      2 - The Harvest (Part 2) - Picked up were the pilot left off, nice dialogue and probably even more impressive then the pilot.

      3 - Witch - This to me was a prime example of our loved main characters working together to take out a menacing witch around Sunnydale High.

      4 - Teachers pet - Another brilliant episode. A new teacher, a mantis, wreaks havoc around town and the school, who Xander happens to be quite attracted to!

      5 - Never kill a boy on the first date - Buffy's love life. Not too bad of an episode but did not quite live up to the previous 4.

      6 - The Pack - All round fun when Xander and a gang visit a Hyena exhibition at a school zoo trip, and start committing brutal crimes.

      7 - Angel - Buffy finds out that Angel is a vampire. Also, she learns more about his past, awesome back story on Angel.

      8 - I Robot ... You Jane - Brilliant episode in my eyes about Willow and her new 'Internet friend' - who doesn't turn out to be quite the friendly guy.

      9 - The puppet show - Principal Snyder is introduced, and the crime of the week is a talking dummy - with a talent show and a hell of ending.

      10 - Nightmares - My favourite episode of season 1, maybe Buffy the vampire slayer's favourite eppisode (mine anyway) In this episode, Sunnydale high students nightmares come to real life, and someone's gotta stop it.

      11 - Out of mind, Out of sight - An invisible force is attacking at Sunnydale high and as usual the scoobies are here to try and save the day. The ending with the FBI shocked me, brilliant Buffy.

      12 - Prophecy girl - Season 1 final, brilliant episode with a lot of emotion and strong scenes. More brilliant acting and story writing from Joss Whedon and co.

      The cast was brilliant and full of faces I'd seen before. (In projects after Buffy, as I did not watch it during it's original stint.)

      Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers - The main girl. The one who slays Vampire's in her free time, the chosen one.

      Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris - Probably my favourite character, funny and heart warming, a character to genuinely feel for.

      Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg - The somewhat geeky teenager who has been friends with Xander since they were kids another cool character.

      Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase - An annoying girl who is popular and most people tend to hate. At least that's what the other characters think of her.

      Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles - Kick-ass English librarian and a brilliant watcher to Buffy.

      All in all, brilliant episodes, plot and cast - that continues on in season 2.

      The DVD is 3 discs containing all 12 season 1 episodes.


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        23.03.2012 17:04
        Very helpful



        A somewhat weaker first season is still solid entertainment

        It's hard for me to be objective when it comes to Buffy, since my instinctive reaction whenever it gets so much as mentionned is "Greatest show ever", but I'll give it a try for this review. Even among Buffy fanatics there is a general consensus that the first season is not the shows greatest, and I agree. Having said that, even early, still-finding its feet, campy and occasionally silly Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still among the most original, entertaining and utterly addictive shows you'll find. From the very opening scene, which I really don't want to spoil, it becomes apparent that this is a show that thrives on taking typical horror movie tropes and turning them on their head. Hardly surprising, giving that Joss Whedon's initial idea for the show was having the pretty blonde who dies early in a horror film actually kick the monster's ass.

        The show starts with Buffy transferring into the high school of Sunnydale, after an unfortunate gym-burning incident in her previous school in LA. Rather than have us go through a typical "hero discovers their special destiny" plot, it soon becomes apparent that Buffy is aware of her destiny as a Vampire Slayer, and she's very eager to get away from it. It goes without staying that she doesn't stick with that decision for long.

        This season does a fantastic job at setting up the show's premise, and introducing Buffy characters like the title heroine herself (a pitch-perfect performance by a very young Sarah Michelle Gellar) , her best friends Willow and Xander, her watcher Giles, her snarky antagonist Cordelia and of course her mysterious love interest Angel. The first season is about as far from polished as you can get: the makeup and wardrobe choices can give you pause, the special effects are occasionally laughably bad and the actors are still growing into their roles and making the occasional unfortunate acting choice (I consider David Boreanaz' season 1 Angel to be one of the great unintentional comedy performances). What it lacks in sleekness it more than makes up in character depth, quotable dialogue and originality.

        The double series opening and the finale are probably the highest points of the season, but there are some great episodes in the middle too, like the brilliantly disturbing "The Pack" which allows Nicholas Brendon to show off his range beyond Xander, "Angel" which contains some interesting revelations about the character and "Nighmares", which is equal parts hilariously and horrifying. Even the weaker episodes have a watchability factor, like "I Robot, You Jane", which like the title indicates is as gloriously entertaining as any "so bad it's good" B-Movie.

        I would definitely reccomend for anybody who enjoys the supernatural, strong female heroines, witty dialogue and expectations-defying television. And then I would tell them to promptly watch the following seasons, because as great as S1 of Buffy is, it gets so much better.


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          06.02.2011 21:09
          1 Comment



          An excellent set that does justice to the series

          Whether or not you watched the series when it ran or not, this dvd is a must have. For fans of horror or "cult tv" i would really recommended this, the first series features a range of different demons and vampires for buffy to face, making each episode very different and keeping it interesting. The dvd's themselves are packaged in a fold out case which holds three dvd's, an episode guide (which may i add, is substantial and in depth rather than just a short list of episodes) and obviously the box itself, which has a cardboard sleeve for the outside. This box set can be picked up quite cheaply for around £5 with postage and packaging from amazon, which for 12 episodes plus special features really isn't bad at all! This series box set is an essential and does justice to the definitive series, even if you never watched the series when it first aired i'd recommend this, for £5 you really can't go wrong!


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            27.05.2010 20:39
            Very helpful



            Must watch if only to get to the later series.

            Joss Whedon created with Buffy and Angel the best Sci-Fi shows of its type; it contains the fullest and most logical mythology for vampires, werewolves and witches ever created. And this is the series that started it all back in 1997. Although there had been previously a film by the name "Buffy the Vampire slayer" Joss has more or less washed his hands of it after the producers decided to turn it into a camp joke of a film. This series represents Whedons actual vision of Buffy and it is brilliant.

            We meet Buffy in the first episode and learn of her sacred duty to slay all the vampyres. She establishes her gang of Giles, Willow and Xander who would later become known as the "scoobies" to help her in her mission. From here battles with the vampire Master ensues resulting with her death and resurrection. This is not the best series of Buffy by a long shot but its essential viewing in understanding the Buffy mythology and where the characters all came from.

            The series is on 3 discs with commentaries from Joss Whedon and David Boreanez (Angel). The picture quality does date it slightly along with the odd cheesy music decisions.


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            09.02.2010 02:03
            Very helpful



            Buffy Buffy Buffy

            My flatmate and I decided to embrace the fact that, however hard we try, we are never going to be able to stop watching TV for hours on end. Instead of just sitting around watching whatever happens to be on, though, we decided to buy some good DVDs to watch instead. After finding out that we both were in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer when we were younger, buying the complete Buffy box set between us seemed like an obvious choice. We now have 7 series, or 39 discs, worth of vampire fighting madness to get through, but have already managed to get through the first series in only a matter of days.

            For those of you who don't know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a very popular series that ran from the mid-1990s until the early noughties. I was only about eight or nine years old when I started watching it, as was my friend, but it was popular amongst teenagers and adults just as much as children. It definitely had a cult following among some sections of society, with many boys and men counting themselves as fan due to the fantasy vampire element, as well as the fact that much of it involved a hot woman running around and fighting. The fact that every single Buffy box set and DVD listed on Dooyoo has a rating of 5 stars shows that it's very popular even still.

            Anyway, as the title suggests, this programme is about a sixteen year old girl called Buffy who is a vampire slayer. The first series starts when she and her mother move from LA to the Californian town of Sunnydale, with the aim of starting over after Buffy was expelled from her last school for burning down the gym. Buffy hopes to leave her slaying ways behind her, but she soon finds that that is not an option, as the town that she has moved to just happens to sit right on top of the Hellmouth. Fortunately, she makes two close friends in her new school, Willow and Xander, who understand her and are enthusiastic about helping her to quash the evil which is rife in Sunnydale. Along with Buffy's Watcher, Giles, the trio often find themselves face to face with demons, vampires and all manner of scary things, as well as a few things which are just downright odd or creepy.

            Each episode in series one tends to have its own mysterious or dangerous storyline, which often ends up with Willow and Giles figuring something out and Buffy killing something. There is also the running plotline throughout the series that there is a old powerful vampire called the Master who is trapped in the Hellmouth below them, just waiting for the chance to return to the surface and end the world. There are loads of scary and interesting monsters that crop up throughout the series, and the storylines all seem original and engaging.

            Of course, this being a programme where three main characters are sixteen year olds, there's a lot of romance and fights amongst all the supernatural happenings. I'm sure that most girls out there who watched Buffy at least in part to drool over David Boreanaz who played Angel, the sexy guy who often lurks in the shadows while Buffy is out slaying at night. There's definite sexual tension between Buffy and Angel, which kind of went over my head when I was a child but definitely makes things more interesting for teenagers and adults. The thing that I think makes Buffy so appealing; however, is the fact that it can be so funny and entertaining without being ridiculous. The characters are all witty and interesting, and despite the fact that most of the things that happen to them are more than a bit out of the ordinary, the still feel like real people and are well rounded characters.

            Season One definitely starts off the Buffy series on a good foot, and from what I remember the programme just gets better and better as it goes on. I got this set as part of the complete collection, which cost £60 on Amazon (a fair bargain for 39 discs of pure quality), but the series can be bought by itself for only £10. This series is slightly shorter than the others, but is still an impressive 3 discs or roughly nine hours, so you get good value for money for your tenner. If you're a big fan of Buffy though I'd recommend going to whole hog and buying the complete set, as if you buy each of the series separately you'd end up spending over £120. Of course you could buy the first series, and if you absolutely love it, sell that DVD and buy the complete collection like I did. It seems to be popular amongst people of all ages, so you can almost guarantee that you'll like it, and it's pretty easy to get obsessed.

            I've still got six series to go, so hopefully I'll be back soon with a review of series two and further. Until then, happy slaying.


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              01.02.2010 18:28
              Very helpful



              If you watch this, then bare with it. It gets so much better

              Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is not the average high school girl. She's the weird, cooky type who kills vampires in her spare time, in the usual bid to stop apocalypse from coming. Aided by her Watcher Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), and best friends Willow and Xander (Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendan), she battles it out with vampires weekly while trying to balance a normal student life.

              It's often considerded, by many people, as one of the top shows in television history and it's not exactly my place to say that, not having known everything television show in history. However I can tell you that the adventures of Buffy Summers is one of the better shows I've seen (although I'm still not sure about putting it in my top ten). Everything good, however, must have a beginning. And a lot of the time, mostly because of budgeting and just simple earliness of everything, the first seasons tend to be a bit lackluster.

              I can say the same thing for Buffy. While not a bad show in any way, it certainly does make us doubt whether a second season would be worth a watch. The first season has Buffy being introduced to Slayership from Giles, trying to balance that with typical high school life, and the show for the most part seemed a bit shallow. This is probably because none of the characters had really been given any life - they were still, as it were, under construction. The plots all flt a bit boring and very systematic, verigng on the ridiculous, but I persevered, because there were some decent side stories and my friend was egging me on like a madman.

              It's still finding its legs and it definitely comes across in the show, the way it looks and the way the characters are played out. The actors play their roles really very well (although Xander's always seemed a bit too much like Chandler off Friends for me), and although the stories are a bit tried-and-trusted, they're all pretty good in their own way.

              If you haven't seen it before, then I would say to stick with it for the next season, and then things begin to get really quite good. After that, you'll be hooked.


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              27.01.2010 18:00
              Very helpful
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              Very good TV that sets the foundations for even better to come.

              Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One first hit our screens in 1997. It emerged from the Ashes of a bad film of the same name but don't judge it by that awful film because other than similar themes they don't even compare. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a supernatural drama with slight horror and sci-fi elements thrown in there. It follows the trials and tribulations of Buffy Summers, a special girl who fate has given a calling. She is a Vampire Slayer. The chosen one who shall stand alone to fight against the Vampires and Demons.

              The show follows Buffy as she moves to a new town and a new school in Sunnydale. She got kicked out of her old School in Los Angeles for Burning down the gym fighting vampires and with this change hopes to escape her slayer duties. Upon entering the library of her new school though she meets an English gentleman named Rupert Giles. He is a watcher, a man charged with watching over the slayer, teaching her, training her and readying her for the constant fight.

              The school itself is centred on a hellmouth or the mouth of hell as it is. It is a mystical convergence point that has a lot of the worlds nastiest demons attracted and raises the occurrences of the weird and bizarre to way above normal.

              Buffy meets two friends in Willow, a geeky but super smart red headed girl and her best friend Xander who is a funny but very unpopular man. They are termed the 'Scooby Gang' and all band together in the fight against evil. Slayers in the past have never had friends; they stand-alone and they don't last long. Buffy's friends give her an advantage over past slayers.

              Residing underneath the earth trapped in a force field created from a failed attempt to open the hellmouth is 'The Master'. An old vampire, a lot older and bat like looking than the other vampires. He is a man of great power who is attempting to break free from his prison and rise again, taking Sunnydale and the world as his playground and the only person that can stop him is Buffy. The Master has a little Army of vampires who do his bidding and the season builds to a deadly battle between the two. Will he be able to break free and open the hellmouth letting all manner of creatures loose upon the earth or will Buffy save defeat the master and save the world?

              This season of Buffy has a lot lower budget than the others and only consists of 12 episodes. This doesn't take away from it being good though. It sets the foundations in place for a show that goes on to be one of the best ever. There is a general build towards an end goal in this season but the majority of episodes are stand alones that help introduce you and get you familiar with certain characters.

              We have episodes about Witches, preying mantises, dream worlds merging with the real world, a mysterious vampire with mysterious intentions name Angel and much much more. These episodes are good to watch but as far as Buffy goes they aren't close to what the show later goes on to produce. Get in on the action from the very beginning though and see how it all got started.

              The DVD has all 12 episodes and some special features. There are a couple of cast interviews, cast biographies, the script for the Pilot episode and creator commentary on the first two episodes. There is also a music video on there.

              I personally like the season a hell of a lot and consider Buffy as a whole one of the best things to ever hit TV so I am 100% recommending this DVD to fans of good TV. If you like Drama, Action, Thrills, Horror and Sci-Fi then this is the program for you. Its dialogue is pretty much what defines the series though and is some of the best to ever be heard on TV. Do yourself a favour and buy this DVD the first chance you get.


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                02.01.2010 11:34
                Very helpful



                Quite simply the best TV series ever made and this DVD is a great introduction to it.

                Buffy the Vampire Slayer is without a doubt, one of my favourite TV shows of all time. It is able to balance heart-wrenching drama with science fiction, and also heavy elements of both gothic fiction and humour. In short, creator Joss Whedon is a genius.

                Season One is of course, what started the cult phenomenon - first broadcast in 1997, it features only 12 episodes (the other series are more fleshed out, with 22 episodes each), however arguably, a shorter episode run results in more concise storytelling (and consequently, less filler). You can divide these episodes up into 'stand-alones' and 'arc-related' episodes - with the former being self-contained plotlines where the enemy is faced and dealt with in the span of 40 minutes, where the latter are episodes which gradually build upon a greater storyline relating to the season's "Big Bad" - a seemingly unstoppable adversary.

                This is of course the series where we first meet all the main characters. Buffy Summers (Played by the ridiculously talented Sarah Michelle Gellar) was your typical high-school girl, until she found out that she was chosen as the next in a long line of mystical female warriors. She is the slayer. And so must use her powers (such as superstrength) to battle against the forces of darkness, which happen to be drawn to Sunnydale - a place located on 'the Hellmouth', a town which acts as a magnet for vampires and demons. Keeping up yet?

                We also meet the intelligent, adorable but slightly awkward Willow (Alyson Hannigan) who is accompanied by her best friend, the lovable but often dim Xander (Nicolas Brendon). Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) also provides conflict as basically, the Queen of the School. Incredibly wealthy, incredibly popular and incredibly acid-tongued, she looks down on Buffy and her friends with contempt, however as the season (and in fact, the series progresses) she gets inadvertently involved in their adventures and slowly transforms as a person. The cast is rounded out by the school librarian, a stuffy Englishman named Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) who doubles up as Buffy's watcher - in short, her mentor. And of course, there is the fatal attraction between Buffy and Angel (David Boreanaz). Never mind Twilight, THIS is the ultimate forbidden love, as they wrestle against their feelings for each other, with the knowledge that he is a vampire and she is the slayer. Surely they should be incompatible? Their on-screen chemistry is incredible, it really is, and you as the viewer go through all the ups and downs of love with them. At times you hate him, at times you love him, at times you want them together, at times you don't. It's rare that a TV series can affect you like this.

                Why I went into such great detail about the characters is the fact that these really are the primary strengths of the show. The acting is second-to-none (it's important to note that at the time of broadcast, nearly all the actors were relative unknowns - meaning they were chosen on the strength of their acting and not fame). The characters are also fascinating and have been subject to a high level of academic scrutiny, because on the face of it, you have your typical character archetypes - the hero, the geek, the popular etc. but as we see, appearances are not everything, and these characters begin to develop and leave the confines of any stereotypes we may have had for them in the first place.

                There is a wide-range of villains throughout the series - the primary one being of course, The Master. An ancient vampire king who has legions of loyal followers, however, in a disastrous earthquake, became trapped underground - unable to leave. As he has his followers to his bidding, wreaking havoc on Sunnydale, there is a feeling of inevitability that he will eventually rise and face Buffy in combat. If you have watched the series, then you'll know that the Master is probably the weakest villain (not in terms of strength, but interest from a viewers-perspective). He is incredibly creepy and the make-up is done incredibly well (particularly the case with all the vampires, however, with demons, it often looks fairly cheap). However, what always made the best villains in the TV show so enticing were their human-like qualities - such as the loving relationship between Spike and Drusilla etc. The Master does not have too many of these, and he appears to simply be an archetypal villain.

                There are a wide-range of other adversaries of course though, ranging from a preying-mantis supply teacher, a demon that lives on the internet and a bitter and desperate witch who'll stop at nothing to destroy the cheerleading squad.

                While it is an amazing action series, you have to appreciate how deeply layered it is too. As I've already mentioned, the show has been dissected a lot by academics. It's very difficult for me to stress how incredible this TV series is, so I shall just illustrate my point with quote from one of the professors who have studied the show in-depth: "In the world of Buffy the problems that teenagers face become literal monsters. A mother can take over her daughter's life ("Witch"); a strict stepfather-to-be really is a heartless machine ("Ted"); a girl who has sex with even the nicest-seeming guy may discover that he afterwards becomes a monster ("Innocence")."

                The extras on this DVD are not particularly lengthy, with only interviews with David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon. There are some episode commentaries though, which particularly for the two-part pilot episode, are fascinating. I am not usually a big fan of DVD extras and I wouldn't really complain about the lack of them here, as the DVD was released at the very start of the DVD phenomenon - and so there were less expectations at the time to fill every single disc with hours of bonus features. One thing I did enjoy was the French dubbing that my set had. As a someone looking to study French and English at University, it is both amusing to see characters with different voices but also incredibly useful for improving my spoken language. Anyway, enough of that tangent.

                Essentially, this DVD collection is the starting point for anyone who has yet to get the boxsets. As a fan, you'll want to start here for completism. However, if you've not seen the series before or your own recollection of the episodes are very hazy, then although it is not the strongest series (Seasons Two, Three and Five are quite simply, flawless), as it is a cult series (with a very intricate internal universe), this has to be the first season you buy as without it, it may be difficult to fully appreciate or understand the show.

                What is even better is that this is now available for around £10 on websites such as Amazon.co.uk, which means it's incredibly affordable, and unlike in times gone by - the price tag actually matches the number of episodes. In this sense, it's incredible value for money. And really, there is no excuse not to buy this set - it is quite simply one of the best TV series of ALL TIME. You will not be disappointed. No matter your age, gender, interests - this series appeals to everyone.


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                  05.12.2009 21:55
                  Very helpful
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                  Highly enjoyable cult series that has stood the test of time.

                  I'm a fairly recent convert to the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I never watched it when it originally aired, and despite much insistence from two friends in the past year, I always refused on the grounds that I thought it wouldn't appeal. However, I recently found myself with a £12 voucher for an online store, and so decided to give this TV show a chance.

                  I bought season one, not expecting to like it. Fast forward a year and a bit, and I'm now the proud owner of all seven seasons of Buffy, the five seasons of the spin-off Angel, a Spike action figure, and three trade paperbacks of the Buffy season 8 comics. My bank account has taken a dent, let me tell you!

                  This review is about the season that started it all, though I'm pretty sure I'll write six more in time!

                  --Buffy? What's That?--
                  (Note: I'm using the American term "season" to describe each individual run, and "series" to describe the entire run of the show as a whole.)

                  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a US TV series that began in 1997. The plot focuses around Buffy Summers, a teenage vampire slayer and her friends Willow, Xander and Giles. They fight their way through a horde of vampires and other evil beasties, whilst trying to go about their normal lives at the same time.

                  As the series progressed, the plots became more complicated and new characters were introduced. But here, in the first season, what we have is a TV show about a sixteen-year-old girl, her friends and the monster of the week.

                  --The Characters--
                  The main character is, of course, Buffy Summers. She's the new girl in the town of Sunnydale and is the latest in a long line of Slayers. 'Into each generation a girl is born, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill needed to fight the vampires, demons and the forces of darkness.' Buffy is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

                  Buffy's friends Willow and Xander are always there to help her out in a tight spot, played by Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon. Willow's character begins life as the school geek, into computers and schoolwork. However, over the course of the season and the series as a whole she develops into a great friend for Buffy. Xander is often played for comic relief, but he's a great friend for Buffy with a good heart.

                  Giles is Buffy's Watcher - the person who is there to help train her as the Slayer. Played by British actor Anthony Stewart Head, Giles works as the school librarian so he's always on hand to help. Giles is an amazing character spectacularly acted and adds a lot to the show.

                  Angel is a regular character in this first season, but we don't find out too much about him and he seems to just be there for the role of love interest. It's not until season two that he really comes into his own.

                  Other characters in this first season include Cordelia Chase - the type of girl you love to hate and on the surface she appears very shallow. She doesn't really do that much in this season except play the Queen bee!

                  --The Episodes--
                  Episode One: Welcome to the Hellmouth
                  This first episode introduces us to the main players and the theme of the show - it's a vamp-fest from start to finish. Buffy starts at her new school, meets her friends and Watcher, and gets into plenty of trouble. This is a great episode to kick off the series.

                  Episode Two: The Harvest
                  This is actually the second part of episode one, continuing the story. We meet the 'Big Bad' for season one - an ancient vampire that goes by the name of The Master. A good conclusion to the two-part season opener.

                  Episode Three: Witch
                  Moving away from vampires for the moment, in this episode we see that the show is not all about the living dead. Buffy tries out for cheerleading, but something strange is going on involving witchcraft. This was the episode that really made me sit up and think, 'I like this show.'

                  Episode Four: Teacher's Pet
                  Every season will have its stinkers, and Teacher's Pet is the worst of season one. The plot involves a giant praying mantis mating with teenage boys. The special effects are pretty shoddy in this, and the plot borders on the absurd. Definitely my least favourite of this season.

                  Episode Five: Never Kill A Boy on the First Date
                  This is another episode that rates lowly for me. Despite the lingering glances with Angel in the previous episodes, we see Buffy going after the studly Owen whilst trying to deal with the potential threat of the 'Anointed One'. On the whole it's not a bad episode, but the actor who played Owen wasn't great.

                  Episode Six: The Pack
                  Animal possession? The school principal getting eaten by those students? It sounds absurd but this is actually a pretty good episode as far as season one standards go. It's entertaining and has that Buffy charm.

                  Episode Seven: Angel
                  One of the best episodes in this season, Buffy finally learns the truth about the tall, dark and handsome Angel.

                  Episode Eight: I Robot - You Jane
                  Ack, another stinker. Perhaps that's too harsh - the general concept of the episode, that a demon takes over the internet - is OK, but the execution of it and the final reveal of the monster aren't brilliant.

                  Episode Nine: The Puppet Show
                  This one freaks me out because I have an irrational fear of ventriloquist dummies. There's a school talent show and one of the acts is stealing people's brains. It's a pretty good episode but not one I'd watch again because of the walking, talking dummy!

                  Episode Ten: Nightmares
                  This is a great, clever episode that makes you really begin to see and understand just how great Buffy is. The Sunnydale High students find that their nightmares are beginning to manifest and this gives some entertaining and frightening results.

                  Episode Eleven: Out of Mind, Out of Sight
                  There's an invisible girl loose in Sunnydale High and she's got it in for Cordelia. To me this is a middle-of-the-road episode, a little forgettable but still watchable and entertaining.

                  Episode Twelve: Prophecy Girl
                  Here's what the entire season has been leading up to: the big finale, Buffy vs. The Master. Buffy finds out that she is the subject of an ancient prophecy, that the Master will kill her and unleash hell on earth. A great episode - and I think one of the best season finales in the series despite the dodgy special effects!

                  --Special Features--

                  Unlike later DVDs in the series, season one has very few special features. They're also not neatly organised in one place either, each episode has it's own special features option. There are a few episodes with commentaries, and a couple that have other features such as music videos.


                  Looking back, having watched all seven seasons of the show, I definitely think this is the weakest. However, there's still a lot here to like and it got me hooked! The characters are great, the individual storylines are fun and sometimes frightening, and the overall plot arc of season one worked really well.

                  It definitely left me wanting more as evidenced by the fact that I went straight out and bought the rest!


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                    20.08.2009 18:02
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                    watch this

                    Buffy the vampire slayer is based on the movie of the same name. Buffy is kicked out of her old LA high school for burning down the gym but what people don't know is that the gym was filled with vampires. She see's moving to Sunnydale as a new start a chance to rebuild her life as a teenager not the slayer.
                    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
                    David Boreanaz as Angel
                    Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia
                    Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles
                    Alyson Hannigan as Willow
                    Nicholas Brendan as Xander

                    1.Welcome to the hellmouth.
                    Its buffy's first day at Sunnydale high school. Eager for a new start she is disappointed to find out that the school librarian knows more about her than she cares for. The dead body found in the locker room leads buffy to think that the culprit is a vampire.

                    I enjoyed this episode, it shows the the combination of a teenage girls struggle to fit in mixed with the added supernatural reasonability of being a slayer. Darla the first vampire we see is quite creepy looking thanks to the excellent makeup skills.

                    2.The harvest.
                    There is bad news at the bronze. Luke , a vampire the master chose, a vessel needs to eat as many people as he can to free the master from his prison underneath the city.

                    I enjoyed this episode, the vampire Luke with a combination of his size and facial make up makes him look quite scary. I liked the part where while looking for Willow buffy almost stakes Cordelia which was funny.

                    3. The witch
                    It's cheerleading tryouts at school and buffy decides to try for the team. But everyone who makes it has something bad happen to them..... watch and find out.

                    This is a really funny episode. I loved it when buffy was affected she was extremely funny especially when she was in cheerleading practice. And I like her version of " macho macho man I wanna be a macho man" ( I believe that is how it goes).

                    4.Teachers pet.
                    There is a new sexy teacher in Sunnydale highs science department. Natalie French young, beautiful but with a deadly secret.

                    Awwww they killed the only teacher that ever believed in buffy. The funny bit of the episode is when buffy didn't do her homework and willow tries to help her out by sniffing Xander and buffy comes out with an answer B.O. Haha funny.

                    5.Never kill a boy on the first date.
                    Being a slayer can really mess with a teenage girls desires as buffys attraction to fellow student Owen conflicts with her slaying duties.

                    I liked this episode there are not really any funny moments. Though I gotta say I felt a bit of sympathy towards Buffy when she finds out the only reason that Owen wants to keep dating her is because he is attracted to the danger.

                    6. The pack.
                    After a school trip to the zoo Xander starts to act strangely and alienates Buffy and Willow.

                    I loved the the new mascot the scary razorback pig. It was so cute until it sadly got eaten I was sadder about that than principal Fluties untimely demise.

                    Buffy is attacked by assassins sent by the master but is rescued by Angel. They run to her house, to safety and end up sharing a romantic kiss then Buffy finds out Angels secret.

                    Ohhh angels secret is out yet buffy stills cares for him. Though Buffys mum going into hospital was quite sad.

                    8.I robot... You Jane.
                    Willow meets a guy online but he isnt as perfect as he seems. Especially when he tries to kill Buffy.

                    I think that this episode has a good msg attached to it becareful when you meet someone online as they might not be as they seem.

                    9. The puppet show.
                    It's time for the talent show at Sunnydale high but someone or something has decided its a good time to start killing.

                    I love the horny puppet routine it was hilarious. Also the end with the gang doing their parts on stage.

                    10. Nightmares.
                    Suddenly the town of Sunnydale is in terrible danger as peoples nightmares come alive.

                    Okay many great points to this episode but if I had to pick one or two it would be Xanders nightmares, the being naked in public and the clown nightmare haha very funny.

                    11. Out of mind..... out of sight.
                    A girl feels ignored at school and turns invisable and decides to turn the invisability to her adavantage as she gets revenge on the schools popular crowd.

                    12. Prophecy girl.
                    Its time the master is about to rise. Buffy freaks out when she finds out that she is prophesised to die.
                    Poor Buffy what teenage girl likes to hear that she is about to die! This is a great end to a great sereies. I love that everyone keeps commenting on her pretty dress which really was pretty.

                    For me Alyson Hannigan is the outstanding actress as she embodys the role of geeky teen perfectly even though she is the oldest "teen" there. I think my favourite episodes are The Pack and Nightmares. My least favorite episode is teachers pet I don't hate it but I think that the other epsiodes are better.


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                      27.06.2009 21:48
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                      First season review of the popular tv show.

                      This season is a must have for buffy fans, it is the introductory piece to all things buffy. The first season tells the story of Buffy's arrival to the hellmouth, more commonly know as Sunnydale California. The first two episodes 'Welcome to the Hell mouth' and 'The Harvest' introduce the viewer to the slayer. Buffy becomes friends with Willow and Xander in these first episodes, and also to another student named Jesse, who ends up being turned into a vampire, meaning Buffy must kill him.
                      To begin with Buffy rejects her role and reponsibilty as slayer, although the viewer can inevitably see a change in perspective coming just from the fact the tv show has been made into further seasons. The character of Giles is introduced also in these beginning episodes as Buffys highschool librarian and watcher, (a kind of mentor for the slayer.)

                      The box set features 12 episodes, finishing with the dramatic finale where Buffy slays the master, not before dying herself of course.
                      I have to say Sarah Michelle Geller displays some excellent acting in this first season, although she was obviously quite young when it was filmed. I especially love her performance int he final episode of the series when she discovers her iminant prophesised death.

                      This season does look kinda dated now, especially costume wise, however I found i can overlook it, its just such an entriguing show and concept. Definatley better then the film that was released prior. Also very affordable now that the price of Buffy boxsets have gone down dramatically from around £79.99 to about £15 now on sites such as hmv.com

                      Cast list

                      Buffy- Sarah Michelle Geller
                      Willow- Alyson Hannigon
                      Giles- Anthony Stuart Head
                      Xander-Nicholas Brendon
                      Cordelia- Charisma Carpenter
                      joyce (buffys mother)- Kristine Sutherland
                      Angel-David Boreanaz

                      CLASSIFICATION 15
                      There are commentaries to many of the episodes on this boxset and there are plenty of interviews as well. :)

                      This review is my own work, it is also posted on other sites.


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                        22.05.2009 13:47



                        A good start to an awesome show!

                        The Cult hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer starts here. Season 1 contains 12 episodes, half as much as later seasons. For anyone unfamiliar with the programme the idea is that in every generation one girl is chosen (The slayer) to combat the forces of darkness and evil. Buffy is the slayer. When released, Buffy brought with her a powerful ensemble of characters, Giles, Willow, Xander, and perhaps most importantly, Angel.

                        This series concentrates on The Master, and his protracted feud with the slayer and the "Scooby Gang". Compared to later seasons the show feels unpolished, following a very "Monster of the Week" type format. Some of the episodes are terribly thought out, "Teacher's Pet" for instance, and some of the baddies, especially the Master seem altogether too cliché.

                        Hidden among this however are signs and indications of the hit this show would become, and the relationships between the characters that we see developing here continue over the following seasons. Perhaps the best episode out the lot here is "Angel" where we first start to hear the story of the "Vampire with a soul".

                        The DVD quality is good for the age of the programme, though some of the special effects leave you wanting. There's a good selection of special features on the disc, and this is further improved in later seasons.

                        Standing alone, this Season would probably not be worth much, but as we know this is the start of an epic, and the following seasons make this opening even sweeter than it really should be.


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                        07.03.2009 14:28
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                        Written by Joss Whedon, Buffy The Vampire Slayer originally entered American pop culture as a full-length feature film, starring Kristy Swanson, in 1992 [o i hated it]. But creator Whedon felt that the project never quite did justice to what he had imagined, so he managed to turn the film into a television series in 1997. The result of Whedon's increased artistic freedom is a series that has enjoyed both critical acclaim and audience notoriety. Nominated for 14 Emmys! during its seven year run, the show managed to win only two (both in 1998 for Outstanding Makeup and Outstanding Music Composition in a television series). Yet, the true success for Buffy The Vampire Slayer is indicated by the massive success of the show's long run, strong DVD sales, and the overwhelming success of the series spin-off Angel...which didnt do so well but still was a good programme to watch.

                        Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the title role of Buffy Anne Summers, a teenage girl who stands alone among her generation as the "chosen one" able to "fight vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer..." But Buffy is not alone in fulfilling her destiny as a slayer of vampires. She also receives help from the high school librarian, Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), who is a Watcher - the one chosen to train and guide slayers on their developmental path. In addition, new friends Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan - of American Pie fame) and Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon) quickly uncover the truth of Buffy's destiny, and they often aid her in defending the world against evil force.

                        The Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD offers a number of exciting episodes including the series premiere "Welcome to the Hellmouth" in which Buffy and her mother arrive in Sunnydale, California, trying to escape their past. But Buffy quickly learns from the school librarian that the small town sits atop a "hellmouth" about to bring forth a master vampire. When her secret is revealed to new friends Willow and Xander, the three must work together to keep the master vampire from using his vessel to enter their reality... Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "The Harvest" in which Buffy prepares to face down the master vampire's henchmen so she can stop the harvest (a ceremony which will free the Master), and "I Robot, You Jane" in which Buffy and the Scooby gang discover a demon trapped in the school's computer network...

                        Below is a list of episodes included on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 1) DVD:

                        Episode 1 (Welcome to the Hellmouth) Air Date: 03-10-1997
                        Episode 2 (The Harvest) Air Date: 03-10-1997
                        Episode 3 (The Witch) Air Date: 03-17-1997
                        Episode 4 (Teacher's Pet) Air Date: 03-25-1997
                        Episode 5 (Never Kill a Boy on the First Day) Air Date: 03-31-1997
                        Episode 6 (The Pack) Air Date: 04-07-1997
                        Episode 7 (Angel) Air Date: 04-14-1997
                        Episode 8 (I Robot, You Jane) Air Date: 04-28-1997
                        Episode 9 (The Puppet Show) Air Date: 05-05-1997
                        Episode 10 (Nightmares) Air Date: 05-12-1997
                        Episode 11 (Out of Mind, Out of Sight) Air Date: 05-19-1997
                        Episode 12 (Prophecy Girl) Air Date: 06-02-1997

                        overall, definetly worth the buy for any buffy fan and can be picked up very cheap nowadays for under a tenner.


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                          Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been a firm favourite with me since it first hit our TV screens back in 1997 when it was only known from the movie of the same name. So they decided to make a TV series and what a TV series it was. I was hooked but this first season should be where you start your Buffy journey and here is why i think it is definitely worth you having a look if you enjoy lots of fun sliced with some real danger.

                          A little bit about the show. It is about a girl who moves to a place called Sunnydale and is surprised to see there are vampires there. You see she is the slayer who is destined to kill the creatures of the night so she teams up with her watcher Giles and a team of friends who are willing to help her out on her slayer quests.

                          The show is absolutely hilarious and although it does touch on some sensitive areas of growing up and family life, the show does manage to remain light hearted throughout. It has everything in this first season including drama, romance, action and big big comedy so i can't see how anybody would hate it. My favourite thing this show does is it makes everything funny including Buffy punning almost every time she kills a vampire which is great.

                          The characters you will get to love straight away. Buffy is the heroine but she is lovely and Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays her really lights up the screen every time she is on. Alyson Hannigan plays the slightly geeky but loveable Willow who is every girl's best friend. Nicholas Brendon is Xander who is the comedy of the show. Then Anthony Head plays Giles who is the more serious about demons guy but is so fantastic you will love him.

                          Apart from these characters you have Angel who is a mysterious helper for Buffy and then you have the Master who is the big bad guy of the season. Every single person though is fantastic and when you watch the show it is so easy to see why everybody was picked for these roles as they are all fantastic!!!

                          In series 1 there are 12 episodes and each one is fantastic on its own merits. None are weak and although the series does follow a common path, each episode can be watched stand alone as they are made that way. It is best to watch them in order though for the first time as you can miss small anecdotes if you do skip episodes.

                          Season 1 is a certificate 15 and that is because there are some quite stressing scenes but this is not a show where you have to worry about swearing all of the time or anything like that but you do have a lot of demons which could be scary for younger viewers.

                          This season is a great start to the show so if you want to get into it then start here and you will see why the show became the big success that it did. You can buy it for around £15 from places which is good as you have over 8 hours of viewing.

                          I thoroughly recommend to all as it is fab!

                          Thanks for reading.



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                            ** Kick Ass Sexy Buffy in the begining **

                            ~ Get Home Before Dark ~ BUFFY- Season 1

                            ~ BUFFY? ~

                            Buffy the vampire Slayer is an American T.V series following the life of Buffy Summers, a 16 year old girl who not only has a new town and school to deal with but has the occupation of being a vampire slayer. The first series introduces all of the characters and how Buffy is very special person. The town of Sunnydale is haunted by the Hellmouth which is a evil door to hell. There are many demons and vampires who live around this Hellmouth which means Sunnydale is ridiculed by them. Being a teenage girl and a slayer is proven difficult as keeping this a secret is hard and her mother thinks she is a trouble maker.

                            Buffy the Vampire Slayer became one of my favourite television shows and when the first season was released in 1997. I think I was 11 when I first saw the series on t.v then Buffy seemed really intriguing to me. Since it continued I have collected all of the DVD box sets but I loved the first and second season the most. It seems to get more out of hand and silly as the series go on but still I have all 7 seasons on DVD. I think the first season is the best as it was new and exciting. It also had a lot for the audience including the development of the characters and introducing this vampire slayer.

                            ~ INFO ~

                            Creator- Joss Whedon

                            Joss Whedon is a well respected director and producer and works mainly on sci-fi and thriller films and TV shows. He has also created 'Angel' 1999-2004, the film 'Serenity' 2005 and 'Firefly' 2002-2003.

                            12 Episodes

                            ~ CAST ~

                            Sarah Michelle Gellar- Buffy Summers

                            Buffy moves to Sunnydale with her mother to start a new life after being kicked out from school in LA but she learns its even harder here. She is a strong, brave girl but doesn't quite seek the power and strength that she thinks she has. She seems to find it hard to make friends and likes her own space and privacy. Buffy has had to grow up fast due to her parents divorce and her secret occupation.

                            Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris

                            Xander is a funny character. As soon as he sees Buffy he is bewildered b her.
                            Although she does not feel the same way he befriends her when she rescues him from vampires. He is very loyal to his friends and even though he is seen as the geeky guy in his year he likes helping out and becoming something more in life. Xander is always cracking jokes and tries to be the clown of the group but it doesn't seem to work.

                            Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg

                            Willow is a quiet, intelligent girl who is seen as the computer geek of the school. She knows everything about computers and always does her homework and gets good grades. She also befriends Buffy after being saved and likes the way the three of them- Buffy, herself and Xander become quite good friends. Willow thinks Buffy is cool and is maybe abit envious that she could never be like that. Williow also has a crush on Xander but sees his lust for Buffy and stands away.

                            Anthony Head- Rupert Giles

                            Giles is the new school librarian and has a quiet life by himself. He lives by his own and likes his private space. He discovers that a new girl at the school has an interesting past and future and reveals he knows more than he is letting on. He knows a lot about Buffy and after convincing her of what she needs to do, Giles always looks after her and begins to bond a father / daughter bond with her. Even though he seems scared a lot of the time he seems to be level headed and can hold his own.

                            James Masters- Spike

                            Spike is an interesting character. Spike is a 100 year old vampire who comes back to LA after being away on massacres. He has a bad temper and a blood thirsty rage. He is known to have killed the previous two vampire slayers and wants to make it number 3. Also know as William the Bloody for his ruthless killings he has a violent mind and becomes entranced when he sees the new slayer. Spike has a lot of past issues and thinks he can rule the city.

                            David Borenaz - Angel

                            Angel appears in the first season and seems to be stalking the new slayer. He is a 200 year old vampire but doesn't seem to have the violent and aggressive nature like Spike. He is mysterious, talks with a soft voice and moves in the shadows. Angel is different to other vampires- he has a soul which makes him feel emotions and consequences. Buffy is confused by this but Angel helps her defeat her enemies and he looks over her.

                            Other Characters in Season 1

                            Kristine Sutherland - Joyce Summers
                            Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase
                            Juliet Landau - Drusilla
                            Armin Shimerman - Principal Snyder

                            ~ EPISODES ~

                            1- Welcome to the Hellmouth

                            Buffy and her mother just moves into their new house in Sunnydale. She starts a new school where she just wants to fit in and have a normal life. This seems impossible when she finds that Sunnydale is a vampire nest and she has to rescue several class mates.

                            I liked this episode. There is action, information and the introduction of the main characters. It leaves a lot of questions at the end that make it so addictive to watch the next episode. 8/10.

                            2 - The Harvest

                            Xander and Williow find out more about Buffy and their town and Buffy makes more of an acquaintance with the school Liberian who is actually suppose to be her watcher (trainer). Jesse a classmate is taken by local vampires and Buffy has to rescue him. She meets a strange, mysterious man who keeps giving her advice but doesn't say who he is.

                            This episode shows Buffy's potential and the action scenes had abit more to them. I like the scenes where Buffy and Angel first meet as Angel stays in the shadows. The audience is not given any information on who he is and Buffy doesn't know him either. She finds it odd how he gives her advice and information on The Harvest ritual even though she doesn't know him. Questions fill her mind but he seems to disappear quickly after talking with her. 7/10.

                            3 - Witch

                            Buffy attends the Cheerleading tryouts where a number of girls are getting knocked out in suspious ways. She investigates with Xander and Williow and finds a magic is being used against the other girls.

                            I found this one abit boring compared to the others. AS it was more to do with a witch the action was pretty slow and there wasn't much to be interested in. 3/10.

                            4 - Teacher's Pet

                            After biology class Dr Gregory is eaten and left for dead. Angel appears in the night again to give a message to Buffy as well as his jacket there seems to be a connection between them. Xander seems to dream about his teacher Miss French and is surprised when she asks him to visit her house after school. He thinks his luck is in but a turn out Miss French has quite an appetite.

                            This episode is quiet funny with Xander believing his luck with a teacher.
                            There are some humorous parts and makes it interesting to watch. I also liked the meeting of Buffy and Angel as we see more of Angel but do not know anymore which is really intruiging. 7/10.

                            5 - Never kill a boy on the first date

                            Desperate for a normal life as a teenage girl Buffy goes on a date with a classmate called Owen. Giles finds out there is a prophecy that is coming soon but Buffy decides one night off is not a lot to ask. Giles decides to go out and look for clues by himself and ends up getting trapped by a group of vampires. Buffy has to find a way of rescuing him and dusting the vamps with Owen close by her.

                            This episode is defiantly one worth watching. There is everything included- humour, fighting, romance and mystery. Its nice to see Buffy enjoying a normal part of a teenage girl's life but it shows you cannot ignore fate. 8/10.

                            6 - The Pack

                            After a school trip to the local zoo Buffy and Willow notice Xander's behaviour has changed. He starts hanging out with a new group and has a liking for a lot of rare meat.

                            This one is abit stupid to be honest. It doesn't have any vampires in it and its all about this change in Xander. Even though it was pretty different I found it boring compared to some of the other episodes. 5/10.

                            7- Angel

                            Buffy and Angel grow closer when they are attacked and take ravage in Buffy's bedroom. The tension between them is strong and as he leans in and shares a[passionate kiss with Buffy something happens and Buffy is shown who Angel really is. She is shocked and cannot understand what is going on.

                            This is one of my favourite episodes. It's the first time Buffy and Angel show their feelings for one another and the sexual tension between them is very powerful. Buffy gets to find out who he is and the emotions are so high you feel really involved. 10/10.
                            8 - I Robot You Jane

                            Williow befriends a boy on the internet which gives her some confidence. Buffy notices Williow has become addicted with this boy and finds out a demon named Moloch has escaped from a spell book and into the computers.

                            Abit strange really. This episode is about a demon but it is pretty weird and doesn't have a lot of fighting in it. 3/10.

                            9 - The Puppet Show

                            Principal Synder demands the three join the school talent show and Buffy and the gang are not impressed. AS they discover some of the attendants are murdered they investigate who is doing them. The strangest person is accused but it is the demon it is occupied by who has the taste for the school children's blood.

                            It is a very strange episode but it is different and has a lot going on in it so you have to keep aware of the situation. Not one of the best though, again it does not include any vampire fighting. 6/10.

                            10 - Nightmares

                            Evil comes to Sunnydale as a young boy is used by a demon to make every nightmare in Sunnydale school come true which consists of Xander's fear of turning to class with no clothes on and being chased by clowns. Buffy has to find a way of stopping the demon as well as dealing with her nightmare which reoccurs over and over again.

                            This one was quite interesting but also abit boring as a lot of the episode is filmed at the school. The nightmares are pretty good though and they ranged from extraordinary things. I liked the way different people all had fears even silly ones like singing in front of other people. 6/10.

                            11- Out of mind, out of sight

                            There is a strange force which is attacking Sunnydale High and Cordelia in particular. Buffy and the gang try to find out what this is and why it is focusing so much on hurting Cordelia.

                            This episode is quite good. The answers aren't shown until the very end which keeps you guessing right until the end. There is enough action to keep you interested and Cordelia's character comes more into focus which was nice to see more character's being focused on. 7/10.

                            12- Prophecy Girl

                            The season finale, Buffy has to defeat the Master who is strong, powerful and has a lot of control over human minds. When Giles tells Buffy of this prophecy she is scared and denies that she can save the world from this creature. After support from Xander, Williow and Angel she sees that she must face her fate.

                            ~ OPINION ~

                            Buffy is a brilliant action and sci-fi series which has great action scenes and the role of a kick ass female. The narrative of the piece is great and each episode is varied to the maximum. Each character is developed and sub plots are flowing all of the time. Even though the stories are fictional I felt really involved with the emotions it portrayed. Especially Buffy and Angel's relationship. It is interesting in season one as they first meet and there is a barrier between them but they don't seem to care. I also loved the comedy in the series which make it enjoyable to watch.

                            I really liked the character of Giles and thought it was brilliant seeing a British actor in an American drama. Giles played by Anthony Head actually has a house 15 mins from where I live and I have met him once which intrigued me more into the character.

                            ~ EXTRAS ~


                            Play.com- DVD Box set Season 1- £17.90

                            Distributed- 20th Century Fox
                            Certificate- 12
                            12 Episodes
                            3 Discs

                            Special features-

                            * New amaray-style plastic case
                            * Audio commentaries from creator Joss Whedon
                            * Interview with creator Joss Whedon and actor David Boreanaz
                            * 'I Quit' music video
                            * Pilot script
                            * Photo galleries
                            * Cast biographies

                            Website- www.buffyworld.com/

                            * Thanks for reading* Blackmagicstar4 * Jan 09. Published on Dooyoo and Ciao. xx


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                          • Product Details

                            Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) looks like your typical perky high-schooler, and like most, she has her secret fears and anxieties. However, while most teens are worrying about their next date, their next zit, or their next term paper, Buffy's angsting over the next vampire she has to slay. See, Buffy, a young woman with superhuman strength, is the "chosen one," and she must help rid the world of evil, namely by staking demons. The exceptional first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer introduces us to the treacherous world of Sunnydale High School (where Buffy moved after torching her previous high school's gym). The characters there include "watcher" Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) and the original "Scooby Gang" members--friendly geek Xander (Nicholas Brendon), computer whiz Willow (Alyson Hannigan), and snobbish popular girl Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter)--who aid Buffy in her quest. Those used to the darker tone that Buffy took in its later seasons will be surprised by the lighter feeling these first 12 episodes have--it's kind of like Buffy 90210 as the cast grapples with regular teen problems in addition to saving the world from demonic darkness. Fans of the show will enjoy the crisp writing, the phenomenal chemistry of the cast (already well-established within the first few episodes), and the introduction to characters that would stay for many seasons, including moody vampire Angel (David Boreanaz). Through it all, Gellar carries the series with amazing confidence, whether conveying the despair of high school or dispatching various demons--she's one of TV's most distinctive and strongest heroines. --Mark Englehart

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