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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3 (DVD)

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17 Reviews

Genre: Television - Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Director: James A. Cotner, Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt / Actors: Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz ... / DVD released 06 March, 2006 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    17 Reviews
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      09.04.2012 19:04
      Very helpful



      A brilliant end to Buffy's high school career, with some fantastic episodes.

      I'll start this review by mentioning that Buffy is probably my favourite series of all time. I only really started to get into it at about the same time that Series 3 was released, so perhaps that's why I would rate this series as a notch above the others.

      A little background...

      Buffy is the Chosen One (you will hear this a lot in the earlier series) and she has a sacred duty to protect the world from vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. She moved to Sunnydale - also known as the Hellmouth a few years before the start of Series 3, and ever since then, she has had kind of a rough time! She has a core group of friends that support her and who know she's the Slayer (as it's sort of meant to be a secret!) called 'The Scoobies'. Buffy's best friends are the shy, intelligent, and very kind, Willow, and the nerdy, funny, Xander. Buffy also has plenty of help and guidance in the form of her Watcher, Rupert Giles, who is sort of like her trainer I suppose. I love the group dynamics, and the relationships between the core cast members, and they really are solidified during Season 3.

      I don't want to include too many spoilers, in case you are yet to see the first 2 series, but basically Buffy has averted the apocalypse at least twice!

      Well, Series 3 picks up with Buffy in L.A, after leaving Sunnydale at the end of Series 2. She is having a pretty bad time of it, and she is trying to do some soul searching. Of course, she winds up back in Sunnydale fairly quickly to a somewhat frosty response from her Mum and friends. It doesn't take too long for Buffy to fit back in, and get back to some serious vampire slaying action! There are some fun surprises in series three, such as the arrival of feisty new Slayer, Faith (if you've seen the previous seasons, then it will make sense as to why there is a new Slayer). There is also the slightly annoying, new Watcher, Wesley - although he actually grew on me the more the series progressed.

      I really enjoyed this season, primarily the relationships of the main characters, such as Willow, Oz, and Xander. I love the character of Oz, and I really feel that he helps Willow's confidence grow, and brings her out of her shell a little more. We do see a little of him during series 2, but he features much more prominently in series 3. I really like him, because he seems so different to all the other characters - he's sarcastic, stoic, intelligent, and he's also in a band!

      There are plenty of twists, and turns this series, and most of the characters are forced to make some hard choices. I think this series focuses on the characters slowly becoming adults, and the tough decisions they have to make regarding their futures. You certainly do see a new side of some of the characters, and I think viewers might find some of the episodes a little poignant.

      The main bag guy in this series is Richard Wilkins, The Mayor of Sunnydale. While he seems like a pretty solid citizen to most Sunnydale dwellers, he is actually hiding some pretty dark secrets, and will go on to be one of the most powerful foes Buffy has faced so far. Aside from being fairly evil, I found the Mayor to be one of the most humorous and quirky villains Buffy has encountered thus far, and thought every episode he was in was thoroughly entertaining!

      My absolute favourite episode of season three is Band Candy. This episode see's the entire Sunnydale adult population revert back to thinking that they're teenagers! As you can imagine, it's pretty amusing to see Giles, and Buffy's Mum, Joyce, behaving in this manner. I'm pretty sure Buffy describes it as "disturbing" and I was laughing throughout the whole episode.

      The season finale certainly doesn't disappoint and has a fairly epic feel throughout, whilst still maintaining each character's individual humour. I suppose some of the special effects looks a little dated now, but I think this can be overlooked, as the writing for the show is so strong.

      I was totally charmed by this season, and I think if you are a fan of fantasy, you will be too!

      Price and availability...

      This DVD box set is still widely available, and I've done a little research about the various places you can purchase it from, and the current price.

      Play.com - £34.99 for a new copy, and £19.99 for a used version. Play are offering free delivery on this item.
      Amazon - £31.99. There are also some used copies from £6.97.
      It might also be worth having a little scout around on Ebay as sometimes to can score a real bargain.

      A little extra...

      This series is rated 15.

      Directed by Joss Whedon.

      Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy
      Alyson Hannigan as Willow
      Nicholas Brendon as Xander
      Anthony Stewart Head as Giles
      David Boreanaz as Angel
      Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia
      Seth Green as Oz
      Alexis Denisof as Wesley
      Eliza Dushku as Faith


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        01.04.2012 20:27
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Alternate Universes, Spike cameos and Faith the Vampire Slayer make this a winner!

        Among the dedicated Buffy fan contingent, it's usually a toss-up between this season and season 2 when it comes to naming an all-time favourite, and once you watch it, it's easy to see why.

        Season 3 has a lot going for it: this is the season of the young vampire Slayer and her friends' last year of high school, featuring one of the better Buffys season villains in the equally camp and terrifying Sunnydale Mayor, the truly fantastic Eliza Dushku giving a memorable and charismatic performance as Slayer anti-heroine Faith, and a season finale that's both edge of your seat suspense and the ultimate wish fulfilment for every pupil out there. Aside from a strong arc, this season has some of the best individual episodes. The season opener Anne, coming on the heels of the crushing season 2 finale is a beautiful exploration of feeling lost and ultimately reclaiming one's identity; Lover's Walk features the much-anticipated and utterly satisfying return of Spike; The Wish is an absolutely fantastic take of a dystopian alternate universe (which rather than stay a one-off has a brilliant follow-up in the episode Doppelgangland) and Graduation Part 1 and 2 is my personnal favourite season finale. And while everyone has episodes they prefer, I would argue that this is a season that lacks an outright (Go Fish-like) dud. The actors are truly in top form throughout, and the special effects have significantly improved.

        This is also the last season with Angel, her brooding vampire paramour, is in before he goes off to have his own adventures in the spinoff, and the writers do a brilliant job of thematically setting up his character journey that follows up on his own show, so this is required viewing for anyone planning to check out Angel: the series.

        I cannot reccomend this emphatically enough!


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          29.05.2010 00:20
          Very helpful



          The continuation of a great story

          The third series starts off very dark Buffy has just killed angel and been kicked out of school. We meet up with her in LA under the name Anne working as a waitress. After freeing people from a hell dimension she realises she must go home, this is where the fun starts.

          This season has a lot of firsts including meeting Faith (Eliza Dushku) the vampire slayer who becomes a friend to Buffy but a progression to the dark side throughout the series sees her turn on Buffy and co due to her own personal demons. We also see the First evil for the first time that is the big bad in season 7. This just shows how far ahead Joss wrote his story lines. The series ends with "Graduation pt 1 and 2" in which we see Buffy blow up her school and Angel leave and start his own spin off show.

          Season 3 is on 6 discs there are some complaints that the disk holder scratch the discs but mine are fine.


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          05.04.2010 11:03
          Very helpful



          The perfect season of the perfect TV show.

          The third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a thrill from start to finish. For many fans, this was the perfect season - as unlike any other stretch of Buffy episodes (or indeed, of any other television show), it seems the writers struck the perfect genre balance. The delicate mixture of comedy, romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror and teenage drama makes for the perfect entertainment cocktail. With vast improvements in makeup and special effects, many felt that the villains began to feel scarier and more authentic; which helped bolster appeal amongst science fiction fans. Whereas the brilliant characterisation made the show even more appealing to those who watched it from a more human angle.

          However, I am talking in broad brushstrokes which may be a little bewildering for those who aren't particularly well versed with Joss Whedon's landmark TV show. For those who have not seen it before, the premise is simple - Buffy Summers is your average American teenager. If by 'average' you mean being gifted with superpowers and given the duty of fighting against the vampires, demons and forces of darkness which descend upon the town of Sunnydale (which conveniently happens to be on the mouth to hell). Aided by her group of high school friends - budding-witch Willow, werewolf Oz, dorky Xander, sharp-tongued Cordelia and British librarian, Giles, the show follows their weekly battles (both personal and supernatural).

          The third season finds the group in their final year of high school, and facing the kind of challenges which come with growing maturity. After being sent to hell, ensouled vampire Angel returns to Sunnydale - causing yet more heartbreak for Buffy, as she realises that a relationship between them can never happen. Meanwhile, a feisty new slayer arrives in town called Faith - who becomes increasingly unstable and menacing with the rush of power she receives from killing. Her descent into darkness accompanies that of the growing power of the city Mayor - the main villain of the series, who has plans to "ascend" to a new level of demon hood - something which would prove deadly to the world.

          What makes this season so impeccable is the characterisation and the character development. The addition of Eliza Dushku to the cast (Faith) was one of the best decisions that Joss Whedon ever made. Sexy, uncontrollable and above all, conflicted, her character is a pleasure to watch. The complete moral grey area in which her character lives is utterly compelling, as the viewer is kept guessing until the last episode as to whether she will achieve redemption or succumb to the dark side. Her character provides much food for thought as well, since she is essentially a reflection of Buffy. She perhaps poses broader questions about life in general, and explores the idea of "the road not taken". Despite having the same "raw materials" as it were, Faith, is without friends, family or any sort of support system - so gives in to temptation.

          This is why Buffy will always be one of the most landmark television shows in history, since these wider moral questions (such as nature versus nurture) are not merely fabrications of an over-active viewer imagination - they were intended by the writers. It's probably why I've been able to watch this box set time and time again. I can watch the episodes for the pleasure of watching fight scenes and mysteries getting solved, but with each viewing, I can delve into the subtext and find a new message behind the characters and their motivations.

          Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and David Boreanaz (Angel), as always pull off the tragic love story of their characters with utter believability. When you see their hearts break, yours does too. While books such as Twilight have attempted to recreate this forbidden love scenario, to me, it just feels like a cheap imitation. The flaws and ultimately human love affair between the characters will mirror a lot of the pain that viewers will have gone through. This idea of being so completely in love with someone but unable to be with them is nothing new, but yet the way it is portrayed in Buffy is utterly unique and still as devastating as ever. The scriptwriters and the actors really do a remarkable job of pulling off the awkwardness and difficulty of the two having to work together, while battling their true feelings.

          The writers also became more and more daring, creatively speaking. 'The Wish' is one of the best episodes on the set as it is one of those enthralling television moments as it addresses the idea of what could have been. After a betrayed Cordelia mistakenly makes the comment to a vengeance demon of: "I wish that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale", a brave new world is born, where vampires rule and humans are slaughtered like cattle. It is a mesmerising television experience from start to finish, as the intricacy and attention to detail help create a supernatural world that it is totally convincing.

          However, it is often the more human moments in the series which I really connected with (beyond the plain awesomeness of fantasy-infused episodes like 'The Wish'). 'Earshot' was an episode which was banned from television for a long time, since it coincided with the Columbine High School massacre in the USA. The episode deals with Buffy gaining the ability to read minds, and consequently hearing the words: "This time tomorrow... I'll kill you all" in her school canteen. The episode is brutal and fearless, as it addresses all the problems facing teenagers today. I think actually, this was the episode which made me realise that what the script-writers had created was more than just an action or science-fiction show. One part of the episode always gives me chills; the moment where Buffy says the words: "If you could hear what they were feeling. The loneliness. The confusion. It looks quiet down there. It's not. It's deafening." I know I'm probably repeating myself, but it takes a real master, to be able to create a supernatural TV series that can simultaneously comment on human nature and social problems.

          Compared to the earlier seasons, I find this one a cut above the rest in terms of viewing experience as special effects had been able to advance far enough to experiment with CGI. Whereas in the first two series, every villain had to be played by a person in makeup, in this season, there were several adversaries who were entirely computer-generated (and looked convincing despite this fact). This is best showcased in the phenomenal season finale, when the group battle an enormous snake. For me, it gave an epic quality to the show that perhaps we hadn't seen before - making some of the larger storylines about saving the world from destruction more convincing... as there seemed to be a menace that was on the same scale as the threat.

          The DVDs themselves contain all 22 episodes of the season, which given the set costs only £14.99 on Amazon - it doesn't take a genius to work out that this is a complete bargain! With a great cover that is adorned with a slight green hue alongside a gorgeous picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar, it's an appealing set that isn't too bulky.

          In terms of extras, as with many of the early Buffy seasons, there isn't an abundance of bonus material - which is a pity, albeit understandable given the fact that at the time this set was produced; DVDs were only in their infancy. There are several shooting scripts for key episodes, which are largely a pointless addition to the set - as I can't imagine anyone having the time or inclination to read them. However, a handful of director's commentaries and cast interviews on key episodes make for enjoyable and insightful viewing. The crown jewels of the set are most notably the special effects and makeup featurettes, which give a great insight into the production of the show - something which is rather compelling since season three was where in this respect, Buffy stepped up its game.

          I really, really wish that this review had been more interesting. If I despised Buffy and found each disc a gruelling task to watch, I could have been so creative with negative metaphors and language. However, there are absolutely no flaws here. This is honestly one of the best television shows of all time, and in its prime no less. Whether you're a fan or haven't dabbled in the world of Buffy before, I can't recommend these DVDs highly enough.


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            28.02.2010 20:59
            Very helpful



            An excellent third series.

            So here we are: another day, another Buffy review. You're all going to start thinking that I have no life! Fortunately, I do, I just don't happen to review clubs and other things relating to my other fun non-Buffy activities. I have started reviewing restaurants more often than I used to, but still please rest assured that I am a very interesting person, and that I just happen to enjoy watching a programme about a sexy vampire slayer alongside all my very other fulfilling and exciting pursuits.

            For those of you who don't know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a very popular series that ran from the mid-1990s until the early noughties. I was only about eight or nine years old when I started watching it, as was my friend, but it was popular amongst teenagers and adults just as much as children. It definitely had a cult following among some sections of society, with many boys and men counting themselves as fan due to the fantasy vampire element, as well as the fact that much of it involved a hot woman running around and fighting. The fact that every single Buffy box set and DVD listed on Dooyoo has a rating of 5 stars shows that it's very popular even still.

            The third series takes place in Buffy and the gang's final year at Sunnydale High School. I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who haven't seen the previous series and want to, so I'll try to keep specific details to a minimum. Basically, following a fairly emotional and traumatic end to the previous series, Buffy finds it difficult to cope with how things have changed. There's romantic problems and sexual tension aplenty as with in previous series, and things do get fairly interesting with the introduction of a few new characters. The Scooby Gang are as strong as ever and seems to be a fairly good role model for a healthy friendship.

            The monsters and vampires are just as good in this series as in the last, with many original ideas for demons for the gang to face. There's also some good character development for most of the cast, and by the third series I definitely feel that all the characters have grown as people and are more believable. There's a bit of teenage rebellion as well as sex and growing up, which definitely makes Buffy stand out above other sci-fi or fantasy shows in that the demons and supernatural beings are only half of the focus of the programme. It is this, I feel, that makes Buffy so popular amongst so many different people. I was a massive fan of Buffy when I was young and I still am now, which is mainly due to the fact that even without the vampires and supernaturalism it would still be a very entertaining programme to watch.

            Buffy the Vampire Slayer is also really funny, which is fairly surprising given most of the content. The writers have a really excellent sense of comic timing, and often things will coincide in a perfect and hilarious way. There's also some great one liners and banter between the characters which make it so entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

            I found the third series as good and entertaining as the second, and have high hopes for the fourth! So far I've felt like the complete seven series box set was definitely worth the £60 that my friend and I spent on it, as it's all amazingly good and we haven't gotten sick of it at all yet! I'd recommend getting the complete set too if you're a Buffy fan (or if you've never seen it, because you probably will love it if you give it a go), as it's so great value. If you for some reason only want the third series, however, it's still quite a bargain at only £15 on Amazon for over fifteen hours of pure Buffy brilliance.


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              27.01.2010 11:45
              Very helpful



              Holds up as well today as it did in the 90's. Fantastic TV and now a fantastic DVD.

              Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of those programmes that holds up just as well today as it did when it came out in the late 90's. It is an American TV supernatural drama that follows the life of Buffy Summers and her friends.

              Buffy is a vampire slayer, chosen to her calling by fate, she is the one who will stand against the vampires and the demons and kick some serious arse. Like other slayers before her she has a watcher, an English man known as Giles. He is there to watch over her, train her and help her in the battle. Unlike other slayers though Buffy has a circle of friends who know about her and help her, they are collectively known as the 'Scooby Gang'.

              Season 3 picks starts off from where Season 2 ended with Buffy having run away from home. We see the hardship she is facing and the utter loneliness and sorrow she is feeling follow the events with Angel, her true love at the end of the last season. She eventually works her way back home and into the fold with her friends again who have been taking up her Slayer duties in her absence.

              During this season we are also introduced to a new slayer in the shape of Faith, she is vastly different from Buffy. Faith is a wild child, she indulges all the impulses and desires she has, finding it hard to show restraint as she considers herself better than normal people due to the power she possesses. We get to see the Path Buffy could have taken and her flirtation with the temptation that's always there to follow it.

              We are also introduced to the Mayor of Sunnydale, this seasons big bad. He is a mild mannered, happy go lucky person who is more than aware of the strange goings on in the town and just happens to be behind a few of them.

              As the season goes on it explores the teenage awkwardness felt at school and the relationships between the major characters. Willows deeper climb into the world of magic and Xanders ponderings of how he fits into the gang without any special powers. New Characters are introduced and we also get to see more of people like OZ' and more of him as a werewolf which is always cool.

              The season builds towards the characters graduation from School and the end of their childhood and is a well-worked slow building arc that continues right the way through the series. There are a lot of episodes that deal with different themes and stories whilst still maintaining that arc. This season is the better of the first 3, it's an overall fantastic season and I think the overall package with the characters growing edges it over season 2. It's not as dark and maniacal as the last season but its fantastic in other ways. Relationships come and go, people grow closer; break apart and main characters depart.

              Its is its usual drama mixed with action and the drama is well thought out and thought provoking, the action fast paced and hard hitting and the series has some really soft tender moments, will maybe make you cry at times and some of the best quips and one liners ever. Oh and Willow is such a cute character.

              The DVD itself is a really good package. It contains all 22 episodes from the series and a bunch of extra features to keep you going for a while. There are 4 episode scripts, Cast Biographies, Photographs, interviews with the writers and creators for 4 different episodes, Audio Commentaries on 4 episodes and 5 featurettes including Buffy Speak, Weapons, Wardrobe, Special Effects and an Overview of the season. The overview is particularly good watch as it combines cast and creator interviews as they talk about the season and what happened with their own opinions on it and what other plans there were that weren't followed through on with lots of funny stories thrown in.

              I'm a big Buffy fan and this DVD will have you in fandom heaven but even if you aren't a fan I urge you to get it. It's a good strong season, with well-developed and likeable characters and once you watch one episode you are oh so tempted to watch another one. It's a show that is loved by adults, teenagers and even younger children around 10 or so. Be careful though as there is some mild horror in there that could possibly scare your child. Overall a great TV show, fantastic series and a super DVD.


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              06.12.2009 11:16
              Very helpful



              Excellent season in this fantastic cult series.

              Season three saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer really getting into its stride. With more complex plots, the characters grew as much as the show itself.

              I don't want to repeat the general information I put into my review of seasons one and two, so I'll just jump straight into reviewing the characters and episodes. Check my profile for my reviews of the first two seasons!

              The mainstays from seasons one and two return as our fearless gang of demon hunters: Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles. Love interests Cordelia and Oz are back, and so's the vampire with a soul, Angel.

              Unfortunately for Spike fans, James Marsters only appears in one episode of this season, but he's back in four - so don't panic!

              A great new character is introduced in the form of the Slayer Faith, who arrives in Sunnydale after her Watcher has been killed. Faith is meant to show what happens to a Slayer when she doesn't embrace the cause - she's the flip-side of Buffy. Played by Eliza Dushku, Faith enriches the cast in this season.

              Harry Groening plays a large role as this season's Big Bad - the Mayor of Sunnydale who's evil plan is to reach Ascension.


              Episode One: Anne
              The end of last season saw Buffy running away from home, and the season three opener picks up a couple of months later. Buffy's in LA, working as a waitress in a diner - but is there something more sinister going on with LA's disadvantaged youths? This is a rather weak start to the season, but the episode has its good moments - particularly the 'power shot' of Buffy realising that she is, and always will be, the Slayer.

              Episode Two: Dead Man's Party
              Buffy's friends decide to throw her a welcome home party, but as always in Sunnydale: it's not that simple. Zombies attack the party, and Buffy's friends let her know what they really think about her disappearing act over the summer. This is a mediocre episode in terms of plot, but the character development is top-notch.

              Episode Three: Faith, Hope and Trick
              In this episode we're introduced to the new Slayer in Sunnydale - the confident and slightly arrogant Faith. The episode mainly centers around her arrival and the reasons for it, as well as the introduction of a new love interest for Buffy and a new vampire player in town. It's a good episode that I like a lot - Faith has over the course of the series become one of my favourite characters. Oh - and there's a nice cliffhanger at the end!

              Episode Four: Beauty and the Beasts
              There are brutal attacks happening all over Sunnydale - is Oz the werewolf the culprit? Or perhaps Angel, who's currently in a feral state. This isn't a favourite episode of mine, but it's watchable and has its good moments, particularly when Buffy sees Angel for the first time.

              Episode Five: Homecoming
              Buffy and Cordelia fall out as they battle for the title of Homecoming Queen. Meanwhile, Mr Trick gathers together a band of creatures for "Slayerfest '98" - where the aim is to kill Buffy and Faith. This episode is a great comedic one, but not the best of the season. Fantastic banter between Cordelia and Buffy - Charisma Carpenter really shows that humour is what she does best.

              Episode Six: Band Candy
              One of the best episodes of this season, Ethan Rayne returns to wreak havoc on the residents of Sunnydale. Again. Chocolate bars that are being sold to the adults in the town cause them to act like teenagers, so the Mayor can appease a snake demon. This has some truly hilarious moments - especially seeing Giles act like his teenage self!

              Episode Seven: Revelations
              Faith's new Watcher arrives in the form of Gwendolyn Post, but she's not as prim as she appears. This is a middle-of-the-road episode; the main plot isn't all that interesting, but it's in this episode that everyone discovers Angel is back and it's worth watching for that.

              Episode Eight: Lover's Walk
              Another favourite of mine from this season - Spike's back in town. He returns drunk and dumped, and soon kidnaps Willow and Xander to help him with a spell to win back Drusilla. I'm a fan of anything with Spike in, but this is a great episode for other reasons - Buffy and Angel try to figure out where their relationship is going, and Willow and Xander get closer...

              Episode Nine: The Wish
              Yet another episode in this great season that I'd call a favourite. Feeling humiliated after catching Xander cheating, Cordelia makes a wish to Anya, a vengeance demon. The results are catastrophic - with Sunnydale being plunged into an alternate universe where the Master of season one rose to power and took over. This is a fab "what if" episode that will have repurcussions later in the season...

              Episode Ten: Amends
              Yay, more Angel flashbacks! I love it whenever we see a flashback to the days of Angelus and William the Bloody, and we get to see a couple here. Present-day Angel is haunted by the deeds of his past, and a demon called The First convinces himself that the only way to be free is to kill himself. Can Buffy save him in time? I love this episode not only for the chance to see 'Oirish Angel, but also because there's some great development in the Buffy/Angel storyline. The only thing bad about this episode is Sarah Michelle Gellar's haircut and David Boreanaz's dodgy Irish accent!

              Episode Eleven: Gingerbread
              I'm in two minds about this episode; on the one hand it has some great comedic moments, but on the other hand the plot itself is quite disturbing and thought provoking. Two children in the guise of Hansel and Gretel are found murdered, plunging the witches in the town - Willow included - under suspicion.

              Episode Twelve: Helpless
              At eighteen, every Slayer must undergo a test set by the Watchers Council. Buffy is put into a weakened state and then locked in a house with a rabid vampire. I don't particularly like this episode, though I do like the concept. I think it could have been handled better - Kralik is a rather baffling bad guy.

              Episode Thirteen: The Zeppo
              A Xander-centric episode that sees him feeling left out of the Scoobies. He's forced to help a gang of dead teens commit crimes, whilst the others battle a beast rising from the Hellmouth. I like this episode because we get to see Xander - a character who's not always appreciated - come into his own a little.

              Episode Fourteen: Bad Girls
              Here we get to see where the big plot arc of the season is going. Buffy is seduced by the dark side of Slaying by Faith, but there are terrible consequences when Faith mistakenly stakes a human being. This episode has many great features, but I like it because we see another side of Buffy.

              Episode Fifteen: Consequences
              Like the title suggests, this episode deals with the repurcussions of the previous one. Meanwhile, Buffy's new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, gets himself into a mess and loses what little respect he had from Buffy and the others. Nothing overly much happens in this episode apart from a lot of character development.

              Episode Sixteen: Doppelgangland
              Hand's down, this is my favourite episode in this season, and it ranks in my top five best episodes of the whole series. Anya returns and she wants her powers back - but in trying to get them, she brings Vampire Willow from the alternate reality into Sunnydale. What follows are some hilarious moments and some fantastic acting from Alyson Hannigan. A really great episode.

              Episode Seventeen: Enemies
              Buffy and the gang discover that Faith is working for the Mayor. Faith tries to take Angel's soul - but does she succeed? This is a great episode that begins to set up the finale.

              Episode Eighteen: Earshot
              Buffy fights a creature that infects her with an 'aspect of the demon' - in this case the ability to read minds. This episode really deals with the idea of school shootings, and despite the sombre theme, it's a good standalone episode.

              Episode Nineteen: Choices
              A plot-advancing episode more than anything, we finally find out what the Mayor is up to and the wheels are set in motion for his ascension.

              Episode Twenty: The Prom
              The monster aspect of this episode is a bit silly, but the other, more character-based parts are great. As the title suggests, this is about the final high school prom.

              Episode Twenty-One: Graduation Day Part One
              Episode Twenty-Two: Graduation Day Part Two
              An amazing two part finale to finish up the season. The mayor's ascension is approaching and so is graduation. Angel gets shot with a poisoned arrow and Buffy discovers that the only means of saving him is for Angel to drain the blood of a Slayer. He has two to choose from - Buffy and Faith - but who will it be? Then, the gang attends their graduation ceremony where the Mayor is the commencement speaker. Suffice to say...there's an explosive ending. These two episodes are great in more than one way, and in my opinion this was a fitting end to the high school years of Buffy.

              --Special Features--

              * Script for episode 'Faith, Hope and Trick'
              * Script for episode 'Band Candy'
              * Script for episode 'Lover's Walk'
              * Script for episode 'The Wish'
              * 'Season 3 Overview' featurette
              * 'Buffy Speak' featurette
              * Stills gallery
              * Cast biographies
              * Audio commentary for episode 'Helpless'
              * Audio commentary for 'Bad Girls' episode
              * Audio commentary for 'Consequences' episode
              * Audio commentary for 'Earshot' episode
              * 'Special Effects' featurette
              * 'Weapons' featurette
              * 'Wardrobe' featurette


              There are some fantastic standalone episodes in this season, and the overall arc is brilliant.

              As with each successive season, the themes and storylines get darker and more complex, but this can only be a good thing.

              Very much recommended!


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              22.05.2009 13:51




              Introduce one of our favourite "Big Bads" the Mayor. Buffy continues for her third year on the hellmouth having run away at the death of her lover Angel. Not quite so dark and disturbing this series focuses on the conflict between Buffy and the gang and The mayor. The Mayor is different from all baddies previous, he is actually very very likeable. Sporting a brilliant wit and sense of humour he is a popular character in Season 3.

              Also introduced is rogue slayer Faith. Jealousy and envy play huge roles in this season, particularly between Buffy and Faith and the dynamic between them is fresh and interesting. The dynamic and relationship between Faith and The Mayor is also brilliant, if not somewhat creepy.

              Spike also appears here and there along with Ethan Rayne to much applause. The final episode is one of the best seeing the end of school for the scoobies in more ways than one. I challenge anyone who's been to High School not to applaud at the final few episodes. I also very much enjoyed the prom episode. Finally seeing Buffy's work on the Hellmouth celebrated and recognised was brilliant. The exit of Angel at the end of this season was sad, although not unexpected and allowed the development of his own show to commence.

              Overall a brilliant Season on par with Season 2 and the best one we see in awhile.


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              04.03.2009 19:11
              Very helpful




              Buffy seems to be on my screens constantly at the moment now my fiancé has finally admitted he loves the episodes so now I thought I would tell you a bit about season 3 and why this is perhaps one of my favourite seasons in the whole Buffy saga. I will say though that this is series 3 so if you don't want to know anything about it due to not watching the first two then look away now.

              So Buffy series 3 came onto our TV screens back in 1999 and is hilarious, so hilarious they went straight into making a series 4. Stories do follow the end of series 2 so the bad guy is gone (no names due to spoilers) and the friends are now hoping to defeat a new evil in terms of the Mayor of Sunnydale who loves wreaking havoc with everything but doing it in such a funny and sick way. What is nice is that some episodes are very stand alone so you can just pick them up but the series does follow a natural progression so watch them in order to understand the full story of the series.

              This series has a lot of comedy and perhaps even more than the first two series. There is still the good old Buffy drama and action but comedy is the main thing here. The Mayor is hilarious and one of the best characters that Buffy has had on the show. You also have the addition of the slayer Faith who personally I love as she brings a freshness to the show. Everybody else is still here so you have Xander, Willow, Oz and Cordelia which is great as you miss them when series 2 ends. This series builds more of these relationships and I would say takes them to a new level due to the characters getting older too.

              So character wise and you are still fantastic. Plus this series shows you some crazy bad guys with even more vendettas against Buffy and the gang. Perhaps my favourite demon is Anya who is met in the episode, the wish which is my favourite of this series in which Cordelia wishes that Buffy never came to Sunnydale and what follows is just pure madness. I think Buffy gets grittier with every series but series 3 does manage to do it while still bringing a smile to your face.

              Series 3 has 22 episodes which all last for just over 40 minutes each. I do not think any of the episodes are boring and I enjoyed every single one. What I will say is that Buffy just carries on being strong with great storylines and a killer cast (no pun intended).

              What I like about this series is that the character development within the main cast but also very minor characters who you don't see very much is great and very noticeable. The story lines do test some acting credits of a lot of them and I think you cant go wrong with the likes of Anthony Stewart Head playing Giles as he is amazing.

              At the moment this series is about £30 on Amazon but if you keep looking it will come down to about £20 sometimes. It is a certificate 15 which is about right. Also on the discs there are some special features including changed scenes but most of them are small featurettes so keep a look out while you are watching the series.

              In conclusion five stars from me as Buffy remains strong.

              Thanks for reading.



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                29.01.2009 18:26
                Very helpful



                Buffy hits rock bottom

                ~ WHEN SHE CANNOT COPE ~ Buffy Season 3 - Spoilers included!

                Season three was actually the first season I brought on box set as it was on offer at WH Smith for only £15. I decided to collect the seasons after his as I wanted to watch them from the start. I think that this season shows a lot more development of the characters and as there is a few months between the ending of season 2 and the start of this some of the characters have changed.
                Buffy seems to go through a major change in this season as she matures and realises that the vampires are becoming stronger every day. There are more characters introduced which was nice to see and you get to see more of the minor characters coming into view.

                This season includes more settings than the just the normal school, cemetery and Buffy's home and each episode seems to have a lot more going on in them. I was intrigued to see what has happened to everyone especially after the dramatic ending to season 2.

                ~ INFO ~

                Creator- Joss Whedon
                Season 3 was aired in 1998-1999 and had over 5.3 million viewers.

                ~ MAIN CHARACTERS in SEASON 3 ~

                Sarah Michelle Gellar- Buffy Summers

                Buffy at the start of this season seems lost and confused. She has lost interest in being the chosen one and wants a normal life. She goes through a lot in this season to see why she has been chosen for this fate. She is more collective and mature than the second season, thinking more about her decisions and concentrating more on her family life and her future.

                Eliza Dushku - Faith

                Faith is back in season three and seems to be unstable. She is lonely, desperate and covers this by her tough attitude. Faith does try to pull herself together and act more like Buffy, trying to fit in with her friends and life but she becomes more bitter and lonely. Her character goes through many emotions in season three and we see how dangerous a rough slayer can really be.

                David Borenaz- Angel

                Angel also has a hell of a roller coaster ride in this series. After reappearing from Hell he is battered and tortured and is looking for support. He has been through a lot and now puts the strain on everyone when Buffy finds him and cannot cope with the situation. He does seem to think more with his head in this series instead of his heart and he also seems to be thinking more about his future and his fate.

                Anthony Head- Giles

                Giles is very troubled in this season as he is sacked from his watching duties and is worried about Buffy. He still helps and does his research in the library.
                He seems to be stronger and braver in season three and like many of the other characters has become more level headed and careful. He over sees the new watcher and still gives Buffy advice when he thinks he is right.

                Alexis Denisof - Wesley Wyndam-Price

                Wesley is introduced to us near the start of the season as the new watcher for Buffy and Faith. He seems young and inexperienced even know he knows his stuff. He has no control over the slayers and doesn't know what to do half the time. The character has a hard time and surely enough sees that books aren't everything and that having the experience helps.

                ~ OTHER CHARACTERS ~

                Nicholas Brendon- Xander Harris
                Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
                Charisma Carpenter- Cordelia Chase
                Seth Green- OZ
                Emma Caulfield- Anya
                James Masters - Spike
                Harry Groener - Mayor Richard Wilkins

                ~ PLOT ~

                After the dramatic exit of Angel Buffy couldn't cope with everything and took off. She has been living own her own in LA trying to hide her profession and trying to live a normal life. When she returns to Sunnydale knowing she cannot give up on her slaying, everyone is angry and disappointed in her. She struggles to fit back in with her friends and family as it looks like they don't want her around and then the mysterious appearance of Angel throws her over the edge. Faith goes off the rails and Buffy now must deal with a rogue slayer as well as a new powerful enemy who is planning to destroy the town.

                ~ EPISODE LIST ~

                . Anne
                2. Dead Man's Party
                3. Faith, Hope And Trick
                4. Beauty And The Beasts
                5. Homecoming
                6. Band Candy
                7. Revelations
                8. Lover's Walk
                9. The Wish
                10. Amends
                11. Gingerbread
                12. Helpless
                13. The Zeppo
                14. Bad Girls
                15. Consequences
                16. Doppelgangland
                17. Enemies
                18. Earshot
                19. Choices
                20. The Prom
                21. Graduation Day - Part 1
                22. Graduation Day - Part 2

                ~ OPINIONS ~

                Season three is defiantly a lot different from the first two seasons and I loved the dramatic changes in characters and plots. After having a cliff hanger at the end of season two I was anxious to see what happened to Buffy and where she went. The episodes were still at their high standards and the action was even more intense. The first episode was particularly good as it showed life without the slayer in Sunnydale and how Buffy was coping after telling herself she doesn't want to be a slayer anymore. The reactions from the characters on her return were great. Even though they are pleased she is ok they are disappointed with her and she struggles to fit back in after seeing life is fine without her. I found the stories in each episode were more appealing to watch and a lot more happened. Even though season two was action packed this had the equivalent and it is properly the most dramatic for the changes in characters. I did like the new mature attitude from Buffy as she didn't seem .like a teenager anymore and started to think more like an adult.

                Another thing I liked about this season was the return of Angel. It is emotional and surprising with what happened at his disappearance that his return brings so many questions to the scenes. He is very different as he has been in Hell since he left, so he is tortured and weak. Seeing this Buffy breaks her heart. The atmosphere created is extremely tense and emotional and I felt so involved in the action. Each character has changed in some way and I especially liked the roller coaster events of Faith. She starts to pick herself up, acting more responsible and fitting in with Buffy and her friends. The episodes where she breaks down and turns back to her old self are really exciting to watch. Although she shows Buffy the fun side of slaying she goes to far and ends up lining up for the other side. Her character is extraordinary as she comes from a broken past the change in her shows what danger a slayer can be when not fighting the right side. The episode 'Bad Girls' was particularly good as Buffy and Faith do as they please and are showing a slight bond while having fun. Buffy lets herself go for a day but it is evident
                That she is just hiding all of her troubles and not dealing with them.

                I was abit disappointed with the ending of this series as I thought it was really badly done. The monster at the end was pretty pathetic and I didn't really find myself interested in it. It was quite a shame as the build up for the battle was really good. The only thing that made the end worth while was the finally farewell between Buffy and Angel as he leaves for a new life in LA.

                ~ DISC FEATURES ~

                * Disc One:
                * Script for episode 'Faith, Hope and Trick'
                * Disc Two:
                * Script for episode 'Band Candy'
                * Script for episode 'Lover's Walk'
                * Disc Three:
                * Script for episode 'The Wish'
                * 'Season 3 Overview' featurette
                * 'Buffy Speak' featurette
                * Stills gallery
                * Cast biographies
                * Disc Four:
                * Audio commentary for episode 'Helpless'
                * Audio commentary for 'Bad Girls' episode
                * Audio commentary for 'Consequences' episode
                * Disc Five:
                * Audio commentary for 'Earshot' episode
                * Disc Six:
                * 'Special Effects' featurette
                * 'Weapons' featurette
                * 'Wardrobe' featurette

                ~ EXTRAS ~


                6 Discs, 22 Episodes- can be found on play.com for £15.99 which is really good as it has an RRP price of £34.99.

                I would recommend this to everyone especially those Buffy fans at for this price it is really good value. Enjoy!

                * Thank you for reading Blackmagicstar4* Jan09* Published on Ciao and Dooyoo *


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                  02.10.2008 15:17
                  Very helpful



                  Another great season to a great TV show

                  Buffy returns for a third season and brings along the usual gang as well as a few new characters who are introduced to the show.

                  This season is all about the build up to graduation day where the students are set to finally graduate from high school. Richard Wilkins is the mayor of Sunnydale, but he has bigger plans than just looking after the well being of the town. Buffy herself is still distant from her friends after events in season 2, and a new slayer by the name of Faith (Eliza Dushku) arrives to offer a helping hand but is soon caught between the sides of good and evil. As Giles lets personal feelings come between his job and Buffy he soon finds himself on the receiving end of backlash from the council.

                  After the ending of season 2, Buffy couldn't bear to face her family or friends and had no interest in keeping up her slayer duties. She took off from Sunnydale in hope of starting a new life. It didn't take long for her return though and although she was happy to see her friends and family the reunion was not how she was hoping. It seems her friends had got used to coping without Buffy and deep down they were still upset that she took off without telling them. Keeping the truth hidden about Angel it seems as though her mind is not fully focused on the job at hand. As she is soon introduced to a new slayer it becomes clear that her attitude is starting to change and she seems to become more rebellious and daring under the influence of Faith. After a turn of events happen for the worse however she has a wake up call and tries to distance herself from Faith. As she regroups the old gang back together they learn that mayor Wilkins is planning an unforgettable graduation party. Its not just any party though as it turns out that the students won't be making it past graduation alive. As Buffy prepares to put a stop to his plans she crosses paths with Angel who somehow has returned from hell and her emotions once again begin to spiral out of control.

                  We learn that Angel had been forced to live in a hell type dimension for centuries although the average earth day would equal to several months. He is disturbed after the torture and torment he has endured but Buffy is the one person he has vague recollection of. As he battles to regain his strength he comes face to face with Faith who attempts to kill him due to him being a vampire, and under influence from the mayor himself. After he is saved from Buffy he sets out to help but makes the decision it will be the last time as he knows that if Buffy is going to get on with her life then he needs to distance himself from her. Its soon decided that after graduation he will disappear out of her life regardless of her approval or not. Is this the last we see of Angel? Probably not but he feels he can do good elsewhere without the distraction of his feelings towards Buffy.

                  Mayor Richard Wilkins has only one plan for Sunnydale and it involves the students themselves. He seems an intelligent well spoken individual but you soon learn he has a dark demented side to him. After Faith goes rouge and becomes wanted by police he takes her in under his guidance. Using her at first to carry out his dirty work he soon takes a strong liking to her and his feelings grow strong. Treating her as the daughter he never had he gives her everything in return for her loyalty and respect. As the two conspire to retake Angels soul it's a task that is easier said than done as a certain other slayer doesn't take to kindly to their actions. As he orders Faith to take care of Buffy, he prepares for graduation day where he plans to complete the ritual known as the asencsion, in which he will transform into a serpent like creature, slaughtering all the students in a massacre.

                  Faith herself arrives early on in the series and turns heads left right and centre. She is more than equal to Buffy but her outgoing personality and rebellious attitude gets attention from the rest of the gang. As Buffy becomes jealous of Faith, its apparent from the beginning there will be tension between the two. After Giles assigns them to work slayer duties together it seems as though Buffy is picking up some bad habits from Faith. As Faith spirals out of control not even Buffy can make her see sense. Faith soon goes on the run where she seeks refuge in the hands of the mayor who orders her to kill Angel. Attempting to kill Angel however puts her at the top of Buffy's hit list, and as it appears Sunnydale can only be big enough for slayer then the battle of good against evil will face off head to head. With Faith more than capable of handling Buffy its clear that words can not solve the situation and only one of them will make it out alive.

                  As for the rest of the gang, they seem to be handling themselves pretty well in the absence of Buffy. When Buffy cry's out for attention and support the gang are hesitant to give it to her. Xander tells Buffy that it was her decision to take off and she never thought about them and how they were feeling. Willow, Cordelia, Giles and even her own mother agree with Xander on this occasion. As their attention is focused on the new slayer its not long before old friendships are amended though as they prepare to formulate a plan to get them through graduation.
                  Relationships take a heavy burden in season 3 and its not just between Buffy and Angel. After a brief awkward moment between Xander and Willow, tensions rise and as they struggle to explain to both Oz and Cordelia. It appears that one of them is more forgiving than the other.

                  Like previous seasons I have to say one of the highlights for me was some of the individual episodes. There is always the main focus of the plot but the show gives you some great individual episodes in between the action. One of my favourite episodes of the whole series was the episode entitled 'The Wish'. After a spell is cast upon Buffy, she is transported to an alternative reality in which vampires rule. Her best friends Willow and Xander are actually blood sucking vampires who are servants of The Master himself. I thought Willow was brilliant in this episode playing a more evil type character with a cocky and bad attitude. So much different from her usual role which we have been accustomed to.

                  The inclusion of Faith was also one of my favourite moments. I said in my review to season 2 that there is only one slayer in my eyes, but unlike Kendra who appeared in that season, Faith gives a much better showing. She is a much better actor and her character is one of the best in the show. She is a slayer with the understanding that she is above everyone else. She has the powers of a slayer and does not feel the need to hide them. Her run and gun attitude is what gets her into trouble but is what makes her unique in her own way rather than showcase her as another Buffy.

                  As for the negatives, unfortunately I don't have any to say about this series. Apart from series 7 this is my favourite season of the lot. I suppose the only thing I don't care much for is the character of Joyce (Kristine Sutherland) who plays Buffy's mother. She is in most of the seasons though so its nothing major. I have never really cared much for her character as I find her quite annoying and boring so any episodes where she doesn't make an appearance gets a thumbs up from me.

                  Season 3 Episode List

                  Episode 1: Anne
                  Episode 2: Dead Man's Party
                  Episode 3: Faith, Hope and Trick
                  Episode 4: Beauty And The Beasts
                  Episode 5: Homecoming
                  Episode 6: Band Candy
                  Episode 7: Revelations
                  Episode 8: Lovers Walk
                  Episode 9: The Wish
                  Episode 10: Amends
                  Episode 11: Gingerbread
                  Episode 12: Helpless
                  Episode 13: The Zeppo
                  Episode 14: Bad Girls
                  Episode 15: Consequences
                  Episode 16: Doppelgangland
                  Episode 17: Enemies
                  Episode 18: Earshot
                  Episode 19: Choices
                  Episode 20: The Prom
                  Episode 21: Graduation Day, Part 1
                  Episode 22: Graduation Day, Part 2

                  Although I didn't find any series in particular quite weak, I would say that this is easily in my opinion one of the strongest.

                  It followed on from events in the previous season and with the inclusion of Faith it excelled upon its predecessor. Season 2 was a great season with most of the focus based around the character of Angel. Season 3 was a way to introduce a new character who happens to appear in further seasons and episodes further down the line. Eliza Dushku played the role of Faith really well. I have seen her in other many other things including films such as Wrong Turn and Bring It On, to even True Lies where she was a hell of a lot younger. Her role as Faith however will always be where I remember her best.

                  This was the season where Angel would say his goodbyes and leave the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer but he would star as the lead character in the show called Angel. For obvious reasons the show would be named after himself and a few other cast members would join him along with Buffy regulars turning up on occasions.

                  Season 3 is a really good season which lives up to the hype of the first two. If you liked the first two then you will more than likely have already seen season 3 and will have your own opinion. It's the season where the cast are finally growing up and although there characters are similar to those in earlier seasons it is quite clear to see the differences and contrast between them as each season passes.

                  A brilliant season which keeps the franchise as strong and popular as ever.


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                    02.08.2008 14:51
                    Very helpful



                    It's one hell of a graudation I'll tell ya that much

                    Buffy The Vampire Slayer is without a doubt my favourite show of all time and for Season 3 was where the show completly cemented its place in my heart forever.
                    The writing, the acting, the linking of the individual episodes into a larger story arc, the character development, the great standout comedy episodes coupled with the amazing talented cast's darker moments, it has to be said that after this year 'Buffy' though remaining great was never going to be able to reach this type of form again.

                    'Buffy' obviously tells the story of the title character [portrayed by the amazing Sarah Michelle Gellar] in a world where she is not only a young woman with all the ups and downs of life, bu chosen by fate to battle vampires and the forces of darkness that plague the fictional town of Sunnydale as The Slayer. Aided by her faithful group of friends and Wotcher of course, Season Three sees the gang enter their final year at Sunnydale High, but the hellmouth ridden school isn't going to let them graduate without one hell of a fight!

                    SMG is on top form here as the start of the season sees her trying to deal with the death of Angel, then his return and their forbidden love as well as her estrangement from her friends and mother after fleeing at the end of the previous season and there are no doubts after viewing some of the deep, emotional scenes as to why she is such an incredible talent.

                    Eliza Dushku who plays Faith in this season is the star of the show in my opinion. She plays a rogue slayer and contrasts brilliantly with Buffy not only providing lots of entertainment and darkness but really letting the viewer think of what Buffy would be like without her comfortable support unit. Dushku is aided in her evil ways by the season's major villain Mayor Richard Wilkins. played by Harry Groener. These two very different characters find a common purpose and soon have a full fledged father-daughter relationship which I think deserves full credit to the writers and actors for portraying villains in such a way. The mayor was completly different to any villain on the show before in the fact that he is usually calm and pleasasnt and has a phobia for bad hygeine.

                    His plans revolve around a ritual known as an accension, in which he will become a fully fledged demon. He of course attempts to do this at Buffy and the gang's graduation in the series finale. Other stories this year include the ever growing Buffy-Angel romance, with Angel back from hell the pair get stuck in this 'will they, won't they?' type game that has been played so many times by this point it is rather boring and I'm quite glad the writers gave Boreanaz his own show at the end of this season as I couldn't take a lot more of their relationship personally.

                    For Willow she finds herself getting further involved in the black arts though a strange love square brews when she and Xander finally discover a mutual attraction between them jeprodising their respective relationships with Coredelia and Oz. There's not a character in the main cast you can fault really, all of them bring so many different styles to the show and are able to shift perfectly through different genres with Alyson Hannigan stealing the show often as Willow, though Charisma Carpenter who plays Cordelia often adds the air headed, vicious remarks that make some scenes so wonderful.

                    The season as a whole deals with Buffy's greater calling and her inability to have a proper relationship, whilst also taking the characters to a new level as they try to decide where their lives will take them after graduation, something again Buffy realises is going to be difficult for her with her slaying duties.

                    Highlights for me from this season actually include pretty much all of the 22 episodes as there's not a bad one amongst the bunch though personal favourites include 'Dead Man's Party' which deals with the friction caused by Buffy's return and a whole horde of zombies gate crashing her welcome home party. The episode itself is very emotional and the villains sort of pathetic but it does have some great one liners, 'Homecoming' gives Charisma Carpenter a chance to shine as she is mistaken for Faith and sent on a death mission against various assassins put in place for 'Slayerfest 98'. It's a terrific episode and a deep insight into the life that Buffy wishes she still had being shown through Cordelia.
                    'Band Candy' is brilliant as it focuses on a lot of obscure characters like Principal Snyder and Buffy's mother played by Kristine Sutherland who deserves so much more screen time in my opinion. The scenes in which Buffy finds Giles and her mother kissing whilst under the affect of the 'candy' are a classic whilst the return of Spike [James Marsters] in 'Lover's Walk' is a crucial turning point in the season as it poses many questions and rounds off severeal story arcs.

                    I personally don't deny that Marsters is a brilliant actor but I think the character of Spike is far too overrated on the show. 'The Wish' meanwhile introduces Emma Caulfield as the vengence demon Anyanka. This is probably one of my favourite episodes of the whole season as it shows a parellel universe in which Buffy never came to Sunnydale and the Master was never killed and focuses strongly on Cordelia and Any, the latter whiuch goes on to light upo every scene she is in for the rest of the season and become one of my personal favourite characters when she becomes a regular the following year. 'Helpless', 'The Zeppo', 'Bad Girls' and 'Dopplegangland' are also must see TV especially the latter which has a vampire version of Willow prowling around providing some brilliant scenes. I would go as far as to put that episode in my top 5 ever Buffy list.

                    The season wraps up in beautiful style with 'The Prom' that had me in tears when Buffy receives the 'Class Hero' award and the two part finale which shows just how far the show has come and that the writers know the solid direction they want to take it. All characters involved asre brilliant and the final fight scenes with the whole class involved are some that send shivers down my spine everytime I watch them. It's also a huge turning point in the dynamic of the show as the future is faced without the familar setting of Sunnydale High...

                    Each character is consistantly brilliant throughout the series making Buffy's 3rd season its strongest and deepest and possibly one of the best seasons of TV ever screened.
                    The DVD itself comes in the usual Buffy style packaging though this one has a greenish-blue type colour. All 22 episodes are contained over the three discs with the usual special features including commentaries, scripts, photo galleries and cast biographies and more featurettes than the other seasons taking a look at the shows unique slang, the wardrobe, weapons, special effects and an overview of the season as a whole.


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                      20.01.2008 13:58
                      Very helpful



                      Still the cleverest and most entertaining show ever

                      Buffy the vampire slayer is a tv show about a teenage girl who also happens to be the chosen one, with superpowers and a calling to fight vampires and other nasty things. She also has go to school and act normal by day however.

                      Season 3 is generally considered to be the strongest of Buffy and I generally agree. This is the most original, funny and dramatic the series ever got, all in one go.

                      The main actors and characters are...
                      Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers, the slayer)
                      Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles, Buffy's english watcher)
                      Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris, Buffy's friend)
                      Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg, Buffy's friend and a witch)
                      David Boreanaz (Angel, Buffy's vampire boyfriend)
                      Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndham Price, Faith's watcher)
                      Eliza Dushku (Faith, the second slayer)
                      Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase, spoilt girlfriend of Xander)
                      Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers, Buffys mum)
                      Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins, season villain)
                      Seth Green (Oz, Willows boyfriend, Werewolf.)
                      The episodes, in order, are....(with some of the best lines included)

                      'I'm Buffy, the vampire slayer, and you are?'
                      Buffy is in LA working in a diner under the name 'Anne' after being kicked out fo school and losing Angel in season 2. Back in Sunnydale, her friends and mother are desperately trying to find her. She is trying to deny her identity but is forced to help when homeless teenagers are being taken to a hell dimension as slaves. She ends the episode by returning home. Noone really seemed to like this, maybe cause its really depressing, but the fight scenes are great.

                      Dead Man's Party
                      Buffy is finding that people are treating her differently since she returned and everyone's issues come out. A nigerian mask from Joyce's art gallery first raises a cat from the dead, then a load of zombies which wreck Buffy's homecoming party. This one isnt so great either except for Giles who gets all teh good lines (Do you like my mask? Isnt it pretty? It raises the dead! AMERICANS!) and Joyce's speech at Buffy's party is good too.

                      Faith, Hope and Trick
                      'Admittedly, its not exactly a haven for the bruthas'
                      This episode introduces tough, sexy new slayer Faith, who everyone loves but Buffy, who is jealous. Also coming to town is cool vampire Mr Trick, who is just great and everything he says is hilarious ('strictly the caucasion persuasion here in the 'dale') and also Faith's nemesis, nasty hoofed vampire Kakistos. The episode ends with Buffy laying her ring down where angel died, and him fallin from the sky in a flash of light. Faith is easily the best thing in season 3, she's just fantastic and Eliza plays her so well.

                      Beauty and the Beasts
                      Buffy helps Debbie, who is being attacked by her boyfriend Pete who turns into a monster when he get mad. She discovers angel in the woods, who is like a feral animal. At the end angel rescues buffy from danger and recognises her before collapsing. This episode is poor with a weak, forgettable story and a pretty flimsy metaphor for domestic violence that doesn't work very well.

                      'Do you even HAVE parents?''Yes, two of them, unlike some people!'
                      Cordelia gets Buffy so angry when she cause her to miss the yearbook photos that she runs against her for homecoming queen. This causes all sorts of bitchy rivalry. Their friends trick them into sharing a limo to work out their issues, but Mr Trick thinks Faith is in the limo, not Cordy, and he has planned 'Slayerfest' with a load of demons out to kill them. Can they get to homecoming AND kill the demons? The double act of Cordy and Buffy is great and the bitchiness is so funny.

                      Band Candy
                      Ethan Rayne is commissioned by Mr Trick to make chocolate that makes all the adults in Sunnydale acts like teenagers. A really OBVIOUS idea but also really funny. anthony Head is again great (ooo, coppers got a GUN!) and principal snyder's teenager is great (whoah summers, you drive like a SPAZ!)

                      'The way I see it, you want to forget all about Ms Calenders murder just so you can get your boyfriend back'
                      Xander finally discovers that Buffy has been hiding Angel from them, allowing Anthony head to once again be fabulous, this time angry at Buffy. Gwenolyn Post, a female watcher (and so english) turns up saying that she is Faith's new watcher, but she actually tricking them to get her hands on a powerful glove so she can shoot lightning bolts. This is the first episode that hints at how Faith will develop, with her taking her watchers side to the point of attacking Buffy and Angel to protect her, and when the deception is revealed, we see how Faith is beginning to become more and more distrusting and self-reliant.

                      Lover's Walk
                      'I may be loves bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it'
                      SPIKE RETURNS! But this time he's drunk and miserable having lost Drusilla. This is so funny! He also kidnaps Willow and Xander and all that in a fairly dull story, but the best things here are the lines (she didnt even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire...just some little sign she cared) he manages to tell some home truths to Buffy and Angel about their 'friendship' (ie that they'll never be just friends). There's a fantastic fight scene, but the real drama here is Xander and Willows kiss just as Cordy and Oz come to rescue them, which causes Cordy to run away but fall down a hole right onto a big spike. There is then a shot of a funeral, but thankfully its not for her! it ends with Cordy telling Xander to stay away from her.

                      The Wish
                      'How do you know the other world will be any better than this?''Because it HAS TO BE'
                      A clever episode, where Anya the vengeance demon causes Sunnydale to shift into an alternate dimension from a wish by Cordelia, where Buffy never came to the town. It is overrun by vampires, Xander and Willow are both vampires, and the master is free and plotting evil schemes. Buffy does turn up but not before Cordy has died. However, Giles realises something must be up because of Cordys rambling that the world should be different, and manages to break the spell, making Anya human, just as Buffy dies in the alternate dimension. However all is well in REAL sunnydale! I really like this one because of the alternate characters, especially Buffy who here is acted almost like Faith, and Willow and Xanders alter egos.

                      'I know all the bad things you did, because you did it to me'
                      Angel is haunted by Jenny Calender, who he killed, but this actually turns out to be The First, an ancient evil that trys to get angel to kill himself. Buffy tries to persuade him not to and he is saved by a freak snowstorm. This one is worth it just for the angel/giles scenes, with angel entering Giles' house at the point of a crossbow.

                      'maybe the next time the world is getting sucked into hell I wont be able to stop it, because the anti-hell sucking book isnt on the apporved reading list'
                      Joyce discovers two children dead, and everyone blames witches. This turns sunnydale into salem, with all witches being hunted. Turns out the kids are really a a demon trying to wreak havoc in the town. This is a really good comment on censorship of books, when all of Giles' library is taken from him, and this is full of suspense and drama with Buffy and Willow nearly burned at the stake.

                      'I cant be just a person'
                      As her birthday approaches, Buffy starts to lose her powers as part of a test that has gone wrong. She has to face a vampire without her powers, but he escapes and kidnaps Joyce. She beats him but loses trust in giles, who is also fired as her watcher.

                      The Zeppo
                      'Did I mention I'm having a very strange night?'
                      A VERY odd episode that is also very funny. The story is suppsoed to be about the end of the world and Buffy, willow, angel and faith trying to stop it, but keeps cutting back to Xanders very strange night where he becomes part of a demon gang, sleeps with Faith and has a car chase through the school. I love how this is done, with Buffy and Angels sappy dialogue about how they'll die for each other being interrupted by xander in a pure comedy moment. This one is all about Xander really, no bad thing!

                      Bad Girls
                      'You dont get it, you killed a man''No YOU dont get it. I dont care'
                      Buffy starts to be led astray by Faith, upsetting Willow and Xander. However, their irresponsible actions lead to Faith accidently staking the deputy mayor, killing him. Buffy is disturbed about how not guilty Faith feels. A new watcher, Wesley, arrives, and he is SOOO english too (even though hes played by an american) and SOOO irritating but in a funny way, Oh and something about a big fat ugly demon that is quite dull!

                      'Oh no, this is no good at all'
                      The Faith storyline gathers pace. Faith doesnt care about what shes done but Buffy is horrified, especially when faith tries to blame the death on Buffy to Giles. Faith eventually saves Buffy from Mr Trick's attack, leading us to think she is still good, but then she visits Mayor Wilkins, saying she wants Mr Trick's job.

                      'This is a dumb world, in my world there are people in chains and we ride them like ponies'
                      Willows vampire alter ego gets brought into this dimension, causing all sorts of confusion. This one is easily the funniest of the season with the best fight scenes too, although Buffy doesnt get to do much! Alyson Hannigan is great as Willow and evil Willow. Mayor Wilkins is starting to be in it more, he is so funny because hes meant to be a villain but instead of beign all evil, hes more concerned with germs and family values. And his cupboard is full of skulls!

                      'What are you gonna do B? Kill me? You'd become me. You're not ready for that. Yet.'
                      Faiths' deception is revealed in a trick from Buffy and Angel where she is led to believe Angel is evil and reveals all of the mayor's plans, including his ascension to become a demon on graduation day. The best bit of this episode is where we learn that Giles' 'great debt' from the man was that he introduced him to his wife!

                      'You think its quiet down there, its not, its deafening'
                      Buffy gains the power to hear thoughts from a demon, which is obviously funny to start off (Cordy's shallow thoughts, Xanders sex thoughts, Oz's very zen thoughts) but then she overhears someone thinking they are going to kill everyone in the school, and her power starts to drive her mad. She's cured, and its NOT who you think it is whos going to kill everyone!

                      Choices-Not much happens in this one but people get captured and escape a lot. Forgettable except for Willow's confrontation with Faith (so you've had a hard life? well so have lots of people!) and their decisions to go to Sunnydale university. Mayor Wilkins tells Buffy and Angel their love is doomed, which is a pivotal moment.

                      The Prom
                      'We're not friends.Most of us never took the time to get to know you. But it doesnt mean we haven't noticed you.'
                      I LOVE THIS ONE. Buffy and Angel break up, which is heartbreaking. Xander finds out that Cordys family have lost all their money so he buys her prom dress, which is so sweet! Buffy faces hell hounds that are going to wreck the prom, and finds out that everything she has done for her class hasnt gone unnoticed when she is awarded the 'class protector' prize at the prom. Angel also comes to the prom to share one last night with her.

                      Graduation Day (1)
                      'You told me I was just like you, that I was holding it in''Ready to cut loose?'
                      Its graduation time! Faith shoots angel with a poison arrow, and the only cure would be the blood of a slayer. This leads to the best fight scene EVER as Buffy fights Faith in a final showdown, ending with Buffy stabbing Faith and faith toppling off the building onto a passing truck. TO BE CONTINUED DUN DUN DUN! As usual the funniest line comes from the Mayor as he eats spiders that will help him to ascend and become a huge demon 'We dont knock during dark rituals?'

                      Graduation Day (2)
                      'Think about this...we survived. Not the battle. High school'.
                      One of my all time favourites. So many great moments as Buffy and friends work to stop the Mayor's ascension, that will take place at their graduation ceremony. From Buffy forcing angel to drink her blood, to Buffy kissing faith on the head in hospital. The great moment when ALL the students take off their gowns revealing weapons to fight with. The final epic battle with the mayor's minions. The mayor ascending into a big giant snake demon. His final words as they blow up the school 'Well gosh!'. The blow up the school with the mayor in it, leaving Buffy and friends ready to move onto college, and Angel leaves Sunnydale forever.

                      Overall, this is fantastic tv! Its original, funny, dramatic, the fight scenes are great, the acting is good with a wide range of likeable and different characters. The 'rogue slayer' storyline was really well done, and this season had the best villain ever! There are so many witty lines and clever touches. I would recomend this to everyone. Go and watch it! The stories are involving and range from over in an episode throwaway plots to complex story arcs that keep you gripped the whole way through. I love how each monster in the storyline is really supposed to be a metaphor for issues in real life, and this series tackles them all whilst still managing to remain entertaining and, in my opinion, appealing to all ages. If you have never seen Buffy the vampire slayer before this season is most definately the best place to start, the general consensus is that it is the best one ever made.


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                        09.01.2008 10:29
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                        Mnay would argue that this is Buffy's strongest season and I'd hate to disagree with them too much.

                        Buffy Season Three is the one where the scriptwriters absolutely nailed it. The dramatic tension, the character development, the interlinking of individual episodes in to the larger storylines is a thing of absolute beauty and a joy to behold. Whilst my gut slightly prefers the pure insanity and gleeful fun of Season two, my head knows that this season is probably its superior.

                        There are no momster of the week episodes here. There's a new Slayer in town by the name of Faith (played by the extraordinarily charismatic screen-stealing Eliza Dushku) and much of this season revolves around her unsuccessful attmepts to fit into Buffy's world, purely because she's from another background. Meanwhile the squeaky clean, family values, milk and cookies mayor of Sunnydale plans to turn himself into a demon on graduation day and the gang have to all deal with the fact that there may not be a life beyond coming of age. Also, Angel's back!

                        Full of potent themes about friendship and growing older, the cast of buffy all have to dig a little inside of themselves this season and come to terms with tensions with their own relationships as Buffy and Xander come to blows on buffy's return to Sunnydale, Xander and Cordelia have a bumpy relationship and Buffy finds that she can't let go of her puppy dog love affair with Angel. What's more there are some great individual character moment episodes in this season. Buffy has to find what she's really made of when the watchers council test her in Helpless, Xander has an extraordinary night to remember in the Zeppo and there are the first hints that there are darker and different aspects to Willow's personality in the hysterical Dopplegangland

                        And then there's Band Candy, in which Ethan Rayne returns and Anthony Stewart head gives the performance of a lifetime.

                        This season of TV is a must for anyone who likes......TV


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                          27.06.2002 01:39
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                          Although Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was significant in helping to lay the foundations of a sucessful show, it wasn't until Season 3 that it really came into its' own. And now you can enjoy the whole season on glorious DVD. I should mention the big improvement in the packaging of this DVD compared to Season 2 which suffered due to the discs being wedged too tightly in which could cause scratching when you removed them. This time it looks like they've learnt from that mistake and we get a nice fold out book with some good artwork. The features on the DVD are worth noting. There's commentary on key episodes such as "Earshot" and "Bad Girls" by the writer's on the show, as well as 5 'making of' featurettes and shooting scripts. Following on roughly three months from the cataclysmic events of Season 2 where Buffy despatched her vampire lover Angel to hell in order to save the world, the Scooby Gang are left alone in Sunnydale without Buffy who has disappeared, unable to deal with the consequences of killing Angel. Although she does soon return to face her "issues", Buffy soon finds herself with a multitude of new problems to deal with including, notably a new slayer (Faith), a potential new flame (Scott Hope) and later on in the season, a new watcher, after Giles is unceremoniously ejected from his responsibilities. That's without the difficulty of dealing with Angel's return from a hell dimension. Our slayer is a busy girl! BTVS is very clever about dealing with ethics, responsibility and moral issues and Season 3 of the show is no stranger to these themes. We are shown the consequences of domestic violence in "Beauty and the Beasts", the importance of a support network "The Wish" and the complexities of love "Lover's Walk", "Enemies", "The Prom". As well as this Season 3 is as much a rite of passage as anything. Th
                          e gang finally leave High School behind and preapre to step out into the adult world of responsibility. But they do this with a knowing smile. Because unlike their blissfully ignorant peers, Buffy and her friends have faced their demons many times already. And won. Oz: Check it out guys. We survived. Xander: Yeah, it was quite a battle. Oz: Not the battle...High School.


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