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Charlie and Lola: I Can't Stop Hiccupping and Other Stories (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Universal, suitable for all / DVD released 2009-02-23 at 2 Entertain / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      15.02.2012 09:40
      Very helpful



      see review

      My youngest Daughter is finally moving on from Thomas and is entering a Charlie and Lola phase, she recieved this Dvd from Narna for her Birthday and it has become a firm favourite.

      What is it?
      this is a Dvd containing 9 episodes of Charlie and Lola and lasts for 103 minutes 1 hour 43 minutes bliss!

      As mentioned there are 9 episodes and luckily even through this was released in2009 my youngest had not seen any and although she has watched it over and over she still loves having Charlie and Lola whenever she wants!

      The episodes are
      I cant stop Hiccuping - This has Lola with Hiccups thta are very funny untill she cannot get rid of them.

      Iam Completely hearing and also listening - Lola thinks she is good at listening and in this episode we see she isnt and the consequences of this

      Our shop sells eveything- lola and her friend Lotta have a pretend shop all is well until they get a real customer and sell Charlies goggles!

      I've got nobody to play with- How many times have you heard that one! in this episode Lola has nobody to play with so she plays with her imaginary friend.

      Thunder compleely does not scare me- Lola is scared of thunder and in this episode Charlie tries to stop her being scared a really lovely episode and useful too.

      I really absolutely must have glasses-Lola has to have her eyes tested and naturally dosent want to until a new girl arrives with the most beutifull glasses and then she does!

      it is very special and extremally ancient-Lola is trying to find a fossil and along the way she finds lots of things but will she find a fossil

      But Marv is absolutely Charlie's best friend- Lola see's Marv and charlie play fighting and thinks they are not friends anymore so she and lotta help!

      I am inventing a usefullish invention -Charlie and Marv have to come up with a project by tommorow and they get lots of help from Lola although not wanted!

      Cost and stockist
      This is available from Hmv or Amaon www.amazon.co.uk and will cost £3.97 which is a bargain

      I love Charlie and Lola I think Lauren Child is brilliant and that as an adult it is watchable as well as being loved by children it is funny and clever and it really is a new classic brilliant.
      Over an hour of Charlie and Lola also allows a lot of housework to be done or just a cup of tea!!


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      16.01.2012 13:15
      Very helpful



      Charlie and Lola DVD of episodes from the TV programme on Cbeebies

      My daughter Hollie loves Charlie and lola when it comes on Cbeebies and for her 2nd birthday I bought her a DVD for £4 in Morrison's. The DVD's running time is approximately 90mins as each episode is about 10mins long and this contains 9 episodes in total.

      Charlie and Lola are siblings, Charlie being the oldest. When watching, you join them on their magical journeys into their imagination and see the love they have for each other. Sometimes Charlie gets annoyed with Lola as she is often doesn't listen to anything anyone says.
      The funny thing about this programme is you hear them talking to their parents, but you never see of hear the parents in any of the episodes they've made. We only ever see the children which I think is a lovely idea (but for us adults is rather irritating!).

      Charlie and Lola was created by Lauren Child who published the book
      "I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato" which is a brilliant book to buy for your children too. This was published back in 2001 which was now 11 years ago.
      The TV programme started in 2006 so isn't so new to TV but for me as a mum, is possibly my favourite children's programme on the TV. Peppa pig is also high up there but I think Charlie and Lola is much more suited to my daughter as she reminds me so much of Lola and her blonde curly hair with two butterfly clips in her hair.

      Here is the episodes and the story of each written in my own words.
      I did this without even having to look at the box or re-watch, that's how many times I've had to sit through this DVD! maybe we need a new one this year!
      I can't stop Hiccupping:
      In this episode, Lola and her friend Lotta are singing in the spring school concert and they are finding it very hard to not laugh when singing which gives Lola the hiccups. She enrols the help of her brother Charlie and other friends to help stop the hiccups before she and Lotta and performing on stage.

      I am completely hearing and also listening:
      Lola never listens to anything when she is playing so when her friend from school Arnold invites everyone round to play the new Bat Cat game, Lola is half listening while she plays with her sock puppet and tells Charlie they need to be there at 5pm when that was actually the time they needed to be picked up so they miss out on playing with their friends.

      Our shop sells everything:
      Lola and Lotta set up a shop in the bedroom and Charlie tells them to go somewhere else to play as they are making a mess. Lola asks Charlie for his goggles to sell in her "pretend" shop, but when Morten comes along with Banana chips and offers to give them all up for the goggles, Lola agrees. Charlie ends up having no goggles to go swimming with his friend Marv, so makes Lola get them back for him.

      I've got nobody to play with:
      Charlie's best friend Marv asks him to play for the whole day leaving Lola behind at the flat and she is feeling very lonely. She misses Charlie and can't seem to enjoy herself playing so knocks for Morten who is going to get his hair cut so can't come to play. Then Lola rings Lotta but she is poorly, so Lola has to play on her own, when she remembers Soren Lorensen, Lola's imaginary friend only she can see (we see him as a black and white seethrough boy) and they create a big jungle in the bedroom which makes Charlie jealous when he comes home to see Lola having lots of fun.

      Thunder completely does not scare me:
      There is a storm outside and Charlie is trying to get Lola to calm down from the thunder and lightning. Their imaginations run wild and Lola becomes to love the thunder. They go on an amazing adventure with the rain, hail and wind.

      I really absolutely must have glasses:
      Charlie and Lola have an appointment to see the opticians but Lola thinks her eye sight is perfect until she sees her friend Mini Reader at school wearing Glasses and wants to know how to get a pair. Lola goes home to Charlie telling him her eyes are terrible and she really absolutely needs glasses. Upon her visit to the opticians Lola is told her eyes are fine and doesn't need glasses, but Charlie helps her to make a pair of her own to wear out of cardboard and glitter.

      It is very Special and Extremely ancient:
      Charlie loves to collect fossils and takes Lola and Lotta to the beach to look for fossils. Thinking they had come away with nothing, at the last minute Lola finds a fossil which is very rare and ends up in the museum.

      But Marv is absolutely Charlie's best friend:
      Thinking Marv has a new best friend, Lola is upset to think Charlie has no friends anymore and sees Marv calling Charlie a mean jelly guts and walks away with someone else. Lola tries to get Charlie involved in playing with Marv and his new friend when Lola find out, Charlie and Marv are calling each other names as they were playing pirates and Charlie is Marv's best friend after all.

      I am inventing a usefullish invention:
      Charlie and Marv need to invent something useful for a school project but aren't having any luck!. They keep coming up with ideas too complicated or not good enough when Lola ends up finding an invention involving sticky tape and picking things up!.

      If you ever have the opportunity to watch Charlie and Lola, you will definitely feel like you want to watch more! The difference with the programme compared to other highly watched childrens programmes is that Charlie and Lola don't always wear the same clothes in each episode like on Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly's Little kingdom. It is aimed at Children aged 3-7, but my daughter fell in love the the characters when she first watched in back in 2009 and we have been watching it ever since. It's not always on Cbeebies as they tend to have a month or two off from different shows where they won't play them at all, then bring them back and play them once or twice a day.

      Amazon are selling this DVD for £3.97 which is such a bargain!.
      Even if you don't have children and just know someone with a small child, this is definitely a contender for the perfect gift.

      Thankyou for reading my Review!


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