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Doctor Who - Series 1 Vol. 1 (DVD)

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13 Reviews

Genre: Television - Doctor Who / Theatrical Release: 2005 / Director: Keith Brook, Euros Lyn / Actors: Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper ... / DVD released 16 May, 2005 at 2 Entertain Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    13 Reviews
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      31.07.2012 02:06
      Very helpful



      A good start for the comeback show.

      I'd always been a fan of Doctor Who, ever since watching reruns of John Pertwee and Tom Baker on a Sunday morning on UK Gold years ago as a kid with my dad. Therefore when the BBC brought it back I was very excited. I wasn't disappointed when watching it and so when I found the first series in a local shop for 1 pound per DVD I just couldn't resist.

      Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor
      Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
      Noel Clarke as Mickie Smith
      Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler

      This first series back of Doctor Who is the only one in which Christopher Eccleston plays the role of the Time Lord and is a decent affair. The storylines are a lot better than they were when the show was first axed, however they aren't as good as they get with David Tennant in the lead role. The show returned in 2005 and shows no signs of slowing down today, and Christopher Eccleston can take a fair bit of credit for laying the groundwork in this first series. The episodes are effectively stand alone ones which can be viewed as such but they do all tie together to lead the viewer towards the big finale at the end of the series. In addition unlike the old days the stories are approximately 45 minutes long as opposed to a couple of hours so they are much faster paced than they used to be which hopefully won't annoy too many of the older generation of fans.
      EPISODE 1 :- Rose

      The first episode isnt the greatest and the storyline is a little bit lightweight if I a being honest, however it does do a good job of introducing the next generation of Doctor Who fans to the main characters of the series and as a first episode that is really all we could ask. We initially meet Rose who is a typical teenager, not really knowing what they want to do in life and stumbling from home to work with no real direction. Her boyfriend Mickie is very similar and so they both appear to be stuck in the rat race. This simple life is soon to be shattered forever when the Doctor blows up the shop in which she works! Intrigued by the Doctor and the his mysterious ways, the two begin to work increasingly closely fighting the Nestene Conciousness who wants to take over the planet by bringing plastic mannequins to life. Overall this episode isn't the best one in the series, but I never expected it to be. It's main goal is to introduce us to the main characters and in this way this episode suceeds and as such I would give it a six out of ten.
      EPISODE 2 :- The End Of The World

      I. This episode the doctor takes Rose to the year 5 billion. Here on a space station in orbit, the wealthy members of the universe have come to witness an historic event. The sub has expanded and so the Earth is scheduled to be destroyed. Slightly overwhelmed by the sights she is seeing, Rose feels uncomfortable, but she doesn't have time to dwell on her discomfort when strange things start to happen, from unusual turbulence, little metallic creatures running around and heat shields being sabotaged it is clear that something is not as it seems and that everyone's life is potentially in danger. Can the doctor along with some of the more cooperative guests on board the station save the day and discover the source of the trouble? This is a pretty decent episode to be honest. We continue to develop the relationship between the Doctor and Rose whilst running a gripping storyline which will have you guessing to the end. I would give this one an eight out of ten.
      EPISODE 3 :The Unquiet Dead

      The Doctor aims to take Rose back in time to Naples in the year 1860, but due to his infamous navigational skills with the TARDIS he miscalculated and ends up in Cardiff in 1869. Things seem normal until they run into the local undertaker Mr. Sneed and his assistant at a performance for Charles Dickens. Creatures of gas appear to be inhabiting corpses, but it is unclear as to what their intentions are. It is then up to the Doctor and Rose to discover what the Gelph really want and whether they can help them. This episode is also pretty strong, with the addition of Charles Dickens being particularly inspired. This is something which Doctor Who does well and historical figures will be a recurring theme through all of the following series. I will give this one a seven out of ten.
      There are a couple of negative things about this DVD however, firstly there are no special features present with just episode and scene selection and subtitles being your only options. This didn't bother me too much however as I only paid a pound so I can't really complain too much. Secondly and this is something which Doctor Who has suffered from through the new series is that the background music used to increase tension and moos is vey loud and it is tricky on occasion to pick up the dialogue. This is one of my pet hates in television or film so is rathe annoying in my book.

      So to sum this one up I would say that the first three episodes back for Doctor Who set the stage pretty well for what will follow. Christopher Eccleston puts in a top quality performance as the time lord, with just the right amount of humour mixed in with the seriousness at times. Billie Piper is the big surprise for me though. Remembering her as e slightly annoying singer and for marrying Chris Evans I wasn't expecting much from her, but she actually uses her innocence in a good way and she actually comes across as really sweet and you can see why the Doctor would pick her as his assistant. I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone who hasn't seen the new Doctor Who's as a good starting point. The episodes aren't too complicated yet and once you start watching you will be hooked!

      Thanks for reading this review and it may also appear on Ciao under my same username.


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        18.06.2010 14:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Brilliant worth seeing!

        Doctor Who relaunched with months of heavy advertising, investment going into the millions of pounds and a campaign to recruit actors to draw in a whole new generation of fans to the long running sci fi series. Cue Russell T Davies, one of TV's most exciting writers. Enter Christopher Eccelston to take up the key role as the Doctor and Billie Piper to properly launch her new acting career as Rose, the sidekick whos popularity would eventually engulf the Doctors in many ways.

        And cue Episode 1....

        The first episode was key to the relaunch of the series and Davies did an excellent job of setting it out as he meant to go on. "Rose" is full of wit, humour and fast paced action and serves its purposes of introducing new fans to the show. Everything about the legendary Sci-Fi show is explained in superb, down to earth ways and being pitched on a council estate in London makes it much more relatable and works for new fans. For the older fans the return of the Autons and the scares and running down corridors makes them happy and all in all it's a strong return for the show. And the episode ends on an emotional core which the series would retain throughout.

        "End of The World" is one of the finest episodes of the series and as it should it takes the Doctor off earth and onto a space station meeting a wide range of creatures. All superbly designed creatures light years ahead of the old costumes of the previous series. The episode does have a plot but the main joy to behold here is the way in which the characters are explored. Rose realises the choice she has made, the Doctor trying to avoid talking about himself. All classic moments and an all round great episode.

        "The unquiet Dead" takes the Doctor and Rose back to Victorian England for an episode that was one of the fan favourites of the series. Spooky, errie and taking the model of a classic Dickens esque horror chiller. Great mood, great tension and an edge of the seat story driven by a plot and the excellent setting.

        All in all this is a classic range of episodes which brings the Doctor back to our screens and for fans of Sci-Fi or fans of just great TV this is worth seeing!

        Also on Ciao


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          22.01.2010 13:26
          Very helpful



          A great way to bring the classic show back to life

          And Doctor Who rises out of the ashes. Here for the first time since the late 1980's are new Doctor Who stories on British TV. Starting in April 2005 Doctor Who was reborn.

          Presented here are the first 3 episodes of the new series. It's a bare bones disc with no extras though.

          The first episode is "Rose". Here we meet Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor and Billie Piper as soon to be companion Rose as well as her boyfriend Mikcey Smith. At first I liked both Ecclestone and Piper but went off them a bit later in the series (series 2 in the case of Rose).
          It's not bad for an introductory episode, reviving a race called the autons who are made out of living plastic. All hell breaks loose when the shop manakins start to come alive and in one camp scene you even see whellie bins creeping up on unsuspecting victims.

          It's pretty light-weight but there's plenty of action in there and the scene where the Doctor first meets Rose is absolutely brillaint stuff.

          The second episode carries on with this light-weight tone and never really for me (the weakest of the 3). The Doctor takes rose to "The End of the World" (also the episode title) where special guests have gathered to watch the sun swallow up planet Earth (from a safe distance on a space station). Someone there though wants to sabotage the party and yet again the Doctor's there to save the day.

          Guest starring Zoe Wannamakeras the last human, she gives quite a wonderful performance here that's in line with the tone of the story. Other of the alien guests though aren't as good and the plot seems a bit rushed at times with the doctor getting himself into a situation and then out of said situation in the blink of an eye.

          The final episode is by far the best, written by Mark Gatiss. Now the Doctor takes Rose back to Victoria's time and a trip to the theatre goes awry when the ghosts of the deceased rise out of their coffins for everyone to see so it would seem - "The Unquiet Dead". There's also a great performance from Eve Myles who went on to star in Torchwood.

          Once you get past the jacket gags near the beginning of the episode, this is a tight, gripping episode where all is not quite what it seems. It's brilliantly written, keeping tension up and provides a pretty chilling climax. In 4 series now of new Doctor Who this is still one of my favourite episodes and my favourite episodes of series 1.


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          14.04.2009 14:38
          Very helpful



          A whole new doctor for a new generation that will appeal to all sci fi fans

          Christopher Eccleston brings back the doctor after a nine year absense from tv. Headed up with a supporting role from Billie Piper and written by Russel T Davies, for once it is not only the doctor who has regenerated but also the show. The first episode opens with Rose played by Piper, who finds herself pursued by manakins that have come to life at the retail shop where she works- enter the doctor who helps her escape before blowing the entire shop to smitherines. This chance meeting starts a series of events that hooks the doctor and rose up again and again inevitably leading her to join him in his mysterious spaceship known as the Tardis- a police box thats somewhat bigger on the inside and the story begins. Ecclestons doctor is somewhat more nervous and unsure than his previous incarnations and Rose becomes much more than his assistant over the series giving him emotional support and bonding, rather than the doctor/scientist relationship. A truely brilliant regeneration of the classic series played beautifully by both eccleston and piper with 13 equally brillaint episodes compiled and somewhat explained with the accompanying series 'Confidential' by Russel and Julie Gardner. A truely gripping series for fans old and new.


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            10.09.2008 23:07
            Very helpful



            It's bigger on the inside... honest

            Directors: Keith Boak (episode 1) and Euros Lyn. (episodes 2 and 3)
            Produces: Phil Collinson, Russell T. Davis, Julie Gardner, Mal Young
            Writer: Russell T. Davis and Mark Gatiss.

            The ninth doctor has finally arrived, this time with a vengeance, bringing the |Timelord and his Tardis back onto the small screen and DVDs...for some great science fiction entertainment with humour...

            Christopher Eccleston this time opens up the Tardis doors and wipes away the cobwebs after nine years... and what a FANTASTIC job he did with it...

            This series, first broadcast by the BBC in March 2005, would see many new creatures from other planets and also some of the Doctors old foes...

            **MAIN CHARACTERS, (in this DVD)**

            Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.
            Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
            Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler (Roses mum)
            Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith (Roses Boyfriend)

            **BRIEF PLOT OF EPISODES:**

            *1 - ROSE (26th March 2005) ---

            Here we are introduced to the main characters who will pop up in many of the episodes...

            This episode opens up with one of the scariest noises ever created by man... rose Tylers alarm clock buzzing away, startling you into some form of life as you lash out for the snooze button.

            Rose is working in a large department store in the centre of London as a shop assistant when her life is turned upside down when she inadvertently bumps into the Doctor whilst he is trying to save the world from the Nestene consciousness, a large blob of living plastic with a fetish for taking over the world by giving life to all things plastic...
            With the doctor saving Roses life from the hands of some murderous mannequins, it is not long before she realises that there is something different about the leather Jacket clad man who walks the planet dodging trouble...

            Then as circumstances, or more a rather psychotic plastic arm, brings the two together again it leads to a brilliant but rather quick finale... leading to the Doctor choosing Rose as his new assistant just like his predecessors, (or pre-regenerated), to travel the universe and beyond....

            *2 - THE END OF THE WORLD --- (2nd April 2005) ---

            Flying through time and space The Doctor takes Rose to a space station in the year 5 billion to see the destruction of the Earth when the Sun expands...

            When they arrive at the space station, which is orbiting the now abandoned Earth as a viewing platform for all the rich alien life forms, including the strangest of looking last humans on earth, Lady Cassandra O'Brien Dot Delta Seventeen, (played by Zoe Wannamaker), and a massive head in a glass dome called the face of Boe, voiced by Struan Rodger), and many others, to watch the Earths final moments, it is not too long before strange things begin happening and everyone on board realise that their lives are in danger...

            As the danger escalates, with the Heat shield being sabotaged and the sun expending by the second, it is up to the doctor to save the day... soon realising that the culprit is on board the station...

            *3 - THE UNQUIET DEAD --- (9th April 2005)

            The Doctor aims to take Rose to Naples in the year 1860, but makes a slight navigational error, ending up in Cardiff on Christmas eve in the year 1869.
            The trouble soon starts minutes after the Tardis lands on the snow covered ground, with ghostly gases appearing to bring the dead back to life...and it all seems to be happening at the local undertakers run by Gabriel Sneed, (played by Alan David) and his servant girl Gwyneth, (played by Eve Myles), who seems to be more involved in the ghostly happening than she first thought...

            So with the help of Charles Dickens, (played by Simon Callow) the Doctor and Rose try and solve the mysterious happenings before it is too late...

            **IN CONCLUSION**

            A fantastic return for the Doctor Who fanatics... this time with some brilliant special effect and more up to date 'baddies'.

            Eccleston plays the part of the Doctor brilliantly, with his sticking out ears and funny looking nose, although his fashion style needs a little help, relying on the leather jacket and black jumper look...each of his expressions telling its own story as he battles the evil aliens throughout his travels... he seems to be relishing his new role as the time travelling time lord...

            As for Rose Tyler, well, I was a little dubious about her acting abilities, (remembering her from a dodgy music video in 1998)... But she actually does a good job as the Doctors assistant... using her brilliant smile to its full extent...

            Although the first episode, Rose, seems a little slow, it does spend the majority of the show introducing the new characters, telling the story of who's who and why their there...but it is still a very entertaining episode, albeit a little far fetched, (but aren't they all...?)

            Once the story gets going it is non stop entertainment with some very weird stories and characters, and I mean very weird indeed

            The three Episodes on this DVD are well written and the acting makes them worth watching.
            The special effects are excellent and very entertaining, sometimes a little spooky, sometimes very comical, but always well presented.

            You will end up having to watch each episode again to keep up with the big picture as every episode has clues to the big finale in episode thirteen... when you watch an episode once you will miss the clues as they flash by... so the big bad wolf has warned you...?

            If I had to give a negative about the show I would have to say that in some scenes the background music plays so loud that you sometimes fail to hear what the characters are saying... this I found slightly annoying and unnecessary, but it doesn't diminish the viewing at all

            *Would I recommend this...?

            Yes I certainly would, even if your not a Doctor Who or Billie Piper fan.
            It is a great show for all, especially the kids, and will keep everyone watching entertained...
            I have never really been a doctor who fan in the past but I was quite impressed with the way these new ones were put together, resulting in a fresh new look for the Tardis and a never ending choice of adventure for the Doctor and his companion..

            You can get a copy of the first three episodes from www.amazon.co.uk for about £11.00 on offer (£15.99 when offer ends) but no doubt if you shopped around you could get it cheaper...

            Sadly, there are no extras on this DVD, all you get is the choice of 'Playing all', 'Episode selection', 'Scene selection' and 'subtitles on or off', making your choice to the well known theme tune whistling out from the television speakers...


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              07.09.2008 18:55
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Doctor Who DVD

              My youngest loves Doctor Who. he always watches it. This means the whole household ends up watching it too. It is not normally something I would enjoy, I prefer the soaps. Though I did get into it and I have found myself watching the DVDs too when the youngest puts them on (which is all the time!).

              Serie 1 DVD has three episodes. Rose, The End Of The World and The Unquiet Dead are their names. The Doctor is a Timelord who travels in a blue box called the Tardis. He is played by Christopher Eccleston. Rose is a common girl in London who meets the Doctor when the shop she works in blows up. She is played by Billie Piper. The Doctor takes Rose to the End of the World where the Earth explodes and she meets lots of other aliens such as the Mox of Balhoon and Cassandra. The Unquiet Dead is set in the olden days, the time of Charles Dickens. The Undertakers house gets attacked by monsters made of gas known as the Gelth. In these situations the Doctor has to help save Rose from horrible situations.

              This is jus one of the youngest's Doctor Who DVDs, and he plays this one all the time so I now feel I know the script to this inside out. It is quite sad and emotional but you do laugh at some of the lines. Rose say "Im talking to a twig!" in The End of the World. It is a great DVD for any sci-fi fan but also any young child who likes aliens too!


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                08.07.2008 13:09
                Very helpful



                Doctor Who Series 1 Vol 1 - 3 episodes of class

                For the past 3 years or so, my wife has consistently watched the revival of Doctor Who, first with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, then with David Tennant taking over the role. She has been trying to persuade me to watch them, but it is something that I have never really been fussed with. Growing up at my parents' house, I would occasionally watched a rerun of one of the older Doctor Whos, such as Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, and I found them interesting, but I didn't really follow them and the aliens just seemed farcical to me.

                Fast forward to yesterday. Recently, the fourth series has ended in what my wife called a gobsmacking double episode that made her go out and buy the box set of the series starring Christopher Eccleston as the doctor. It is her intention to make me watch the last four series in as short a time as possible. So, last night, we sat down to dinner in front of the TV, and watched the first episode...and then the second......and then the third!!

                Brief History

                Dr Who is a character created by Sydney Newman, the Head of Drama at the BBC in the early 1960s. Dr Who was first aired in 1963 amidst a great deal of speculation. It features an alien in human form travelling the universe and time in, taking on human form and known only as the Doctor. He travels in his ship, known as the TARDIS, which from the outside appears to be a small telephone box, but is actually deceptive and is huge inside, bigger than a house! The Doctor is a Time Lord, and has taken many forms, and each time he disappears he reappears having regenerated in a different human form. This explains the numerous different actor who have played him. The show ran successfully until 1989, when viewing figures plummeted. There was a TV movie starring Paul McGann in 1996, which I vaguely remember, and then a 9 year gap before Russell T Davies revamped the doctor as Christopher Eccleston. The show has been immensely popular and is still going strong, with David Tennant now playing the Time Lord.

                The DVD series

                The first DVD features the first 3 episodes of what is called Series 1. Although it's not the first series ever, it is the first of the more modern series, and so it is thus called.

                Episode 1 - Rose

                The first episode of the new series naturally has a bit of explaining to do after such a long time away from the screen. Although there was a film in 1996, no episodes had been made since 1989, meaning a 16 year gap and a whole new generation of Doctor Who fans to impress. We are introduced in this episode to Rose. Traditionally, the Doctor has an assistant/companion to accompany his on his travels through time and space. Rose is the latest for the Doctor. At first, she is content with her job in a department store, but when the mannequins all come to life and try to take over the Earth she meets the Doctor, who is tracking them and trying to stop them. He explains they are an alien race called the Autons, and the pair of them work together to stop them.

                Episode 2 - The End Of The World

                This second episode follows on straight after the end of the first, with Rose and the Doctor inside the TARDIS. The Doctor shows Rose how he can go anywhere in time and space, and takes her to the year 5 billion, to the day of the end of the Earth. They emerge on an Observation Station and are accompanied by a selection of representatives from different alien races, each who have paid a great deal of money to witness the end of the Earth. However, there is a saboteur on board who has sinister intentions, as deadly metal spiders appear all over the ship. They must have been brought aboard by someone, but who? It is up to the Doctor and Rose to find out and save the day.

                Episode 3 - The Unquiet Dead

                Apparently, the TARDIS is not always as exact as the doctor would like. He intends to take Rose to Christmas Eve in Naples in the year 1860. However, as luck would have it, they end up in London, on Christmas Eve in 1869, and are just in time to meet Charles Dickens and team up with him and some undertakers to tackle some spirits that are trying to cross over from their dying world to find hosts for their gaseous forms in this world. The trouble is, the only vacant lifeforms are the corpses!

                The Cast and Performances

                Christopher Eccleston is excellent as the Doctor. I have seen him in only a few things over the years he has been acting, most memorably for me as a bit part in a couple of episodes of Heroes, the latest craze in American Drama series. Beside that, he never really appealed to me as the Doctor, but having now watched him in the role, I find him to be excellent. The Doctor is a very matter of fact character. As he is in human form, it is easy to forget he is an alien, and this lends itself to a couple of surprise moments in the three episodes here, and indeed in the ensuing episodes, particularly the thrilling double story in episodes 4 and 5.

                Billie Piper has had a lot of criticism over the years, but I have to admit she is a very good actress in the role of Rose Tyler, the 19 year old girl who gets caught up in the Doctor's world and taken up by the mystery and endless possibilities. her character slowly develops into the third episode, but the writers and producers are careful to reiterate the fact that she is still new to the time travel game and it still astounds her.

                Two recurring characters are Rose's mum, Jackie Tyler, played by Camille Coduri. They live on a run down council estate, and Camille's portrayal of Jackiwe is one of a tracksuit and hoody wearing stay at home mum who will scream and shout at anyone who goes near her daughter. The actress does very well in showing how the character copes with the revelation of the doctor and his time travel. The other character is Rose's boyfriend, Mickey, played by Noel Clarke. To me, Clarke is one of the finest British talents around at the moment. Not only has he acted very well in the handful of roles he has taken on, but he has also penned and starred in the extremely successful and hard-hitting Kidulthood, and its recently release sequel, Adulthood. Clarke is a fabulous writer and a brilliant character actor, and here, he sparks off the other actors on screen with him, particularly Jackie, Rose's mum, and the Doctor, who thinks Mickey is stupid and constantly tells him so.

                The supporting cast in each episode perform very well. There is no real main support cast in the first episde, Rose, as the Autons in the form of mannequins are the main threat and it is more of an introductory episode than anything else. The second episode, The End Of The World, has a couple of very good performances, particularly from Zoe Wanamaker as the voice (yes, the voice!) of the last human, Cassandra, and also from Simon Day as the Steward and Yasmin Bannerman as Jabe. In the third episode, The Unquiet Dead, there is excellent support from Simon Callow as Charles Dickens. The actor reprises a similar appearance as his portrayal of Gareth in Four Wedding s And A Funeral, and his acting is top notch. He is a consistent British actor, and makes it easy for Eve Myles to enter the Doctor Who saga as Gwyneth, a medium who can contact the gaseous spirits in the episode. Coincidentally, Eve Myles was to star in Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood as the female lead Gwen Cooper, making a couple of guest appearances. The remainder of the cast in each episode perform very well.

                My Opinion

                So, am I glad that my wife made me watch this? You bet I am! I only started watching last night, and I have so far watched 7 episodes. As there are 13 in the series and a Christmas Special, I figure I'll be done by some point tomorrow, and ready to move on to the next DVD set.

                So, what did I think? Well, traditionally, Doctor Who is supposed to be full of laughable special effects and ridiculous costumes and aliens, and I can see why. But what is portrayed as ridiculous and tacky ahs obviously taken a lot of time and care and attention. The effect of the special effects and wardrobe team on the screen are marvellous, and the simplistic methods of randomly pressing buttons and randomly pull levers and spin wheels to travel through time lends itself to the sort of sci-fi drama where you can just sit back and watch. The combination between Eccleston and Piper is magical, and as you can tell by the number of episodes I watched, I loved it and it kept my attention, indeed I was glued to the screen. Mark Gatiss (from The League of Gentlemen) was the writer for the third episode, so Russell T Davies is obviously not above accepting some strong help at times, and I eagerly await watching the rest of the series.

                In conclusion, these 3 episode of Doctor Who are marvellous and get a 5 star rating from me. The first episode if anything is slightly weaker in terms of plot, but that is merely because there was a lot of scene setting to do. The whole thing is fabulous, and I would recommend it to anyone.

                The complete series 1 is currently available for £44.98, but if you just want to buy these three episodes on their own, you can get it for £6.48. Both these prices are for amazon.co.uk. Naturally, prices will vary where you look for it. No doubt you could pick up a second hand copy from ebay probably for cheaper.


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                  24.06.2008 10:49
                  Very helpful



                  Shop assisstant, Rose Tyler takes a trip on the wild side when she climbs inside a certain blue box

                  Back when I was a kid DOCTOR WHO was one of those programmes you just had to watch. My era started mid-way through the Tom Baker years and carried on through his next incarnation as Peter Davidson. During the Colin Baker/ Sylvester McCoy years, I strayed from the fold as stories got a little silly and the acting became a little over-the-top. Then The Doctor did what he does best. He disappeared from our screens destined possibly never to return......

                  The real reason for his programme's demise of course was much more down-to-earth. Aresult of budget cuts, dropping viewing figures and BBC politics. When a plan was announced to bring The Doctor back, with the help of American funding, and featuring Paul McCann in the next regeneration, the idea was met with much anticipation. Unfortunately the Americans never really got Doctor Who and to be fair, the movie pilot wasn't THAT good and so the idea never got recommissioned as more than a one-off.....

                  Which brings us to 2005..... Russell.T.Davies announced the return of The Doctor as you had never seen him before with Billie Piper (because she wants to, because she wants to?) as his assisstant and with Christopher Eccleston in the starring role. It could have gone either way- thankfully the new, re-imagined series was an overnight, and rightfully so, success!!!

                  This DVD encompasses the first three episodes, ROSE, THE END OF THE WORLD and THE UNQUIET DEAD and is worth re-watching if only to pick up on all the hints RTD drops throughout the series which all relate to the seasons climatic end, BAD WOLF. Much like in the T.V series LOST, the show is peppered with little clues that only the most avid of fans will have picked up first time around. It is also worth re-watching because the theme of BAD WOLF has recently returned in the latest and fourth season of the show.....

                  ROSE re-introduced us to The Doctor, as played now by Christopher Eccleston, and also featured the return of an enemy from the original series known as The Autons; not the scariest of enemies but then this is a very light-hearted episode with plenty of humour. Rose Tyler gets caught up in an imminent invasion and finds her life being entangled with that of The Doctor as he attempts to save the earth. Eccleston plays a blinder in a version of The Doctor that no one could have anticipated....from the very beginning you get the sense that this is very much a Doctor for the modern age and that much has happened in the time he has been away from our screens. This is the first time in history too that we have not seen the regeneration that lead to Eccleston's arrival and this first episode sets the scene brilliantly for what is to come....

                  THE END OF THE WORLD carries on where the first episode leaves off with Rose Tyler deciding to travel with The Doctor and leave her mundane, ordinary life behind her along with her mum and her soppy boyfriend, Mickey. This has as much to do with the sense that The Doctor is obviously very lonely as much as the fact that Rose longs to see different worlds, different cultures, different worlds. For their first excursion, The Doctor takes her to a space station far in the future where alien tourists gather to watch the last days of earth as it is consumed by the sun. All seems very cosy until a plot is revealed to destroy everyone onboard and, as per usual, it falls on The Doctor to save the day... this is the episode that introduces The Face Of Boe to the viewer albeit in the smallest of cameos (he becomes much more important in later shows) and reveals the fate of The Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey. The death of his people and his home-world goes a long way to explaining why The Doctor this regeneration around often seems so cold and so very distant and why he seems to use so much humour almost as a defence mechanism. This is a very moving episode for a number of reasons- the least of which being that the story tries to convey the message that nothing lasts forever and that everything has it's time. We also see a very adult version of Rose as she finally gets the briefest of insights into this stranger she has chosen to travel with and, indeed, put her life in the hands of.

                  Finally we get THE UNQUIET DEAD which takes us back to 1869, the time of Charles Dickens and the introduction of Cardiff's Rift in the Space/Time continum that features so heavily in spin-off series, TORCHWOOD. As with all historical episodes, this is far from one of the strongest stories and occasionally feels a little strained but Simon Callow as Dickens is an excellent choice and almost serves to outdo the presence of Zoe Wannamaker in the previous episode.

                  Though RTD has often been criticised for the liberties he has taken with DOCTOR WHO as a show, it is perfectly fair to say that without him there would probably never have been a re-launch of this best loved character and with these opening three episodes he has done more for the show than the BBC ever did single-handly in it's absence from our screens!!!

                  The extras on this DVD collected edition are sadly lacking but if you want to re-visit the opening episodes of what has proven to be one of the best returns of a sci-fi show scince they brought back BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, then it's well worth checking out. Alternatively the whole complete series is now available in a box-set either from Amazon, Ebay or any other DVD stockist all at varying prices. If you've not seen this before, then shame on you- it's HIGH time you took a trip onboard the TARDIS......


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                    01.04.2008 16:09
                    Very helpful



                    Doctor Who returns

                    Back in 2005 the BBC made the genius decision to bring back one of the corporation's most famous television shows ever, DOCTOR WHO. The series had originally run from 1963 until 1989, but had been cancelled due to poor ratings. Apart from a brief re-emergence in 1996 with a TV movie starring Paul McGann, which should have led to a new series but didn't, this was the last we saw of The Doctor on our screens until 2005.

                    The series had however lived on, in a long series of novels (originally published by Virgin, with the BBC later taking back the rights), and audio releases, officially made by Big Finish, although many fans had also made their own audio (and indeed video) episodes.

                    This DVD features the 1st 3 episodes of the revitalised series from 2005.

                    The first episode, 'ROSE', introduces us to all of the characters, although the character we follow most is The Doctor's new companion Rose. This was a fantastic idea by the new writer/producer Russell T. Davies (who had previously made his name with the drama QUEER AS FOLK) as it immediately gave the audience a 'way in' to the show - Rose was 'one of us' - it is difficult for the viewer to identify with a 900 year old alien from the planet Gallifrey, but pretty easy for them to identify with a 19 year old London shopgirl.

                    The second episode, 'THE END OF THE WORLD', sees The Doctor take Rose on her first travel through time, to the year 5 billion where she gets to witness the end of the planet Earth, whilst the third episode (and final one on this disc) 'THE UNQUIET DEAD' sees them travel back to 1869 where they get involved in an adventure with Charles Dickens (played excellently by the brilliant Simon Callow).

                    These 3 episodes are a superb re-introduction to Doctor Who and are highly recommended. The DVD is currently available from Amazon for less than £7 - bargain!


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                      19.04.2007 14:20
                      1 Comment



                      A good start to the new series!

                      In the new series of Doctor Who, Russell T Davies pulled off the near impossible, and made a series the BBC had thrown on the scrap heap since 1989 into must-see Saturday evening TV. No longer the preserve of geeks and fanboys, it became primetime family entertainment in ways it hadn't been since the 1970s, and Christopher Eccleston was an impressive, if sadly short-lived, Doctor.

                      This DVD contains 3 episodes:

                      Rose Tyler is a bored shop worker, with a humdrum life in London. However, when a mysterious stranger called The Doctor blows up her place of work, and shop dummies start coming to life, her world is never going to be the same again...

                      A brilliant and explosive start to the new series, which sees an introduction to both the new Doctor and Billie Piper's Rose Tyler. A return from the Autons, the creepy shop dummies not seen since John Pertwee's days, are a great added bonus.

                      THE END OF THE WORLD
                      The Doctor takes Rose billions of years into the future to see the end of the Earth from a protected satellite in orbit. But the assembled aliens and evolved earthlings face a conspiracy, and maybe Lady Cassandra, the last human alive, isn't all she seems.

                      A quirky episode that seems to borrow a lot from the work of the late Douglas Adams. A bit silly at times, but a good all round story that shows the offbeat side that the new series will sometimes take.

                      THE UNQUIET DEAD
                      The Doctor and Rose uncover reanimated corpses in Dickensian Cardiff, and get to the bottom of things with help from Charles Dickens himself!

                      A historical, supernatural thriller with some comedic moments, written by the League of Gentleman's Mark Gatiss. The first of several episodes where the Doctor meets historical figures, and one which shows us glimpses into the darkness that haunts the moody new Doctor.


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                        12.01.2006 16:06
                        Very helpful



                        A Great Start to the Show.

                        A couple of years ago the only thing I knew about Doctor Who was that it used to scare my Mom silly and she used to hide behind the sofa when she was little as her brother would always make her watch it. Being a science fiction fan as soon as I heard they were remaking Doctor Who I decided I would sit down and watch it despite never seeing any of the older series. When it finally came on TV, I was addicted and now I own all of the episodes on DVD and have watched them all several times. Let’s have a look at the new series one and volume one of the doctor Who DVDs.


                        What is Doctor Who?

                        Well Doctor Who is a show about…you guessed it the Doctor. The Doctor is a time-lord and as his name suggests travels in time visiting many weird and wonderful worlds and creatures on the way. Along the way he picks up Rose, a young Londoner who is after a bit of excitement in her life so decides to join the Doctor in his quests.



                        Christopher Eccleston – Doctor Who.
                        Billie Piper – Rose Tyler.
                        Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith.
                        Camille Coduri – Jackie Smith.
                        John Barrowman – Captain Jack Harkness.


                        Episodes on the DVD:

                        The very first episode and the one where you will find out how the Doctor and Rose meet. A quick episode synopsis would be deadly mannequins terrorise the community. I do not want to reveal too much for those who have yet to see the episodes but basically these mannequins are quite creepy. This episode really throws you into what the Doctor does and exactly why the idea to go with the Doctor was too tempting to resist for Rose. It is a great start to the series.

                        The end of the world:
                        Absolutely fantastic and my episode synopsis is as follows. The Doctor and Rose travel years into the future where they find out earth is about to die and a handful of strange characters have gathered to watch the show. I love this episode because although the subject matter is quite dark, as always Doctor Who manages to make it extremely funny. There is a whole host of characters including my favourite the face of Cassandra whose face has basically been stretched and is moisturised to keep her alive. It sounds disgusting but believe me it is just fantastic and the story as it unfolds there is some bad guys on board is just brilliant.

                        The Unquiet Dead:
                        The Doctor and Rose travel into the past where they find a community with some ghostly goings on. I like this episode as it is quite gentle and really plays the comedy vibe again which is why I like this DVD because every episode is very funny. The costumes are great in this episode and the story gives you a few pointers into what will come in episodes to follow but of course you will not know that at the time.


                        Things you should know:

                        Price - £10.99 from Amazon.
                        1 Disc DVD.
                        Writer – Russell T Davis.
                        Classified – 12.
                        BBC DVD.



                        I have become such a big fan of this new series of Doctor Who that I am totally addicted, I find myself scouring the internet for information on the second series and at the moment am a bit too excited as I am always talking about it. I think this first DVD volume of the new series really lest you know what to expect from the rest of the series which is horror, drama, science fiction but most of all comedy.

                        The first DVD of the collection is a nice red colour with a picture of the Doctor and Rose with the Tardis behind them.

                        The three episodes on this disc are fantastic and are a very strong start to the series. Rose is a wonderful episode which gives you an insight into how the Doctor and Rose’s relationship came about and also tells you a little about each of them individually which sets you up for the next two episodes. My favourite episode is the end of the world which I just find so funny. My favourite quote from that episode is when they call Britney Spears’ song Toxic, a traditional earth ballad. Each story that you see is so strong in character that you will just be blown away with the shear genius of it.

                        You can tell from watching this DVD that they are sticking to the Doctor being quite a loveable character and they leave you wanting to watch more. Each of these three episodes are not linked but they do have an aurora of continuity so you can watch them as stand alone episodes which I know some people prefer.

                        The acting in these three episodes is just fantastic and can not be faulted at all. Even Billie Piper who everybody was ready to criticise proved people wrong and was believable and loveable. Christopher Eccleston gives you a sexy, funny Doctor to watch and just how he acts is wonderful and by the end of the episode Rose you would run away with him into the Tardis too.

                        The only small problem I have with this DVD is that there are no extras. The only features you can get on the DVD are the normal ones basically so the ability to change the language or to put subtitles on but no making of or trailers. None of these volume DVDs contain any features so if you are after extras then I would buy the entire first series box set in the shape of the Tardis.

                        In conclusion I love this DVD as the episodes are fun and modern and the addition with the great comedy just makes this DVD a must own. If you want to watch the first series then for £10.99 you will get your moneys worth and also make you want to buy the following three. I think everyone involved with this show have done a fantastic job making it appeal to everybody and children as well as adults will like this DVD.

                        If I were you I would go and buy the DVD now.

                        Thanks for reading.



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                          30.12.2005 12:54



                          Great modern Doctor Who, comedic yet serious - a must see.

                          Now, I'm a little on the young side to have watched the original Doctor Who - yes, I could have seen it on DVD, but I'm not one to "catch up" for the sake of it either.

                          The "new" Doctor Who is superb. With classics like the Tardis, the Doctor, and (of course) the Daleks (who can now go up stairs!!!) this is a re-classic in the making.

                          The plot is easy to follow for everyone watching, there's enough humour from Christopher Ecclestone (who plays the Doctor) to keep you entertained, and yet enough peril aswell to keep you hooked.

                          Having not seen the original, I can't say if fans of the first Doctor Who will like this version for its' screenplay and similar traits, but the creators have definately given it a modern makeover to be proud of.



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                            15.07.2005 16:56
                            Very helpful



                            The return of the sci-fi classic is a HIT :-)

                            I have been a fan of Dr Who for around thirty years. I was brought up watching it with my Dad, a fan since the first episode in 1963. In 1997, I met Nik at a Dr Who weekend in Llangollen. We got engaged at a Dr Who convention in 1998 and after our wedding in 2002, we spent part of our honeymoon in the Dr Who Exhibition in Llangollen.

                            For years, I was in the minority. I still watched Dr Who? At my age?? We have an almost full size Cyberman head and a four foot high inflatable Dalek in our living room. How bizarre. They're a bit weird, these Dr Who fans, aren't they?

                            But it's now 2005 and the brand new series has hit our TV screens and is a huge success. Primetime Saturday night BBC1 viewing with up to ten million people watching! My kids' friends come round and admire our Dalek, knowing what it is and asking questions about our Dr Who collection.

                            Oh, it's lovely being cool again :-)

                            Now for those of you who haven't yet seen any of the new series (Why not?), it stars Christopher Eccleston as the ninth incarnation of the Doctor and has Billie Piper as companion Rose Tyler. It has some traditional elements of the classic series - the TARDIS and the sonic screwdriver, for example - but the feeling as a whole is very modern.

                            While the end of the series was a few weeks ago, you can now buy the first two volumes of it on DVD. There will be a special box set with heaps of extras out in November, but for those who can't wait (ME! ME! ME!), you can buy the Volume 1 and 2 DVDs now, with others to follow from August.

                            Volume 1 contains the first three 45-minute stories of the new series - Rose, The End of the World and The Unquiet Dead. It is a 'vanilla' release with no extras, but in my opinion, the stories are excellent on their own and the DVD is well worth the price. (Expect to pay between £10 and £15.)

                            ROSE - BROADCAST MARCH 26th

                            This was the introductory episode, where we meet the new Doctor and Rose for the first time. As expected, a lot of background on both characters needs to be explained, which means the actual adventure bit itself can seem a bit rushed in this 45-minute format. I did enjoy it and it's a great start, but with the benefit of hindsight, it's one of the weaker stories of the series.

                            We see Rose at work and at home. We meet her mother, Jackie and her boyfriend, Mickey (who both pop up throughout the series) and of course, the Doctor turns up in his new guise. This time, the Autons are back - those frightening mannequin dummies from department stores, which come to life and kill people.

                            As department stores and malls become bloodbaths, will the Doctor and his new friends manage to save the day?

                            PLACE - London, Earth
                            TIME - The present
                            REGULARS - The Doctor, Rose, Jackie and Mickey
                            MONSTERS - Autons, the Nestene Consciousness
                            STORY - 7 out of 10
                            SPECIAL EFFECTS - 8 out of 10
                            SCARINESS - 7 out of 10

                            THE END OF THE WORLD - BROADCAST APRIL 2nd

                            After Rose joins the Doctor, he shows off the abilities of the TARDIS by catapulting them into the future, to watch the end of the world from the safety of Platform One - a nearby space station. They are amongst a wide range of alien races who gather for this event, all apparently peaceful and friendly. But as deadly metallic spiders appear on the station, it seems that at least one of the guests has murderous intentions…

                            This episode completely eradicates the old image of the programme. There are no wobbly sets, no dodgy make-up jobs or costumes that reveal the actor beneath. The Dr Who of 2005 has amazing sets, up-to-the-minute CGI effects and brilliant costumes and monsters. This story has a huge "WOW!" factor, as each few minutes seem to show yet another special effect. This was the most expensive episode of the series and you can tell.

                            But, typical for Dr Who, the stories and acting are still very strong. In the 1960s and 1970s, the stories were carried along by the talent and energy of the cast and crew, so we got caught up in it all and often didn't notice any low production values. In 2005, we still get great stories and wonderful acting, but with a generous budget allowing the special effects to be just as spectacular. It's an impressive combination!

                            PLACE - Platform One
                            TIME - The future
                            REGULARS - The Doctor, Rose and Jackie
                            GUEST STARS - Zoë Wanamaker as the voice of Cassandra
                            MONSTERS - Too many to mention!
                            STORY - 7.5 out of 10
                            SPECIAL EFFECTS - 10 out of 10
                            SCARINESS - 7.5 out of 10

                            THE UNQUIET DEAD - BROADCAST APRIL 9th

                            The first trip to the past for the new Doctor and Rose sees them arriving in Cardiff in 1869, where they discover a house that seems haunted, a woman that seems possessed and a famous writer called Charles Dickens. There is a hidden evil which is starting to show itself. Can it threaten more than just Cardiff and can it be stopped, before more damage is done?

                            With snow on the ground in Victorian Wales, the episode has a quaintly festive feeling to it and a quiet beauty. This contrasts beautifully with the frightening images of ghosts, ghouls and the living dead. This is the first really scary episode of the new series and still stands as one of my favourite episodes.

                            Simon Callow is outstanding as Charles Dickens, both looking and sounding extremely convincing. The supporting cast are also excellent, especially Eve Myles as Gwyneth, the young Welsh servant with a 'connection' to the spirit world.

                            This episode has been rated a 12 because of its scariness, so you may want to watch it yourself first, before showing it to younger children.

                            PLACE - Cardiff, Earth
                            TIME - The past
                            REGULARS - The Doctor and Rose
                            GUEST STARS - Simon Callow as Charles Dickens
                            MONSTERS - The Gelth
                            STORY - 9 out of 10
                            SPECIAL EFFECTS - 9 out of 10
                            SCARINESS - 9 out of 10


                            So, what can you expect from the new Doctor and his latest companion? Following on from the previous eight incarnations, this Doctor is a white human-looking male with two hearts and a spaceship disguised as an old London police box. He has a 'uniform' - in this case, a tattered leather jacket - and is intelligent and well-travelled - through both time and place!

                            But there are differences too. This Doctor has become cynical and appears somehow more alien. We slowly find out over the series that he is the only surviving Timelord, after a brutal Time War destroyed the rest of his people. He is angry, frustrated and grieving and we see flashes of this in each episode.

                            But the new Doctor has a comical side too. He enjoys a laugh and often gently teases Rose. He explains his Northern accent by commenting that "Every planet has a north!" and his witty retorts are accompanied by an infectious grin and kind, sparkling eyes.

                            Rose Tyler is a completely new kind of companion too. She is modern, independent and confident. Unlike most of the previous assistants, we get to see her home life and understand her more, by these regular glimpses into her background and family. Where some former companions were criticised for being 'screamers' or constantly needing rescuing, Rose is just as capable of saving the Doctor as vice versa.

                            So as Dr Who moves confidently into a new series with a distinctive modern look and feel to it, it is not just us old life-long fans that watch religiously on a Saturday evening. All my four children love it and they cover a fairly wide group of ages (9-14).

                            We kind of expected the younger three to be fans, but thought our fourteen-year-old daughter would likely be dismissive and uninterested - especially when it clashed with her Drama class! But we were wrong. Each week she comes home from Drama to watch the episode on tape. All four of them love it and even the teenagers have been frightened by it, especially the later episodes - but more on those, as further volumes come out on DVD.

                            The other day after school, my nine-year-old daughter had two young friends around to play. They were in the garden and suddenly one of them suggested they play Dr. Who. Suddenly, a toy kitchen and upside-down seesaw became the TARDIS and there were three little girls arguing over who was going to be Rose.

                            Dr Who is back - and I couldn't be happier…

                            Official website

                            Another recommended website


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                          • Product Details

                            It was always going to be a risk for the BBC to revamp Doctor Who--few television programmes inspire as much rabid and cultish adoration. With the 2005 series, however, the BBC have really outdone themselves. Their updated Doctor Who is a revelation: a cult science fiction series that has real mass appeal, and works for both children and their parents. Christopher Eccleston is an inspired and charismatic Doctor--he leaps around the sets with an unrestrained glee, like he’s a child running amok in a toy shop. His enthusiasm in downright infectious. His sidekick Rose (Billie Piper) adds a real human touch, particularly as she gradually and believably matures from in-over-her-head city kid to tough-minded interplanetary hero. Much of the credit must go to writer Russell Davies, who has a much-practiced knack for finding popular appeal without dumbing-down his ideas, and who appears to have let his imagination run riot. Even the special effects, whilst not of a big-budget cinematic quality, still manage to strike a balance between cheesiness and realism. Thrilling, funny and thoroughly entertaining, this Doctor Who is a hero for the new millennium. --Robert Burrow