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Dreams of a Life (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Television / Exempt / Director: Carol Morley / Actors: Zawe Ashton ... / DVD released 2012-03-19 at Dogwoof / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2012 20:49
      Very helpful



      An ok watch

      I'd seen this pop up on my Netflix homepage a few times and after reading the description decided it would definitely be something I would be interested in watching. This is a film only review.

      ==What is it?==
      This is a documentary about a woman who died in her small bedsit in London. Nobody knew she had died and nobody knew why...her body wasn't found for three years when she was found with the TV still on and half wrapped Christmas presents by her side.

      The film stars Joyce's friends and acquaintances who tell their stories, their relationship with Joyce, how they met her, what they thought of her and why, when nobody heard from her for three years nobody thought that something could be wrong.

      There are also reconstructed scenes from Joyce's life which help to personify her a little more and allow us, as viewers to understand her a little more.

      Joyce's story was a very strange one and although there are friends of hers on the film, they lost contact after she moved away and therefore nobody noticed when she disappeared. However, Joyce was surrounded by half wrapped Christmas presents - if she was close enough with people to exchange gifts, how did nobody notice she was missing?

      In addition to this, what about her landlord, the council, the electric company? The landlord would have had missed rent, the council wouldn't have received her council tax and how could the electricity board allow the electric to still be connected when she cant have paid the bill for three years? The TV was still on.

      Joyce's story is a very sad one - she was a young woman who had a bright future ahead of her, she died, alone in a substandard bedsit and nobody noticed. Her skeleton was found three years later. This story is both shocking and heartbreaking.

      The film was interesting and we found a lot out about Joyce as the film progressed and realised why she had lost contact with her friends. However, the film itself just wasn't what I had hoped for. Although it was a good watch I was just expecting something more.

      ==Additional Information==
      This was released in March 2012.
      It runs for 90 minutes.
      The DVD is available from Amazon for £9.49.

      An ok watch, but a very sad story.

      RIP Joyce


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        11.04.2012 18:02
        Very helpful




        This is a moving documentary based on the life of Joyce Carol Vincent (1965- 2003) whom was found dead in her bedsit above a London Wood Green shopping centre undiscovered for around 2 years. Her story gained attention from the press in that it was so unlike any other before. It shocked people that someone could be missing for that amount of time with nobody knowing or coming to look for you. It inspired film maker Carol Morley to try and piece together information, however small, in order to create a documentary to put out for public viewing.

        The documentary tells the life of Joyce Vincent through the eyes of those who used to spend time with her. However even with their stories told the documentary gave the impression that nobody really truly knew her, they only knew about Joyce what she wanted them to know. So this makes the viewer feel as though they aren't getting the real whole story from this documentary as nobody seemed to know her that well. There was a lot of mystery surrounding her life and it was clear from this documentary other people shared this same feeling, that they never really knew what was going on, and with their views never suspected anything amiss when they hadn't heard from her all that time, and decided she was somewhere better off living a better life.

        Part of the story is played by actress Zawe Ashton, and I thought several parts were quite moving as they depicted loneliness, and parts of what she might've been feeing that nobody really knew about.

        I thought this documentary was good but lacked a lot of information as the maker didn't have a lot to go on.


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