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Friends - Season 1-10 Complete Collection - 15th Anniversary (DVD)

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  • superb award winning sitcom
  • long running top quality comedy
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    30 Reviews
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      28.09.2014 18:10
      Very helpful


      • "long running top quality comedy"
      • "superb award winning sitcom"


      • none

      never miss an episode


      Jennifer Anniston - Rachel
      David Schwimmer - Ross
      Matt le Blanc - Joey
      Matthew Perry - Chandler
      Courtney Cox - Monica
      Lisa Kudrow -Phoebe

      Created by - Marta Kauffman and David Crane

      ===The Show===

      Friends was a highly successful American Situation comedy which aired on NBC of a period of 10 years from 1994 -2004 with an average of 24 shows each season. Repeats are still shown on TV channels all over the world. It was unusual for American sitcoms in that it was always rehearsed in front of a live audience in order to hone the writing, make changes, and try out various options. The audience reaction was used to perfect these things. The six main characters were originally paid just 22,000 dollars per episode, but by the final season they were receiving 1,000,000 per episode and had become household names and faces all over the world. The show was successful from the very first episode and its popularity just grew and grew. And it spurned many imitators including (on this side of the pond) Cold Feet, How I met your Mother, Couples and many more. Although the story is on-going, it is possible to pick up just one episode and enjoy watching it, even it you have never seen any before. Each one is a story on its own and works, but of course more enjoyment is had if you know all the characters from the beginning.

      ===The Storyline===

      The show is based around six main characters who, as you may guess are all best 20-something single friends. Four of them (which of them this is changes during the course of 10 years) occupy two neighbouring flats in a tower block in Manhattan, and they all meet regularly for coffee in the coffee shop on the ground floor of this same building. Known as Central Perk (an obvious play on words) this coffee shop and the two flats are where most of the action takes place. In the first few seasons much of the story is a long running will they/wont they story for two of the friends Ross and Rachel, although there are many and varied side stories as the other four friends deal with career, dating and family problems. As the years pass, some of the friends start to build relationships together, others find love outside the circle of friends, but the friendship always stay strong and unbreakable. Always funny, clever, fast moving and unpredictable, several story lines run through each and every episode and cunningly jigsaw together.

      ===The Cast===

      '''Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)''' Rachel is a high school princess and cheerleader grown up into a self-centred spoilt daddy's girl. During the course of the series, she has to learn to toughen up, get herself a career and stand on her own two feet. We watch as she slowly becomes a sassy, determined and likeable young woman.
      The first ever episode is set on the day of her wedding to a replica of her father. At the last moment she makes a break, and runs to the only person she knows in the city, her high school friend Monica

      '''Monica (Courtney Cox)''' Monica is a strong New York woman. She is the lessee of a large rent-controlled flat overlooking Central Park and takes in her old high school buddy out of a sense of obligation. She was a fat child in high school and her parents always thought her second best compared to her brother older Ross. To counteract the leftover feelings of inadequacy she has become obsessive and controlling. but the vulnerability she desperately wants to hide is always showing itself, allowing us to like her and empathise with her.

      '''Ross (David Schwimmer)''' Monica's older brother, Ross is a rather geeky and bookish. He has become a Palaeontologist and likes to refer to himself as Doctor Geller which the others delight in making fun of. He has had a huge crush on the beautiful Rachel since she was his little sister’s high school buddy, but knows she is way out of his league. As the show opens he has just split up with his wife and sweetheart after she decided she was gay.

      ''''Chandler (Matthew Perry)''' Ross's best friends from College, Chandler rents the flat opposite Monica. Chandler is a constant joker, very awkward around women, and not very successful in the dating stakes. He has a long running on/off relationship with an awful woman (Janice) who everyone else cannot stand, but he keeps running back to her a as a safety net.

      '''Joey (Matt le Blanc)''' Joey is Chandler's flatmate and a serial womaniser. He is an out of work actor and is often subbed financially by Chandler, fairly dumb but hugely self confident, he has great success with a stream of beautiful woman, much to the envy and annoyance of the less confident Chandler. Joey is fiercely loyal to all his friends and leans heavily on their support.

      '''Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow)''' Phoebe is a ditzy blonde in the ultimate sense of the word. Brought up by a series of unreliable pseudo-parents and spending some time homeless on the streets, she has now found her family amongst this close knit group of friends. She earns her living giving massages, and she busks, singing her own compositions (badly) in Central Perk cafe, but wont accept money (because it wouldn't be fair to the songs)

      ===Guest Stars===

      As the success of the show grew, hordes of A-lister Hollywood stars were clamouring to be allowed a part in the show. A list of those who were allowed a part , big or small, reads like a Hollywood blockbuster : Bruce Willis, Jean-claude Van Damme, Gary Oldman, Charlie Sheen, Billy Crystal, Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, (the sadly recently lost) Robin Williams, Bradd Pitt, Alec Baldwin, Elliot Gould, Jeff Goldblum, George Clooney Ben Stihler, Brooke shields, Christina Applegate, Charlton Heston, Dakota Fanning, Helen Hunt, Danny Devito, Denise Richards, , Isabella Rosselini, Julian Roberts, Kathleen turner, Reece Witherspoon, Sean Penn, Tom Selleck and our own Jennifer Saunders and Hugh Laurie are just a few. Some non actors made there way onto the screen too such as Richard Branson, Sarah Duchess of York, Chris Isaaks, Elle Mc Phearson, Ralph Lauren, Jay Leno and Chrissie Hind.

      ===My Opinion==

      I have always been a major “Friends” fan and I absolutely love the series. When I first went to live in Spain, and had neither internet nor TV, these DVD’s were a life saver for me, and neither I nor my family ever got tired of watching them. With around 24 thirty minute episodes on each of the 10 discs, plus extras there was always plenty of variety. The acting is always fresh, and the jokes are so clever they do not tire, even if you know word for word what is coming next. Even though I find it hard to believe, although there are few people who have never heard of this series, there are still some people who have never watched an episode. I say to those people, beg borrow or steal this box set, and watch each episode in order….I dare you not to get hooked.!!


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      22.05.2012 12:34
      Very helpful



      A brilliant addition to my collection

      I love watching TV shows when doing work - it breaks the work period up nicely and I don't have to concentrate on the TV as much as I would when watching a film. So, a couple of years ago, I treated myself to the FRIENDS box-set when it was reduced greatly in price (£40 from HMV if I recall correctly). I had watched a fair bit of FRIENDS over the years when it was shown on Channel 4, or one of its many branches, and wanted to be able to watch the whole series in order - basically so it made sense!

      So the basics about the box-set: The show consisted of 10 seasons, spanning ten years. Each season is in a DVD box and consists of four discs. The discs are numbered with the episodes, which build up consecutively across the seasons (so by season 9, I'm on episode 200 or so). The discs usually have a FRIENDly face upon them, and the box is decorated with images from the season and an episode guide so you know which is on each disc. Episodes last roughly 22 minutes, although some are extended in this box set, and the finale of season ten is an hour. Inside the main box is quite a nice thick booklet with information the seasons, each episode, bonus features as well as some key props and a bit of the story that goes with them - and lots of glossy pictures of course! I haven't really looked at this as I tend just to work through the episodes, but it'll be handy when you want to try and find a certain episode, or try to remember what a certain episode was about! The box itself I find quite pretty; it's a simple white box with a removable lid. On the front is the iconic frame that is seen on the back of the girls' apartment door throughout the seasons, and a picture of the FRIENDS inside it. The frame and image is repeated around the box, but overall it is simple. And has a very nice smooth touch to it (yes I am probably in love with this box too much but oh well!).

      But that's enough about the looks. What's actually on the discs? And better still, what's the show about? The show is based around 6 friends (3 boys and 3 girls) who seem to spend one heck of a lot of time together! Monica (Courtney Cox Arquette) lives in the iconic flat of the show at first with Rachel Green (Jennifer Anniston) but her roommate does change throughout the show. Monica is a bit of a neat freak that once had a teeny bit of a weight problem, whilst Rachel is a formally spoilt young lady who moves in with Monica to learn how to fend for herself and not rely on 'Daddy'. Opposite the girls lives Joey (Matt LeBlanc), an actor and the Lothario of the show. His roommate is Chandler (Matthew Perry), who is totally unsuccessful with girls, has a job but no-one knows what, and tells jokes (whether they are good or bad usually depends!). Ross (David Schwimmer) is Monica's older brother who is in to dinosaurs big time and has a bit of a problem with weddings (usually his own) as well as huge crush on Rachel. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) is the final member of the gang; Phoebe has a bit of an interesting past and is a very quirky, if a little odd, character. Both Phoebe and Ross don't live with or very near the rest of the group.

      I can't really say much else without giving some plot lines away (and even now I think I've given too much!). But as you can tell they are a really mixed bunch personality wise, education wise, worldly wise (you'll see what I mean when you watch it, but Rachel & Phoebe, for example, are miles apart in life experience and sensibilities). The clashing of characters works quite nicely, and can set up for some interesting dynamics - as well as some actual clashes! I'm going to be annoying and say I don't have a favourite character, because there are elements of each that I like, but there are elements I just want to yell at! I suppose that that could be classed as a realistic case, but I know that some of my friends have very clear favourites. I think out of them all, Ross & Phoebe are my least favourites, but even then the others can sometimes beat them to that role!

      Unusually for me, I haven't really interacted with the bonus features very much. There are a fair few commentaries by the show's creators, usually on an episode where something relatively shocking/big happens - to be honest I'd prefer a cast commentary as from previous experience producers talk about the thought processes behind the episode, whilst the cast will tell you what filming the episode was like; much more my cup of tea! Bonus features can include trivia quizzes, Friends of FRIENDS interviews (with guest cast members), gag reels which are always worth a look, documentaries about the show and about episodes where it goes away (to London and Las Vegas for example). Later in the seasons there is a segment called 'Gunther Spills the Beans' - Gunther is the very blonde waiter from the gangs favourite café, Central Perk; in these segments he divulges information about the next season, interesting information about the final season - and perhaps his dreams for the next season (usually involving Rachel). In my opinion, some of the bonus features do add to the experience of the show, and can make it a lot more interactive. However, I do not interact with them very much as in this case I just prefer watching the episodes - I think the bonus features aren't quite behind the scenes enough for a drama nerd like me.

      One thing I find about the show is that it just ran for too long; the same can be said for a lot of TV shows to be honest. The seasons are much funnier earlier on, and even though there is still some of that same humour later on, the show as a whole does tail off a bit. I can't quite pinpoint where it happens, but there is a point where it feels like the show is dragging and trying too hard to be funny (a bit like Chandler) and there are some storylines that could definitely have been left well alone. I think that the show tried to get too serious - that's not a bad thing, and some of the stories related to that are interesting, but I feel it started out as a light-hearted, entertaining comedy and should have stopped when that element frazzled out. The most disappointing season for me is the final season - it's shorter than the other seasons and feels very rushed. There are some key plot points that happen for some of the characters but they happen so very quickly and suddenly it's over - I don't mind the plot points happening, but it made the season feel very crammed and nowhere near as good as the others; and because it was so crammed you didn't have much time to enjoy one key moment before another suddenly appears.

      Overall, aside from the rushed end and a few plots that should have been left well alone, I rather enjoy watching FRIENDS. It's so easy just to pop it on whilst I'm pattering around my room, doing a bit of work (or reviewing!) or even just watching a couple of episodes before bed. It is a show that has had me laughing and crying (usually at the happy moments) and even though the characters can irritate me at times, on the whole I love it! It is rated a 12 and I'd stick to that rating as there are some fairly adult concepts in there, as well as a little bad language (nothing too bad though). I would recommend it if you wanted to watch a TV show that didn't require very much concentration on the plot to understand what is going on - and if you want a little light humour to start the day with!


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        08.05.2011 15:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Friends fans must buy!

        I asked for the Friends complete collection for Christmas after hearing that Channel 4's contract was ending and it was moving to Paramount Comedy. I knew I had to have the collection because of how much I love the show.

        At Christmas 2010, this could have been bought at Tesco's for £40, but I have seen it on Amazon for as low as £35 (though as I write this review they are currently selling it at around £80). If you are considering buying it, wait until Amazon reduces the price because it's an absolute bargain for what you get.

        You get hours of enjoyment. I have even watched an entire series a day at one point. All episodes come already extended so you don't get to pick from the original casting and the extended versions. Another feature I have found nice is that the majority of episodes that have two parts, the makers have merged them together so they follow on without any breaks (and you don't get the whole 'previously on Friends' part). Some may find this annoying though personally I think this is great.

        The DVD's come with extra content. Some fun things that I enjoyed were the 'How well do you know your Friends' quizzing you on the series and a quiz from Series 4 where Monica and Rachel lose the apartment to Joey and Chandler. Some episodes come with an audio commentary feature which I tend not to use because I just want to watch the episodes.

        Inside the DVD cases comes a list of the episodes in each series and what disc they are on. This is handy if you want to just watch a particular episode of Friends.

        The box set also comes with a booklet with random trivia. I find this interesting though I've only needed to read it once because it's not really something you need to keep referencing to.

        Overall, I would recommend this box set to any of my friends. I have not got bored of it yet. Though I would only suggest to buy it when it's about £40-35 because paying any more is waste of money if you can buy a set that cheap.


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          26.04.2011 17:19
          Very helpful



          The best TV sitcom EVER

          I received this from my friends (Thanks again guys!) for my 18th and half a year later I have finally finished the whole box set. Friends is definitely one of my favourite TV shows ever as you can watch any episode in any order and it is still so funny.

          ~~~ABOUT THE PRODUCT~~~
          The 10th Anniversary box set comes in a small and compact hard cardboard box which has the guys and girls stylishly printed in the iconic picture frames on either side. Lifting the lid, you can smell the plastic as all ten seasons stare at you, waiting to be picked up and watched.

          Included is also a very appropriate episode guide with colourful pictures and the inclusion of props used which really add to the full on experience that this product provides- I love the pictures of the Mochalate and Science Boy comic.

          Each season contains four discs, all kept in one DVD case, with artwork printed on the front, back and character portraits printed on the discs. I particularly like the individual colours on which defines the seasons, taken from the original individual season box sets.

          ~~~ABOUT THE SHOW~~~
          'Friends' is a sitcom about six friends, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross, living in New York City, their work, relationships and the hilarious day to day situations they face. The success of 'Friends' comes down to the individuality of each character and how relateable they all are.

          Lasting ten seasons, each character becomes fully developed into their particular archetype and fills a social niche, which makes them perhaps the most naturally funny comedic gang. There is an obvious shift in initial portrayals of characters as Joey seemingly becomes dumber as the seasons progress, whilst Monica assumes a far less slutty (she goes out with so many guys) and more of a homey, motherly role.

          Whilst the show does not assume a particular obvious direction throughout, there are general themes that are maintained from the beginning such as the advancement of the friends' careers and their progression of their individual romantic relationships, with the relationship between Rachel and Ross taking centre stage for most of the show (Were they/Weren't they on a break?!).

          The show's peak was perhaps in season 4 and 5 as these two seasons contained some of the funniest episodes and some of the biggest plot twists. However, the show is extremely consistent in every season in providing shockingly hilarious episodes which makes each season unique and equally funny due to the wonderful script.

          Unfortunately, the show had to come to an end, but I was very glad that it ended with a BANG as it was still very popular so the last episode was an emotional journey in itself and it did not fail to disappoint. It wraps up the story nicely, provides moments of seriousness and sadness but throws in hilarity and humour in the one hour finale which defines the series. A beautiful ending to a beautiful show.

          Favourite Episodes:
          The One After The Superbowl (Season 2)
          The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break (Season 3)
          The One with Ross's Wedding (Season 4)
          The One Where Everybody Finds Out (Season 5)
          The One with Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss (Season 5)
          The One In Vegas (Season 5)
          The One on the Last Night (Season 6)
          The One with the Routine (Season 6)
          The One with Rachel's Sister (Season 6)
          The One with All the Cheesecakes (Season 7)
          The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress (Season 7)
          The One With Chandler and Monica's Wedding (Season 7)
          The One with the Stain (Season 8)
          The One with Rachel's Other Sister (Season 9)
          The One with the Boob Job (Season 9)
          The One with the Memorial Service (Season 9)
          The One with the Lottery (Season 9)
          The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-Sits (Season 10)
          The Last One (Season 10)

          Jennifer Aniston- Rachel
          Courtney Cox- Monica
          Lisa Kudrow- Phoebe
          Matt Le Blanc- Joey
          Matthew Perry- Chandler
          David Schwimmer- Ross

          Maggie Wheeler- Janice
          James Michael Tyler- Gunther
          Paul Rudd- Mike Hannigan
          Anna Faris- Erica

          The show managed to pull in some pretty great guest stars which include Brad Pitt, Jason Donovan, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin and Bruce Willis. These are my favourites:

          Julia Roberts- Susie
          Christina Applegate- Amy
          Reese Witherspoon- Jill

          With the 10th anniversay edition box set, the extra features have been seamlessly integrated into the episode discs. Most of these features come in the form of commentaries on special episodes, but there are also some trivia games, interviews and more. Unfortunately, these don't contain much more content than previous collections/discs.

          The box set can be purchased for a killer price of £40 on Amazon!!

          Friends has to be one of the most successful sit coms ever, lasting a whole decade- still being aired in the UK regularly and making people laugh. This timeless series is original, funny and ultimately iconic, and this product houses this in a stylish and compact collection. Unfortunately, the visual bonus content has not expanded much, though it is counterracted by the sheer beauty and efficiency of this product. I eagerly wait for the 50th anniversary edition- maybe then it'd be a perfect product.


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            13.08.2010 14:18
            Very helpful



            A must for true Friends fans

            Disk Information
            * Format: Box set, Colour, PAL
            * Language: English
            * Subtitles: Dutch
            * Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)
            * Number of discs: 40
            * Classification: 12
            * Studio: Warner Home Video
            * DVD Release Date: 28 Sep 2009
            * Run Time: 5273 minutes

            Friends tells the story of 6 friends living in Manhattan, New York. Phoebe (the hippy one), Monica (the high maintenance one), Ross (the geeky one), Rachel (the pretty/fashionable one), Joey (the dim but lovable one) and Chandler (the funny one). It's a simple premise but one that works really well as all of the characters are well acted and well thought out. The Friends support each other through life, love, sex and relationships.

            The series ran from 1994 to 2004 and was a worldwide success. This box set was released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this wonderful show and features every episode of every series 1 to 10. It comes with bloopers, cast interviews, unseen footage, extended episodes and an episode guide.

            Why buy it?
            6 years after it ended, Friends is still popular enough to be repeated daily on Channel 4 and E4, so why buy a box set when you can still watch it so regularly on TV anyway? Well E4 have just announced that it will soon stop transmitting its daily Friends repeats. This news made me gladder than ever that I had invested in my box set. Friends is just so watchable and easy to enjoy. It's one of those shows that you can watch again and again and still find funny. It's definitely a series that has and will stand the test of time.

            I love this box set because I have a seriously short attention span. At about 24 minutes per episode, I can watch 4 or 5 of these in a row without getting bored. When I was suffering from terrible insomnia at uni, this box set was a lifesaver. It's also great if you're ill and just want a lazy day watching TV on the sofa. And of course having the episodes on DVD means you can pick and chose whichever episodes you want to watch, whenever you want to watch them. For me, this is great because I have favourite episodes and favourite seasons which I enjoy watching over and over again. This set gives me the freedom to do that.

            It represents seriously good value for money! This boxset used to cost £99 but thanks to pricing wars over Christmas, the price plummeted to less than half of that. Currently, you can buy it on Amazon for £49.93.
            So for the cost of just under 50 quid, you're getting ten seasons of 24 episodes, plus extras. That's awesome value in my opinion, especially as you're likely to get multiple watches out of each disk (I've rewatched the whole series twice already, even though I only got the boxset last Christmas!).

            All episodes are the extended US versions. This means new dialogue and new scenes which you won't have seen before on Channel 4 before. It feels like getting something new and extra after years of watching repeats which is awesome. The quality of these extended episodes makes you realise just how badly Channel 4 edit Friends, often making episode appear disjointed and jumpy by cutting out scenes and dialogue.

            In addition to every episode of every series you get extras on every single disc. I won't describe each one as they are listed on the Amazon product page anyway. However, some of the most memorable extras are:
            Gag Reels from series 1-4 and 6-10
            An Interactive Trivia game
            A behind the scenes documentary
            The Friends stars thoughts as the final series comes to a close.

            And then of course there's the episode guide, which comes in the form of a printed book. Not only is it a cute keepsake for Friends fans but it's also incredibly useful as it describes each episode in detail, thus making it easier to find your favourite or specific episodes, which you may wish to play but cant remember the name of.

            I love this set so much that it's hard to think of a single bad thing to say about it....if I'm being picky, I'd say that some of the earlier episodes (season 1 to season 4 in particular) look very dated! Even the older 2004 episodes are starting to look dated by now and this will get worse over time. Perhaps it's just me being shallow but sometimes I find the retro 90's clothes and hair to be slightly distracting!

            A true celebration of a brilliant series. Superb value for money and an absolute treat for any Friends fanatics. This is one of te best Christmas presents I have ever received. So buy it!


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            08.06.2010 19:49
            Very helpful
            1 Comment




            Friends Limited edition boxset was a nice cheap bargain for me-
            I will list the seasons and put my own individual thoughts on the bottom of each season. Thanks for reading

            Season 1
            1.the pilot
            2. The on with the sonogram at the end
            3.The one with the thumb
            4. the one with George stephanopolous
            5. The one with the east german laundry detergent
            6.The one with the Butt

            7.The one with the blackout
            8..The one where Nana Dies.
            9.The one where the underdog gets away
            10.The one with the monkey
            11.The one with Mrs.Bing
            12.The one with the dozen lasagnas

            13. The one with the boobies
            14.The one with the candy hearts
            15.The one with the stone guy
            16/17.The one with two parts
            18. The one with all the poker

            19.The one where the monkey gets away
            20.The one with the evil orthodontist
            21.the one with the fake Monica
            22. The one with the Ick factor
            23.The one with the birth
            24. The one where Rachael finds out.

            Season 2
            25. The one with ross' new girlfriend
            26.The one with the breast milk
            27.The one where heckles dies.
            28.The one with pheobies husband
            29.The one with five steaks and an eggplant.
            30.The one with the baby on the bus.
            31.the one where ross finds out
            32.the one with the list
            33.the one with pheobies dad.
            34.the one with the russ
            35.The one with the lesbian wedding
            36/37.The one after the super bowl
            38.The one with the prom video
            39.he one with ross and rachel...you know
            40. the one where joey moves out
            41.the one where eddies moves in
            42.The one where dr.ramoray dies
            43.the one where eddie wont go.
            45.the one with the bullys
            46..the one with two partys
            47.the one with the chicken pox
            48.The one with barry and mindys wedding

            This is just a few of the amazing episodes that friends has too offer. I remember the first time I watched friends I was cracking for hours, just thinking about it. Joey,Chandler,Rachel,Pheobe,Monica and Ross are the funniest people on Tv between 1994-2004.Ten years of classic comedy sealed in a box. The box is white with a picture on the side relating to the one in Monica and Chandler/Rachel/Pheobe's apartment.

            My favourite season is season 2 because I just love how funny, or how attempted funny Chandler is trying to be. I have watched the entire collection over five times and everytime it just gets better.
            You can buy the friends collection online at amazon for £49.99. Although it may seem a little bit pricey but I think that it is entirely worth it.

            This is friends 15th aniversary boxset. It's pretty special and there are some limited episodes that are not on TV. There is a booklet explaining each season and I really do like it that they explainwhat each episode means.

            Thanks for reading


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              25.05.2010 19:20
              Very helpful



              Excellent series and box set.

              Friends is a staple in most peoples TV viewing, with a few episodes showing daily on E4 in the UK. Now it's possible own all the series for such a low price, I wouldn't be suppressed if this box set becomes the most purchased of all time. The box set contains all episodes from the 10 series including more special features than you'd care to know about.

              This benchmark show is responsible for the way many comedy shows are now written. It's easy to see why this is one of the most successful TV shows of all time.

              The show starts with a group of twenty something friends sat in a coffee shop and then follows their lives for ten years. Through out this time we learn all about their lives and relationships. But it's not as boring as it sounds as its packed with the kind of comedy that everyone finds funny, not jokes but in-jokes that are developed over years of watching such as "how you doing" and "oh my god".

              This box set is the best value way to own all the episodes and is presented in a stylish box which keeps them scratch free and in order, what more could you ask for.


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              20.05.2010 22:35
              Very helpful



              A comedy show about six friends in New York

              Creators: David Crane and Marta Kauffman
              Running from: 1995 to 2004. Ten seasons and 236 episodes in total
              Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.
              Theme song: I'll be there for you, by The Rembrandts.

              Friends is the popular American TV show and although it ended a while age, the show still remain on our screens (UK) and is played regularly on some channels like E4.

              First of I would like to say that I absolutely love Friends. It is my favourite show and always will be. This Christmas past I was given the complete friends box set as a present and I have to admit that I spend most of Christmas day watching Friends episodes. Before watching the boxset, I had thought myself of a Friends fanatic, but I was surprised that there were so many that I hadn't seen, which was brilliant.

              The show is set in New York and is about six friends with live in a apartment block. The show centres around the lives of these friends and their relationships with each other.

              The group of friends take trips to different places including Las Vegas, London and Barbados.


              Courteney Cox- Arquette

              Before getting the job as Monica Geller on Friends, Courtney Cox began modelling and appeared on the front covers of teenage magazines. Courteney also played small roles in films and television, until she got the a job on the show Family ties, along side Michael. J. Fox. She also starred in the movie Ace Ventura: Pet detective and in the Scream movies where she met her husband David Arquette, who was also in Scream. Since Friends she has starred in the movie the Longest yard, Scrubs and the TV show Cougar town.

              Her Character: Monica Geller

              Monica Geller is the younger sister of Ross. She is a chef and is obsessed with cleaning. Monica is a feisty character and can take care of herself and the others around her. And often she plays mother to them, but doesn't mind as she love being the host all of the time.


              Jennifer Aniston

              Jennifer started her career in off-broad way productions, before her television depute starring in Molloy and then in Ferris Bueller. Jennifer's father, John Aniston was also an actor and starred on the American show Days of our lives. After Friends ended Jennifer starred in Marley and me, The break-up and recently the Bounty hunter. I think that Jennifer is a brilliant actress and not only did she show this in friends, but also in all of the other productions she has starred in since then.

              Her Character: Rachel Green

              We are first introduced to the spoilt, rich girl that is Rachel Green when she comes into the Central Perk, having just walked out on her wedding day. From then on in she must adjust to living on her own two feet as she is not being supported financially by her father any more.


              Lisa Kudrow

              Before starring in Friends, Lisa Kudrow persuade a career of comedian, until she landed her first television on Mad about you. For her role as Phoebe in Friends she won an Emmy and nominated for her comedy performance. After Friends Lisa starred in Hotel for Dogs, Bandslam and P.S I love you.

              Her Character: Phoebe Buffay

              Phoebe Buffay is the ditsy blonde, masseuse who also plays her guitar and sings. "Smelly Cat". To someone who has watched the whole boxset of friends, those two words will need no explanation. Phoebe often thought-out Friends, sits in Central Perk and plays her guitar. She also sings, her own songs. The most memorable song is "Smelly Cat." Which whenever I watch an episode with it in it I also ways find myself singing it afterwards. I find the character of Phoebe Buffay hilarious as there are some stupid things that she says, but I can totally relate to.


              Matt LeBlanc

              Matt LeBlanc started out as a model, until he started taking drama lessons and soon starred in some small roles on stage. Then he got the job on Friends as Joey. After Friends ended Matt starred in a spin off series from Friends called Joey but this was not as successful. Matt also starred in Charlie's Angels: Full throttle.

              His Character: Joey Tribbiani

              Joey Tribbiani is the lovable Italian- American, who likes nothing better than eating. He is an actor and wants to succeed so hard at his job. Joey is not smart, and this is how his character is funny. He is able to charm woman with his sense of humour and good looks. There are many times that Joey's stupidity has got into tricky situations, where he needs help to be bailed out be his friends and mainly best friend Chandler.


              Matthew Perry

              Matthew started his acting career in some small stage productions, he then went on to star as the lead in a television show called Second chance. He also starred in The whole Nine yards and Three to tango. Since the end of Friends, Matthew has starred in Studio 60 on the sunset strip and also in 17 again.

              His Character: Chandler Bing

              Chandler Bing is seen to be the joker of the group and is always having a laugh. Chandler is the best friend of Joey and the pair do everything together. Although they are nothing alike, as Joey is confident and Chandler is socially awkward, the pair have a relationship that can be seen as almost brother like. Chandler work in a company and his jobs has something to do with money, but not one of his friends can remember what he does.


              David Schwimmer

              Before Friends David Schwimmer went to university to study theatre and also starred in some theatre productions. After Friends David starred in the cartoon film Madagaster, voicing the character Melman.

              His Character: Ross Gellar

              Ross Geller is the brother of Monica and he is a Palaeontologist and also ways likes to mention to people that he is a doctor. He was college roommates with Chandler and the two are close friends. Growing up, Monica and Ross were always competing with each other for the attention of their parents, which Ross always seemed to get the most of.


              My favourite episodes are: The one with Ross's wedding, The one in Vegas, The one wit the giant poking device and The one with all the Thanksgivings.

              Memorable Quotes:
              "How you doin?" Joey
              "We were on a break!" Ross

              Since I was bought the Friends boxset for Christmas by my parents, I don't know how much they paid for it or where they got it from. But one of my friends did get her from Play.com and paid something in the regions of £50. Which some people may think is quite a lot for a box-set, but if you think about it you would be owning every episode and having the box-set allows you to be able to watch it whenever you want. So I would defiantly recommend the Friends box set to anyone who loves friends.

              There is a unseen ending to one of the episodes and before the scene is played a message comes up and says that the following scene was never broadcast on television. When it was meant to be aired, the 9/11 attacks took place and because of the topic the episode was about, it was never aired.

              The best thing about having the Friends boxset is that it comes with an episode guide, which is very useful. Also at the very end of the episode guide it has a section called the prop cupboard. It has many objects from different seasons and I think it is very interesting to be able to see some of the items from your favourite episodes.

              Many of the seasons at the end have special, but all last disc in season 10 has special features on it. Which for a big Friends fan like me is amazing! It has final thoughts from the cast, Flashback gags from seasons 1-4 ( which are hilarious).

              My friends and I always talk about which Friends episode is our favourite, but it is so hard to pick. Each episode is different and are hilariously funny and witty. The same thing happens when you try to decide which character is your favourite, because you just cant do it. Sometimes I will watch an episode that I have seen many times and it will still make me cry with laughter.

              If I had to describe Friends in four words it would be: the best sitcom ever!


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                30.04.2010 22:05
                Very helpful



                I'll Be There For You

                Friends - Series 1 - 10 (15th Anniversary)

                Well for those of you that have been buried under a rock for most of your life ad have never heard of or watched Friends this is how it goes................

                Six best friends living in New York

                Joey (Matt Le Blanc) -
                THE "BABY" ONE
                Cute and very slow to catch on, almost babylike in a hilarious way
                Interests - Food and Women, both in great portions!
                Work - Actor, most famous in "Days of Our Lives" amongst other temp jobs.

                Chandler (Matthew Perry) -
                THE FUNNY ONE
                Joke, Joke, Joke, Joke, Joke......apparantly started to use humour as a weapon when his parents got divorced when he was 12.
                Interests - Sarcasm and Joking!!
                Work - Data Processor not that any of the group can ever remember what he does (causing Monica and Rachel to lose their apartment in a bet once!!) and nearer the end working in Advertising.

                Ross (David Schwimmer) -
                THE SMART ONE
                Dinosaur man! Several times a divorcee! Sister Moniga - also in the group.
                Interests - Dinosaurs and Rachel (Since they were young he has had a big crush on her)
                Work - In a Museum with dinosaurs.

                Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow)
                THE DIZZY ONE
                A Twin to her opposite sister Ursula, Definately not all there, kooky and alternative, well away with the mixer, always in her own little world!
                Interests - Fate, Karma, Meetin Mr Right, Vegetarian.
                Work - A masseuse amongst other things.

                Monica (Courtney Cox)
                THE ORGANISED ONE
                Sister of Ross, Obsessed cleaning freak, likes things to be just so.
                Interests - Cooking, Dating and most definately Cleaning.
                Work - Chef

                Rachel (Jennifer Anniston)
                THE FASHIONABLE ONE
                Girly-Girl of the group, obsessed with fashion, very interested in dating, used to be a kept "Daddy's Girl" before she jilted her husband-to-be at the altar and fled to New York to find Monica (who wasn't invited to the wedding a they had lost touch), still in her wedding dress, to make it on her own!
                Interests - Fashion, Dating and Shopping!
                Work - Waitress in the Coffee House and many roles in Fashion.

                So, these six individuals make up the most of the show, you will usually find them just hanging out in Central Perk their local Coffee House talking and laughing and of course.....drinking Coffee.
                The Friends share everything, from marriages (usually Ross) to relationships, break-ups and babies.
                Each Friend has a major storyline or trait that always springs to your mind when you think of them, in my opinion;

                JOEY - his love of all things edible! Being an aspiring but not always successful actor and being Chanders best friend and room-mate for the major part of the show. Joey has a passion for women but not for settling down with them......or caling them after a date!
                CHANDLER - Janice.....an annoying creature that he has called on many separate occasions his girlfriend, with her "nails scraping down a blackboard" voice screeching the words "OH MY GAWDDDD" and her terrifying laugh she has managed to make regular re-appearances throughout the show when you least expect her.
                ROSS - His love of Rachel from the beginning to the end and the fact that he seems to marry (and divorce) a majority of them starting with his ex-wife Carol who he divorced due to the fact that she had "become" a lesbian and has a girlfriend called Susan and a son to Ross (conieved before they split up but discovered after!)
                PHOEBE - Her alternative ways, methods and ideas! She became a surrogate for her brother Frank and his wife Alice and ended up carrying triplets for them and seemed to relish in telling people that she was "carrying her brothers babies". Also that she used to be "Street Phoebe" as she lived on the streets when she was younger after her mother put her head in the oven and committed suicide!
                MONICA - An amazing chef with a goal in life to be happily married and have children which caused her most major relationship (before Chandler) with Richard Burke to end. He felt it was too late for him to have children as he was older than Monica, in fact her was a friend of her Father, by the time he realised that it wasn't too late for him to have everything with Monica, she was engaged to be married to someone else.
                RACHEL - Her entrance into the show, Dripping wet, running into the Coffee House, wearing a wedding dress. Having left her husband to be at the altar she was looking for a new start and remembered her old best friend Monica and decided to fin her and make it on her own in New York.....harder than it sounds as Rachel, up until then, was a kept girl and Daddy's little princess, once getting a boat to cheer her up because her pony was sick!!!

                The show, aired from 1994 - 2004, and is still to this day a major hit.
                Friends is something that you can watch over and over again, you will never get bored, laugh the same way the 10th time you watch it as you did the first and without realising it learn the lines by heart!! (like me!)

                Everyone has their favourite "Friend" mine has got to be Joey, he's so laid back he could quite easily fall over, a character everyone would like to know.

                The advantages of buyng this boxset over watching the episodes when they are aired on TV are that you can watch any that you want, when you want and as many times as you want, I think that this is a must-have essential for everyone, they can brighten even the worst of moods.
                And the theme tune "I'll Be There For You" by the Rembrants is guaranteed to get you singing time and time again.
                I hope that this review is a help to anyone that hasn't before seen the show and I would Highly Reccommend buying this - you will not regret it.


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                29.04.2010 21:25
                Very helpful
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                Make a film plleeeeassse!!

                Ok so I truly believe most people around the globe have at least watched one episode of Friends!! This was/is my all time fav sitcom so thought I would write my review on it!

                For those people who havent watched it friends is about 6 friends (duh!) who live in Manhatten, New York and spend most of their time in the coffee house!

                Monica - the cleaning freak (Courtney Cox)
                Rachel - the pretty one (Jennifer Aniston)
                Phoebe - away with the fairies (Lisa Kudrow)
                Ross, Monicas brother - loves dinosaurs & Rachel , (David Schwimmer)
                Joey - the I love women and food Man! (Matt Le Blanc)
                Chandler - the sarcastic one! (Matthew Perry)

                At the beginning of the first series it introduces you to the chracters who are already ready friends apart from Rachel hanging out in there coffee House Central Perk! Then we are introduced to Rachel, who has just ran out of her wedding! and finds Monica (her old school friend)...and then it begins!

                It's good as it goes through normal everyday issues that we can all relate to. Relationship issues, job issues , money etc.

                Although the show is a comedy which has had us all in tears there are also serious moments throughout the 10 series! Comedy value though of this programme is brilliance!

                What I loved most was everyone new the characters inside out, they were like your own friend! We all have our fave characters mine being Chandler and Ross!

                Chandler for his hillarious sarcasm and fear of women !

                Ross for the situations he gets himself to i.e stuck in leather trousers on a date! Overbleaching his teeth, saying the wrong womans name at his wedding! the list goes on

                Every one has there favourite moment from each episode and from series 3 - 10 you know we were all wanting Rachel & Ross to get back together!!

                I was gutted when this programme finished in fact I did shed a tear! I dont think they'll be a show like this for a while. :(

                A great thing about this series is now (for those that dont own the dvds) the price has come right down to around £40 - £50 in HMV for the boxset of series 1 - 10. Worth every penny i'd say!


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                  06.04.2010 18:18



                  Friends is a series everyone needs to see.

                  Friends is a TV show which I think everyone has either heard about and seen and now they have brought out this anniversairy box set showing all of the episodes from all of the ten series.

                  The series consists off three friends:

                  Monica - She is a chef and is the sister of Ross in her earlier days which you dont see on the DVD she was fat but throughout it she is not and she is played by Courtney Cox.

                  Rachel - You often see flashbacks in the series of rachel being the high school girl who everyone liked and she is Monicas best mate.

                  Phoebe - She is the final girl and she is a bit stupid and her job is a masseuse.

                  Ross - Ross is Monicas brother and his job is to do with dinosaurs and he seems to be the smart one of the group.

                  Chandler - He is the funny guy who at the end of the series ends up being married to Monica.

                  Joey - Finally Joey is the actor who is a bit stupid and ends up being on a few different shows.

                  The DVD set you can get for around £50 and in my opinion it is well worth the money!


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                    23.03.2010 15:16
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                    Amazing comedy series, ten seaons of pure comedy gold

                    Friends is one of those shows that is going to be on TV forever. Of everyone I know only about 3 of them dislike Friends, the rest love it! I am with the latter. I rarely go a week without catching an episode on E4 or Channel 4 and I have the 1-10 box set as well. I never get tired of it and still laugh at the jokes I have heard umpteen times!

                    The show itself had ten series and aired from 1994 til 2004 (perhaps in 2014 we'll get a reunion film/episode - here's hoping). At the time, it was beyond huge. The show made the 6 actors, then unknown, into huge stars overnight. Of course it's only really Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox Arquette who have managed to keep working on A list films and tv shows. But it still bagged the others a hell of a lot of money! From a mere $22,500 per episode for season one (per cast member - rumoured) to $1m per episode per cast member for season ten they surely are set up for life now.

                    I have the black version of this box set which is slightly larger in size, but it's pretty much the same apart from that. The white box was released for the 15 year anniversary. The box contains ten box sets, one for each season, and then there are 4 discs per season. The black box set (which is the older version) is the same except it has 3 discs per season which are all double sided. Each season has some special features on also, which can include deleted scenes or outtakes or interviews with the cast or crew. The documentary on the final episode is really interesting and if you are a huge Friends fan like myself you'll love it!

                    Friends in general is a great show. If you have been living under a rock since 1994 then the show is about 6 friends who live in New York and it's all about the ins and outs of their lives. Boyfriends, girlfriends, umpteen marriages (mainly by Ross!), births, deaths, and all sorts of scrapes and escapades! Most people have a favourite 'Friend'. Mine was Chandler because I loved his sarcasm and wit! Towards season 7 and 8 you can see his character change slightly as he was having problems in his personal life, but Chandler was always a great character. All the 'Friends' had different traits - Ross was the romantic and academic one - always getting married to someone and always focused on his job (apart from when someone eats his sandwich at work and he gets suspended for his 'rage'!). Phoebe is the kooky one - into alternative methods and lives life to full everyday but by the end of season ten has actually settled down and gotten married - totally different from the Phoebe in season one. Rachel was the spoilt little girl with a rich father, who really only cared about number one, but who really finds herself by the end of season ten. Of course the 'Rachel haircut' nailed her Brad Pitt and the rest is history! Joey is the hopeless actor who goes from job to job but ultimately all he really cares about are women and food! And Monica is the organized one - everything has its place and she just wants to be married with a family - which she eventually ends up getting after she falls in love with Chandler.

                    One of the main storylines throughout the whole ten seasons is the relationship between Rachel and Ross. I would go so far to say that Monica, Chandler, Rachel and Ross are the four main characters and whilst Joey and Phoebe of course are also, the focus throughout all ten seasons is mainly on the other four. Rachel and Ross are on and off so many times! Their trip to Vegas though is hilarious - drawing on each others faces and getting drunk!

                    Chandler and Monica get it together at one of Ross's many weddings - and afterwards if you watch back, you can perhaps see that the writers were already pulling the 2 characters closer together even in the previous season to make way for a big romance.

                    There's some great supporting actors in Friends who pop up over the ten seasons. Janice is Chandlers ex girlfriend who mainly makes her appearances in earlier seasons when they are always dating on and off. But she does make appearances with Rachel has her baby and when Monica and Chandler buy a house. She is a great character! Hysterical - doesn't realize no one can stand her and that laugh of hers - oh my god! Gunther who runs Central Perk - the coffee house underneath the two apartments that the guys are in all the time, is secretly in love with Rachel throughout the entire show, finally telling her in season ten. Tom Selleck played Richard who dated Monica for a while and again he pops up even after he and Monica have finished with each other. Another great character and a great actor to boot.

                    There's plenty of star guests throughout the ten seasons too. A few that spring to mind are Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Applegate, Elle McPherson, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Saunders, Helen Baxendale (who its rumoured that the main 6 cast members hated), Bruce Willis, Winona Ryder, Kathleen Turner, Sean Penn, Paul Rudd, and plenty more besides!

                    If you have a portable DVD player or laptop and have a longhaul flight ahead of you this will keep you going for a few hours! So watchable and I never get tired of it! You can find this in HMV and places like that for under £50. It's usually over £100 apparently but it's always on sale where ever I have been. Definitely a worthy price tag for ten seasons of pure comedy gold!!


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                    21.03.2010 23:10
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                    Friends is absolutely the best

                    I don't think the show needs any introduction, everybody will know of the show. It's about a group of 6 friends who live in an apartment block in New York City and follows their lifes & what they get upto.

                    The main settings for the show are two apartments on the opposite side of a small corridoor from each other and the Perk Coffee Shop which is below the apartment block, it also has alot of scenes in Ross' apartment too. The 6 "friends" are Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachael & Pheobe who are a right bunch of characters, they have more ups & downs than the worlds biggest rollercoasters with marriages, divorces, births & deaths. They get together & break up with each other and you get to see how their relationships develop over 10 years.

                    That's right the show lasted an amazing 10 years, I think that for a show to last that long & remain as popular as it had always been is amazing. The show ran for a massive 10 seasons with each episode given a funky title which all started with 'The One With...'! I find this quite interesting & a bit different than other shows where the episodes have titles.

                    I feel the show came on a lot over the 10 series', the acting got better & so did the storylines. As the years went on, characaters would improve as well as the actors & actresses playing them. Storylines got more interesting & some got quite tough but the whole point is to make them funny. The show, after all, is a comedy and comedy is deffinately what the show provides. I sit & watch it every night (nearly) on E4+1 and even now, after seeing every episode countless times, I laugh & find it funny. It goes to show how fantastic the show was, and still is, if it get's prime time slots on top TV channels.

                    If you have not bought the DVD's or one of the boxsets, I would deffinately take the time to get one, you'll find it stacked in HMV, Tesco etc and on EVERY website that sells DVDs!


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                      20.03.2010 11:06
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                      go and buy it if you've not watched it!

                      This series is the epitomy of all sitcoms. It has become a basis from which many programs have spurred from. I think the secret to its success (which is undesputed) is the complete natural relationships formed between the 6 very different characters. The way that we get to familiarise ourselves with monica, rachel, phoebe, ross, chandler and joey is fantastic.
                      The series started in 1994 and was instantly a hit, and has progressed since. Along with the years, the series and characters have grown older as we become more familiar with them. The trademark coffee shop will always be remembered, and the fact that they always managed to get the nice sofas will always be a mystery.
                      As soon as the show became popular, the directors cleverly managed to include celebrities such as bruce willis, which enhanced the show to no end.
                      Friends, by the end of the show was making millions of pounds per episode, but the problem with friends, with the exception of jennifer aniston, is that each member has struggled to launch an acting career outside of friends due to their popularity in it.


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                        14.03.2010 16:49



                        hilariously heart warming comedy series that everone will love

                        Friends is without doubt the greatest American sitcom ever, running for ten years, it still has a huge fanbase even though the producers stopped production in 2004. there is a favourite character for everyone in this show, wether it be Chandler with his sharp wit, Joey with his 'way with the ladies' or Ross, the geeky paleantologist. This show follows the ups and downs of the lives of 6 characters who live in New York. we get to follow Joeys acting career, Ross and Rachels up and down relationship, but I wont give too much away. I have never really been a great fan of American sitcoms, but Friends truly is an exception, there is no other show like it, and I honestly dont think there will ever be another show like it. I almost feel that from watching friends, I became a part of the character lives, and learnt everything there is know about them. the show offers some really hilarious script, with heartwarming moments throughout, it really does have something for everyone


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