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Friends - Series 1 - Episodes 9-16 (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Friends / Theatrical Release: 1994 / Suitable for 12 years and over / Actors: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry ... / DVD released 2003-10-27 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: Full Screen, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2014 23:51
      Very helpful



      fantastic sitcom

      ==Series 1==

      The premise of the story is 6 twenty somethings friends, living, working and looking for love in ‘’’New York City’’’. The 6 are a very close knit group, who support each other through good times and bad, laugh, love, make mistakes, criticise, praise, hang out, work and play. Much of this first series follows the unrequited love of Ross for Rachel, and his repeated bungled attempts to express it.


      Jennifer Aniston

      Courteney Cox

      Lisa Kudrow

      Matt LeBlanc

      Matthew Perry

      David Schwimmer

      Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman

      ===Special Guest Stars===

      ===The settings===

      There are three main settings for most of the action. Monica’s very large rent controlled apartment which, in this series, she shares with Rachel. Chandler’s and Joey’s smaller apartment across the hall, and Central Perk, their favourite coffee house, where they occupy the now famous sofa.

      ==The Episodes==

      ===9. The one where underdog gets away===

      Monica goes to a great deal of trouble to cook a thanksgiving meal for them all, which nobody appreciates. They all run up on to the roof to watch the big “Underdog” balloon, which has broken free from the parade route, locking themselves out of the apartment.

      ===10. The one with the monkey===

      Ross gets himself a capuchin monkey as a pet. The no-date pact everyone agrees on for New Year’s Eve fails disastrously.

      ===11. The one with Mrs Bing===

      Chandler’s embarrassing famous mother flies in to New York for TV interviews. Ross gets drunk and kisses her. Monica and Phoebe fight over a crush they develop over a man in a coma.

      ===12. The one with a dozen lasagnes===

      Everyone else has found out what sex Ross’ baby is, but he doesn’t want to be told. Rachel’s boyfriend makes a pass at Phoebe.

      ===13. The one with the boobies===

      After Chandler accidently catches a glimpse of Rachel naked, she reciprocates starting a chain reaction. Joey finds himself advising his father who is having an affair.

      ===14. The one with the love hearts===

      Ross’ first proper date in 9 years is a disaster when his ex-wife turns up in the same restaurant. Chandler breaks up with his on-off love interest Janice once again, this time on Valentines Day. Rachel, Phoebe and Monica meet some handsome firemen when they have a boyfriend fire.

      ===15. The one with the stoned guy===

      Phoebe sets up a job interview for Monica, but the man she has to impress with her cooking skills turns up stoned. Chandler quits his job as a data processer hoping to find something more interesting to do.

      ===16. The one with two parts (part 1) ===

      Ross worries that he is not ready to be a father. Rachel sprains her ankle taking down the Christmas lights, and has to switch identities with Monica when she realises she has no health insurance. Joey starts dating Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula and Ross’ monkey is getting more out of control.


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      15.09.2009 16:06
      Very helpful




      Friends season one episode 9-16, stars Matthew Perry as Chandler, Courtney Cox as Monica, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, David Schwimmer as Ross and Matt LaBlanc as Joey.

      The one where underdog gets away
      Monica and Ross have thanksgiving together this year. There friends end up joining them. The day is going well until there is a runaway float and the gang rush out to get a better view and end up locked out of Monicas apartment and the dinner burns.

      I like the fact that Joeys family don't want him at thanksgiving because they think that he has VD because he was on a medical health poster.Also that they end up having sandwiches for thanksgiving HAHA funny episode.

      The one with the monkey
      It's time for the new year to roll in and everyone makes a pact to bring no dates to the new years eve party but Ross is the only one who sticks to it. Ross adopts a monkey called marcell.

      Aww loving the monkey t is too cute and there are many funny monkey moments. Joey kissing Chandler at midnight had me in stiches.

      The one with Mrs Bing
      Chandlers mum, popular author, Nora Tyler Bing comes into town. She and Ross end up kissing and Chandler finds out. Phoebe and Monica whistle at a hot guy in the street and he ends up in coma.

      Im sure that everyone can relate to the embarrassing parent story but an embarrassing parent who kisses one of your best friends..... hilarity ensues. Its funny how Monica and Phoebe end up fighting over coma guy and when he wakes up he isn't intrested in either.

      The one with the dozen lasagnes
      Paulo and Rachel are going on a romantic weekend away but before they go Phoebe gives him a massage and he comes onto her.

      Not the funniest episode but still had a few good points.

      The one with the boobies
      Rachel is innocently walking along after being in the shower when Chandler appears and gets an eyeful. So Rachel decides that she is entitled to a viewing of Chandlers naughty bits so she tries to catch him unawares.

      My favorite part of the episode is when Rachel thinks that Chandler is in the shower so she decides to surprise him by having a sneak peek at his goodies but it turns out to be Joeys dad, an image nobody would be able to get out of their minds.

      The one with the candy hearts
      Joey drags Chandler along on a double blind date and they find out that Chandlers mystery date is his ex Janice. After becoming extremely drunk they end up waking up together the next morning much to Chandlers dismay.

      My fave parts of this episode are when the girls decide to do a cleansing ritual and end up needing to call out some firemen and end up getting lucky with them or so they think.

      The one with the stoned guy
      Phoebes friend needs to hire a cook for his restaurant and Monica has an audition at her flat but he turns up stoned.

      I love this episode, the stoned guy is hilarious.

      The one with the two parts, Part 1
      Ross accompanies Carol and Susan to lamaze class but Carol doesn't go and ross ends up playing her part. Ross and Chandler go to a bar and meet Phoebes twin sister Ursula and Joey wants to go out with her.

      This is a good episode but not the best. I love Joeys reaction to Ursula acting as if she is the hottest girl he has ever seen though he has known Phoebe for a long time and didn't have any attraction to her.

      I am a big fan of friends and I always will be. Though I think that if they had added part two of episode 16 onto the dvd it would have been better. A fabulous series and the actors always work really well togethger.


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