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Lee Nelson's Well Good Show (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / DVD released 2011-08-22 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2012 22:11
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      Great DVD with some cracking extras

      Lee Nelson's Well Good Show is a sketch show which was broadcast on BBC3, and it features Lee Nelson who is a comedy character created by Simon Brodkin. The character of Lee Nelson is based on a stereotypical "chav" and the show is a mixture of audience interaction and pre-recorded sketches. This show isn't for everyone, as the character is deliberately offensive and often oversteps the line when it comes to risqué comedy and offensive jokes. He appears with his best mate "Omlette" who is a tad on the large side, and his nan appears at the end of the show singing some sort of hip hop or rap song.

      The show usually follows a similar format, but always begins with audience interaction, followed by sketches from other characters such as Dr Bob and Jason Bent (see below), and audience participation in things like quizzes where the prizes are rubbish and the topics are things like guessing how many people the contestants have slept with.

      **The Characters**

      **Lee Nelson**

      Lee Nelson himself is in my opinion a very amusing character, because he sums up a lot about living in the 21st century. He is a "chav" who walks round with a rottweiler and supposedly leaves his kid at home to go out and record the show. He has little respect for women, and usually takes a shine to one or two females in the audience, trying to chat them up with lines such as "Is your name Jacob? Because you are a cracker" and other cheesy nonsense. Sometimes it can be a bit cringeworthy when he picks on someone old in the audience, but then I'm not sure why you'd go to see the show if you knew what you were letting yourself in for! He's actually strangely likeable because after he's taken a joke too far, he'll make up for it by saying something nice. By the way, if anyone was wondering what the headline is about, he has various catchphrases and "Qualiteeeee" is one of them.

      **Jason Bent**

      Jason Bent is a premier league footballer who is stereotypically shallow and self-centred. Brodkin plays this character well and you can hardly recognise him in his football gear with trendy hair, a fake tan, and he puts on a scouse accent. The sketches are things like following him doing charity work, where he makes it clear he's only there for the publicity or he's being paid to do it. He doesn't have any respect for the fans, and thinks they're stupid for paying so much to come and watch the team. He is arrogant and takes himself very seriously and to be honest does portray a lot of footballers well but in an exaggerated way.

      **Dr Bob**

      Dr Bob is my favourite character. He is based in a hospital and is a clumsy foreign and eccentric doctor who has little sensitivity or skill at dealing with people and often finds himself doing things like switching someone's life support machine off to plug something else into the socket. He has a special way of breaking bad news, which is to sandwich it between good news. For example, he'll ask someone what her husband's most annoying habit is, and if it's being untidy, he'll respond with "Well that's ok, your house is about to get a lot tidier because your husband is critically ill". Doesn't sound very funny in principle but the way he delivers these lines is very funny, and that's coming from me and I consider myself to be very sensitive and caring!

      **Chris Young - Holiday rep**

      This didn't feature as much as the other characters, but it was a spoof on 18-30 holidays and how tacky they are. It basically shows a load of p*ssed people getting up to ridiculously stupid things and thinking they're "cool". The worst kind of holiday you could ever imagine!

      **The Extras**

      I actually bought this DVD for my fiance for his birthday which was just after Christmas. We both enjoyed the series when it was on, and being a typical man he is a fan of offensive and insensitive humour. The thing that drew me to this DVD was the fact that it contained over 80 minutes of unseen extras. That, coupled with the fact we hadn't seen the first series for a while, has given us some good viewing material in January when we've been skint and avoiding going out.

      The extras contain things like outtakes, audience participation scenes that didn't make it into the final series (probably because they were too offensive!), a video diary of the tour, Lee Nelson's top 10 chat up lines, Omlette's best bits, deleted scenes from Jason Bent & Dr Bob, and various other bits and bobs which probably won't make much sense if you haven't seen the series. The extras were worth buying this DVD for because they were much better than the extras on most DVD's, and had me crying with laughter one night with a deleted Dr Bob scene.

      This DVD cost me £9.99 in the run up to Christmas, typically it has come down to £4.49 now. Why oh why can't my fiance have his birthday another time of year, at least then I would only get ripped off for Christmas presents and not Christmas and birthday LOL! (he's worth it though, aww). I must admit though, even for £9.99 you do get your money's worth with this DVD because it's got so many extras.

      I get the impression Lee Nelson is probably a "marmite" character in that you'll either love him or hate him. I know for a fact if I took this to my mum and dad's for them to watch, my dad would be howling with laughter but my mum would probably leave the room in disgust! If you have a slightly sick sense of humour, this DVD is a must, but it's not one I would recommend to anyone who's a bit sensitive to offensive humour, or gets easily embarrassed by talking about things of an adult and sexual nature.


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