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Lip Service - Series 1 (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Lip Service / Suitable for 18 years and over / Actors: Laura Fraser, Ruta Gedmintas, Fiona Button, Roxanne McKee, Emun Elliott ... / DVD released 2010-11-15 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      29.02.2012 19:57
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      Lesbian Drama dives into the lives of many young women in the UK

      What an amazing series, packed full of drama, lesbian gossip and dating, and the realisation that being a lesbian is anything but easy! sex, drama, love and trust are all entanglements of this series! Following the lives of several lesbians in Glasgow.

      Frankie the main character of the tv programme, masculine, indifferent, tough and never shows her emotions faces tough choices throughout the episodes. It starts off with Frankie returning to Glasgow after hearing that her Auntie was dying, however not everyone was pleased of comfortable with her appearance ex girlfriend Cat found it hard to come to terms with her being back on the scene...Frankie left Cat heartbroken a couple of years ago and Cat had just started to move on finally back on the date seen with Sam. Frankie always attracts attention and rebels all the time, she comes across as ruthless and hard but but stripping away this look she is very vulnerable and finds it hard to deal with situations easily. Frankie isn't a fully satisfied lesbian she often changes to men simply for sexual pleasures but only ever falls in love with women. Having sex with strangers was a regular thing for Frankie she used sex as a tool to forget about her hard and challenging life. Her parents died when she was young, she was raised by her Aunt and Uncle but they where never close just simply raised her because they made a promise to look after her.

      Cat- A very petite and intriguing women, jet black hair, not a typical lesbian look or style, and a major control freak, who analyses everyone and everything her mind is never at rest. Cat is always open to her closest friends but afraid of getting hurt, Her and Frankie fell in love at a young age after stepping over the friendship barrier. A wild relationship that just didn't work out due to Frankie's antics and ways it didn't last long, Frankie didn't even want to commit too it! She became a coward and waltzed off to New York! However Cat decided to get back into dating and met Sam...

      Sam- A masculine character, very domineering she works in the Police force as a detective sergeant, Sam is Cat's first date since Frankie, she is insightful, humerus and kind hearted, she speaks the truth and never bottles things up inside. She doesn't like to be messed around in relationships and likes her other half to be honest and trustworthy! relationships with Sam can often be intense as Cat finds out. Cat and Sam build a strong relationship as the episodes go on but the sooner Frankie appears things start to go wrong and cracks start to show!

      Cat and Sam a very strong and loving couple, their feelings start to grow stronger as the episodes go on but things go sour when Frankie appears back on the scene, Cat starts lying to Sam about Frankie but Sam is intelligent and puts the pieces together eventually at the end of the series Sam decides to confront Frankie fed up the lying and messing around behind her back and persuades her to leave Glasgow for good and vanish to America.

      Tess- A young lesbian, full of energy and wears her heart on her sleeve, she has a best friend called Ed who is also Cat's brother, the group are all very close especially Cat and Tess who lie together during the series, they speak openly to each other about their feelings for people and are extremely close. In the first series Tess has a run in with her ex-grilfriend, but things start to get better for her when she meets a beautiful young women however is she straight? Tess never thinks before she speaks and makes a fool of herself on live tv, she also asks her new girlfriend to go public about her sexuality but Louise isn't ready to do that just yet especially being a tv presenter things wouldn't be easy for her. She unfortunately attracts the wrong type of women she buries her feelings under anger and sarcasm. She has never had much luck with women and unfortunately it doesn't really change to much for her in the series.If anything things get harder for her simply because her best friend Ed tells Tess how much he loves her in a relationships way, she finds it difficult and hides away from her friends.

      Ed- Cat's brother and Best friend to Tess he is really close to his sister and loves her to pieces, a very gentle and loving guy, he doesn't really have a love life, he thinks its because he isn't manly enough. He loves Tess but she is oblivious and doesn't realise simply thinking they are close friends and nothing more, Tess relies on Ed and he does the same. They tell each other almost everything and trust one another.

      Jay- Cat's friend since Uni and they now work together in an architect firm, he is particularly close to Frankie, a player and womaniser Jay had a girlfriend called Becky he was always faithful to her unfortunately for Becky he can't handle temptation and sleeps with girls for the enjoyment, he also had a sexual encounter with Frankie which made things slightly awkward.

      Lou- A beautiful women, stunning in fact and always thinks she is straight however after meeting Tess it became clear to Louise that she can't of been straight, her first sexual encounter with Tess was indifferent but very intimate. However Lou didn't want to admit to the public that she was a Lesbian. However she also had a devilish side to her, often abrupt and rude and didn't always care about other people's feelings. Her relationship with Tess brings out the best and worst in her.

      Sadie- A very gorgeous women, sexy and new she was, intimidating and confident, she hooked up with Frankie for fun and to have sex neither of them really wanted a relationship or commitment.

      Betrayal, lies, sex, trust, friendships are all involved in Lip Serice, a truly entertaining tv drama for many people out their, it dives into the lives of lesbians and how many of them live, all people are different and we shouldn't judge watching a programme like this makes you realise know one should be judged. It tests friendships and people commitments. One heck of a roller coaster ride for the girls and men! All the characters are fantastic and so different. Its fantastic and heart felt I shed a few tears occasionally...most certainly worth watching!


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