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Lip Service - Series 2 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / To Be Announced / Actors: Ruta Gedmintas, Fiona Button, Laura Fraser, Heather Peace ... / DVD released 2012-06-18 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2013 22:13
      Very helpful



      A fantastic lesbian drama, guaranteed a laugh, cry, giggle and a few shocks on the way!

      As if the first series wasn't good enough! A lot of the girls are back and ready to cause trouble, making it seems even tougher to be a lesbian that most people would have thought! It follows the lives again of a group of ladies from different walks of life who all swomp together in Glasgow forming almost an army of lesbians! Sex, Love, Heartache and Devastation are on the cards this year and events are even more shocking an unexpected than usual leaving a lot of fans in tears! Happy or sad tears you may ask? Well you would have to watch it to find out!

      The main Character of series 1 was Frankie but in this series they haven't set a main focus on one person infact they have given us the opportunity to get to know the other characters and what happens in there day to day life as well as lesbian issues that a lot of the girls face daily.

      A lot of the Actors from the first series return to series 2 but with a few more different faces on the scene stirring up trouble and defining what a real lesbian goes through involving having a lot of sex, sharing intimate feelings with someone and lies and heartache.

      Frankie (played by Ruta Gedmintas)- Still a very confused young lady, she has a lot of tattoo's and is slim in size this time with slightly longer hair, she usually wears skinny jeans, boots and a tank top. Frankie and Cat a couple that got together and fell deeply inlove were involved in a break up in the last series. Frankie doesn't like to hurt people so ran away from her relationship with Cat ending it instantly before returning to her life. At the end of series 1 we see a blossoming relationhip form between Sam and Cat but as Series 2 starts Cat knows after her lovely holiday away she has to face the music and confront Frankie. Frankie being Frankie never knows when to stop and won't allow the answer ever to be 'no'.

      Sam (Played by Heather Peace)- A butch lesbian strong and intimidating in appearence but a real soft person at heart, she idealises her lover from series 1 Cat but worries Cat's mind is wondering off elsewhere. Sam is a very sporty person who is in the police for as a sergeant, she has a lot of stamine in the police and other places! Sam likes to keep herself fit and throughout this series becomes more fond of the new girl in the pack 'Lexi' ( I will discuss later) They get closer as the series progresses and end up becoming running partners but what happens next is a mystery.

      Cat (Played by Laura Fraser)- A well groomed lady, very elegant with jet black hair, red lipstick and a demure fashion sense. After returning from a luxurious holiday away with her idealised lover Sam she knows she needs to sort things out with Frankie and set the record straight but being in love with two people is hard and it isn't as easier said than done.

      New Character!!! Lexy (Played by Anna Skellern)- A cheeky austrailian who rocks up in glasgow, a hot young lady with a butch but feminie sort of look who has a fairly hard exterior again but is sweet in personality. She takes a liking to a few of the girls and ends up renting a flat with Tess (I am yet to discuss) and Frankie who are struggling with money. Lexy finds herself having a lot of sex, lying to people and getting caught up with emotions. One person imparticular that takes a liking to young Lexy is Tess who has been dreaming of being with a girl like her for years! Is this her chance?

      Tess (Played by Fiona Button)- Very niave and lovely her ambition in life is to be an actress potentially on stage, she lands herself with a fantastic job at the start of the series on stage as the main part but things don't work out so well with her and another colleague look forward to arguements and violence from both of the girls! Tess is lovely and has a delightful personality she has a lot of friends but know one that would like a relationship with her as of yet, she likes to experiment with people but often her feelings get in the way. Tess takes a liking to new girl Lexy and wants to get to know her but someone else wants to do the same thing.

      Sadie (Played by Natasha O'Keeffe)- Sadie appeared in series 1 as one of Frankie's flings. We all know Frankie used girls for sex and it was her way of coping. Everytime Frankie wanted sex Sadie would be there, but because Frankie was so in love with Cat she never truly realised that Sadie wanted more than just that. Sadie only appeared every now again in series 1 but in this series we really get to know her! Her relationship with Frankie has gone from a no string attached relationship to a slight friendship they have come to the conclusion it will never be any more than that! Sadie gets back out there and finds herself a very attractive lady from an art gallery they have a lot of sex and are very naughty, one catch this lady is married!

      Relationships in Lip Service never really end up that well, In my opinion it is a fantastic series and there are some absolute real twists in this serious. Nothing is predictable and relationships chop and change. Emotions can go from high to low and the other way around in an instant! The girls don't all get along which in some cases is understandable but as the series goes on they all find one reason why they should all try to get on which is a shock to the girls.

      I am a masive fan of Lip Service and the one twist in it that I never expected made me cry repetitivley. It really does dive into the lives of some lesbians and how they live there lives. Watching this programme as well as serious one although it isn't real it is very near the truth for a lot of people and makes you realise don't just look at the cover of a book and judge it read it get to know it and the outcome maybe different. It tests the girls relationships and some of the men involved but at the end of the serious things don't always have a happy ending...Worth a Watch hope I haven't given to much away!

      Oh and the DVD costs around £10 at the moment which is a bargain! if you like a good old lesbian drama this is for you!


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