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Lost: Season 1-6 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / Actors: Evangeline Lily, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway ... / DVD released 2010-09-13 at Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      16.06.2012 15:09



      Great film, a must see!

      This T.V series kept me amused and entertained for hours on end, it was so I had to go out and buy the boxset.
      Each character has an individual story, all which are very interesting.
      The series is about a group of passengers on a plane which crash lands on an island away from all types of civilisation, as the story unfolds you find out hidden secrets about all of the characters and all of their backgrounds.
      They settle down and make camp whilst they wait to be rescued by the search and rescue team looking for the plane.
      The characters in the film have rivalries and have disagreements and conflict is caused between the camp mates, but later they realise that they are not the only people on the island.
      The series is very good entertainment and is a must see... it has a lot of twists and turns which keep you guessing through the entire thing.

      The only thing is i was very disappointed with the ending, i wont say what happened but i was not impressed with the way the entire thing ended.


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        21.05.2012 16:17




        A truly special TV show for a number of reasons.
        Please Note, I have tried my best to sum this whole TV show up without giving anything away such as spoilers.
        Lost is based around a Plane crash, the survivors of the plane crash, their survival and the journey through discovering the island's secrets and the reason why they have all been brought together on one plane journey ending in a crash.
        The plane crashes over 1000 miles of course with no reception. The survivors begin to know they may be here for some time. Mysteries about the island unfold around them, a man in a wheelchair can walk? Every action seems to have a reaction when it comes to this how, you solve all the mysteries and more come along to keep your mind challenged. It's hard to sum up the whole plot without giving it away. The character developments are fantastic and you discover along with the story-lines in Lost the characters actions, ambitions and reasoning has a much deeper meaning.

        A doctor, A conman, A fugitive and a single mother are all included in the mix of the characters always touching on the most sensitive of subjects, you watch bad relationships shape them and you feel the warm buzz when you watch good relationships form and you genuinely feel their happiness and pain. The actors were all well picked for each role, each character can be a bit of a stereotype but each of them is loveable (Yes, even the villains)! With use of flashblacks, flashforwards and flashsideways A lot of secrets, motivators and personality traits are revealed to make you connect with each one of them and the whole six degrees of separation is always something to spot while watching.

        The whole entirety of lost has many themes, it contains a lot of religious, philosophical, science related ideas. Rivalries, the rivalries for love and attention of somebody shape the main characters relationships (Love square anyone?) . Rivalries for leadership and respect. The old Fate Vs free will debate is huge in this series.

        Series summarys: *DON'T READ CONTAINs SPOILERS*
        # Getting the survivors safe and well, looking for clean water and food.
        # Character flashbacks, giving them stories.
        # Making friendships and rivalries.
        # Trying to leave
        # Mysteries of the monster, the black rock, polar bear and the hatch.

        # Tail section survivors
        #The Dharma Inactive and its people (the others)
        # The Dharma stations, numbers, pressing a mysterious button.
        # Further character development.

        # The character development of all the others, there households and society and jobs on the island.
        # First contact with the outside world with a visit to the island from a freighter which could be rescue.
        # Healing powers, future telling powers and pregnancies issues.
        # The use of flash forwards

        #some survivors leaving the island.
        # The strongest leadership issues, are the people here to help them or not, who's going to leave and who is going to stay
        # Time travel!

        # Alternative timelines, time travel.
        # Being stuck in the early days of the Dharma, most of the mysteries are revealed finally in this series as the characters go back to the Dharma's origins.
        # Survivors coming back to the island and another plane crash of Aijra airlines.

        #Alternative realities happen as the team try to reverse, Flash sideways, trying to reconnect in the real world.
        #The true history of the island and its powers is revealed
        # Meeting again in a separate life and moving on.


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