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Lost - Season 6 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / Actors: Evangeline Lily, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway ... / DVD released 2010-09-13 at Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      14.07.2013 18:31
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      The last season to one of the best shows ever written.

      I have always been a huge sci-fi and cult television geek and when Lost started in 2004 I was hooked after only a few episodes. It was the most ambitious and intelligent show I'd seen in a while and the cast were brilliantly talented and believable in their roles. Lost begins with a plane crashing on a mysterious, deserted and possibly magical island and subsequently each episode revolved around revealing a little more of the puzzle as to why these people crashed and what the island might be. Of course, with around 24 episodes in a season fans began to get twitchy about being strung along. "How long is this show going to last?!" and "This episode is soooo filler!" came the cries mid way along the journey during season 3. In order to keep their audience and enter an unprecedented pact with fans the TV moguls behind the show then allowed the producers and directors to set a definite end date for the show. It would end with season six.

      Each season of Lost has a particular character and feel to it and all of them have a 'flashback' scenario in common. However, due to the ambiguous nature of season 6 the flashbacks were renamed by fans as 'flash-sideways'. The nature of these segments is not revealed until the last episode. Season 6 is not my favourite season of the show but it contains my favourite episode and one of my favourite story arcs. It feels very much like we are at the end of something from the moment season 6 begins. There is a deliberate attempt to mimic scenes from the first season for nostalgia purposes but also to create a kind of symmetry concerning destiny within the storyline too.

      The end of season 5 sees the much loved character Juliet attempt to change history with a heroic act of self sacrifice. Season 6 begins exactly where we end on the island. The 'flash-sideways' reveals a strange new world where the characters we know and love are suddenly quite different and uncomfortably strange. Once you know what these segments are all about you can appreciate the storylines more but until that final episode I found these portions difficult to swallow and enjoy. It was almost a step too far into oddness and I never thought I could say that about one of the craziest shows ever created.

      I mentioned my favourite episode was in season 6. This is the episode 'Ab Aeterno' which is one of two special episodes in the season which finally reveal the history of the island and it's original inhabitants. The other episode, the penultimate, is called 'Across The Sea'. 'Ab Aeterno' is one of the more beautifully shot episodes and it unfolds like a mini-movie. Visually it looks perfect and as though a lot of time, money and effort has been spent to create such artistry. One of the shows longer standing cast members, Nestor Carbonell, who plays possibly the most enigmatic character, Richard (or 'the ageless one', as I liked to call him) finally gets his moment to shine and his acting in this episode is brilliant.

      There are actually several outstanding acting performances in the last season with Matthew Fox, who plays the lead Jack Shepherd, being the most effective. Other excellent performances come from Michael Emerson, Terry O' Quinn, Jorge Garcia and Elizabeth Mitchell.

      The season 6 DVD is a mini boxset style creation. There are 5 discs featuring all 17 episodes of the season. The fifth disc also contains some extras. These include:

      A special post Lost segment called 'The New Man in Charge' showing what happens to some of the characters after the show is finished. This is an excellent little piece and one that even answers a left over mystery that might have left fans scratching their heads at the end of the show.

      A documentary style piece about how the Lost team set about creating the final season.

      'A Hero's Journey' - the characters explored.

      'See You in Another Life Brotha' which unlocks the meaning of the 'flash-sideways'.

      Lost on Location - as with the other seasons we get to see behind the scenes on certain episodes and how and where they shoot.

      Lost in 8:15 seconds - a very quick condensed version of the show!

      Lost gag reel

      Deleted Scenes

      There are also audio commentaries which can be accessed in the menu for each separate episode as well as hidden easter eggs on some discs which you can find by fiddling with your remote control!

      My UK DVD is in English or it can be set to Italian or Spanish. Alternatively it has subtitles in nine languages.

      Although I love Lost, since the show ended in 2010 I have not been able to sit through the entirety of season 6 again as I find it too upsetting. I can look at a few episodes randomly and I am always able to watch 'Ab Aeterno' and 'Across The Sea' though. The final episode 'The End' is epic in it's scope and really brings the show to a definite close. There is a lot of talk now about whether people think the show ended well and whether the final episode was satisfactory. I have to be honest and say that, for me, I think most of season 6 is a bit depressing and needlessly so. It serves no point to the ultimate plot. However, as the bookend to the show it's well constructed, well written, brilliantly acted and offers answers to questions posed in earlier seasons.

      I would definitely recommend this DVD if you are a fan of the show or if you've never seen it - watch the whole thing as it's a cathartic and mind-blowing experience!


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        27.02.2012 16:17
        Very helpful
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        DVD of the programme LOST series 6

        Lost Season 6 is the last series of the programme.
        The ending has been left at no return so it couldn't come back or be put in the cinema as an extra add on special.
        Lost series 6 came to air on TV in 2010.

        Main Characters:
        Jack Shepard- Jack in the main character as he has taken on "leader" of the crash victims of flight 815.
        He is a spinal surgeon who had helped most of the other characters throughout the programme,
        whether it be advice or medical attention.

        Kate Austen- Aboard flight 815 she was being taken back to America in handcuffs for a murder she claims to not have done.
        Kate is the second main character who is stuck in a love triangle with both Jack and Sawyer.

        James 'Sawyer' Ford- Before the crash, Sawyer was a con man looking for a man called Anthony Cooper.
        He had stolen his parents money which ended in Sawyer witnessing his father killing himself and his mother.
        Sawyer went on to follow on Anthony's footsteps and became a conman too, stealing money from married women.

        Sun and Jin Kwon- Korean married couple who seem to be having marriage problems but throughout the programme become closer.
        Sun gets pregnant on the island which leads to a lot of complications for them.

        John Locke- Boarded flight 815 with no function of his legs and in a wheelchair and when crashing on the Island,
        his legs were fixed and was walking again after the feeling in his legs came back.
        He kept it secret from the other passengers as he had a feeling fate bought his to the Island.
        John Locke is all about his destiny and wonders alone in certain parts of the programme.

        Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes- Lottery winner who percieved his fortune brings him bad luck.
        Throughout the series and lack of food on the island, it was funny to see him never lose weight,
        even with the miles and miles of walking they had done in the years they had been stuck on the island!

        Other main characters: Claire, Charlie, Ben, Desmond, Michael and Walt, Richard and Aaron.
        Other characters: Juliet, Daniel, Frank, Miles, Charlotte, Rose, Bernard,Libby, Anna Lucia,
        Mr Eko, Boone, Shannon, Penny and Charles Widmore.

        Quick catch up of the previous series:
        Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles breaks into two mid air and crashes into water on the Island.
        When they come to shore and we finally see who survived and who died, these people become to main characters
        bar lots of extras which you don't often hear from.
        They soon realise this Island isn't normal when they have no signal, no way of contact and as the plane had been lost on radar, no-one knew where they were.
        Strange things happen, people deal with their pasts, struggle to cope on the island, make friendships,
        make enemies, steal, lie, decieve and come across the unexplainable.
        Throughout the other 5 series we see main characters die, get hurt,
        get kidnapped by "the others" who already reside on the Island along with a few who are all alone stuck on the Island.
        The french woman Danielle who washed up on a boat 16 years before the 815 passengers arrived there and Desmond
        who was part of the Dharma initiative (a group of workers living on the Island but where wiped out by the evil Ben Linus who turned to the others.
        After failed attempts of leaving the Island with rafts, signals, submarines and boats, they realise they aren't able to leave due to the island not showing up on any maps, radars or co-ordinates.
        The passengers come across a radio messagefrom Danielle where the discover how long the message has been playing for on a loop.
        They then notice they cannot send their own message without finding Danielle to get to the place she recorded her message to stop that and make a new.
        After a freighter is spotted and a helicopter dropping off some people for a "rescue mission" they use their radios to make contact with the freighter to come and save them.
        Locke thinks they aren't here to save them but to kill them, which soon becomes clear when they are bombarded with other people from the freighter who are looking for Ben Linus.
        Some characters manage to escape from the island on the helicopter but a pregnant Sun has to leave Jin behind as the freighter has a large bomb on board.
        The escapees are Jack, Sun, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Baby Aaron.
        There is a time shift on the Island when Ben moves the Island getting it stuck moving through time until finally (after it killing Charlotte) the time sticks and they are stuck in the 1970's with the rest of the cast becoming a part of the Dharma initiative.
        The Oceanic six who left the island manage to get back on the island after realising the needed to get back to save the rest.

        Locke had managed to also escape after moving the island again to fix it back into the 1970s.
        At the end of Series 5, they have realised they can change the past by stopping the Dharma initiative from drilling into to ground and hitting a pocket of electromagnetism.
        This was the cause of the plane crash when Desmond forgot to do his part of his dhama assignment.
        He had to press a button every 108 minutes which would stop the electromagnetism from getting out.
        When he didn't get there in time, it was released and caused the plane to crash as it was sucked into the islands magnet.

        Series 6:
        If you haven't watched Lost before, then don't buy this DVD set until you've watched the previous series or this one will make no sense to you whatsoever!

        Series 6 is my favourite series of them all. It's the most confusing series but once i'd watched it a few times i finally understood things i didn't previously.
        A lot of the media and spectators were writing that the ending was too confusing and ended without explanations.

        In this series we are greeted by the bomb site after Jack threw it into the drill where Juliet was dragged into it by the metalic object which flew into it. Sawyer is angry that Jack has killed her when they hear her calling out. The time has shifted back to normal and the need to dig her out. She dies when Sawyer reaches her and comes to surface holding a lifeless Juliet telling Jack he is going to kill him for what he has done.

        We then skip to the flight 815 when it is in flight and it never crashes! we see the island at the bottom of the ocean which stirs a lot of mixed feelings from media and viewers.

        Locke's dead body which they bought back with them when the oceanic six fly back to the island, is laying in the box yet we see another Locke walking around live and kicking. We soon find out he is in fact the mysterious Jacob's (the leader of the island) brother who turned evil and is infact the black smoke we see in previous episodes throughout the programme.

        Sayid lay shot by one of the Dharma initiative workers and Jacob (who has just been killed by Ben) turns to Hurley to tell him to take Sayid to the temple which is at the heart of the island. This is the first time we have seen the temple and are greeted by some of the passengers who were kidnapped back in season 1.

        The temple is a safe place from the black smoke and after attempting to save Sayid, he lay dead in the temple only to awaken a few hours later.
        The leader of the temple Dogen sees this and tries to get Jack to poison Sayid as he had woken with a darkness inside of him which will end badly for everyone.
        They tell the others that Claire also had been effected by the darkness and is now roaming the island alone after she dissapeared one night leaving Aaron to be cared for by Kate when they escape from the island.

        We are constantly thrown from the present to a different life of the characters where the crash never happened.
        At the end of the series we see why we were being shown this parallel world of the crash but I don't want to give it all away or you'll see no point to watching!

        In the episode the lighthouse, we see Jack and Hurley go to the top where a mirror with co-ordinates sit. When they turned it to one which read "Jack Shepard" they could see his house in the mirror. Getting angry, Jack smashed it and they later find out Jacob had reasons for watching them all through their lives.

        In the "parallel world" we see that Jack and Juliet had a son together and he is a teenager.
        Kate and Claire end up becoming friends through Kate holding a gun to the taxi drivers head of the taxi Claire had hailed forcing him to drive.
        Claire was on her way to give Aaron up for adoption and Hugo's fortune brought him good luck rather than bad.
        We find out Daniel and Penny are siblings and Charles their father and Eloise is their mother.
        In some strange way they all connect with either other in some way or another.

        At the end Jacob comes to visit again where they can all see him. Jacob tells the others they are all candidates to take on the leader position once Jacob died. He picked them all out as he knew they all had something in common. They were all alone in the world and each choice they made all ended in the same place, Flight 815.
        Jack nominated himself to take on the job where Jacob took him down to the centre of the island which was a light which if it went out, the island would die and the black smoke would be able to escape himself.

        Without giving it all away, i will leave the review at that and hope you enjoy it as much I did!

        To buy the series online it is around £10-15 but if you purchase all 6 series as a box set, it is £62.95 on Zavvi, meaning each series is £10.29.
        I purchased 4 series for around £25-40 each and bought series 5 and 6 for £10 each in the January sales with some christmas vouchers.

        Thanks for reading my review!


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