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Men Behaving Badly - Series 1 To 6 (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Men Behaving Badly / Theatrical Release: 2000 / Director: Martin Dennis / Actors: Martin Clunes, Harry Enfield ... / DVD released 22 September, 2003 at Fremantle Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    4 Reviews
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      12.05.2011 21:30
      Very helpful



      Good for a laugh

      Me and my fiancé went through a phase of watching Men Behaving Badly when it was on the TV but thought it was a shame that they didn't often show the how collection of series as they do with other comedies especially as there are some episodes that we had not seen. So for my Birthday as part of my present I received the Men Behaving Badly Six Pack DVD, the complete 6 Series Collectors Edition Box Set, this contained all 6 series of Men Behaving Badly.

      The DVD set came in a clear plastic case the same that most DVD comes in with a paper cover inserted between the case and a clear plastic cover, this is folded all the way around the DVD case. On the front of the case are the words "Men Behaving Badly" written at the top of the case in large black letters in the style of handwriting, just below this written inside a red rectangle are the words "Six Pack" with "Contains over 17hrs of comedy" written just underneath in red, the background of the label is white so all of the writing really does standout against this. The rest of the case is taken up with pictures including a picture of the face of al four characters Dorothy, Gary, Tony and Deborah, there are also pictures of a things like pizza boxes, a TV, larger and a few of Gary and Tony's other favourite things, these have the numbers 1 to 6 written on them, obviously because there are 6 series contained in this box set. The whole case comes inserted inside a cardboard sleeve which contains exactly the same information as the DVD case. On the back of the DVD case and cardboard sleeve is a small amount of information about the series stating that the box set contains 38 episodes of Men Behaving Badly with unique special extras, just below this are six pictures with a scene from each episode.

      Men Behaving Badly is basically a comedy programme about 4 people Deborah, Gary, Tony and Dorothy, the first series doesn't actually have Tony in it but has another character called Dermot, however he is only in the first series with the other 5 containing the character Tony.
      *In the first series we get to meet the characters, Dermot and Gary live together in a flat which is extremely untidy and dirty, Dermot does not have a job and Gary works for a security firm and basically pays for everything in the flat but does not have the heart to kick his friend out for not paying his way. Gary's girlfriend is Dorothy although this relationship is a bit on and off throughout the whole six series, she lives with her parents and works as a nurse. Half way through episode One of Series One we meet Deborah who moves into the flat upstairs, right from the start both men fancy her and continuously flirt and try to impress her including Gary much to Dorothy's disgust. Dermot is the main character who chases after Debra constantly trying to do things to impress her which often fail and result in him pushing her further away.

      *In the second series Dermot has left to go travelling with his biker girlfriend who you never actually get to meet, Gary is looking for a new flat mate and the first episode includes him interviewing many people to replace Dermot, this is where we get to meet Tony. Tony moves in with Gary to become his new flat mate, he loves music and is often playing his guitar (badly) Tony is a more extreme version of Dermot and he too spends the rest of the series chasing after Deborah despite in one of the episodes he has 3 girlfriends which has to try and whittle down, needless to say he ends up losing them all. The 4 character soon become good friends and spend many hours sitting in Gary's flat having what Tony and Gary call intelligent discussions.

      *Series 3, 4 and 5 are made up of various episodes where Tony continues to chase Deborah and tries to impress her, and as with Dermot often ends up doing things wrong or going over the top rather than just acting like a 'normal' person. In these 3 series Gary and Dorothy's relationship is on and off as it is thought all the episodes and includes incidents where Dorothy ends up sleeping with Tony whilst Gary is away, a few episodes after this Gary proposes to Dorothy and she accepts, however she then goes on a sailing weekend with Debra and Gary ends up in bed with the girl from next door. Both come clean to each other and decide to give it a go and not to cheat on each other any more. Tony also starts to make a bit of progress with Deborah, although not as much progress as he would like.

      *In Series 6 all the characters have grown up bit although in the episode called "Stag Night" Gary ends up sleeping with a prostitute that Tony has paid for him and Dorothy also ends up in bed with another man, but as with all the other episodes both come clean about this and after a row and a short while spent ignoring each other they do make up, it is also in this series that Gary and Dorothy are supposed to get married, however this does not happen due to the registrar fainting but they have the reception at the pub anyway, and after the reception Tony finally after 5 series gets his own way and ends up in be with Deborah. During this series we also see all 4 go on holiday together in a caravan in the country and the very last episode in this series is made up of Tony and Gary getting rid of their old grey sofa, they spend the whole episode sitting on it reminiscing and we see a lot of clips about the 2 characters as they grew up.
      The whole six series basically follows the characters through their lives including good times and bad, Tony and Gary are typical bachelors but to the very extreme, they spend a lot of their time either drunk in the pub or sitting on their sofa in front of the TV drinking larger and talking about woman's bottoms! They do no cleaning around the house despite encouragement from the 2 girls. The story lines do follow what life is like to a certain extent but everything is very extreme, after all would you really put up with being in a relationship where both people cheat on each other, I know this does go on in some peoples lives but its not an everyday occurrence, also if your boyfriend really was as dirty and untidy as Tony and Gary are you just would not put up with it, I think they get a bit worse as the episodes progress

      SERIES 1 - Episode 1 = Intruders, Episode 2 = The Bet, Episode 3 = Alarms and Set Backs, Episode 4 = Animals, Episode 5 = Sex and Violence, Episode 6 = My Brilliant Career
      SERIES 2 - Episode 1 = Gary and Tony, Episode 2 = Rent Boy, Episode 3 = How to Dump your Girlfriend, Episode 4 = Troublesome Twelve Inch, Episode 5 = Going Nowhere, Episode 6 = People Behaving Irritation
      SERIES 3 - Episode 1 = Lovers, Episode 2 = Bed, Episode 3 = Casualties, Episode 4 = Weekend, Episode 5 = Cleaning Lady, Episode 6 = Marriage
      SERIES 4 - Episode 1 = Babies, Episode 2 = Infidelity, Episode 3 = Pornography, Episode 4 = 3 Girlfriends, Episode 5 = Drunk, Episode 6 = In Bed with Dorothy, Episode 7 = Playing Away
      SERIES 5 - Episode 1 = Hair, Episode 2 = The Good Pub Guide, Episode 3 = Cowardice, Episode 4 = Your Mate v Your Bird, Episode 5 = Cardigan, Episode 6 = Rich and Fat, Episode = Home-Made Sauna
      SERIES 6 - Episode 1 = Stag Night, Episode 2 = Wedding, Episode 3 = Jealousy, Episode 4 = Watching TV, Episode 5 = Ten, Episode 6 = Sofa

      This DVD is rated as a 15, there is a lot swearing in all 38 episodes and although there is no actual nudity there are a lot of sexual references, I think the 15 rating is fair, it certainly does not need to be an 18 and I do not think this would be suitable for children of a younger age. Personally I find the Men Behaving Badly series funny, obviously some episodes are better than others, however I do think that this could easily offend some people so if you are easily offended by bad language this would not be suitable.

      The main Characters include
      *Gary - Played by Martin Clunes
      *Dorothy - Played by Caroline Quentin
      *Deborah - Played by Leslie Ash
      *Tony - Played by Neil Morrissey
      *Dermot - Played by Harry Enfield
      There are other characters which regularly appear including Les the extremely dirty and smelly bar man and George and Anthea who work in Gary's office that he is constantly rude to but despite this they still stick by him and in a way support him, there are times where you see Gary asking them for advise to do with his relationship which suggests that deep down he does respect them and value their friendship.

      My Men Behaving Badly Six Pack Box Set came from Amazon and cost £11.93, this was the cheapest price that it was being sold at, however it can be purchased from other shops and other websites with the price varying depending on where you purchase it. I think this is a very good price for this box set as you really do get a lot for your money, we ended up watching our box set over a few nights but personally I feel that this is something that will get a lot of use, it is one of them programmes that even though you have seen it many times and know what is going to happen it is still funny. It is ideally to watch if you do not fancy watching anything to serious or anything that requires a lot of thinking or concentration.

      I would definitely recommend this box set especially if you are a Men Behaving Badly fan, the only episodes it does not include are the final ones where Dorothy and Gary have a baby, it is sold at a very good price on Amazon and is also nicely presented should you wish to buy it as a gift. Men Behaving Badly is one of those timeless comedies that you can watch time and time again and it still makes you laugh. This is definitely one of our DVD's that will get a lot of use and one I would recommend.


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        24.09.2010 15:19
        Very helpful
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        Amazing value

        There can't be many of you who haven't heard of Men Behaving Badly, although thinking about it, it does hail back to the beginning of the 90's, so it's getting on for it's 20th anniversary soon. There were 6 series made, 36 episodes, each about 30 minutes in length, and they are all on this "Six pack" compilation which is available from Amazon for the bargainous price of £15.99 or even less from http://www.whsmithentertainment.co.uk. Worth it for once series if you ask me.

        For those not so familar it features the lives of 4 main characters, with a few more regulars thrown in for good measure. The first series featured Harry Enfield as Dermot, flatmate of Gary played by Martin Clunes. The 2nd series onwards replaces Harry with Neil Morrissey who plays Tony. Throughout the 6 series, the female characters are Dorothy and Deborah played by Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash. Dorothy is the long suffering girlfriend of Gary, and Deborah lives upstairs.

        Gary and Tony are typical 90's lads enjoying boozing, women and lounging around on the sofa. Dorothy is a nurse and Deborah who runs a restaurant. Although deep down Gary loves Dorothy, he rarely considers her and doesn't hesitate to chase after any other female when given the opportunity. Tony has no problem getting girls but longs after one particular one, Deborah who switches her affection for him on and off regularly.

        Gary who works as a manager in a small office selling home security, with two sleepy and rather dull employees - Anthea and George. They are both comical in there own way. The other main character is the landlord of the Crown, the local where they hang out on many occasion. During the earlier series the pub is run by drooling Les, a disgusting untidy chap who later gets replaced by a much more modern Ken - who I think is hilarious. There are few other characters in the series, one being Clive who is supposedly a friend of Gary's, although you don't actually see him until series 6, when he is played by the writer Simon Nye.

        The show originated on ITV, then moved to BBC in the mid 90's. It was constantly repeated and has won countess awards. Some of the stories were a bit risky back then, but there's nothing here your average person would truly feel disgusted by. Over the 5 year screening from 92-97 the characters go through break ups, proposals, the wedding, infidelity, a lot of lager drunkedness, and general mis-behaviour, mostly by the lads, but the girls do their fair share too.

        Fun to watch over and over again, but with 17 hours to get through it'll take you some time before you need to repeat them. As for extras, you are limited to a few interactive quizes, which give access to some out-takes if you do well. The extra Christmas episodes are not included on this boxed set which is a shame as it truly would be the ultimate edition, still it's still a real bargain.

        Officially recommended for years 15 and up, although I think this is a bit harsh for todays teenagers..


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          07.09.2008 20:23
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Give it a go - you probably won't regret it

          Men Behaving Badly was a sitcom that started in the early 90's on ITV and then later migrated on to BBC (which I am sure probably caused lots of problems in the release of the DVD's but they're out so I suppose that is all that matters). Originally the lineup was Harry Enfield, Martin Clunes, Lesley Ash, and Caroline Quentin but Harry's departure after season one brough in Neil Morrisey as Martin's new flatmate. The relationship between Martin Clunes and Neil Morrisey was so good that lots of people probably don't even remember Harry Enfield being in the show. The BBC episodes seemed to be a lot better to me than the ITV ones, probably because if you watch it, the annoying theme music points out exactly where the commercial break would have been in the theme show. All in all it was a succesful show that probably went on just a bit too long, with great performances from all who were involved. Unfortunately for them, practically everyone in the series will probably be remembered for these parts (although Martin Clunes is still appearing in shows like Doc Martin and Caroline Quentin was very good in Jonathan Creek). Typecasting is not the best thing in the world. But this show about two layabout men and their girlfriends and love interests is worth a watch. Good comedy gems in here if you want to look for them.


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            19.12.2006 13:05
            Very helpful



            All 6 Series in one box.

            Men behaving badly was created by Simon Nye for Hartswood Films. It was first shown on Thames Television Limited with a swap to BBC at the start of Series 3. In all 36 episodes were made over 6 series between 1992 and 1997. Four Christmas specials were also made but they are not included in this box set.

            This box set is the first time that all 6 series have been brought together. The box itself has an outer sleeve. Inside it folds out to reveal all 6 discs. On the other sides can be found a list of all the title episodes along with very bright and colourful pictures of all the characters.

            ~~~~The Characters~~~~

            Gary….Martin Clunes
            Tony…..Neil Morrissey
            Dorothy….Caroline Quentin
            Deborah….Leslie Ash
            Dermot….Harry Enfield

            Gary is the manager of a small security firm. His two unfortunate co workers are Anthea, his secretary and George his assistant. Both are more mature in years than Gary, and their thinking on many matters is usually quite different from his. They both put up with quite a bit from their boss but miraculously they both manage to survive the whole 6 series.

            Gary lives in a house that has been split into two flats. He owns the downstairs half, which he shares with his tenant. In the first series, this is Dermot, however he leaves during the break of series and so in series 2 in comes Tony. The idea is that Gary rents out the spare room in order to help pay the bills but Tony spends most of the five series trying to find work after the collapse of his music business and so never actually manages to pay any rent at all.

            Dorothy is a nurse at the local hospital. Dorothy is also the long suffering girlfriend of Gary. She knows him better than he knows himself. Despite his ways she puts up with him and his ways, even moving in with him for a temporary period.

            Deborah has the privilege of owning the upstairs flat, above the boys. As if that was not great enough she also always has to fight off the affections of Tony who is absolutely besotted with her.

            ~~~~The Episodes~~~~

            Series One

            With the first couple of Series being shown at an earlier time there was a limit to what could be shown. Whilst it was very entertaining at the time, later Series show what they were really capable of.
            The first series starts with the two boys trying to win the affections of the new owner, Debs, of the upstairs flat. Despite already having a girlfriend, there is no stoppintenant.g Gary. Then Gary comes up with the idea of an open relationship. Amazingly Dorothy agrees, but it’s not as simple as that, she has a plan. Most of the rest of the Series is continued with the boys desperately competing to be the one to get into Debs’ knickers.

            Series Two

            Series Two comes to life with the introduction of new lodger Tony. With Dermots abrupt leaving Gary advertises for a replacement and doesn’t get quite what he expects. Then Tony comes along. With the two only have booze and birds on the brain they are a perfect couple and Tony moves in. At first Gary is a little worried about Tony’s sexual preferences but as the series goes on it can clearly been seen that Tony is quite a womanizer but he only really has eyes for one woman…..Deborah.

            Series Three.

            Now being shown on a later time on BBC things start to hot up a bit, and let’s just say not so much is left to the imagination. The Series starts good for Tony as Deborah splits from her boyfriend. Tony senses that she must therefore be desperate and so sees this as his chance to woo her, or something like that. But Deborah’s just gets more and more depressed and decides to sell up and go traveling. Can Tony persuade her to stay? Meanwhile Dorothy is disgusted with the way Gary and Tony behave like typical bachelors and spend all their time getting drunk rather than worrying about small things such as cleaning. As a result she orders him to get a cleaner. Gary is not happy but reluctantly agrees, however he changes his mind when he meets his new cleaner, a young polish student. Tony finally gets a job in the Crown, the local pub and Gary and Dorothy toy with the idea of getting married.

            Series Four

            Deciding not to get married in the end, series Four then kicks off with Gary and Dorothy deciding on whether or not to start a family. Gary is all for it until his assistant George informs him that there will be no sex for at least two years after the birth. To make things worse Gary then becomes convinced Dorothy is having an affair after reading an article about tell tale signs. The question is, is she? A couple of the episodes concentrate on Tony and his girlfriends. Despite still chasing Deborah, he still manages to have a string of girlfriends, and even has to cope with three at once, and then one, rather unhappily, finds his collection of porno.

            Also in this Series Dorothy gets to be nursed by Gary after having her appendix removed. She survives the op, but will she survive the nursing?

            Series Five.

            During the Series break Tony has gone traveling. The series starts with his return but all has changed. Dorothy has moved in and she decides that threes’ a crowd so insists that Gary asks Tony to leave. Not only that but their favourite haunt ‘The Crown’ has a rather unexpected facelift as well as a change of landlord. What will Gary and Tony make of him and the changes? It also looks like debs has decided to become a lesbian, at least that is the conclusion Tony and Gary come to when Debs has a friend to stay.

            Upset by Gary telling Tony he is putting on weight, Tony decides to Tell Dorothy what Garys’ bank balance is resulting in him grudgingly giving a donation to the hospital which he immediately attempts to retrieve.

            To finish the series, the girls go away for the weekend leaving the boys alone with a home made sauna and a couple of girls from next door anything could happen.

            Series Six

            To bring the program to an end, this last series concentrates on finishing things up. It starts off with Gary and Dorothy planning to get married, which of course means a stag night. Then the wedding Day arrives and both are having second thoughts. For Tony things are on the up, literally, as debs decides that Tony is not so bad after all and gives in to his pleas to join her in bed.

            Now two happy couples they all decide to go away for a weekend, but things just don’t go as planned.

            Back home, Dorothy decides its’ time to change the sofa, which has been the center piece for most of the six series. This is an ideal time for Gary to reminisce and the writer and producer to put together clips from the other series just to remind you that it is about time you watched it all over again.

            The Box set also includes 4 interactive Quizzes which when successfully completed you are rewarded with out takes from the episodes.


            This box set is certainly one for your collection if you have a good sense of humour. For those easily offended it may be a bit near the mark, as all areas of relationships and typical mens’ habits are covered throughout.

            The box set is rated 15 so not suitable for younger viewers. I think most of the innuendos would go over there heads but some of the scenes may need a lot of explaining, particularly the one where Dorothy finds a number of tissues in Garys’ bed.

            For me, I find it hilarious and can relate to so much of it. It is one of those that you can watch over and over and never tire.

            One thing I particularly like and the main reason it was bought is that as the episodes are just half hour long it means they can be watched when I go to bed, usually just enough for me before I nod off.

            The only downside I would say is that they did not include the final trilogy in the box set. This was the three Christmas specials that they showed to finish it all off. Whilst they are available separately, it seems strange to have included all the series bar the last 3 episodes.


            Expect to pay around £40 for the box set. This is not bad considering that it contains over 17 hours of comedy.


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            A boxset containing all 6 series of this ever popular comedy series.

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