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Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 1 (DVD)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / DVD released 2011-10-03 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    5 Reviews
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      31.01.2013 19:17
      Very helpful



      Well worth getting the DVD and can't wait to get the rest and sit and watch them back to back.

      *Brilliantly funny Irish comedian Brendan O'Carroll stars as out-spoken Irish mammy Agnes Brown in this brand new comedy series that aired on BBC One.
      *Join Agnes Brown as she indulges in her favourite pastime - meddling in the lives of her six children! Whether she's tackling love, life, death or dealing with the in-laws - Mrs Brown is one mammy you don't mess with. Prepare for a riot of bad behaviour - it's a little bit rude, a little bit crude and hysterical fun for everyone.

      General information
      *Director: Ben Kellett.
      *Actors: Brandon O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Paddy Houlihan, Dermot O'Neill, Eilish O'Carroll.

      This is on the sleeve of the DVD I bought for my Husband for Christmas. Very cheap on Amazon site. The prices vary a lot for this DVD so it is always worth shopping around for it.

      Well as I say bought for a Christmas present for my husband and was well worth the money. So far though we have only managed to watch one of the Discs as we have been quite busy since Christmas.

      But what a hoot this is a very funny series and we both found it hysterical, I laughed so much I thought I was going to have a heart attack. His (Her) antics "were something else mommy", to para a phrase hilarious right from the offset to the very end of the disc. Still remembering we have yet to watch disc two yet so hold on to your seats Mable were going in!

      Mrs. Brown's Boys is an award winning sitcom created by and starring Irish writer and performer Brendan O'Carroll. The show is based on the character Agnes Browne, and her family who are played by real life close friends and family of O'Carroll's. Slated by critics, the show has become a ratings success in both Ireland, where it is set, and the United Kingdom, where it is recorded.

      Agnes is a very nosy woman, who is always interested in other people's lives. Loves making a fool of her neighbour and best friend Winnie.

      Cathy Brown (Jennifer Gibney) - Cathy is Agnes' daughter. She is a lonely middle-aged woman who is always on the look-out for a man. Going by the current series on TV he is a policeman.)

      (Dermot O'Neill) - Grandad is Agnes' father-in-law, who she always makes a fool of. He is lazy and is always complaining, which makes Agnes mad.

      Mark Brown (Pat "Pepsi" Shields) - Mark is the eldest of Agnes' sons, who lives with his wife Betty Brown (Amanda Woods ) and his son, Bo no. who we never see. Mark never learned to read and write at the school, for which Agnes took the blame, until Cathy told her it was the teacher's fault, owing to the fact he'd been at school for 8 years and not missed a single day. Well she would wouldn't she. Betty is very strong-minded and is not afraid to put Agnes in her place when needs be.

      Bo no Brown (Jamie O'Carroll) -Bo no is Agnes' grandson he stays over at Agnes' house on a regular basis. Bo no is played by O'Carroll's real life grandson

      Rory Brown (Rory Cowan) - Rory is Agnes' homosexual son, who is scared of telling his mum that he is gay because he thinks that she will be ashamed.
      Dino Doyle (Gary Hollywood) - Dino is Rory's Scottish boyfriend. He and Rory manage the hair salon that they work in together.
      Dino is also a chef, and cooked for Hilary and Agnes when they had dinner together, with Hilarious results. Dino is also Rory Browns love match. His gay partner, watching these two skirt around trying to keep the fact from Mrs Brown is hilarious. Although Rory keeps trying to broach the subject when he finally gets around to it she says "I know all about your illness".

      Dermot Brown (Paddy Houlihan) - Dermot is Agnes' youngest son, who is commonly seen in giant costumes. Dermot has found himself in trouble with the law after burgling with his friend Buster Brady. Dermot is played by the best friend of O'Carroll's son Danny, Paddy Houlihan.
      Talk about keeping it in the family.

      Maria Brown (Fiona O'Carroll) - is Agnes' daughter-in-law, who is married to Dermot. She is a nurse from a wealthy family, who always seems to be quiet. She and Dermot have triplets, all boys, named after three of The Beatles: John, George and Ringo. Maria is played by O'Carroll's real life daughter, Fiona

      Buster Brady (Danny O'Carroll) (Real life son of Brendan) Is always looking for an easy way to make money and is Dermot's best friend . He was the best man at Dermot and Maria's wedding. He has a soft spot for Cathy.
      Then we have Trevor Brown (Martin Delany) - Trevor is another of Agnes' sons. He does not appear in the first series, but returns in the Christmas special after his term with the missionaries ends. Trevor is played by Martin Delany, O'Carroll's son-in-law, married to his real-life daughter, Fiona. keeping it in the family again.

      Winnie McGoogan -played by O'Carroll's real-life sister (Eilish O'Carroll) .She is my favorite character it has to be said, Winnie is Agnes' next door neighbour and best friend. She is always seen either in Foley's Bar or at the kitchen table with Agnes. She is a quiet, harmless soul and is always made a fool of by Agnes. She is married to Jackson McGoogan he is usually ill or accident prone so we never get to see him.

      Sharon McGoogan (Fiona Gibney) - Sharon is Winnie and Jacko's daughter. In the pilot episode "Dermot's Dilemma", Sharon was played by Marion O'Dwyer. In the later series, Sharon is played by O'Carroll's sister-in-law, Fiona, sister of his wife, Jennifer.

      Hilary Nicholson (Susie Blake) - Hilary is Maria's mother. Hilary is very wary of Agnes, and does not approve of Maria marrying into the Brown family. In the first series, Hilary was portrayed by Sorcha Cusack.

      Mr. Foley (Mike Nolan) - The landlord of the local pub, Foley's. In the first and second series, Mr. Foley was portrayed by Smug Roberts.

      I think that pretty much covers all the characters. The first series is taken from the TV show and because of the success here and in Ireland they decided to do the same with series Two and Three. I can't wait to own them too as each one is tear making funny and oh my poor sides. I laughed so much.

      I have watched them all on the TV too and loved a particular episode when Grandad wanted to find out what his friends would say at his funeral. So needless to say the family rallied round and did him an open coffin wake. Sounds awful but honestly apart from the irreverent feel it was hysterical.

      Then We have another episode where Agnes and Winnie gatecrash what should be a hen night only to find out it is a funeral wake as well. There she is dancing around singing "sex bomb" with a huge willy bulging from her skirts.

      I know it's so bad it is really funny. Honestly you just have to watch them. Even if it is only a episode from the TV. Which incidentally they are running Episode three of at the moment.


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        22.10.2012 14:11
        Not Helpful



        An excellent DVD that will keep you laughing for hours!

        I had heard a few people say how funny this was and so I had to see it and I must say I wasn't disappointed. If you like Father Ted then you'll love this. This is certainly one of those 'I think I'm going to be sick with laughing moments' and carries on all the way through

        Mrs Brown has this motherly appeal to her (or him) who everybody has a soft spot for (but takes no messing) and Brendan O' Carroll plays the character fantastically well. Most of the other actors who appear in this are from Brendan's real family and they perform very well. The series also has a storyline that works very well and is consistent throughout.

        If you are ever feeling down and need cheering up then this is certainly the DVD for you. I haven't seen the second series yet, but cannot wait to do so!


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        09.04.2012 20:45



        Definitely recommended to people with a strong sense of humour.

        Brilliantly funny comedian Brendan O' Carroll stars as out - spoken Irish mammy Agnes Brown in this brand new BBC comedy series!

        To start with, I think that Mrs Brown's Boys is a brilliant series of comical episodes! You get modern comedies like Little Britain but does that have strong language in it? The strong language livens the comedy up and makes the watcher laugh even more!

        Mrs Brown was produced and commissioned by the BBC in 2011. Since then, it has fetched a surprising amount of watchers.

        Mrs Brown has been rated by the Daily Mail as 'Outrageously Funny' and by the Daily Mirror as 'Laugh-a-minute-stuff'! I absolutely agree. It's also been awarded the BAFTA Nominee!

        Throughout the series, it contains a lot of different characters. Mrs Brown, Cathy - Her daughter, Dermot, Trevor, Rory and Mark - Her sons, Maria and Betty - Her daughter-in-laws, Winnie - Her neighbour,
        Granddad - Her father-in-law and Buster - The little shite from down the road!
        There are some other characters in the series but I won't mention them!
        I absolutely love Mrs Brown and her crew. She makes me laugh when I'm sad. I just can't stop watching it.

        So why don't you join the mother of all comedy, as she indulges in her favourite pastime - meddling in other people's lives!

        I definitely think that this is Mrs. Browns best series so far but don't forget, Series 2 will be out soon and then Series 3 so I will write reviews for every series!

        I particularly love her irish accent and how she uses strong language to make people chuckle so hard that their belly hurts!


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        23.02.2012 12:13
        Very helpful



        Bafta Nominated BBC Comedy. Why?


        I'm going to start this review by stating that I do think I have a sense of humour, I'm not easily offended, I harbour no prejudices against any minority be them on the grounds of sexuality, religion or race and think that 'political correctness' and 'positive discrimination' are rather bonkers ideas which can be very patronising and damaging on the whole. That's not to say that comedy can't be cruel at times though, there are comedians infamous for their outrageous and controversial points of view and "Comedy" can cover the whole spectrum of 'funny' from the family-safe Saturday-night TV comics and Sitcom stars through to the hugely offensive Roy 'Chubby' Brown and Frankie Boyle. As a rule I enjoy Comedy, be it from someone standing on a stage telling jokes and making observations on everyday life to situation comedies that appear on the television and until I watched the subject of this review, Mrs Brown's Boys, I thought I could identify, recognise and react to humour when faced with it. So what went wrong?

        Mrs Brown

        Mrs Brown is the typically overbearing Irish matriarchal figurehead of a dysfunctional family. Mother of 4 grown up adult boys, 1 divorced daughter and living with Grandad she rules the roost with a quick tongue, warm heart and has strong, albeit often misguided opinions on the things that affect both her and her family unit. She's fiercely loyal and protective of those around her and is everything you would expect an old-fashioned Irish mother to be except Mrs Brown isn't really a woman, she's played by Brendan O'Carroll and this is his debut series for the BBC released for all to 'enjoy' on both DVD and BluRay and I have to say that I hated every single second of this unfunny, archaic comedy series and only sat through 4 of the 6 episodes contained in this collection.


        A bloke in a frock playing the part of an old woman should be funny and when I read the reviews about this series on amazon I expected a riotous, daft, laugh-a-minute comedy that would have my sides splitting with amusement and given that the vast majority of reviews were 5 star ones I thought I was onto a winner with this. I like daft things, the sillier the better as far as I'm concerned and I've always liked sitcoms so the combination of a larger than life central sitcom character getting involved in all kinds of scrapes and amusing incidents of family life should have made for an entertaining premise with much scope for exploitation. Instead Mrs Brown's Boys felt like a throwback to the sitcoms of old for me and reminded me too much of the racist, crass 70's comedy shows that I grew up with and hated, the situations she finds herself in are too contrived to be funny, you can see where the jokes are coming from a mile before they appear and it relies far too much on Mrs Brown being a foul-mouthed old woman who likes to say 'Fuck' a lot. Swearing is funny when it's used sparingly, it can add a knockout punch to a joke and turn something amusing into something hilarious and I'm not offended by the use of profanity whatsoever given the fact that I have somewhat of a gutter-mouth myself. In this series we hear swear words a lot and their use becomes too frequent to sustain their impact or funniness and rather than catch you off guard they are used far to often and soon Mrs Brown becomes a one-trick pony. She overshadows the rest of the cast, Brendan O'Carroll mercilessly overplays the character and seems to think that being loud is being funny when it isn't, I don't expect great depth of character from a sitcom but Mrs Brown is so one dimensional that any semblance of realism is completely lost and he ends up turning the episodes contained in this series into being a forced sequence of events that tried my patience and left me with a headache.

        As mentioned I forced myself to sit through 4 episodes (it was actually 3 and a half to be honest as I pushed the stop button on my remote control half way through the fourth episode) as I did want to like this show and wanted to see if it improved. It didn't. The episodes became louder and more ridiculous with half-hearted attempts at humour peppered with too many swear words to be funny and I ended up scratching my head at what I'd seen and wondering if I'd missed the point of the show. For me this just wasn't funny, I didn't laugh once other than when a character was forced to re-say his lines after fluffing them (although I'm still not sure why the mistake wasn't edited out in the first place) and for me this was an amateurish attempt at comedy that would have been better off placed in the 70's where it belongs.

        Many other people have loved this show though, it was Bafta nominated and a second series has been commissioned so it just may be me who's turning into a grumpy old man but honestly I have no idea who this show is actually aimed at as the bad language makes it unsuitable for family viewing and I don't think it's contemporary or 'new' enough to appeal to that many older viewers. It was far too old-school for me and I thought comedy had evolved over the years, this was too reminiscent of the shows I was forced to watch as a kid and it was so far off the mark for me that I stopped watching it mid way through the series, something I never usually do. I wouldn't watch it again, my solitary one star rating here is awarded simply because I'm unable to give it no stars and I wouldn't recommend anyone else buying this on either DVD or BluRay format.

        Adding insult to injury I paid for the BluRay version of Mrs Brown's Boys which made it an even greater waste of money, it doesn't need to be viewed in a High Definition format but as I thought I was going to like the show I paid the extra amount just to add it to my Blu Ray collection. The show is studio-based and the print transfer on my copy is fine and the series does come presented across 2 discs with the second one having various extras and bloopers on that you can watch if you so desire. It goes without saying that I didn't watch the second disc, I'd had enough of the show itself after 3 and a half episodes to want to put myself through any more of Mrs Brown and the next time I have another clearout of my DVDs and BluRays then I won't hesitate in trading this in at CEX or on MuiscMagpie's website.

        Crass, Loud, Unfunny. This sums up Mrs Brown and her boys as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for reading my reivew.


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          15.02.2012 18:42
          Very helpful



          It's a man in a dress.... you can't get funnier than that can you???

          I bought my brother-in-law a DVD for Christmas, (big spender aren't I?), and he raved how funny it was, the DVD not the fact I bought it.
          Anyway, he tried to explain to me what the DVD was about, telling me it was a sitcom about a man dressed as a mother of many grown kids who was trying to keep her house in order.
          His explanation of the DVD didn't have me intrigued at all but as he continued to rave about the show I decided to give it a go, just to see what all the fuss was about, and to be perfectly honest I'm so glad that I did as it is without doubt one of the funniest sitcoms I have had the pleasure of watching for a long time.

          So what is this sitcom then? I can hear you all asking, (or is that the voices in my head again?).
          This sitcom is in fact called Mrs Browns boys and, as my brother-in-law put it, it is a comedy about a mother and her Irish family as they go about their day to day lives.
          Mrs Agnes Brown, the mother, became the head of the Brown family after the death of her husband and father to her children, Cathy, Mark, Dermot, Rory and Trevor, (who doesn't appear in this series as he is away on missionary work).
          Also living in the house is Grand dad who rarely speaks but makes a big impact in several scenes with his short, but quite powerful stints of acting.

          The show itself is set in a studio which is made up to look like a house, although you only see the living room and the kitchen, but on many shots you get to see how the set up is, especially when Brendon, I mean Mrs Brown, wanders around the set and is followed by one of the camera's, which then shows the entire set, sometimes including the audience.

          It is created by Brendon O'Carroll who also writes the episodes and stars in them as the main character, Mrs Brown. Yes, he's dressed up as a woman.
          And it is directed by Ben Kellet, who also has a hand in other shows such as My Parents are Aliens, Armstrong and Miller, Al Murray's MPD and some other comedies as well, so he knows a little about what makes people laugh.

          The people who star alongside Brendon are mainly real life family and friends, such as...
          Fiona O'Carroll, Danny O'Carroll, Eilish O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Paddy Houlihan, Pat Shields, Amanda Woods, Rory Cowan, Gary Hollywood and Dermot O'Neil

          To date there are 2 series, with this first series having 6 episodes whilst the second has 7 episodes, including the Christmas special.
          There is a 3rd series planned for sometime in 2012, possibly towards the end of the year maybe.
          It has a 15 certificate as it does contain some semi-strong language, word such as 'feck' instead of ... well you know. But during the course of the series, and indeed in some of the extra bits, there is indeed a little bit of swearing which may well offend some people.

          A few facts about the show...

          Although the sitcom is supposed to make you think it's in Ireland it is actually filmed in Scotland in front of a live studio audience, which means that the laughter you hear is real laughter and not that horrid canned stuff that some shows pump into the speakers, making it sound so unrealistic.

          Initially the show had a but of a bad reception, from papers such as 'The Irish Times' and 'The Irish Independent', stating that the show was outdated and would only appeal to those who enjoyed watching a man dressed as a foul mouthed old lady. But the viewing figures shot those critics out of the water as the each of this first series episode become the most viewed at the time. In fact the 2011 Christmas episode actually watched by almost half the Irish viewers when it was aired, (48.6%).
          Then when the show was aired in the UK it was again criticised by the papers only for the viewing figures to hit around 3 million for the third episode, therefore show that people really do like this sort of 'silly' humour where you can just sit back and laugh.

          In fact, contradictory to the so called critics, this show then went onto being nominated for a BAFTA in 2011 and won an IFTA for Best Entertainment programme
          (this information can be found freely on-line)

          The characters...

          * Agnes Brown, (Brendon O'Carroll) is mother of the brood with is proud of her family no matter what they do or say. She often swears during her daily conversations, although many of her swear words are spoken in such a way that they're not exactly swear words. Apart from her love of her family she also loves hearing, and spreading gossip, what ever she hears. Her best friend is her neighbour, Winnie, who, even thogh they are best friends, she loves to wind up when ever she can when they are sat around in the kitchen or the local bar chatting.

          * Cathy Brown, (Jennifer Gibney, who happens to be Brendon's wife in real life), is Agnes's daughter in the show. She is a single woman who is always looking for true love, only finding it hard to get the right man, especially as she knows her mother will just stick her nose in and ruin any chance she has.

          * Dermet Brown, (Paddy Houlihan, is a close friend of the O'Carroll family), plays the youngest son. He works in PR, sort of, which often means he is required to wear a rather strange uniform in his day to day job.

          * Maria Nicholson, (Fiona O'Carroll, Brendon's daughter in real life), plays Dermot's wife. She is a nurse and mother to Dermot's three kids, triplets, and is a bit of a thorn in Agnes's side.

          * Winnie McGoogan, (Eilish McHugh, Brendan's sister in real life), plays Agnes's next door neighbour, who is also her best friend. Although she comes across as a little naive and quiet she is constantly sat around the table gossiping with Agnes about someone or other.

          * Buster Brady, (Danny O'Carroll, who is Brendon's son in real life), is the best friend, and past prison cell mate, of Dermot. He is constantly coming up with some plan to rob or con someone and is always convincing Dermot to join in, much to Agnes's disgust.

          Mark Brown, (Pat Shields), is the eldest son of Agnes, living with his wife Betty and their son Bono. He is a gentle soul with a secret that he tried to keep well hidden, even from his wife.

          Betty Brown, (Amanda Woods, who is married to Danny O'Connell so is Brendon's daughter in law in real life), plays Agnes's daughter-in-law in the show too, as she is married to Mark. She is probably the only one that actually stands up to Agnes and this causes a lot of friction when the two of them come together.

          Rory Brown, (Rory Cowan) is Agnes's gay son, although it takes a long while, and a lot of 'hints' for Agnes to realise that Rory is on fact gay, but when she does find out she handles the news in only the way that Agnes can....

          Dino Doyle, (Gary Hollywood), is Rory's close friend, according to Agnes, who runs a hair dressers, together with Rory.

          Grandad, (Dermot O'Neill), is the slightly mad father-in-law of Agnes who tends to just sit, or stand, around doing nothing but always getting in the way of something or other.

          Hilary Nicholson, (Sorcha Cusack) is Maria's mother who is a bit of a 'snob' until she has a few drinks inside her and then there's no stopping her.

          The episodes themselves...

          1... The Mammy
          Grandad is not so well and the doctor is called out, only his tests don't go quite as smoothly as he hoped.
          Meanwhile Dermot and Maria are not speaking to each other, much to Agnes's, (Mrs Brown's), joy, but things soon take a turn for the better when Cathy uses her skills as a Psychology student to the tests, getting the two together to discuss their troubles, only Agnes wants to get involved.

          2... Mammy's secret
          There's many secrets in the Brown household, Mark won't tell anyone why he's had to leave his marital home, Cathy won't tell Agnes who her new boyfriend is and Dermot won't tell anyone what is worrying him.
          So when Mrs Brown begins to intervene in the troubles it is not too long before the trouble escalates and the future looks a little bleak for Dermot and his upcoming wedding.

          3... Mammies merchandise
          Dermot's wedding is getting closer and his troubles are beginning to show, starting with his choice of best man , as it isn't to everyone's liking, especially when a money makign scheme doesn't quite go as well as it should do.
          Meanwhile, Winnie is not very happy when her husband is rushed into hospital and she has to get some money together to pay for the operation.

          4... Mammy rides again
          Agnes and Winnie feel a little left out when they don't get an invite to Maria's hen night, so Agnes comes up with a plan to gate crash it, only for things to turn out not entirely as she planned.
          But things get even more complicated for Agnes when she has a dinner date with Maria's mother, Mrs Nicholson, but first has to refurbish a small room to impress the snobby woman. But again, things don't go according to plan.

          5... Mammy of the Groom
          Buster is trying his hardest to write a bestman speech for Dermot's wedding but Agnes is not happy with what he has to say about her son.
          Things are even worse for Dermot when he gets last minute nerves and takes to the toilet in the hope of hiding away from it all.
          But Agnes confusion after reading a book turns to happiness when she hears some reassuring news about where her son wants to live.

          6... Mammy's miracle
          Grandads moaning about the fact that he thinks no one will have anything nice to say about him at his funeral so Dermot comes up with a rather strange plan.
          Dermot and Buster are planning a way to get some money together but are soon in a little trouble when someone suddenly appears.
          Meanwhile, Father Quinn is at a cross roads as he feels he is losing his faith and Maria wanting to move out of the Browns house Agnes has many more dilemmas to deal with once again.
          Can she sort out everyone's problems before the end of the series???

          This is a two disk set with the first disc having the 6 episodes on it, whilst the second disc, after the usual palaver of the universal screen followed by the copy right nonsense, which seems to stay on for ages, presents you with...

          * The pilot episode, which is called Dermot's dilema. This is really the first episode in the DVD series entitled "The Mammy" but is filmed slightly differently, but is still as funny.
          * Special features, which include the trailer, introductions of the cast and crew, extended scenes, interviews, out takes and dedications.

          The interviews include a brilliant interview with the man himself, then there's a rather lovely section where Brendon, or more Mrs Brown, does a live Birthday section to the crowd, wishing certain members of the Audience a happy Birthday, in only the way Brendon knows how.

          My opinion...

          To be honest when I first saw a few clips of this show I initially thought that it looked a pile of, (be polite), garbage, but when I actually watched the first episode on theis disc, after borrowing it from my brother-in-law, I was instantly hooked on the man in a dress, (not my brother-in-law, he doesn't wear a dress, well, not that often).
          Anyway, as I said, when I sat through the first episode, The Mammy, I was in stitches, in fact my sides were hurting from all the laughing and I had tears rolling down my face.
          So I watched the rest of the episodes thinking that surely the guy couldn't keep up the comical genius he had created, but he certainly had and it only got better as the show rolled on.
          There is just so much banter from the entire cast, with even the crew joining in at some points, and you get to see some of them as the show goes on, starting in the first episode when Mrs Brown forgets her handbag and has to go home to get it... simply brilliant and in some shows this little sketch, together with many other sketches, would have been confined to the outtakes.
          Maybe this is why Mrs Brown's boys is on a class of its own then, due to the fact it doesn't feel the need to edit certain 'mistakes' out of the final show as it adds to the charm of the Irish, so to speak.

          There's a lot to look out for, including the things that go on in the back ground, watching as the cast try not to laugh whilst Agnes is doing what she does. Then there's the hilarious faces that are made as the arguments commence when Agnes tries to take control of any situation that arises, such as in the first episode when someone 'forgets the badges'.

          It is one of those shows that, on paper, may sound a little too stupid to watch but if you actually watch it it is just so funny that you'll want to watch it over and over again, seeing things in it that you may have missed the past time you watched it.

          In all, this has to be one of, if not the funniest sitcoms that has graced the small screen for a long time and I have enjoyed watching it over and over again, finding something new to laugh at each time I watch it.
          And if you get bored with watching the episodes, which I doubt very much, you can always watch the second disc which is crammed with all sorts of hilarity, including the out takes, which do contain some bad language, and a lot more.

          So if you want to get your hands on this first series then grab a copy of the double disc set, which comes in a bright yellow case, for around £6.50, which for over three hours of simply fantastic, hilarious, comical genius is defiantly great value for money in anyone's eyes.


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