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Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 2 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / To Be Announced / DVD released 2012-05-07 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    3 Reviews
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      20.02.2013 15:05
      Very helpful



      Love it!

      Mrs Brown's Boys; Series Two is a British sitcom starring Irish Comedian and Actor Brendan O'Carroll. Series two was first broadcast in the United Kingdom in January 2012. Mrs Brown's Boys: Series Two is available to buy on DVD from Amazon for a price of £11.00 which I do think is quite expensive, especially at the series has already been viewed on television . The DVD is a 15 which means that is must not be viewed by children under the age of 15.

      ~ * Episodes * ~

      ~ * Episode One - Mammy Pulls It Off * ~

      Dermot (Mrs Brown's son) and his wife Maria are expecting a baby and are looking for a house of their own. Having just got married, the couple cannot afford to buy a place of their own. However, Mrs Brown, who as always, tries to do her very best for her children promises that they can have the money from Granddad's life insurance. There is just one tiny problem; Granddad isn't actually dead. Will Mrs Brown be able to pull the insurance scam off?

      I enjoyed this episode and thought that it was quite interesting. I felt a bit sorry for Granddad although found the whole plot of this episode to be quite comical. I didn't laugh my socks off at this episode; I thought that this episode was a little bit more dramatic than other episodes as I kept thinking 'oh I hope Mrs Brown doesn't get into trouble'.

      ~ * Episode Two - Mammy's Coming * ~

      Mrs Brown's son, Trevor (he's a new character in this series) is off back to Africa to work and Mrs Brown is very upset. She wants to throw him a good party before he leaves to remind him of what a great family he has back home in Ireland. Mrs Brown's best friend Winnie is happy as her husband is on medication which has brought back his libido. Mrs Brown's daughter, Cathy's 'family psychology session' turns into mayhem and Maria has some bad news for Cathy. Dermot (Mrs Brown's son) and his best friend Buster get into more trouble; this time with a circus lion!

      I thought that this was a very busy episode with lots of things going on. It was certainly entertaining and I thought that it made quite a change that so many things happened in one episode as usually there is mainly just one 'event' happening in each episode. I loved the chats between Mrs Brown and Winnie; it's so funny to hear two elderly ladies talk abour 'rude things' hehe. Cathy annoyed me a little bit in the family psychology session by being so serious, although I did think that the 'psychology session' was quite funny, especially when everyone was winding Cathy up.

      ~ * Episode Three - iMammy (Batteries Not Included) * ~

      Dermot and Maria's baby is due very soon and so in order to give them a bit of practise before the time actually arrives, they are giving a 'robot' baby to look after. However, the robot baby is causing disruption to the whole household and soon Mrs Brown comes up with a way to stop the baby crying....by pulling the batteries out! On the other hand, Cathy is not having any luck in her love life and is getting very fed up. Will she find a man soon?

      This was a sweet little episode. I thought it was really 'grandma like' to offer to help look after the robot baby. It actually turned out to be quite a comical little episode as Mrs Brown takes the batteries out. I was a bit fed up of hearing Cathy moaning about her love life; yet she always seems to have a date.

      ~ * Episode Four - Super Mammy * ~

      Mrs Brown is feeling very self conscious about her weight; she decides to go on a diet, but finds it very hard when she sees her favourite foods. Rory is happy after getting a promotion at work, however his partner Dino is in a bad mood with him.

      I think that this is something everyone can relate to; being conscious of putting on weight and so I felt sorry for Mrs Brown. This was a fairly simple episode with 'every-day' things. There wasn't anything particularly dramatic in this episode, although it was still very entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

      * ~ Episode Five - Mammy's Going * ~

      Spartacus the family dog has become old and unwell and so the family decide that it is time to put her in a home. However, they are afraid to tell Mrs Brown. When Mrs Brown overhears a conversation between them all, she gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks that the family are thinking about putting her in a home. Mrs Brown tries to prove that she isn't too old by doing 'young' things such as going running. Cathy brings home her new boyfriend who is a professor and seems very desperate to interview Mrs Brown (who thinks that he's doing a test to see that she hasn't gone senile). Mrs Brown's birthday is coming up and family are throwing her a surprise party...although Mrs Brown is expecting a totally different surprise. Will Mrs Brown go in a home?

      I thought that this was great episode. It was definitely my favourite episode out of the whole series. Poor old Mrs Brown; she is very, very funny though when she tries to act young. I loved the parts where Mrs Brown could overhear the conversations the family were having. If only she knew the truth. Being an animal lover I found this episode to be quite sat. I certainly wouldn't call it a jolly episode, although definitely my favourite one.

      ~ * Episode Six - New Mammy * ~

      Mrs Brown's daughter-in-law Maria is due to give birth soon and Mrs Brown has decided that it is time to build bridges with Maria's mother. She decides to take Maria's mother out for a meal to 'make up', although Maria's mother gets very drunk. Meanwhile at home, Maria goes into labour; Dermot faints, Buster is panicking and there is no one else at home. Will the ambulance arrive in time.

      Maria's mother isn't the nicest person (she's very snobby) and so it was a pleasure to see her make a fool of herself and so I actually felt 'woo 1 nil to Mrs Brown', as it's usually the other way round. So to see Mrs Brown get her own back on Maria's mother was great. The episode ends on a very dramatic note.

      ~ * What Is The Show About? * ~

      Well, the main star of the show is Mrs Brown, an old lady (a man in a dress) who isn't afraid to say what she thinks. The show takes place in Mrs Brown's home as she deals with day-to-day life, mainly involving her six children.

      ~ * What Are The Characters Like? *~

      Aww I love the characters - all of the characters in the story are 'family' - mainly Mrs Brown's children and her best friend Winnie. They are a likeable family and I love how each character brings something different. My favourite character is definitely Mrs Brown. She is such a fun character who makes me laugh my head off - the things she comes out with and her old 'fashioned' sayings! She also swears a lot which seems funny coming from an old lady. She is very comical and only has to pull a silly face to get everyone laughing. I also love how Mrs Brown (or Brendan O'Carroll who plays her) does a lot of 'ad-libbing' especially as the other actors are not expecting it as it is not in the script. He usually says a load of silly things and then the actors end up laughing. I also love how they keep the 'mistakes' in the show and just carry on as it makes it funnier.

      All the characters are likeable. I also like Buster because he is comical because he doesn't have much common sense. I do find that some of the female characters are a bit annoying; for example Cathy is always too serious and seems like quite a 'stiff' actress who can only play one emotion. Another character who annoys me is Betty Brown as I always think that she overacts things a little bit. These minor things are certainly nothing to stop me enjoying the show though.

      There are lots of characters in this show and they all appear in each episode which is good. The same characters appear and it's quite unusual for 'other characters to appear in the show'. I love the whole 'family vibe' the characters have and they all seem to bounce off each other really well.

      ~ * What Do I Think? * ~

      There is something so fresh and new about this show, yet it still maintains that 'old fashioned-ness' that you do not get in television shows these days. The episodes are based on usual, every day things, such as family life etc, and so they are definitely something which everything can relate to. There is nothing far-fetched about the plots which means that they are very believable. The episodes are also very easy to follow and never 'difficult to get into'. They make easy-watching and so are perfect to watch after a stressful day as they do not require any thinking at all. Also I find that as the episodes are so 'easy to get into', I could tune into an episode during the last ten minutes of the show and still 'get' it. The episodes are very predictable yet this just makes it more funnier as you wait for what is going to happen to happen.

      It is so nice to just sit down and escape to another world (Mrs Brown's World). I soon forget about my own life when I am watching this show and so I would say that it is a great show to just 'escape to'.I have found that a lot of the modern comedy shows I used to love have now become boring; Benidorm and Celebrity Juice etc; they are just so predictable and once you get used to their style of comedy, it's just not funny anymore. However, this show is always funny as you just don't know what is coming next. We are always laughing our heads off at it in our house.

      Sometimes when the 'firsts' of something (whether it is a movie, television show or book) do really well, sometimes the hype surrounding it, ends up with the sequel being a flop and so not having scene the second series of the show, I was worried that this may happen with this series. However, I am pleased to say that this series is just as good as, if not better than the first series which is great.

      My only negative point concerning the show is that I wish each episode was on longer than 30 minutes. I think an hour would be better as they are a bit too short for my liking. It would also be better if there were more episodes in the series as six isn't really a lot. Then again, it is the kind of show which you can watch over and over again without getting bored and still love just as hard the second time round as you did when you saw it the first time.

      If you love old fashioned comedy, then I would definitely recommend this DVD!! It's a laugh-a-minute kind of show. I think that this show is great because it appeals to all ages from teenagers to the elderly. It is a great family show (although there is a bit of swearing, so no under fifteens should watch this). Also if you do not like swearing then you may not like this. Also, having seen the Mrs Brown 'Arena Tour' show, I have to say that the show works much better as a television programme than it does as an 'arena show'. All in all, a great DVD which I would definitely recommend.

      Thanks for reading!
      February 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        11.02.2013 20:56
        Very helpful



        Definitely recommended for people who love a good hilarious comedy!

        Mrs. Brown and her family are back for another BAFTA award - winning series full of action! Mrs. Brown's
        Series 1 was only a small portion of her amazing comedy series but Series 2 is an absolutely outrageous masterpiece. 'Thought you'd seen Mrs. Brown at her most craziest in series 1, well you ain't see nothing yet!

        TV's most funniest comedian, Agnes Brown, is back again for another action - packed series that will blow your brains out!

        Join Agnes Brown and her family in her brand new series where she will be constantly meddling in her childrens lives but does she know what consequences and problems she will be faced with!

        Dare to read on?

        Her mind - blowing DVD contains not only 1 DVD but 2 DVD's. The second DVD includes lots of DVD extras, her amazing end of series wrap, Brendans fantastic jokes and her great extended scenes!

        Why did I particularly like this comedy?

        Well, there are many different hilarious comedy's to choose from but Mrs. Brown just simply caught my eye. Before I'd even purchased the DVD, I knew it was going to be a thrilling experience when watching it and guess what, I was exactly right! I loved it! Her extra - ordinary jokes and even the way she talks makes the comedy great.

        I won't give the storylines away as it will definitely spoil it for you. I will leave you to see for yourself!

        I must warn you that Mrs. Browns Boys does contain strong language and sex references and should only be viewed by 15 year old's and over.

        Each episode last's approx 30 minutes but you'll love it, trust me! I hope I've given you a small taster of what Mrs. Brown is like.

        I definitely recommend this amazing DVD to you and makesure you buy it!


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        08.02.2013 12:22
        Very helpful



        A man in drag may not be to everyone's taste...

        Back in 1992 a strange character, Brendan O'Connell, hit the radio waves with a new way to look at life, giving the people of Ireland a brief, yet very comical look at the Agnes Brown and her family, coming out under the name of Mrs Browns boys.
        It took a little while, with books hitting the shelf and even a film being made in 2000, with a few mini movies after that. But eventually, well, a decade later, in 2010, after Agnes and her family had been on the road for a while, someone finally asked Brendan if he would be interested in making a few episodes of his ever growing comedy, to which he agreed and brought in a new team of actors, many of whom he knew very well indeed, in order to create the perfect comedy about a dysfunctional family headed by the most dysfunctional mother in the world...
        It was to long after that that RTE one, an Irish broadcasting company bought he rights to the episodes and brought them into the public eye. Then, when things were on the up for Brendan and his new team, the BBC took notice and decided to air the six episodes that became Mrs Browns first series, hitting the small screen with some strange reaction and many different views.

        Now, to date, there have been three series made of this sitcom with three special episodes on top. At present, two series are sold as DVD sets, having six episodes in each series, with each DVD set having a few little extras in with it.

        And it is the second series that I am going to tell you about here...

        * So what exactly is Mrs Browns Boys then..?

        Firstly, let me tell you that Mrs browns Boys is created and written by Brendan O'Carroll, directed by Ben Kellet, produced y Stephen McCrum and stars Brendan O'Carroll and many of his family and friends, such as Pat Shields, Jennifer Gibney, Paddy Hoilihan, Danny O'Carroll, Fiona O'Carroll, Eilish O'Carroll, Rory Cowan, Dermot O'Neill, Gary Hoolywood and Amanda Woods

        So that's the cast, well, most of them anyway, but before I go into this second series, and for those that have never heard of Mrs Browns boys, let me give you a briefing about who and what it is all about.
        It is a comedy sitcom style show involving a family living in a small house in Ireland.
        The head of the household is, of course, Mrs Brown, played by Brendan, (yes, Brendan plays the lead role, Mrs Brown, who is really a man in drag, and there's no spoiler there for as soon as you see the character Mrs Brown you'll realised straight away that she is most definitely a 'he').
        Anyway, Mrs Brown, (Brendan), has a few grown up children, namely her sons, Mark, (Pat Shields), her eldest, who is married to Betty, (Amanda Woods), and they have a son called Bono, (Jamie O'Carroll). Mark and his family don't live with Agnes but visit regularly, to which Agnes always tried to have sly little digs at Betty, mainly for taking her son away from the family home.
        Then, there's Cathy, (Jennifer Gibney), Agnes's daughter, the only girl, who still lives at home after her marriage break up and is now single and looking for love, (sounds like a dating agency advert there). Cathy and Agnes are quite close but there is always a sort of friction between them on a daily basis.
        Grandad, (Dermot O'Neill) is Agnes's father in law and lives in the house with Agnes
        taking care of him, which she acts as though she doesn't really like to do but not all we see is the truth.
        Then we have Rory, (Rory Cowan) who is another of Agnes's sons. He is in a relationship with his long term boyfriend Dino, (Gary Hoolywood).
        Another of her sons is Dermot, (Paddy Houlihan), who is the youngest of the family and seems to spend his working day dressed as a different character in his cartoon type job. Dermot is married to Maria, (Fiona O'Carroll), who works as a nurse in the local hospital and comes from a quite well off family.
        Then there's Buster Brady, (Danny O'Carroll), who is Dermot's best friend and a bit of a criminal, often trying to talk Dermot into helping him try and commit a crime or two, much to Maria's disappointed. Buster also has a bit of a thing for Cathy, much to her horror as she finds him to be a little, shall we just say annoying.
        Another of Agnes's sons is Trevor, (Martin Delany), who is a priest and works on a missionary, sometimes visiting his mother but only staying for a day or so. Agnes obviously misses him a lot and clearly shows this, sometimes in such a way that it seems she sees him as her favourite son.

        Agnes's best friend, and neighbour, is Winnie McGooghan, (Eilish Delany) who comes across as a little dim witted and is often confused by what Agnes asks of her. The two of them are often seen having deep and meaingful conversations either in Agnes's Kitchen or in the local bar, which is Foley's.
        Finally, although there are other characters that come into each episode, we have Hilary, (Susi Blake), which plays Maria's mother. She is a very posh woman who often looks down her nose at Agnes and her family, believing that her daughter, Maria, has married beneath her. Luckily though, Agnes can hold her own and is capable of putting Hilary in her place.

        As I said, there are other characters in this series who all play there parts well.

        So know for this second series in a three series show...
        * Here's the episode rundown in brief ...

        1- Mammy pulls it off...
        After the wedding of Dermot and Maria, (the Christmas special ending the first series), it is now time for more joy as they are expecting a baby. There only unhappiness is that they are desperate for a place of there own as the Brown household is a little too over crowded, and, with the baby being more of a surprise than they first thought, the over crowding can only get worse.
        So when Agnes comes up with a plan to get the newly weds the money for a down payment for a new place things seem to be quite normal, well, as normal as normal can be in the Brown house anyway. Sadly though, with Agnes making plans you know things aren't going to go quite right, and with her plan being centred around granddads life insurance there's one slight snag, which could scupper the entire idea unless Agnes can keep Granddad out of sight from some un wanted visitors.

        2- Mammy's coming...
        There's a family meeting in the house when Cathy tries to sort out a family issue, but, in the Brown fashion, things get a little bit out of hand, with some strange results.
        Cathy is happy in her new relationship with Mick the.... Until Maria remembers something about him that she reveals in front of the whole family after Buster and Dermot have a 'misadventure' with a wild animal.
        Meanwhile, Trevor's called back to Africa to the missionary which is upsetting fro Agnes as she feels he has only just arrived.

        3- iMammy, (Batteries not included)...
        With Maria and Dermot's baby due anytime now, things in the Brown household are getting more and more hectic. So when they take on a robotic baby in order to practice being parents Agnes decides to help out in watching the robot, only her helping hand turns a little heated and things begin to fall apart.
        Meanwhile Cathy has a new man in her life in the form of a professor, only this man seems to be more interested in her mother than Cathy herself.

        4- SuperMammy...
        Agnes is not happy when she is told that she looks a little 'overweight' by her family and friends so she tried to go about losing some pounds with the help of Cathy, only things don't go to plan as per usual.
        Meanwhile, Rory has a promotion at the hairdressers and is soon regretting it when there's friction in the work place.

        5- Mammy's going...
        The family dog, Spartacus, is not well and it looks like it may be the big dog kennel in the sky for him, only the Brown family don't know how to break the news to Agnes so as not to upset her too much. But when Agnes over hears the family talking about it she gets the wrong end of the stick and is some trying to prove that she is worth more than she things they think she is.

        6- New Mammy...
        Agnes is trying to grow a relationship with Maria 'snobby' mother as she knows that they are both going to grand mothers very soon, and things seem to be going well as the pair have a lovely dinner and a few drink together, which leads to some strange conversations.
        Meanwhile, as the soon to be Grand mothers are deep in conversation, and deep in other things, there's a bit of trouble in the Brown house as Maria, Dermot and the bewildered Buster all need some serious help.

        So that's the episodes...
        Now, this is a two disc set featuring 6 episodes and some extras on the disc, which include Extended scenes, a few jokes and a rather nice cover version of Take That's single 'Patience'
        It has a 15 certificate, although there is more swearing and the like in this series that in the first series.

        * My Opinion...
        When I first ever saw a clip of the early shows, before it became as popular as it has become, I wasn't that impressed with it. Maybe I just caught a clip that was not as funny as the rest of the show, (which, as I now know, is practically impossible as each clip is as funny as the last one), or I was just in one of those moods...
        But now, after becoming a bit of a fan of hers, I mean him, Agnes, or Brendan, I really love watching it, sometimes over and over again, cracking up each time, especially when they leave in the accidental errors and carry on regardless, with one of the characters trying their hardest not to burst out laughing as Agnes goes into her 'wind up' mode. This is really comical when it comes to Rory as he just can't keep a straight face at the best of times, let alone when he realised that a slight mistake has been made. But this all adds to the comedy of what is a harmless, if a little foul mouthed, show about an Irish family with some strange views on life.

        Right from the first line in the first episode in this series there is none stop comedy as Agnes does what she does best... keep her family happy the best she can, which, in the opening episode, means a little deception that leads to some hilarious scenes as Granddad moves about more than he's ever done before.
        From then on it's just none stop fun and laughter with some eye watering results as everything that can go wrong goes wrong in the best way possible.
        What I find really adds to the comedy is that during some of the episodes there are a few, shall we say, errors, with Brendan deciding to keep them in instead of getting rid of them in the final edit. This adds to the comical greatness of the show and makes it what it is, especially when he ad-libs his way through a scene, whilst those around him seem to be doing their best to keep a straight face, which goes down quite well, sometimes.

        Every character plays their part so well indeed, bringing everyone together to 'bounce' off each other. In fact I really do think that Brendan thought it out well when he decided to use people he knew as the other characters in the show. With all the actors being all either related to each other or are close friends of the family. Such as Jennifer Gibney, (Cathy), who is married to Brendon, (Agnes), with Agnes's kids in the show being either her own kids or family friends.
        I think it's this family and friends scenario that helps out as they all get along so well off stage that that shows on stage too.
        The story lines are pretty straight forwards, some episodes having more than one story to get through, but at the end of the day the stories aren't far fetched and to be honest they're the sort of things that happen to everyone out there, so someone somewhere will be able to say at some point, "I know what you mean Agnes.... I know what you mean.."

        Brendan really does get into the part of Agnes, (maybe he enjoys cross dressing? Each to his own..), and can bring the crowd do laughter by a simple facial expression. He doesn't need words in some scenes as you know by his expression exactly what he's thinking, which seems to make the entire thing funnier in a way, sort of leaving a little to your own imagination as you watch the hapless family try and win an argument with the curly haired grand mother who simply takes no prisoners.

        I do have to say that there is one character that does seem a little, well, wooden, shall we say. That's Cathy, (Jennifer Gibney), who can sometimes come across as if she's struggling with the lines a little bit. But even that doesn't take the comedy out of the show one bit. You just seem to get used to the way she comes across, ignoring her 'woodenness' (is that a word? My spell checker thinks so).
        But everyone else is brilliant at what they do, even joining in as Agnes ad-libs through a scene. Rory and Dino are instantly likeable, even if Dino can come across as a bit of a 'snob', but they are portrayed exultantly by Cowan and Hollywood.
        Then there's the chuckle brothers themselves, the most unluckiest bad lads in Ireland, Dermot and Buster, who Houlihan and O'Carroll, (real life son) play to perfection, bringing many laughs with their many 'get rich quick' plans.

        I love all six episodes, but if I had to pick my favourite I would go for 'iMammy' as this is hilarious, especially when Agnes baby sits and Grand dad thinks he's giving birth... just watch it and you'll see what I mean...
        But as I say, they are so funny that, sometimes, I miss a funny scene as I am still laughing from the scene before, which annoys the wife as she can't here what's going on in the show.

        In all, this is a show is Fan-dab-be-dosy... or so someone once said, who was that? Some little chap who was about in the 1990's or something.
        In other words, this is a fantastic comedy that has to be watched at least once in order to gain a good opinion of it.
        It is, at the end of the day, a silly comedy that is there to entertain. It isn't serious and should not be taken serious by any means.

        * So how much is this 2nd series DVD..?
        To enjoy these 6 episodes of total hilarity will cost you about a tenner, and for that you get a the episodes, of course, a few outtakes, an interview with a few cast members and a behind the scenes dig at the audience with Agnes talking to some poor unsuspecting members as they try to hide away from her/his sarcasm.

        * Is this worth watching...?
        Yes, yes, a million times yes.
        Although if you are one of those prunes... sorry, I mean people who find a little foul language is about to bring Satan and his political fellows rushing through your living room on horse back ready to take your soul from within your body then this may not be something that you should watch as it is full of, well, shall we say, close to the knuckle foul language.

        * Please note:
        I do realise that not all people will find Mrs Browns Boys funny, some may even find it offensive, that's what makes the world so interesting. I mean, some people find the likes of Ricky Gervais funny, especially in that show he did, the office. Me, I find him as funny as a catching bird flu whilst on my first holiday in ten years.
        But give Mrs Brown a chance... you might just become addicted

        ©Blissman70 2013


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