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New Girl - Season 1 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / To Be Announced / Actors: Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Jake M. Johnson, Lamorne Morris ... / DVD released 2012-10-08 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2013 19:12
      Very helpful




      I have in the past found it quite difficult to find any decent comedies since the American comedy TV Series 'Friends' finished back in 2004. Since then there were a small number of comedy TV shows have been viewable like 'How I Met your Mother' which did manage to make me chuckle a few times, but unfortunately i have never been an avid watcher of the show. That's until New Girl premièred in September 2011; and I have now found my 'Friends' TV Series replacement.

      New Girl Summary:
      New Girl is an American comedy TV series, and features actors; Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simonee, Jak Johnson, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone and Max Greenfield.

      Zooey Deschanel plays the main character 'Jess' in the show and has also stared along side Jim Carey in the movie 'Yes Man' and also known for her role in (500) Days of Summer where she played opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
      The main story of the show begins with the main character 'Jess' breaking up with her boyfriend whom she is currently living with, after catching him with another woman. Searching for a new place to live she comes across a new room mate ad for an apartment and quickly jumps at the idea of moving in with three guys.
      The room mates consist of Nick a bartender, Shmidt a very successful business man and over confident womaniser, and Winston an ex basketball player (replaces that character Coach from the pilot).

      Personal Opinion on Characters:
      Jess: She is quirky and a very goofy character, which is played so well by actress Zooey Deschanel; it was almost like the character was made for her, however i have read interviews where she stated that the role was not made for her in mind.

      She has a child like quality to her character that immediately grows on you as a viewer, and as the episodes play out you get see that she is a warm hearted character. Jess is definitely my favourite character on the show, although the others also bring alot comedic elements to the show that in a whole makes a great comedy.
      Schmidt: One word: hilarious. He is a over confident womaniser that manages to make me laugh out loud every episode. He gets into many amusing situations throughout the season; one which is memorable is his dancing of the wall scene and his hilarious attempt to do bad boy style dances.

      Nick: He has a great dry, sarcastic sense of humour and can be moody at times but this in my opinion is what adds to the comedy element. I also love facial expressions during his funny one liners.
      Wilson: His character has grown on me over the season, I didn't find his that funny at first, but once I got to know his character at bit more and see his character blossom over the season, i couldn't help but love this character.

      Favourite Episode Reviews:
      Naked (episode 4):

      This episode centres around Nick and his self esteem issues. This is triggered when Jess accidentally walks into his room while he is naked. This episode had me laughing out loud frequently, especially during the awkward moments between nick and jess after the incident. Jess puts her foot in it a few times by mentioning his physic, Nick then gets self concious about his body and starts talking to himself in the mirror and making funny postures; really funny moments there.
      Thanks Giving: (episode 6):

      Jess decides to make dinner for the group as she is inviting her friend over for the holiday (Guest star Justin Long). However it's not long before the group convince Jess that she is not the best chief for the occasion as the turkey gets burnt; resulting in Schmidt to come to her aid.
      Really funny episode, in particular is the great chemistry between Justins character and Jess; they are almost identical in their quirkiness and share some funny cute moments together. Another funny moment is when Schmidt is trying to cook the food but he as OCD when it comes to hygiene; so she has some very funny over the top moments when Jess's friend Cece dips her finger into the cooking pot.
      Bells: Episode 7

      Great episode which makes Winston's character finally come alight. During this episode Jess brings some of her students home to practice the handbell quartet, however when Winston steps in to give a student some tips; Jess is surprised to notice he is a natural in this type of area. Great scene where Wilson gets a bit too controlling while trying to teach them how to perform Eye of the Tiger, had me in stitches. Broken toilet seat was another funny side story between Schmidt and Nick, which had them both fighting over ways to fix it.
      Landlord (Episode 12)

      Another one of my favourites. This episode revolves around Jess trying to prove to the other house mates the the landlord is not as bad as they seem to believe. Funny moments include Jess bringing him small cakes and the land lord being portrayed as a creepy guy. Jess invites him back for dinner again to prove to her room mates that he is a nice guy; Nick however notices that the landlord has a crush on Jess and that the only reason the landlord is being nice to her, and of course Jess doesn't believe it.
      My other favourite episodes include:

      See Ya, Secrets, Control, Injured and Valentines Day.
      Final Verdict
      This is a hilarious TV series, with great funny characters and funny storylines. If you love the quirky type of comedy then give this a go :)


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