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One Tree Hill - Season 4 (DVD)

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Genre: Television - One Tree Hill / Suitable for 15 years and over / Actors: Paul Johansson, Sophia Bush, Moira Kelly, James Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray ... / DVD released 2008-04-07 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      13.08.2011 19:31
      Very helpful



      I'm in love with One Tree Hill!


      When I was thinking about how to start this review I thought about giving it the headline 'My guilty Pleasure'. But when I thought about it I realised it's far from a guilty pleasure-I will happily tell the whole world I love One Tree Hill so a pleasure it is-guilty not so much so!

      If you don't watch One Tree Hill or don't know much about it I will give you a brief summary of the show and the characters. One Tree Hill is a small town in North Carolina and the show centres around a group of friends there and their everyday lives (which are of course highly dramatised, because quite frankly I've been to school and know what it's like, we need a bit of drama to keep us watching!). The main characters are the following:
      Lucas Scott-the deep thinking basketball player who lives with his single mother and has been raised to respect women, appreciate life and take opportunities (basically he's my perfect man!). In the first few seasons Lucas was an outsider and as the show has progressed his popularity has risen but not his ego. Lucas is what I would call the main character of the show.
      Nathan Scott-the half brother of Lucas and fellow basketball star. Started the show as a selfish boy with no good intentions. By this series he's married, he's become honost, reliable and trustworthy and grown up a lot.
      Peyton Sawyer-I love Peyton, she's my favourite on the show! She's an artist, shes deep and she very damaged emotionally but despite all that her strength of character shines through. Hilarie Burton who plays her is fantastic!
      Brooke Davis-the popular 'it' girl at school. In the beginning she is selfish, snobby and stupid but she's grown a lot in previous series. By this point we see her learning to respect other people's feelings and put her own needs second to others.
      Hayley James-Scott-In the beginning of the show Hayley was the geek-the clever and cute geek, and best friends with Lucas. As their popularity rose their friendship has strengthened and now married to Lucas's brother Nathan, Hayley has had a succesful music career too.
      Mouth-the geeky boy who's everyone's friend! He's fed up with being the guy everyone loves as a friend and this series see's him chase girls to proove he's worthy of more than friend status.

      Also important in this series are the following characters:
      Deb-Nathans alcholic, drug addicted mother
      Dan-Nathans evil father
      Keith-Lucas and Nathan's dead, much loved uncle
      Karen-Lucas's Mother
      Skills-fellow basketball player, also dating Bevan
      Bevan-cheerleading friend of Brooke
      Rachel-big character in the second half of the show
      Gigi-dates Mouth and helps present the radio show

      This season is filled with everything I have come to love and adore about One Tree Hill-pregnancy, relationship make-ups and break-ups, friendship etc. This show has really touched me in many parts, it's heartfelt and the depth of the characters makes them so easy to relate to. Each charcter possess a trait which I can see in myself and has made the situations they go through very understandable to me. Although it's just a television show, this particular show is one I hold very dear. It's renewed my belief in love and deepened my understanding of friendship. Sometimes seeing things happen to someone else-in this case the characters here, means you too can learn lessons and I find a lot of that with this show. It's not just another teen drama. Far from it, it's liked by teenagers and adults alike and has something for everyone. I've known male viewers and female viewers of this show and although I don't consider myself a hard core fan, I like to think my love of the show meansI'm in a very educated position to review it.

      Season 4 starts at the end of Nathan and Hayley's marriage. In truth it's a renewal of vows but because of all the difficulties they faced in previous seasons and the fact that they only had a small first wedding, this time they do it properly with the big guest list etc. However chaos aruptswhen Rachel gets drunk and announces she has been sleeping with Nathan's uncle Coop. Drunk and heartbroken she hyjacks the wedding limo just as Coop jumps in to take over the wheel. Sadly their argument continues in the limo and as Hayley and Nathan leave for their honeymoon in London they narrowly miss a collision with the limo. The limo leaves the road off a bridge and in to a river, with Coops and Rachel inside. Nathan heroically risks his own life to save his uncle and Rachel. While all this is going on Lucas finds a pregnancy test in one of the girls bags at the wedding reception. But whos is it?
      As Rachel awakens in hospital she realises she caused the accident but is devasted to learn Coop isn't doing so well and may even die. Rachel, the most heartless and superficial of the cast is struck down with guilt and we do see a short softer side to her. This is also the case for Dan, he's haunted by the memories of killing his brother Keith last season. He knows he's got away with it but his mind wont let him move on.
      As Coop is recovered he leaves town, finally aware that Rachel isn't pregnant. He takes the flack for the accident but tells Rachel it's over. Although we know shes not the one whos pregnant there are still two big possibilities-Hayley and Brooke. In order to mend her broken heart Rachel decides it's Nathan she now wants in her bed. On the other side of town Peyton is trying to get on with her life without Brooke and holding Lucas at arms length to avoid her heart breaking. She is introduced to her half brother Derek who seems to have so much in common with her.
      As the pregnancy saga contiues so does the gossip in Tree Hill. Everyone talks about Brooke being pregnant while Rachel poses for Maxim magazine as a model. By now we are aware that it's not Brooke who is really pregnant but Hayley and Brooke has just been protecting her. Hayley knows she must finally tell the truth and as she prepares Nathan tells her that he's finally acheived his dream-of being a Duke Blue Devils basketball player. She blurts out shes pregnant and in shock he makes a quick exit. Back over Peyton's way she realises that Derek isn't who he says he is, but a crazed stalker who has learned all about her from her online diary and has been watching her every move and has an entire collection of photographs of her. However just in the nick of time the situation is realised and although Derek threatens her life, her real half brother, the real Derek turns up and pushes stalker Derek out of a 1st floor window. When they get downstairs he's gone but Peyton is so traumatised in Lucas's arms she barely functions.
      On the basketball field Lucas is allowed to rejoin the Ravens, his much loved team. But only for 15 minutes a night due to his heart condition. And also in the spirit of school-Brooke realises her new online boyfriend is actually her new teacher! They carry on with their fling, just because they can and they both seem to enjoy the sneaking around.
      Back to the basketball field, Nathan has had to borrow money from a gangster who wants it back by a bet he is putting on Nathan's team to win by a small amount of points-point shaving. Nathan goes along with this but feels guilty about doing so. Daunte the gangster loves holding Nathan over a barrell. At the basketball awards ceremony tears are cried for Whitey and dreams are put to rest for Brooke and Lucas as they realise they aren't the love of each others lives. Later that week as the boys prepare for their state championships Daunte tells Nathan he must purposely loose the game. But this is everything Whitey and Nathan have worked for, as well as the rest of the team. Despite knowing he should loose the game, Nathan chooses not to and the Ravens win. Daunte leaves angrily just as Lucas realises that the person he wants by his side for his entire life is Peyton. As everyone celbrates, he pulls her close and kisses her-about time too! Things turn horrific though after the game. Angry at Nathan, Daunte races his car towards the player buy Hayley pushes him out of the way and ends up getting hit by the car before Daunte looses control at the wheel. Nathan attacks Daunte but Dan jumps in and tell shim he's already dead...Meanwhile Lucas passes out while he waits with Hayley for the ambulance as he didn't take his heart pills so he could play well in the championships.
      Dan covers for his son and says he beat Daunte to death but news that Daunte died in the car crash before anyone got to him means Dan is free, but his fatherly instinct touches Nathan and it looks like their relationship is making progress. His mother however tries to escape from rehab, which is not quite so moving! Peyton lets Lucas in to her heart and they begin a relationship while Rachel and Brooke steal a maths test as unless Brooke passes she wont graduate on time. She also meets a great guy but he's part of the 'clean teens' a group of teens who abstain from sex. Deffinately not for Brooke! However she must pretend to be a memeber with Rachel to avoid being found out for stealing the maths test. Also at this point Nathan and Skills enter a stripping contest and make some fast cash!
      A special episode is episode 13 where each character is paired off with another for a class assignment. The pairings result in some strange revelations but also provides the opportunity for some home truths-particularly between Brooke and clean teen Chase.
      Nathan hosts a pre-prom party with all of Deb's hidden alcohol. However everyone ends up at each others throats for various reasons. First Hayley pours drink over Rachel and then hits her after Rachel confesses she stole the maths test in order to allow Brooke to escape the heat. Hayley also calls her out for trying to steal her husband. The real drama starts though when a tape showing Nathan and Brooke making out is shown to the entire party. Opps. Peyton quickly takes the opportunity to punch Brooke and Hayley looks disappointed as Nathan tries to assure her it was nothing. Hayley tells him she wants a list of every girl he's ever slept with-not good for the guy who slept around! Brooke tries to apologise to Peyton but Peyton tells her that sh'e been forced to face a lot of painful time alone because Brooke cut her out of her life because she was honest and told her she loved Lucas. Brooke never told Peyton about Nathan and turns out hypocrites don't rate well with Peyton.
      As prom night arrives so does terror for Peyton. Derek the stalker turns up and drugs her before Lucas arrives to pick her up. He thinks shes not coming and leaves her at the hands of eveil Derek. Brooke however despite her black eye knows something is wrong and goes to Peyton's to persuade her to come to Prom. Both girls end up tied to chairs with a maniac standing over them. They work together though and escape him before knocking him out. But the ordeal has revealed how much they love each others and they know they wont ever forget that now. Back at the prom Karen is still falling for Dan which is not good considering he murdered the love of her life last season.
      Mouth left Prom with Rachel and ends up in texas and in need of help. The gang decide to go and get him and bring him home but Honey Grove texas is inaccesable...until Chris Keller arrives on his tour bus and the gang begrudgingly go with him. When they arrive they find Mouth and visit a thrift shop to buy prom clothes after deciding their own Prom was awful so they will crash the prom in Honey Grove. They look like something out of the 60's in their second hand clothes but everyone moves closer again, particularly Peyton and Lucas who share the perfect Prom night.
      Back home crazy stalker Derek, who's real name is Ian is actually just a troubled boy who accidentally killed his previous girlfriend and lost the plot. Peyton tells him she forgives him but she is still very traumatised and can't be alone. Lucas also realises their is a witness to Dan killing Keith, now he must get the truth out!
      As the school year draws to a close the school exchange yearbooks for inscriptions from friends. Brooke declares her feelings for Chase but is embarrassed when he doesn't do the same. And Lucas gets a gun and heads to talk to Dan. As he points the gun at his father his mum passes out clutching her baby bump and the trigger is pulled...but he misses on purpose and makes Dan leave. Karen is then admitted to hospital with eclampsia. By graduation day Karen's baby has been delivered while she's in a coma and Lucas has a beautiful baby sister. The gang persuade him he still needs to graduate with his friends and as the ceremony marks a milestone Hayley goes in to labour too and Lucas gets a call to say that his mom has taken a bad turn. By the next episode everything is well with the world. Karen is recovered and names her daughter Lilly. Hayley and Nathan's son is born and called James Lucas. Peyton is about to embark on an internship in LA, Brooke is going to spend the summer with her parents and Peyton in LA, Nathan is getting ready to play college basketball and Lucas-well he's going to coach Nathan! And finally? Dan confesses to murder and the gang realise they have been living with a murderer. They stand on the basketball court and agree to reunite in exactly that spot in 4 years time when they all return to One Tree Hill.

      It's an amazing series with so many ups and downs, it's like riding a rollercoater but it's the most captivating watch of this genre. You can't fault any of the acting abilities of this cast, they are all very talented and able to portray these stories well. I thoroughly recommened this show, however not this season if your new to OTH. If your new to Tree Hill, start from the beginning you would be lost if you picked it up half way through.

      The boxset now retails for approximately £14.99 and comes with lots of special features which is always a bonus when you buy DVD'S. It features all 21 episodes which are all 45 minutes in length, this is just the perfect amount of time to break the season up and means you can fit it in easily to your daily routine! I can guarantee you will be quickly hooked!

      A whopping five stars from me!


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        11.08.2010 11:57
        Very helpful



        The Tree Hill gang spend their last term at High School

        I recently wrote a review of the third series of One Tree Hill, in which I stated that this programme is one of my guilty pleasures. Despite knowing that it is hardly intelligent viewing (though it likes to pretend it is) I really can't help watching and loving it, and so when I finished watching series 3 I couldn't stop myself from ordering the fourth and fifth series on DVD. It didn't take long before I'd devoured the first of my two new box sets and have already managed to watch a few hours of the second.

        But what is it that makes One Tree Hill such compulsive viewing? It may be the fact that most of the cast is achingly beautiful and we can't help but stare at them, though it's more likely to be because despite the storylines not being the most creatively original on television, it is a very entertaining show to watch. By this fourth series the viewer has gotten to know the main cast of five teenage friends (who have all slept with each other at some point, it seems, or are related to each other) and it is interesting to watch the twists and turns in their lives as their last semester at Tree Hill High comes to an end. Some of the plot points are farfetched enough to remind us that this is a work of fiction, but I believe that it's a fairly believable portrayal of teenage life in a medium sized American town. As they come to leave school they are all unsure and stressed about what they are going to do next in their lives, with a few of them relying on getting basketball scholarships to be able to go to University while others are concerned about even graduating from High School at all. They've all had difficult ups and downs over the past two years that we've seen but they all have a good group of friends and are scared to leave the security of living in their friendly, familiar town.

        I think in this series the makers may have realised that at times One Tree Hill can be a little silly and that they have had to create some improbable plot lines in order to keep the programme interesting. There is, however, some good character development in this series, with Lucas's and Nathan's father Dan Scott feeling regret and seeking redemption for the Terrible Awful thing that he did in the previous series, as well as students Rachel (who was new in series 3), Mouth and Skills getting much more screen time compared to what they had been getting in seasons 1-3. Nathan, Lucas, Brooke, Peyton and Hayley are still the stars of the show, however, though the fact that the DVD box features other characters on the cover as well implies that the makers of One Tree Hill realised that the increased appearance of minor characters was important in this series.

        I'd say that if you've seen or own the first three series of One Tree Hill and enjoyed them, then series four will not disappoint and I would say that its quality is comparable to those that have come before it. It doesn't have the excellent plotlines of 24, the fabulous ambience of Six Feet Under or even the wit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this series is a very enjoyable one and I would say that if you're into this sort of thing, it's well worth your £10.47.


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