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Peep Show: Series 1-3 Box Set (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Peep Show / Actors: David Mitchell, Robert Webb ... / DVD released 06 November, 2006 at Channel 4 DVD / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2012 19:16
      Very helpful




      --What you get--

      Three seasons of the award winning sitcom Peep Show!

      --Value for money--

      So much value for money!! I can watch these over and over again and find them hilarious every single time!! So if you have the same taste in comedy as me, you will find them fantastic value for money. Though it is worth noting that if you have a high speed internet connection at your house, they are all available on 4od so there is actually no need to buy the boxset except for your collection!

      --My personal opinion--

      After first watching this series, I have become completely hooked and somewhat of a Peep Show addict! The story follows two guys that live together called Jeremy & Mark, who met through university and have been busy failing at life ever since.

      Mark is an office drone and works for an insurance company, while Jeremy lives shamelessly off his goodwill, an unemployed "musician", who occasionally bashes out a song on his keyboard.

      Part of the hilarity is their personality contrast, Mark is a "boring" guy who is in love with a girl in the office called Sophie, but is too socially inadept to let out his true feelings. Jeremy fancies himself as somewhat of a manslag and in the first series has recently broke up with a beautiful woman called "Big Suze".

      The comedy is uniquely done in that it follows the innermost and often brutally honest thoughts of the two guys as well as tracking their lives and conversation. This provides a comic and thoughtful perspective into human nature and what people are actually thinking as they go about their everyday lives and I just think this is comic genius as it hasn't been done before!!

      I am endlessly entertained by the lives of Jeremy & Mark, the insight into their thoughts means we get a very intimate look at their character and this contributes to our empathy with the character as we recall moments when we have worried or thought about exactly the same things as them!!

      I really recommend this series to anyone looking to broaden their comedy collection - it is unique, rude at times & absolutely hilarious!! I would say this is a very accessible comedy, in particular to anyone that has ever worked in an office like Mark, been an wannabe artist like Jeremy or anyone who has ever thought in too much detail about how to impress a crush!!

      Watch this to be entertained from beginning to end, this is truly clever and well written comedy, with Robert Webb sparkling as Jeremy & David Mitchell playing his usual "posh boy sarcastic" and hilarious character. It is for this reason that I would consider Robert Webb the superior actor as I have also seen him in a more serious role, whereas David Mitchell seems to be the same guy on "Would I lie to you?" However, they both shine and compliment each other perfectly in this sitcom that everyone should watch.

      Laugh out loud, easy to relate to & watchable with friends & family, I have got hours of entertainment from this and recommend to anyone for some light entertainment!!


      Watch it!!!


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        09.11.2007 09:57
        Very helpful
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        Good show, just make more of it!

        I recently bought this boxset on the strength of watching "That Mitchell and Webb Look" on BBC 2. I'd good things about it, but that wasn't really much to go on since I'd heard loads of "good things" about "The Catherine Tate Show". I'm currently suing the BBC under the trades' descriptions act for billing that as a "comedy" show.
        Now, whilst "That Mitchell and Webb Look" was scripted by David Mitchell and Robert Webb, "Peep Show" was scripted by two writers called "Sam Bain" and "Jesse Armstrong". This immediately set alarms bells ring in my head as I thought maybe of the material in "Look" which made it funny would not be present in "Peep Show" as there are different scriptwriters. However my fears were allayed. But more of that later.

        David Mitchell and Robert Webb were members of the famous "Footlights College" comedy troupe. Former members, include Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Ben Elton. A mark of the comedy pedigree of Mitchell and Webb. These people are no strangers to making people laugh, but can they do it with somebody else's material...?

        "Peep Show" revolves around the lives of 2 people, Mark (David Micthell) a complete wet blanket who lusts after Sophie (Olivia Colman) and feuds with Jeff (Neil Fiztmaurice, better known as the scriptwriter of Phoenix Nights and "Ray-Von") for her affections and Jez (Robert Webb) a musician, with an odd outlook on life ("Us musicians don't answer to YOUR rules! We answer to a higher power! The power of 'If it feels good, do it!'") he is also completely void of any musical talents whatsoever! Whilst the main characters are great, by the third season I really wanted to strangle Mark and slap Jez! But this is a testament to how involved you can get into this show! Plus, by telling you WHY I wanted to do that to the characters, would involve revealing a lot of the stories in the show, which is something I do not intend to do.
        The gimmick of this sitcom is the fact that you are always looking at it from someone else's perspective and we are privy to their thoughts. Hence, the name "Peep Show"! Clever, huh?

        This sitcom does hit the mark frequently and accurately! Whilst a lot of the one-liners and jokes are very funny, what makes this truly unique is the colourful characters who you will recognise from your own life and when the characters give their innermost thoughts. I found myself saying (quite a few times!) "I thought I was the only person who noticed/said that!". Another good thing about this sitcom is it doesn't take much getting used to. Whilst I found "Phoenix Nights" brilliantly funny and sharply observed, it did take a while for me to get into. "Peep Show" doesn't have this problem and I got straight into the show after the first episode.
        The show does frequently swear and make sexual suggestions, so don't think for one second a couple of nuns wrote this show, think again!It does require a broad mind. If you think "Benny Hill" was "a bit racy" then maybe you should steer clear of "Peep Show". But if you enjoy a good laugh and have a broad sense of humour, buy this box set, kick back, relax and enjoy! I whole-heartedly recommend it! By the way, when this show says "they did a'bad thing'". Trust me, you won't know what hit you.......!

        When buying the "Peep Show" boxset, be sure to keep the receipt. When I bought my copy I had trouble playing certain seasons on certain DVD players on my house. After doing some research, I found out that many people have also found this problem and the levels of dud copies in circulation are high. So there is a very good chance you may buy a broken copy.

        In 2007, a film is being released called "Magicians". This film stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb and is scripted by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain (Peep Show). Hopefully, we'll see their best material yet!


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      • Product Details

        After being thrown out by his ex-girlfriend 'Big Suze', Jeremy, an egotistical wannabe popstar, moves in with his socially backward friend Mark. Close to the bone humour.

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