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Prison Break - Season 1-4 (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / DVD released 2010-10-14 at Twentieth Century Fox / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      15.02.2014 17:47
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      You think you know who you can trust? Think again!

      As the title suggests, the first season of this drama series is about a brother, Schofield, who gets himself incarcerated in order to break his brother, Lincoln out of prison where is he is on death row for a crime he does not commit.
      Unfortunately, he is not able to operate alone and in the process has to free some hardened convicts who are serving time for some really terrible crimes, this includes Bagwell, a convicted paedophile, Sucre, imprisoned for armed robbery, C-Note, arrested after fleeing the US army and Abruzzi, a mob boss.
      What I love most about this series is that each character has a story behind why they are behind bars, and although they have commited bad times, you can understand why they are there and have some empathy towards them; which takes some really talented and clever scriptwriters, producers and actors to make happen.
      The second season finds the cons on the run from not only the law but also 'the company' who put Lincoln behind bars in the first place. They nd up in prison in panama where Schofield has to break out someone who is very important to the people chasing them. This was very predictable and far fetching. At the time I thought they probably should have left it at one season - until watching seasons 3 and 4 - which are truly spectacular.
      The third and fourth series is about the brothers trying to take on the company - but will they success?
      Every second of this drama is filled with suspense, cliffhangers and unexpected twists and turns. You think you know who you can trust? Think again!
      I bought this on ebay for £25 for all 4 seasons - complete bargain and worth every penny.
      CSI meets Lost meets Breaking Bad.


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        30.12.2012 06:55
        Very helpful
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        Excellent TV Show, which sadly overstayed it's welcome, this Boxset is a must for Prison Break fans

        Prison Break was, and still is one of my favorite television shows, so when i opened this boxset on Christmas morning i was very pleased, it comes in brand new packaging, which consists of an outer cardboard sleeve (A real pain to open without tearing) and an inner plastic case containing all 80 episodes, spread across 23 discs, it also includes 'The Final break' - the final episode.

        The boxset is of a very high quality, the artwork on the discs is the same as the artwork on the discs if you were to buy the seasons separately so this is simply a repackage, however, it is still very nice, the artwork on the box itself features Michael and Lincoln from season 1 (The best season) - the show declined after season 2 in my opinion, this boxset also contains extra's from each season, such as some deleted scenes, interviews, and 'making of' documentaries, i haven't watched them yet but they seem interesting enough.

        the price of this boxset is around £30, and if you're a fan of the show like me, you will love this entire series, likewise if anyone likes 'prison escape' type movies in general, such as the Shawshank redemption, they will also love this show.

        ************** Spoilers ***************
        quickly below i will outline the premise of the show and what happens in each season.

        Season 1 - Lincoln Burrows is wrongfully accused of murdering the Vice presidents brother and is placed on death row awaiting execution, His brother, Michael Schofield hatches a genius plan to rescue his brother, and escape from the prison - My Rating 10/10

        Season 2 - On the Run from Prison, the FBI/CIA chase the escapee's across America, which comes to a climax in the final episode where Michael is recaptured, this is a very gripping season, my rating would be 8/10

        Season 3 - Recaptured..Michael finds himself in a Panamanian Prison, which you guessed it...he breaks out of again, this time he has to break out some guy called Whistler, a really annoying little man, and one of the many reasons why i dislike season 3, still this is a pretty watchable season, it's shorter than the the others as it was made during the writers strike of 2007... my rating 6/10

        Season 4 - Now the show gets ridiculous, Michael and his gang are given a chance of immunity, and a chance to be free once and for all if they can recover a set of mysterious cards, in the later episodes Michaels 'dead' mother shows up and it all gets very silly, but still, quite watchable, my rating 5/10

        The Final Break - Michael's wife Sara is put in prison for some reason, so Michael breaks into the prison, and breaks her out, in doing so, he makes the ultimate sacrifice, this is like a mini-movie, my rating for this would also be 5/10

        This was an excellent TV Show, which sadly overstayed it's welcome, the boxset can not be faulted though, it has everything you would want in a boxset, so for that reason i am giving it a 5 out of 5
        Thank you for reading my review


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