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Robin Hood - The Complete First Series (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Robin Hood / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Director: John McKay / Actors: Keith Allen, Richard Armitage ... / DVD released 29 October, 2007 at 2 Entertain Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      19.09.2009 22:56
      Very helpful



      A great fun family show for a saturday night!

      When this prodution of Robin Hood was first advertised on BBC i have to admit it didnt grab me, it seemed like it would be just another version of this old story - im glad to say now that i was wrong!

      I tuned in that Saturday night, slightly dubious about how well Jonas Armstrong could portray such a huge and strong character when in my mind he was still a sixth former in the Channel 4 hit show Teachers!

      Armstrong's style as Robin turned out to be quite a clever and different one, however he does get a little cocky and irritating, and the 'goodies' side o the show is saved by some fantastic supporting casting as Little John and Much who provide countless hilarious scenes! Marian is very good in my opinion, a nice acion take on the lady - however i know some people found her a little iritating!

      On the othe side of the stories, the 'baddies' are fantastic! Keith Allan ash Sherrif of Nottingham certainly steals the whole show with some truly supurb performences and Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne who is truly creepy and unpleasant (he gets better as the series goes along too!)

      There are some really great fun storylines throughout the entire series and it is basically loads of fun evr saturday night as long as you are thge type that can lose yourself in the story and not get pedantic when the clothes dont seem quite in the right era - who cares, itsTV!!


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      17.07.2009 15:03
      Very helpful



      Sorry the review is so long, Robin Hood is just so brilliant!

      Robin Hood is my new addiction. Can I just say sorry for the length of the review but it is so good and there is so much to mention, I thought I didn't want to leave anything out! Series 1 of Robin Hood is what hooked me into series 2 and more recently series 3. So of course I HAD to buy the DVD set when it came out. I actually bought this in three volumes however they decided to now combine them (which is a much better idea) so you can have them all on three DVD's. Not only does this work out more economical but easier to navigate through the episodes. So here is my review, enjoy!

      ===What Is It?===
      The BBC decided to re-make a high budget of the famous Sherwood outlaw, Robin Hood. This was first shown on the BBC, and later released as DVD's, however they can now be bought as a full box set, and no longer per every 5 episodes. This DVD boxset is made up of all the episodes of the series, so after this you will left on a cliff hanger and then made to buy the next series!
      The BBC takes a completely different take on the outlaw from tradition, and is seen to give him a new light and make him much more exciting and thrilling. This is PG rated and is suitable for children. The only warning there is really against the sword scenes which are not that violent however can be a bit scary for younger children. This DVD is maybe one to watch out for as it does have death scenes in it (not at all graphic, just upsetting) which may not be suitable for younger children.
      Since 2006, a new series of Robin Hood was shown on the BBC and most recently series 3 was on our screens. The BBC confirmed that it would be the last series they made however it did finish on a thrilling finale. I watched the first episode of series one and since then have been COMPLETELY addicted to the series. So it was fantastic to see that the BBC has released the series in DVD form in 2007. I knew I had to be the first to get them and eventually ended up buying all of Series one on DVD. However I can guarentee you when you buy them you will want to move on straight to the second series as it becomes very addictive viewing.

      ===The Famous Story Of Robin Hood===
      A lot of people think of the generalisation of the story, men in tights robbing hte rich and giving to the poor. And the hero gets the girl. However as the series on the BBC shows there is a lot more to this. Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood) arrives home from the Crusades in the Holy Land to find his people starving, cruelly treated and heavily taxed under the oppressive rule of the new Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin finds out that the only way to reason with the sheriff. However this means him being forced to give up his lands and title, which he proudly does for his people.
      Robin and his servant and best friend Much, gather up a faithful gang of outlaws to beat the sheriff. They get Little John, Will Scarlett and Allan Dale to defeat the sheriff and regain peace to the land. But even with Robins cunning and talent with a bow and arrow, can he really defeat the Sheriff and his Black Knight Sir Guy of Gisborne. While of course juggling falling in love with Maid Marion, to whom she is the daughter of the previous Sheriff of Nottingham, who is now gravely ill and being held as a prisoner. The story has a lot of twists and turns as you can tell the writers have been having good fun in playing with the characters. Especially in the last 4 episodes on this you can really see the story develop.

      Jonas Armstrong - Who stunningly plays the witty Robin Hood in the series. The fairly unknown actor who has been in such TV programmes as 'Teachers' and 'Ghost Sqaud'. However don't let that put you off, this really is his big break and expect you will see the young actor very soon in other projects, after Robin Hood. He is an excellent actor, playing Hood passionately yet cheekily at times. I really enjoyed watching him portray Hood, as he was able to show another side that I had not yet seen yet. Can't wait to see him in the next series playing Robin Hood, he is actually now one of my favourite actors.

      Lucy Griffiths - Plays the fantastic, fiesty and simply beautiful Maid Marion. She really shines in Robin Hood, playing the very intelligent yet exceptionally fiesty Marion. However she gives a twist on the traditional character as she makes her really cunning and sexy. Griffiths like Armstrong is a fairly unknown actress however has been in TV before, 'Sugar Rush' and 'Sea of Souls'. I think like Armstrong, this will be one of her breakthrough roles and I'm sure we will be seeing her in a lot more in the future.

      Keith Allen - I love Keith Allen, who plays the ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham brilliantly. One of my favourite characters in the series as Allan plays him so cruelly yet really shows off a sly side. Allen is probibly best known for his acting credits and music and of course being the dad of Lily Allen. One of the finest actors in the series and definately stands out as a horrible yet dark humoured man.

      Richard Armitage - I can't think of anyone who hasn't heard of Richard Armitage! He plays the Black Knight Sir Guy Gibson, the Sheriff of Nottinghams faithful sidekick. I first saw him on the Vicar of Dibley as he was the one who ended up marrying our favourite vicar! He is best known for his Shakespearian acting, and in many of popular TV shows such as 'Miss Marple' 'Spooks' and 'Ultimate Force'.

      Sam Troughton - Plays the loveable and loyal Much. He is originally Robin Hood's man servant when he lived on the estate however has become his best friend and was freed. He is a very popular character and is seen as the babbling more cowardly man, compared to Robin. However he is actually exceptionally caring and loyal to Robin and the outlaws. I really enjoy Troughton playing him, you may recognise him from 'Vera Drake' and 'Alien Vs Predator'. His dad actually starred in the first ever BBC make of Robin Hood in the 1950's so you could say it was the circle of television making!

      ===Episode List===

      Will You Tolerate This?

      The first ever episode of Robin Hood, it takes you into a dramtic situation straight away. Alan (one of the Merry men) is caught poaching and is captured by guards, however claims he has a family to feed. In response to this he about to get his hand cut off but who should come along to save the day? Robin Hood!
      However after some skillful arrow tricks he frees Allan but then gets chased, of course they get away but only just. Robin goes back to his manor in Locksley and is horrified to see his people starving and scared.
      The new ruthless sheriff is to blame for high taxes and cruelty. This is were you start to see the formation of the Merry Men and the drama of Robin Hood starting to rebel against the Sheriff. Robin starts to change his character, still however keeping the cockiness and charm! I have to admit not the strongest of starts compared to the next couple of episodes however the drama really had me hooked!

      Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

      One of my favourite episodes in the DVD. This is because this is when you see the introduction of many key characters (more merry men and MARION!) This is the one where Robin starts to really get on the nerves of the Sheriff of Nottingham, condeming him as an outlaw. The village of Locksley is taken hostage and the villagers are forced to tell the Sheriff where Robin is. However none of them do know, meaning that many get punished (tongues cut out etc... Not very nice!) Robin however has been captured by thieves (you will recognise Little John as one of them) who have stolen the belongings and horses.
      However after escaping they end up capturing the thieves! So a bit of teaching them their own lesson. However typically the theives have back up, and end up capturing Robin again...
      The thieves find out who Robin is and decide to give him to the sheriff, in return for a £20 reward (remember that is a long time ago and was a LOT of money!) However once Robin heroically saves villagers from a horrible fate, and with Marions help, he ends up able to give the villagers secret food parcels. He is officially hunted and is an outlaw now.

      Who Shot The Sheriff?

      A taxman (who still to this day has never been very popular..!) has been killed, and the Sheriff is busy using propaganda methods to make sure everyone thinks it was the outlaw Robin Hood. The sheriff is desperate for him to give up his fight for Locksley, and will do anything to bring him down. The assasign is now aiming for the Sheriff, making him even more paranoid and lying.
      Many more people are being mysteriously killed all by arrow. On the run from the sheriff, he eventually finds them and is chased by lots of hunting dogs. As Robin runs, he makes a deal with the sheriff, that he will find the assagain for him. The Sheriff actually knows it can't possibly be Robin. The Nightwatchmen, a mysterious figure who has been fighting against the sheriff for a long time, is now blamed. After a trap, Robin captures him, only to find out it is MARION! However it isn't her either. They find out it is a man called Joe, who is suffering from terrible grief and pain. He is murdered by Guy of Gisbourne.
      Robin is trusted by the villagers now as the killings have stopped however the Sheriff is now still on the hunt for him and his ever growing group of outlaws. Not my favourite episode, however really enjoyed it.

      Parent Hood

      Now this is one of my favourite episodes in this DVD. Robin and the outlaws find a baby in the forest, while trying to ambush Guy of Gisbourne. While fighting, one of the men gets captured and taken to the castle. Roy finds out the baby found in the forest is actually Gisbourne's child, he got a kitchen girl pregnant and she had the baby and left it in the forest. He is faced with the horrible desicion, kill Robin Hood or his mother will get hanged. Obviously he chooses A.
      They set up a distraction where Roy is 'released' and tells Robin the mother lives in Knighton (a nearby village) which is a lie, to get Robin away from his men. On their journey there, they meet Marion trying to get food to the village of Locksley, which is currently surrounded because of disease. She cannot get through however with a bit of help from Robin the villagers get food. In a lighter scene you see Robin putting the food on the spear of the arrow and launching it into houses (being careful not to hit anyone!) However turns as he is hit by one of the Sheriffs men's arrows.
      They escape, but only just, and hide in a villagers house. In one of 'hint scenes' where we see Marion treating Robins wound, while getting a bit 'close'. Roy's ambush works and tries to kill Robin, but Much finally gets his heroic moment. ROy is forced to admit his mother will be killed if he does not do it.
      The next day they go to save his mother, while Alan (one of the outlaws) finds out and tells Robin about the babies real mother. They break into the castle and save his mum. Annie starts shouting at Gisbourne about the child and Roy is killed. A fantastic episode, one of my FAVOURITES!

      Turk 'Flu

      (And no nothing to do with SWINE FLU...) Ok sorry about the current affairs pun. Anyway this is an episode that proves the series is just getting stronger and stronger. The ever cunning Sheriff tries to entice Hood and capture him by holding a big archery competition. Now you really get a sense of the times, they find a man trying to sell Saracen slaves to the Sheriffs various mines. However he is really a bad guy and he smuggles Allan A Dale out into the mines, so Robin and his gang are left with yet another task, rescue him.
      While all this is happening the archery competition is being organised, and made sure Hood is there. You start to see Marian go over to his side more in this, as she begins to start to protect him.
      Back to the mine, to scare the Mine owners, Allan says he has a terrible disease which gets them all panicked. Robin and the gang rescue all the slaves (kind of by accident) and set fire to the mine to annoy the sheriff. The slave owners very quickly go to tell the sheriff what has happened but think they have one of the outlaws trapped, as Little John fell into the mine. It is now a test of life and death, will Little John be saved? This is also the introduction of the character Djaq who is one of the slaves.
      Meanwhile, Marian has her life threatened by someone whos father had been killed by Guy of Gisbourne. He thinks she is his wife, and is going to kill her. However Marian being her, was able to quietly and sensibly lead him off, and tell him to enter the competion and win money to look after his family. Finishing off the archery competion, Robin is still able to find the time to wind up the sheriff by giving it a go, in disguise. Of course he gets the best score! A good episode which introduces most of the main characters for the rest of the series.

      The Tax Man Cometh
      This is one of more exciting and adreniline filled episodes of the entire series. When Robin and his gang find a man who claims to be the tax collector, they break into Nottingham Castle to steal the tax back. Being Robin Hood, it is not for himself but to give it to the poor to feed themselves. But they were tricked and end up locked in a room with no money in it, so not only nothing to steal but left feeling stupid. Robin takes it the hardest, saying he should never had led his men to do this. Meanwhile, the sheriff rewards the tax man for helping in the capture of the gang.
      We see Marian arguing with her father whom is very reluctant to marry Sir Guy of Gisbourne. She ends up going to the castle to meet a mother superior, the highly respected Abbess of Rufford. Why you may ask? To become a nun... Very unlike Marions character who is a free spirit and a huge rebel. Viewers find out however that the mother superior is being held in the castle's chapel by the Sheriff. This is also where the Sheriff is keeping the silver (tax).
      Robin and his gang cunningly manage to escape, whilst the tax man and Mother Superior steal the silver from the chapel. Wait a minute, yes a character twist? But who are they people and why are they doing it? They are both helped by Marion to escape but there is something wrong, you will have to watch to find out! I really enjoyed this episode, it was cunning and quick witted. You did get to see a more 'human' side to Robin in this as well, as he gets trapped with his men. A really good twist and some fantastic acting, especially by Marion.

      Brothers In Arms

      This is the one that started to pull that heartstrings. So far, Marion is desperately trying to keep in Guy of Gisbournes good books, but is in love with Robin. In this episode you see the tenseness of the situation growing as Marion is caught out. In this episode you start out by watching a rather crooked family reunion between Allan and his brother Tom. But it ends up a mess as Tom has brought along some rather unpleasent pals with him to cause trouble. Will this be the start of a very unhappy relationship between the two?
      Meanwhile, in Nottingham a young poor couple turn up asking Guy of Gisbourne to marry them. Of course he agrees but want's something of value, so gets the poor girls necklace. He performs the ceremony and holds the necklace, bing! An idea. He gives it as a gift to Marion for her affection. She knows where it comes from and gets Robin to return to the girl who is so grateful. But Marion has been caught out. Gisbourne, while out on patrol, sees it around the girl's neck. Alarm bells start ringing as he seems to wonder how she was able to get it back. He suspects that Marion is allies with Robin. Oh dear...
      In the castle, the Sheriff suspects a spy who is betraying his plans to Robin Hood and his gang. He immediately orders Gisbourne to set a trap to catch this spy. Gisbourne however ends up catching the wrong person who is his own soldier. He ends up dying under terrible torture, even though the viewers know that it is in fact Marion. But I reckon he does actually know that.
      In quite a cruel twist in the series, Allans brother Tom and his gang are taken by the Sheriff's men and hanged. The Sheriff actually advances the hanging by an hour, so that by the time Robin and the gang arrive to rescue them, they are already too late. Robin finds out that Gisborne knows Marion gave the necklace back. This is worrying as not only for Marions sake but also for the people of Nottingham. Robin is on a new mission, to get the necklace back, and does so just in time so Marion can prove her innocence. This is relieving for the viewer, she has not been caught, but it was bloody close. She is however forced to promise Guy that in order to protect herself and her father from any harm from the Sheriff, that she will marry him the day King Richard returns from his mission in the Holy Land. She agrees. This is a very twisty and darker episode compared to previous ones. For the first time you see suspion in Gisbourne and a very public cruel side of the Sheriff. You also get to see a much realer side of Robin again like the last episode. A tense and thrilling episode!

      Tattoo? What Tattoo?

      A start a little different to many episodes in which Robin has a nightmare about his time in the Holy Land. It is about a group of Saracens who attempted to kill the king. Just as he slashes the attempted assassin's arm and sees his tattoo in which Robin hastily wakes.
      The outlaws are busily humiliating Gisborne at a feast to celebrate King Richard's birthday by stealing their stuff. This ironically includes an engagement ring he was going to give to Marion. Gisborne tries to attack but Robin pins him to a wall with a dagger, ripping open his sleeve and revealing a tattoo identical to the assassin's, complete with scar. WHAT???
      The outlaws quickly escape, but leave Djaq behind who is captured by the Sheriff. Meanwhile, Gisborne goes in pursuit of Robin and the stolen engagement ring. Some very quick scenes follow and Robin confronts Gisborne. After a spat, Robin knocks Gisborne down and prepares to slash his throat. However the rest of the outlaws arrive and stop him.
      In the castle, Djaq manages to escape her cell by using acid to weaken the bars. Annoyingly she is recaptured hastily. The Sheriff however is fasinated by the acid and enlists her as his new alchemist. Meanwhile Robin begins beating up a tied up Gisborne, but is pulled off and knocked unconscious by Little John. However it was done in a caring manor. Much is left to guard a tied up Robin and Gisbourne whilst the others try to rescue Djaq. Robin tries to convince Much to release him. It fails dismally as he ends up insulting him. Robin begins threatening Gisborne which ends up into another heated arguement which turns to the subject of Marion. Robin knocks Gisbourne unconscious but then ends up falling out of exhaustion. Much returns with Marion and the rest of the outlaws. They have a plan to swap Gisbourne for Djaq, which could work. Again they leave Robin tied up and guarded by Much whilst the outlaws take Gisborne. Robin begins trying to get Much to untie him, again this fails.
      In an odd twist, the Sheriff discovers Djaq is a girl and makes jibe at how popular she must be at night. Maybe not suitable for kids! Robin escapes and as the prisoners are exchanged, Robin declares his disagreement. Robin shouts that as soon as Prince Richard returns, he will see that tattoo and get his compupence. "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" shouts the Sheriff and burns it off with the Djaq's acid. After a lot of passionate shouting, will the outlaws finally be able to escape? Remember all the sheriffs men are there. I wrote a lot about this episode as I loved it so much!

      A Thing Or Two About Loyalty

      A very weapon based episode. A scientist has invented a highly explosive black powder known as 'Greek fire' which the Sheriff wants to use. But he does not trust the Sheriff and refuses to hand over the recipe. The instructions for making "Greek fire" are written in a ledger (diary) so the Sheriff orders him to the dungeons until he tells. He already has however a few barrells already. Robin finds out about the ledger, so decides Much must stand in the marketplace and insult the Sheriff to get arrested. The plan does fail but he does get arrested after punching a guard.
      Much is recognised as being Robin's right hand man and decides to keep an eye on him. He surprisingly appoints him as an Earl and he gets a servant girl called Eve who is actually a spy.
      Robin breaks into the dungeons and asks the scientist to reveal where the ledger is. He refuses at first but then gives up and says the ledger is hidden in a water barrel outside the castle. Djaq however is desperate to find out how the Greek Fire is made, as the Saracens have been experimenting for years and never managed to produce any. She wants to keep the book and copy it. However they want the WIll wants the book destroyed. Robin refuses to destroy it, as he promised the Scientist that he would keep it secure.
      However the Scientist is tortured to death after Gisbourne gets a row from the sheriff after it is found out Robin knows where the ledge is. Robin visits Much at his new large home and asks him to find out where the Sheriff's three barrels of Greek Fire are stored. Much goes to the Council of Nobles. The Sheriff mocks him in front of the other nobles however is still able to attend the feast. There Much gets to know his servant girl very well and Marion, who suspects Eve is a spy, takes Much aside and tells him where the ledger is. Of course she knows Eve is listening.
      After a very sweet conversation between Much and Eve, she eventually tells him that she is a spy. She promises to lie to the Sheriff about the where the ledger is hidden. She then helps Much to escape back to the forest. Much, who never gets the romantic light, swears to her that he will come back and find her once Prince Richard returns. Marion is exceptionally angry that the scientist was killed and tells Gisbourne she will only wear it if he never upsets her like that again. Meanwhile, Eve tells the Sheriff that the ledger is hidden and the soldiers go and try and look for it. When Gisbourne returns with nothing, the Sheriff realises that Eve has mislead them. But for the poor Sheriff and Gisbourne, Robin is already there to ambush. Will it work however? Another exceptionally exciting episode which is so thrilling and fantastic.

      Peace? Off!

      This episode brings more religion into the Robin Hood story. A crazy man is very busy burning down churches and houses and intoxifying water supplies. Robin and his men however unexpectantly rescue him, and identify him as one of King Richards old soldiers. He is suffering from 'Crusaider Sickness' which is a mental disorder which causes him to go crazy. Now the audience really understands why Robin was being nice to him.
      While all this is happening, the sheriff is hosting a Middle Eastern Prince called Malic (You may recognise who plays him from Eastenders). He is impatientiently waiting for Prince John (Robins enemy) to arrive to Nottingham, much to the huge delight of the Sheriff who is enjoying having all these celebrities about. In the forest meanwhile Will finds a overturned, very muddy old cart in which the gang find a very odd looking mask. The superstitious bunch think it has black magic in it, however Robin thinks not. Believing that magic doesn't exsist. So they take it back to the camp and don't think that much more about it.
      However with a bit of a twist to add to their superstition, as they are busy looking after s mad man in the camp. He seems very polite and helpful as they are cooking away however as soon as he see's the mask, he attacks Djaq with a knife! Was it the mask that posessed him to do that? Much helps and stops him from hurting her.
      Marion tells Robin (In a very cute scene) that it is a Prince from the East who is staying at the castle. So Robin decides by himself to ambush Prince Salic and his men. They end up coming back to claim the cart however Robin is a step a head and waiting patiently for them. He kidnaps him and interogates about why he is in England and about the mask. It turns out that Djaq knows who he is and demands he is not harmed. Prince Malic explains that about the mask, it is bascially to do with acupunture and that he is healing a mind. It did explain anyway how the mask looked.
      Meanwhile Marion overhears Gisbourne and sheriff discussing how the have Prince Malic hostage. They want a ransom, and a hefty one at that. Marion tells Robin this straight away and they get to work. While this is happening 4 very beautiful armed women enter the forest. They are highly decorated in blue silks and gold. WIth a man guard watching over them. The outlaws desperately want to steal the ransom money they have but these women are highly skilled warriors and there is pretty much no chance they could get it alone. So the plan goes ahead and we find out that they are going to give the money to the sheriff to get the Prince back.
      However as usual the sheriff is ambushed, but in a bizarre twist Robin ends up saving the Sheriff from them! But will they be able to escape these incredible women warriors? A really good episode which really does show off the power of women. They were vexing and beautiful and Marion added the edge by showing off Robins only weakness, love.

      Dead Man Walking

      Guy of Gisbourne is on patrol and collecting taxes for the king. However this is more brutal than ever as many of the villagers are simply unable to pay it, due to already being so heavily taxed. Little John and Robin are watching on, unable to do anything after being heavily outnumbered. However Little John sees his wife and child being attacked by the guards. This is too much for Little John and he goes and tries to help as Robin tries desperately to hold him back. He ends up knocking out Robin and fighting against the guards. However he is caught after a furious fight. However by possible luck he ends up loosing his two identity tags which show he is an outlaw.
      Meanwhile at the castle, Marion is back from a ride and discovers Little John at the castle. Much causes a distraction with the guards allowing Robin and Allan to dress up like guards and take Will as a 'prisoner' to get into the castle and rescue Little John (and his son) from the castle, and from almost certain torture. In a sad scene we see Little John trying to talk to his son who has forgotten him. But they begin to start to form a relationship which turns really sweet.
      In a little romantic twist we see Robin distracted by Marion as Gisbourne tries to seduce her, while Robin is disguised as a guard, watching on. She reveals the taxes are actually for London and that the Sheriff has set up a trap to catch him. What will Robin do? I means it's Robin Hood he has a plan. But will it work?
      Still dressed up as guards and undetected, they leave it until night to try and rescue Little John. In the dungeons meanwhile Alice (Little John's wife) is thrown in jail and he is recognised. She thought he was dead and causes her terrible pain. Robin and Allan however cunningly swap money bags for grain bags and get away with it. Now they have the next task of saving the prisoners. The sheriff is beginning his 'Festival of Pain' which is the use of devices of torture. They are about to burn Little John's son and wife and the bowsmith. Will they get away in time? Or be saved?
      A more emotional episode then we are used to but still action packed and good fun. Shows another side of the usually brutish Little John. The only flaw in this episode was it was just a little to quick paced compared to other episodes, it was going just to fast. But I still really enjoyed it and would give it

      Return of the King

      Oooo I have to start by saying this is pretty much my favourite episode in the whole series! The Sheriff and Gisbourne are busy discussing and it revealed the King is returning from the Holy Land. Gisbourne also is going to ask for Marion's hand in marriage. But will he do it?
      Meanwhile in forrest, Will tells them that the King is returning. Now remember Robin Hood is fighting for the King and in theory, once he see's the persucution of the people of Nottingham, he will be arrested. Also it is revealed the Marion may be getting married, but as Robin loves her, he will try and save her.
      Gisbourne finds Marion to ask her (and in a light-hearted, quickly turning tense scene almost knocks out Gisbourne!) to marry him!!! She quickly figures out the king is returning but the viewer doesn't yet know if it is a yes or a no. (What do you think?) Robin is going to try and stop the wedding and visits Marion. She shows she was forced to do it but they end up arguing over the marriage. It ends with Robin being forced to leave and emotionally you see Marion choosing between her duty to her country and her true love. However she wants one last go at being the Night Watchmen before she is forced to become a wife to Gisbourne. So she get gets ready.
      Robin is going to force information from Gisbournes physician to get information about what Guy has been up to. Of course he is at first reluctant however with some gentle (violent) persuasion he begins to talk. He tells them that Gisbourne had not been ill but infact had gone to the Holy Land to fight. They just made it look like he was ill.
      Back at the palace, the Nightwatchmen is at work and Robin finds Marion has gone missing. He is forced to assume that she has broken his wishes and returned as the night watchmen. She is trapped in a room but thankfully Robin comes to her rescue. Gisbourne does not know that the nightwatchmen is Marion and mocks Hood about her. Of course she kicks him in, causing great pain. But she uses her hair dagger and Gisbourne knows EXACTLY who it is.
      She escapes with Robin but ends up falling to the ground in pain. He runs with her in his arms and takes her to the camp. She had been stabbed by Gisbourne and Djaq starts to treat her. After a lot of pain Marion is patched up. It was close though, too close. As the night goes on Marion won't wake up easily and Djaq starts to work away but says her chances of survival are slim.
      I don't want to say anymore but it is so highly emotional it is brilliant. This is truly one my favourite episodes and I love the high intensity and drama. But will Marion survive? Will Robin Show his true feelings? Will he say 'I Love You?' You will just have to watch to find out.. You will kind of guess the ending if you read the next part of the review.

      A Clue. No

      The last episode of Series one and I had high hopes. After a brilliant previous episode, this leads almost straight on from the last episode and is actually part of a 2 Parter.
      It starts off with a recap from the previous episode to give you a quick reminder. It then starts you off straight away from where it left off. The sheriffs army is advancing on the cave where Marion and the outlaws are. Much and Little John are attempting to single handedly go against an entire fleet of archers and horsemen. Robin starts the battle with a fatal arrow to the sheriffs closest guard. A battle ensues and they run into the battle. With their highly skilled swordsmen ship, they quickly start to defeat the sheriffs men. After a retreat from the sheriff's men they go back into the cave and mourn the death of Lady Marion.
      But Allan comes out with "I'm not being funny but she is breathing?" So they all rush to check. And yes she lives! She had been poisoned with a draft that kills her and then brings her back to life from the physician. So as a viewer you really are thrilled. They rush Marion back to her home before anyone really notices she's gone. Robin is told Marion is to be married on Saturday but as soon as he hears of this, Gisbourne arrives wishing to meet Marion. He doesn't believe she is there after being shunned away by Marion's father. He sees her and believes him and leaves.
      Robin is now being quite mean to everyone, in response to his anger at Marion getting Marion. In particular he says some really horrible stuff to Much. The rest of the outlaws meanwhile go to a secret meeting to protect the king from assasignation from the Sheriff.
      The wedding day arrives and Marion has told Robin to grow up and leave her to her duty. Gisbourne is shown asking about the wife of someone helping at his wedding, about understanding and trust. Marion arrives at the church looking beautiful but obviously sad. You can see something is going to happen...
      Meanwhile at the castle the King has arrived and the loyalist have gathered. However the Sheriffs plan is working and he begins killing the loyalists by tricking them into thinking they are actually giving evidence against him for treason.
      So can Robin save the girl? Stop being grumpy? Save the King loyalists from death AND escape with out a scratch? You will just have to wait and see!
      A fantastic finale which was really interesting and slightly funny. Romance and fighting are the two main themes and as you see Marion has survived dying and now getting married which are all in the space of two days! It was a fantastic series finale and loved the very last scene. Loved it and it was well thought out and put toghether.

      ===The Soundtrack===
      You know what really annoys me when reading reviews? When the soundtrack is never mentioned in a review about a TV series! This is such a vital factor that matters so much, especially in Robin Hood.
      I actually loved the soundtrack so much, I downloaded it on iTunes for a very reasonable £7.99. The whole soundtrack features beautiful English folk and traditional music, mainly to set the era correctly. What I loved was how the music brilliantly added to the scene. For example when we first see Robin and Marion alone toghether they use slightly cheeky but delicate music. However it is when the scenes get dramatic where the music is at its true best. The fights scenes have very powerful, strong music which I love. It really makes you enjoy the series even more. It is all composed by Andy Price, who won a BAFTA for his work in composing music for TV. You can tell he is good, no brilliant. I really enjoyed the soundtrack and would give that alone 5 stars, and would recommend checking it out on iTunes or in any music shops. You will enjoy it and it really is very very good.

      ==Special Features==
      Unlike the volumes in which only one DVD has special features, the whole series has many features. My favourite absolutely was Hood Academy. This shows you interviews from the cast and crew and how they filmed scenes. I thought this was so interesting and actually quite funny! It reveals such facts like the tattoo that Gisbourne has was originally red (it is now black) and that the actors got hurt in filming some of the scenes. It is really interesting to see how the built the sets and make up. If your a Robin Hood fan or even just interested in how the create the scenes, then you will find this very interesting. There is also character profiles of the main characters which again are interesting. They may not be as good Hood Academy but it is a worthwhile feature to put on. All toghether the features are really good, on the volumes they are split up making it look like the DVD's have poor features. Because they are condensed onto one DVD it makes it much more interesting and really enjoyed watching and reading these extra features.

      ===Price And Where To Get It===
      As usual, I bought mine online using Amazon.co.uk. I bought mine in three volumes but now you can buy the full box set which I would fully recommend you do. The volumes and the boxset contains the EXACT same features and episodes but will work out better price wise. It will set you back about £18 to buy the full boxset from HMV, Play.com and BBC Online is just some of the many places you can buy this. It is widely avaliable like many BBC DVD's are. As long as you don't pay more than £25 for it, you will be getting a good bargain. It is a very good investment to buy and would recommend buying this, also do some price comparison for the best deal. Ebay has some very good deals on but watch out that you get it for European DVD players.

      You may have guessed but I love ROBIN HOOD!

      I wasn't sure what to expect when I first watching this on BBC1 more than 3 years ago. However I have become a complete addict and really enjoyed buying and watching this Series. I loved every moment and it has become my new addiction in watching these episodes again. I watched them all on TV back in 2006 and knew I had to buy them on DVD.
      If you are a fan or have never seen this before I would completely recommend you buy this. It is witty, dramatic and is a fantastic story. The fight scenes are brilliant, the characters are all individual and you see the characterisation throughout the series. And of course it has revitalised the legend of Robin Hood.


      Copyright of Scotlandizdabest - Ciao.co.uk


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