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Seinfeld - Seasons 1 - 3 (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Seinfeld / Theatrical Release: 1995 / Director: Tom Cherones / DVD released 01 November, 2004 at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    4 Reviews
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      14.10.2011 15:51



      If you've never seen it, it's well worth a try

      I am a big fan of the Seinfeld series overall but I think these first few episodes are the weakest of the nine series that were produced.
      The character development as the programme progressed was no doubt influenced by audience reaction and as is often the case if a show can get past the first series it can really blossom into a great show (see Blackadder for the best example of this). Clearly the Kramer character (or Kessler as he first appears) was not intended to be as integral a part as he ultimately proves to be. The episodes feel a little dated, although they are more than 20 years old now.
      Jerry Seinfeld was a stand up comic before this series and still is I believe, and as such it does take him a few episodes to seem natural in the roll.
      Nontheless it is still enjoyable to watch, the three main characters Jerry, George, Elaine and later Kramer interact well and the much publicised 'show about nothing' developed into one of the biggest sitcoms of all time.
      Series 1 is usually packaged with series 2 and goes for about ten english pounds on Amazon, well worth it I would say. Series 3 can be bought on its own for about the same but it is more episodes, 22 I think.


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      12.06.2010 19:39
      Very helpful



      a great tv show

      Seinfeld is an American comedy series starring comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The show is structured around Jerry giving his comedy act at a comedy club, at the beginnings, ends and sometimes middle of the episode, and then turns to him going about his daily life. The series follows Jerry as he rises to fame as a comedian, and also follows the lives of his three close friends George, Elaine and Kramer. Focussing on their loves, their careers down to their arguments about food, sofas, bras and other menial things, this really is a show about nothing, and yet a show about everything.

      The characters are mostly relatable, particularly the pessimistic and forever down on his luck George Costanza, he complains about all and sundry, and while we may find him annoying, many a time he speaks sense. Kramer is my favourite character in the series, Michael Richards portrayal of this character is flawless. He is a funny, forever in his own world, most of the time unemployed, yet mostly positive character. There is something very cartoonesque about this character, and the show is certainly worth watching just for him!

      There is some adult content in terms of the things that they talk about, but a fantastic show that I would recommend to all older teens and adults.


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      12.05.2008 16:59



      The start of the greatest sitcom ever. Need I say more?!

      Funny story of how I got into Seinfeld, I'd always heard it was great and I seen a deal on this Season 1-3 box set on eBay for £14. I thought it'd be worth a look so I got it. It spent 8 months on my shelf unopened. Then one day I opened it, within 5 weeks I had the first 7 seasons on DVD. To say I was hooked would be an understatement and for me, this is THEE greatest comedy ever made. Its smartly written, makes you think, reflects real life more than any other sitcom and managed to stay away from all the luvvy mushy stuff that most American sitcoms fall into. The first three seasons are a brilliant introduction into this show. It begins naturally with the pilot episode which is great to look back at as an avid fan seeing just how much the characters have changed and developed. In fact Elaine isn't even in this Episode. As the series' move on through classic after classic the one that garners most attention is the Chinese Restaurant. Created in real time, the episode is simply the three cast waiting for a table , sounds bland but the incredible dialogue and inter-actions make it one of the best ever episodes and revolutionary at the time. It even ends on a cool cliff-hanger. Also notable that Kramer isn't even in that episode as at this time his character was confined to his apartment. The Extras are incredible, with a portion called "Inside Looks" which is a behind the scenes take on most episodes really showing you what went into making each episode and where the writers got the ideas from. It's also funny watch Jerry struggle as an Actor but clearly he is being helped and coached through things by Jason Alexander (Playing George). This is just superb and if you haven't seen Seinfeld before, this is where to start.


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      13.12.2007 12:50
      Very helpful



      Good DV package of the firs three seasons

      What I am reviewing is the season 1 -3 set of Seinfeld.
      This is the region 1 version but it is identical to the region 2 version.

      4.3 screen
      Dolby digital sound

      Seinfeld has been one of Americas greatest sitcoms lasting for nine seasons. This started in 1991 when a young comedian by the name of Jerry Seinfeld wanted to do more than stage performances, he decided that he wanted to branch out in TV. he contacted Larry David whom Jerry had know for years to try and get some ideas for the show. larry came up with the idea "A show about nothing" Jerry loved the idea.

      This did take a while to get off the ground as they tried to first market the series in 1989 but all TV companies rejected it, then in late 1990 NBC liked the idea and picked it up.
      NBC wanted five episodes for the first season to see how the viewing went.

      As jerry wanted to star in this himself he wanted another three regular actors in the series and decided on Michael Richards who Jerry had seen in the programme "Friday night live", Julia Louis Dreyfus who was not very well known at the time, and Jason Alexander.
      The viewing figures were not brilliant for the first season but Jerry and Larry were very surprised when NBC ordered a second season of 13 episodes.

      Season two had more episodes than the first but only 13 episodes. This was a good time for Larry and Jerry to test all of their skills in this new sitcom and making the very best out of their ideas over jus a small stretch of episodes.
      Luckly all the characters were to stay the same and nobody had left the series, so the trick now was to create more storylines around each of the characters to give the audience a feel as if they knew them and more background into them.

      Shortly after the rising success of series two showing that figures were rising season three was set to contain 22 episodes, which Larry and Jerry had to write trying to think up lots of new ideas between them. This was a lot more difficult than the first two seasons as there were a lot more episodes involved.
      Now each of the characters had been getting their own storylines it was easier for Jerry and Larry to fit the new stories into place as the audience felt comfortable and had gotten to know the charcters well.
      There were more episodes where the characters met up more frequently and more in depth episodes about what the different characters personalitys were like.

      The setting for the whole of the series takes place in new York City and the story is set among these characters :

      Jerry Seinfeld : A stand up comedian who plays himself in an apartment in New York

      Elaine Bennis : Jerry's ex girlfriend who is now just good friends with Jerry

      George Costansa : One of Jerrys best friends from who has known from his school days

      Kosmo Kramer : Jerrys eccentric next door neighbour

      The DVD package is very good with the first three seasons. It has a lot of special features that include :

      How it all began, an hour long documentary of how the show began :
      This tells the creation of how Seinfeld was made, and interesting to watch as Jerry and Larry give their memories of how things started to come about in the creation of the series.

      Notes about nothing, behind the scenes and production notes.
      This is just notes about each episode and gives a little background into how these episodes had certain aspects to them.

      Inside look, the cast and creators giving interviews about the series.
      This is a very good bonus feature to watch as all the cast and creators are aspects of this. They all give their own opinions on their characters and tell you how much their characters have grown on them and go through the first few seasons on how they got the job, started the series and got to know other cast members.

      In the vault, deleted scenes from the three seasons.
      There are not many deleted scenes here, but you can understand why they cut some of them out. Some simply for timing reasons of the show and other times that they just didn't really work well with the storyline.

      Master of his domain, Jerry's stand up acts
      These are quite good as jerry is doing his stand up routine. Quite a bit of when he does these is at the start of each episode.
      It is good to see him do this as this is how he started out as a stand up comedian.

      NBC ads
      These ads are for each episode and range from 30 seconds to over a minute each.

      These are good outtakes, and very funny to watch.

      Kramer vs Kramer
      In this documentary you get to meet the real life Kosmo Kramer who gave his permission for the show to use his name.

      Audio commentaries
      These are done by various actors and production staff over the first three seasons. There are quite a lot of commentary tracks on each season on which they give their memories of the show, their opinion and what it meant to them.

      The episodes on this set are as follows

      Season 1

      The Seinfeld Chronicles (Piolt)
      Jerry gets very excited as he has invited a lady to come over and stay from who he met on the road.
      Kramer and George get together with Jerry and talk about what's best for him to do in the situation.

      Jerrys friend from school gets to Jerry so much that he can't stand him any more, so jerrys asks Elaines advice on what to do.

      The stake out
      Jerry tries to find a woman he has met before at a restaurant and tracks her down to where she works.

      The robbery
      Kramer leaves the door open to Jerrys building and the apartment gets robbed.
      Meanwhile George, Jerry and Elaine are all looking for different apartments.

      The stock tip
      George and Jerry invest heavily in a stock tip Geroge has got. Elaine has trouble with her boyfriends cat's as she has an allergy towards them and decides it's them or her.

      Series 2

      The Ex girlfriend
      Jerry starts to see Geogres Ex but she wants to break up with him as she doesn't like his comedy act.

      The pony remark
      Jerry mentions at a dinner that he hated anybody who had a pony when they were growing up. An elderly lady takes offense and dies the next day.
      Jerry has to decide to go to her funeral or a softball game.

      The busboy
      When the friends go out for meal George mentions something about a busboy and gets him fired. George feels he is to blame and sets out to help him.

      The baby shower
      Elaine has a baby shower for somebody in Jerrys apartment but unfortunately the illegal cable installers arrive at the same time.

      The jacket
      Jerry is meeting Elaines father who is a novelist. When it's time to leave the restaurant he finds that it is snowing and doesn't want to ruin his suede jacket so he turns it in side out to reveal a striped pink and white lining.

      The Chinese restaurant
      The friends get together before watching a movie and try to get into a restaurant without reservations.

      The phone message
      When George thinks that his new girlfriend is ignoring him he leaves a nasty set of messages on her answer machine and when he finds out she is out of town gets Jerrys help in breaking in and deleting the messages.

      The apartment
      When the apartment above Jerrys becomes free he manages to get it for Elaine, but he has doubts.

      The stranded
      When Jerry and Elaine go to a party at Long Island they wait for George to pick them up. It's getting later and later and no sign of George.

      The statue
      Jerry gets his apartment cleaned by somebody known to Elaine. A statue goes missing and Kramer goes undercover to solve the riddle.

      The heart attack
      George has a false alarm and gets into hospital, he tries of think of ways to get himself more help.

      The revenge
      George quits his job, but after rethinking his actions his boss won't let him come back. George tries to think of ways of getting his revenge.

      The deal
      Jerry and Elaine think of ways that they can still have sex and be friends at the same time.

      Season 3

      The note
      George finds that Jerry is getting a good massage as he has a doctors certificate. George manages to get one but to his surprise is not a woman who massages him...

      The Truth
      George starts to see somebody whose dream it is to create paper mache hats. Jerry has donated in a volcano charity. Georges girlfriend is doing Jerrys tax returns when George breaks up with her. But she still has all of Jerrys receipts ...

      The dog
      After a person is taken ill on a plane Jerry is on he takes the persons dog in until the person gets better. Jerry is waiting and waiting...

      The library
      A school librarian turns up at Jerrys house demanding he return a book from 1971 which Jerry swears he hasn't got..

      The pen
      Jerry is given a pen by one of his fathers friends in Florida. It's a special pen that astronaughts use. Once he's taken it though a lot of arguments unfold between his parents and their friends.

      The parking garage
      Kramer takes the group to the nearest shopping mall for an air conditioner. The group get lost trying to find the car and Jerry and George get caught for doing something...

      The café
      Jerry tries to help out a struggling café and get the owner to give it a new menu, and new design

      The tape
      Jerry loses his tape recording at one of his stand up routines and gets a call from a woman who he can't recogniose..

      The nose job
      Geogre gets a new girlfriend but wonders what everybody is staring at. When they tell him it's her large nose he doesn't know what to do...

      The alternate side
      Elaine starts do date an older guy while Kramer lands a part in a Woody Allen film

      The red dot
      George buys somebody a brand new coat at a knock off price because it has a small red dot on the coat. Nobody would take any notice of this, would they ?

      The suicide
      Jerry has started to date somebody who's boyfriend is in a coma at a local hospital. Newman threatens to tell the boyfriend when he wakes up, so what can Jerry do ?

      The subway
      All of the four friends start out getting onto the subway, one by one they all get out to go their own ways. Each of the four has their own adventure on the subways

      The pez dispenser
      George is dating a concert pianist and Jerry and Elaine are invited to watch her perform. An incident occurs when a pez dispenser is put on one of the empty seats by Jerry..

      The boyfriend
      A top baseball player tells Jerry that he loves his comedy and winds up dating Elaine. What could go wrong in this situation ?

      The fix up
      Jerry and Elaine decide to try and fix up George with one of Elaines single friends..

      The limo
      Jerry and George get off a plane and take somebodys elses limo. They meet up with Elaine and Kramer but find out that this is going to a Nazi rally ....

      The good Samaritan
      Kramer has started to have epileptic fits at the sound of Mary Heart (a singer) why is he having these and can he stop ?

      The letter
      Elaine gets tickets to the Yankees game and wears another teams cap in the owners box. A lot of people don't like it and Elaine gets reported..

      The parking space
      George and another man starts fighting over a parking space outside jerrys apartment. As George is backing in somebody tries to force his way in..

      The keys
      There is a row with Kramer and the others about the spare sets of door keys. Meanwhile Elaine has written an episode for the show Murphy Brown. Kramer gets fed up and sets off to Californai and ends up on the Murphy Brown show.


      I hadn't seen all of the first three seasons of episodes before and started watching Seinfeld in probably the fifth season so it was good to see it from the beginning.
      With watching the first series I could see why it never took off straight away and it was going to be a slow burner but I knew things were going to pick up.
      I found that some of the earlier episodes just broke you into knowing the characters a bit and took you into what they do in their lives everyday.
      I could see how this could have put some people off if they hadn't taken much notice of it but there was a certain something in those early episodes that you wanted to watch as the humour was coming out very well especially from Jerry.
      Jerry is no doubt the success of the series taking off and I found that each episode was getting better and funnier.

      Once the seasons progressed over the DVD's the storylines got better and better, and I found myself getting to know the characters and wondering what they were going to do next.
      The storylines kept getting better, and once the third season was over I could see why the audience made this show such a hit.
      Allthough it is a show about nothing it has a lot of in depth stories of every character and although mostly great comedy had sometimes it's serious side.

      My favourite episodes of the three seasons are very hard to say but I suppose my favourites include "The pony remark", "The parking garage", "The red dot" and "The limo"
      These espisodes really made me laugh and all had something about them.

      I thought that the characters were well thought out and that it worked very well if a character had a story by theirselfs or if they all met together. There was a certain way that I found that this had been accomplished very well.
      Also the characters were very believable and all had their certain ways about them.

      With the special features I found that this box set did have quite a bit at the end with all of the inside looks with a lot of these episodes which I found were good to watch at the end of these episodes to find out what inspired them to do the episode.
      The stand up comedy footage was good to see and also the bloopers and deleted scenes.
      The commentaries were interesting to listen to and was glad that they were not on every episode though as it would have taken ages to try and listen to them all !

      The deisgn of the set was good and different from the UK one. This had separate boxes to split the seasons and make looking for an episode a bit easier.

      The sound and vision was good, but I could see that some of the older episodes were getting dated by that stage and could have done with a bit of a clean up on screen to make them a bit fresher on the eye.

      If you are a Seinfeld fan or want to try something different you won't be disappointed at this good box set.

      Hope you have all enjoyed this review.


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    • Product Details

      Seinfeld is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of American sitcoms, and this long-delayed box set goes a long way in demonstrating why. From the first episode of the first season, it hit the ground running with its collection of oddball New Yorkers: There’s stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who plays himself; Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), his pushy ex-girlfriend; his neurotic loser of a best friend George (Jason Alexander); and Jerry’s wacky neighbour Kramer (Michael Richards). Co-written and co-created by Seinfeld and Larry David (who later went on to plumb greater depths of misanthropy with Curb Your Enthusiasm), it revolutionised American sitcoms with its cynical and mature comedy, and its ability to find comic gems in the most mundane situations (one classic episode is set entirely in a mall car-park). Seinfeld was, as all involved frequently admitted, a show about nothing. But this extras-laden collection--which features extensive cast and creator commentaries, deleted scenes, trivia tracks, outtakes, interviews and more--is most definitely something. --Ted Kord

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